Introductions: Hi, I'm Kelli and I'm an anarcha-feminist housewife and collared slave.

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Introductions: Hi, I'm Kelli and I'm an anarcha-feminist housewife and collared slave.

I didn't see an introduction thread - though I'm sure there probably is on, I'm just missing it - so I thought I'd start one since I just joined this forum myself.

I'm a 28-year-old anarcha-feminist living in rural Georgia, about 2 hours from Atlanta - (yep, the worst place for people like me: the Bible Belt). I've been happily married to an amazing man for going on 2 years now, which brings me to a touchy topic that I struggled with for awhile. I am both an outspoken, proud feminist, while at the same time I am in a dom/sub, daddy/daughter type marriage that involves being collared and submissive to my dominant husband.

A collared, feminist housewife slave. That's me: the walking contradiction! ^_^ In researching the subject of the rare breed of the "feminist housewife," I quickly realized that I don't really quite fit in with other feminists. Articles on sites like Jezebel are quick to disregard feminists who choose the conventional, stereotypical gender role of being a wife and mother over a career as "such bullshit." Here's an excerpt:

It's not a coincidence that one week after Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In gave feminism a much-needed reboot and sparked a national conversation about the innate gender biases that need to be dismantled so that professional women can achieve their full potential, New York Magazine pooped our party with an incendiary cover story about the "legions" of "feminist housewives" who're "having it all by choosing to stay home." Choosy feminists choose choice! And I'm choosing to roll my eyes.

Well now I've got two activist blogs: TAKE THE POWER BACK (Silence Can Be Violence), a blog I created after realizing a week after the incident that I'd been date raped, to raise awareness of the lesser known, less violent forms of sexual assault and rape (i.e. "gray rape") that tend to be dismissed and unnoticed by the general majority, (sometimes even by the victims themselves).

I also started The Feminist Housewife after being disappointed by the reaction of this type of feminism by fellow feminists themselves. It's my own small attempt at helping people realize that being both a feminist and a submissive in a BDSM master/slave relationship is just as valid as the next.

Anyway, just thought I'd post something about myself and my own individual brand of feminism. I'd love to hear opinions, both negative and positive, as well as something about the particular type of feminist ideals others live by.

- Kelli W. Gnossos

Anonymous (not verified)
hmmm. so, what is anarchistic

hmmm. so, what is anarchistic about you and what is your brand of feminist ideal ?

Anonymous (not verified)
Submissive anarcha-feminists,

Submissive anarcha-feminists, especially to a man is a not-too-atypical macho alpha male, always makes my blood boil. How do you feel about doing everything contrary to your beliefs in life?

blood boil?

Seriously anon? Seriously. You're like those female anarchists in Spain during the civil war who went to the prostitutes and told them become good revolutionaries.

Anonymous (not verified)
my anarcha-feminism

as a masculine-engendered physicality and,-having been-(relatively) socially conditioned (to a degree) for Manhood, i find myself honestly sympathizing with your experiencing of a tendency toward bondage to (a)dominant relationship(s). i can logically see the perceived benefits of such a dynamic in the material-world as opposed to the alien sense of social isolation in the capitalistic world that is civilized society where bondage to the master is status quo.

and who but the god of anarchy, has the key to freedom, i ask, sister kelli gnossis ?
for in the free world of our actual-subjective, spiritual-existential life where the free-form wills;
doesn't the anarchist choose to explore and engage with the more anarchic and egalitarian relations?
and always agitating against or sabotaging hierarchal authority?
further, -in response to your question-, as a feminist (and perhaps a bit of an inter-sex queer -depends who's asking, am i right:?)
i'd honor the cosmic-submissive -or meek- quality -which you mention- by a metaphysical cosmology of a distinctly non-dual symbiosis where there are no assigned roles or pledged rules to govern our worldly relations. seeking partnerships that honor not the domestic unit or self-security but, our greater sagacity of free will as infinitely reflected in the cosmos.

God is neither man nor woman but that which binds all together, in between us.
what is anarchy? what is femininity?

Le Way (not verified)
Remember that activism is ideological bondage.

Remember that activism is ideological bondage.

Anonymous (not verified)
dialectic binding ≠ molecular bondage.

you can't kill an idea.
The Movement is eternal, and ours,
if we want it ...

Le Way (not verified)
Time can be tied up.

Time can be tied up. History is the petrification of ideas and mores.,,,,The Movement is the reenactments of an iconic failure called revolution.

Anonymous (not verified)
Being a sub doesn't make you

Being a sub doesn't make you less of an anarchist,
Subbing to a dude doesn't make you less of a feminist,
The key as always is: consent and free association.

Anonymous (not verified)
It's submission, not "subbing

It's submission, not "subbing", you door-knob. In the case, like the OP above, where there is a relationship of domination between the usual macho alpha male and the submissive female, I'm questionning how feminism has any foot in reality here... where you are asserting the most obvious patterns that radical feminism had been attempting to be busting for so long.

Again... What is it that makes you a feminist, especially anarcha, if you are craving for a phallocrat to submit to? You seem like a living paradox on two feet. Not sure if I'd be taking someone like you seriously IRL...

*When choosing feminism,

*When choosing feminism, choose Radfem, the joyless feminism that hates your traitorous pleasure.*

reworked puritanism

is what radfem ideology is as well as the worst of leftism.

Hell yeah lady! Forget about

Hell yeah lady! Forget about the liberal feminists, they just want equal access to capitalism and their feminism isn't worth a Ms. Magazine page waded up for toilet paper. Ain't nothin' wrong with keeping a home, just the notion that it's not valuable when's it's exactly what makes a home.

I think your marriage-kink is hot as long as it's hot for you ;)

Anonymous (not verified)
slavery's bad, mkay?

slavery's bad, mkay?

the revolution starts at home.

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