Italy – Updates on CNA [Anarchist Black Cross] and the Anarchist Prisoners Fund

  • Posted on: 26 January 2018
  • By: thecollective

via act for freedom now!

We publish this report (which could become periodical) on the activities of the Anarchist Black Cross Fund in order to explain the functioning of the fund of support and the expenses we are meeting also to the anarchists we didn’t have the chance to see face to face.

First of all, after we first individually and then publicly faced the irregularities that had sadly emerged, we don’t intend to go back to this: as we said then, the Anarchist Black Cross project continues with the same enthusiasm and determination, in spite of various difficulties and in the awareness of our limits.

As we respect ourselves and most importantly the anarchists who strived to collect money to finance the project, we went through a change in the editorial group, and we cut our relations with certain people (whom we have publicly warned against).
The fund is a vital part of the project, it is not detached from the totality of the project, and it goes alongside it as many anarchists know.

The fund is still receiving money from anarchist individuals/groups who are aware of how we act, even simply through direct relations between those who run the project and those who contribute to it.

The fund has called, and is calling again, on anyone with questions, doubts to contact us via email or personally.

The fund doesn’t make distinctions between the support of anarchist prisoners and their legal expenses, because the comrades decided to defend themselves. Anyone who doesn’t respect this position should draw their own consequences.
At the moment the fund meets and intends to continue to meet specific expenses such as:

– Sending money to the anarchists arrested following operation ‘Scripta Manent’ and the relating legal expenses (lawyers and experts) only for the comrades who are being held in jail; in fact lawyers’ fees, particularly those who are from Rome and who from February will have to go to Turin for a couple of days every week over several months, are to be met mainly by some of the defendants on bail, on their own accord.

– Sending money to the deported Sardinian anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu and to his lawyer; when need be, the journeys by those who visit him will be financed, considering the long distances.

– Sending money to a Sardinian comrade arrested in November following a robbery in a post office.

– The money needed for telegrams, news, books and whatever else comrades need in prison.

– Moreover the fund is raising money for defence’s experts, who are 4 so far: a geneticist, a semiologist and a graphologist (an expert will do both evaluations), an explosive expert and an IT consultant. For their fees the amount is yet to be defined but it could be over 10,000 euros, which have been raised only in part for now.

Considering the amount needed, clearly there is the urgency to receive economic support from anarchist comrades; so we re-launch a call for solidarity, and we repeat it’s not the only one needed by comrades and the anarchist struggle, and we thank those who have been giving their support of whatever kind so far.

We invite all those who decide to contribute to do so directly through the fund or the persons who run it, so as to avoid confusion and encourage a smoother running of the fund.

Imprisoned comrades are being supported adequately, but anyone who prefers to send money directly to them rather than the fund, should bear two things in mind:

Because of the rules in the prison of Rebibbia, anarchist Anna Beniamino can receive money only by people authorized by the prison administration: her family and one of us editors.

There is another aspect: on one occasion the money sent to imprisoned anarchist comrades was counted for the assessment of legal aid; we try to take the money they receive into account, so as not to overstep the threshold beyond which they would lose legal aid. In this respect it would also be easier for the fund to have a general picture of the money the comrades receive.

The CROCE NERA ANARCHICA editors and some defendants in the ‘Scripta Manent’ trial

Per inviare contributi solidali


COORDINATE IBAN: IT67T0760101600001015950221

via: cna

Translated by act for freedom now!


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