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  • Posted on: 20 January 2016
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

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A magazine of anarchist news & practice across so-called North America, compiling the best texts published to

About this project

The idea for It’s Going Down started over a year ago and developed out of conversations about the need for a high quality news site that was accessible to the public and was also a tool and resource for those already involved in revolutionary social struggles. Launched in the summer of 2015, we’re happy to note that IGD has grown, slowly but surely.

We’re excited about the future of the site, both in terms of the potential cohesion that it can bring to a wide variety of situations and actions, but also in holding ourselves to a higher standard of thinking about our activity, the strategies we employ, how to address repression from the State, the recuperation and containment of the Left, and also understanding the surrounding terrain of North America in a period of increasing militarization, rising reaction, and burgeoning crisis.

Now we’ve made a magazine. It has a full color cover, front and back, and is 52 pages long. The magazine is made up of what we feel were some of the most important stories that ran on the website since its launch. These include original essays written and submitted to It’s Going Down, and pieces we republished from other websites. The magazine opens with an introduction written by the IGD editing team and ends with a round up of actions that have taken place in “North America” starting this past summer.

We hope that the magazine provides a much needed tool of reflection and documentation of resistance and the role of autonomous revolutionaries within it across North America. Whether discussing the fight against pipelines, the nature of white supremacy and the rejection of “allies,” the growth of fascism, or the unfolding anti-state struggles in Mexico, we have selected these texts because we feel that they aid in a trajectory of critical strategy and analysis. We couldn't fit everything we wanted to, but we hope that this is a start.

Unfortunately, this is not cheap, which is why we are asking for your help. We are trying to reach a modest goal of $600 dollars to cover printing and shipping. All contributors can receive a single copy of the magazine, or for more money, bundles to distribute if desired.

We also invite everyone to put together benefit events, which aside from raising funds also brings comrades together.

If you can, print out and distribute copies of the magazine yourself for your own region. Get in touch with us at

The PDF will be uploaded after the funding is completed.

If we go surpass our goal, we will be able to print more copies of the magazine as well as invest in future projects.

Special thanks to our friends at and Final Straw Radio who helped put together the video!

Risks and challenges

The radical print shop that we work with for printing might not be available, and instead we could find a different place to print.



Another print media project!? Like it's so badly needed? Unless those people got a special new approach to anarchist agit-prop, I don't see how another fancy zine that is costly to reproduce for mass-dissemination is going to help bring further anarchy. A new cool entry at the local anarchist bookstore, which could make a nice toppling for the low table in the living room of your communal apartment... but beyond that?

Be negative, naysay, dismiss others' efforts, deny the value of anything and everything, and make jerky comments on anews. A w(h)inning strategy.

But seriously, just because you're oh so coooool that you aren't interested in this or print media period, doesn't mean no one else will be. Fuck off.

I think it's cool. You should do the print publication.

The NY Times distributes 1.3 million copies daily and they are (among many other publications) absolutely playing a pivotal role in how people think about things politically. And that's all happening in the context of print being "dead". Yeah, it's "dead" if you're a news agency executive who hasn't seen steadily rising profits each year from it. But if you go down to the local newsstand, there are very few choices of acceptable opinion about the world. The main problem with anarchist publications is their lack of vision for distribution. The production numbers are often estimated based on how many anarchists exist that might want to read it in the cities in which it will be distributed, even if there's an idea of non-anarchists reading it, this is, at best, a secondary concern. Obviously money is a big factor holding back massive distribution of a publication like this, but where there's a will, there's a way and overall I think there's a lack of will to make anarchist publications more massive, which make them feel more ineffectual, and contributes to this cycle of feeling what you're feeling, that they don't do anything.

The answer is...a lot of work, something anarchists in the 21st century aren't particularly good at. But you know, if you were able to sign up 50 people to help aggressively distribute a publication and all of them half-assed their commitments, it would still turn out better than it usually does now with most of the burden falling on one or two people.

You might recall the all the anarchist inside jokes about communist paper hawkers. But you know what, I've come to believe that in terms of their dedication to distributing their stupid papers, they're right and we're wrong and we should be emulating them. The problem isn't their work ethic of getting their views out there, it's that their views are terrible and nobody is interested in their politics and beyond the flashy headlines they're quite boring. I think anarchists offer much more interesting reading, the problem is that nobody sees it.

^absolutely this.

The Maoists in my city are 100% self-funded. Fuck the Maoists and their crappy politics, but I have to say that I'm starting to get sick and tired of all the NA anarchists asking me for money to finance their projects as if we don't all have expenses and important projects of our own that require funds. Fuck off already and find ways to be at least somewhat self-sustaining like the rest of us. There are exceptions of course, most notably: the folks at RISEUP.NET who actually should be getting much more material support from the rest of us than they do at the moment given that they uphold critical and genuinely expensive anarchist/anti-authoritarian infrastructure but as for the rest of y'all media-types for fucks sake...

I like IGD, but I also think it's fair to ask if what the world needs right now is yet another glossy anarchist media publication. Do what y'all want to do of course but maybe consider how you can sustain a project like that yourselves without automatically defaulting to the rest of us for funds. Use your imagination. Apply for grants from student organizations, cut your own personal spending, set aside 10% of your weekly paychecks, whatever. Seriously, because between bailing comrades out of jail and paying for lawyers and court-fees, contributing to RISEUP and Tor and important local struggles I can say that I personally, and probably a lot of other people, simply don't have the fucking money for every start-up media project shaking their online coin-boxes at us, most especially when I can just get all of that content online for free on the IGD website.

I hear your frustration but IGD are good folks, don't hate too hard. If there were even just 3 times as many people like the people associated with IGD, a lot more inspiring stuff would be going on.

After reading your comment and rereading my own I have to agree with you and now I admit that I regret the way I expressed myself while still standing by my main point. My apologies to the IGD folks.

More North Americans begging for money online...yawn.

Isn't exactly bread and butter.

First world problems

sup with the 'white supremacy' tag?

pretty obviously it's because IGD is all about anti-fascism. We see where you are going though, and it is exhausting.

Fuck the internet anarchist shit talkers. IGD is consistently solid and I'm looking forward to seeing the magazine. Keep up the good work y'all!

Why are you being so defensive? The critic above was about the IGD site which is great to me. It was ASKING about the cause for MORE media projects than what appears to be needed, in a context where anarchists need more practical stuff to be created in general for developing autonomous living, or at best new means and methods to pass on the message to masses of people where costly publications often end up feeding a countercultural echo chamber. If these people for an instance would come up with some kind of regular news bulletin that is easy and cheap to print (like that Australian FTP journal which has a perfect format) that'd be way better for spreading around.

Of course an internet comment won't discourage from such project, but for fuck sake stop being so judgmental and close-minded. This could be the roots of your collective weakness, and potential collapse.

"The critic above was'NT..."

Don't you think you come across as defensive too? I agree with your main point but it's not "weakness" to find you kind of abrasive. You kids play in sandboxes where calling people "moralfags" is normalized but you might want to remember that ain't the real world dude.

Okay I DID kneejerk... But it's hard to get the attention of people who appear to not be learning and adapting too much to a context.

I share your frustration. On the one hand, when you're consuming anarchist media, you can't help but notice how it seems to highlight the lack of autonomous action and projects of attack (in north america, not counting mexico haha).

On the other hand, we need more anarchist media and it's not the fault of these media-skilled folks, they just present themselves publicly and become the targets for this obvious frustration because it's the elephant in the room for all anarchists.

Media-skilled folks an just keep doing what they do if they deem it worthy, and I have zero thorn on their side. All I've been asking is why/how new media projects are so badly needed, in a context where actually we need more concrete/real-life/physical/active/pragmatic efforts of spreading anarchy. Even that road trip Crimethinc counts as such a pragmatic effort. I've been running an anarchist blog for quite a while and it did little to spread anarchy beyond choir, for an instance.

So doing a new zine should include the question of what to do with it, how to spread it, so that it doesn't end up as some kind of entertainment in a living room or a book shop. The media is the message in itself, the means to spread it can't be detached from its ends.

You know what, you're completely right. I guess the original comment that ticked you off was someone who mistook you for just another member of the peanut gallery (although you were kind of a dick but so am I)

Confession time: I started off many years ago as a media-studies kid and after pointing a camera at activists and anarchists for a few years, I came to the same conclusion as you. Now I just do organizing (and other things) instead. Be the spectacle instead of documenting it, haha just kidding. Anyway, the point is we need more people doing the work, not more theory and analysis although that's obviously important too.

Is this where i donate to democracy now!?

And then I lol'ed, chaps!

nah man, Fire to the Prisons is over that side...

No, I was referring to FTP form Australia , not FTTP.

damn i thought u meant the File Transfer Protocol...

More SF Bay Ara fringe leftists stuff. Anarchism = fans of the Black Panthers, and 'theories' borrowed from Maoism.

^ This! And it is coupled with having no idea that that is the theoretical pedigree because most of the Bay Area kids don't actually read theory or history, they just pick up catchphrases and behaviors from their friends at parties and pointless demos.

That video is awesome it's like a 2.5 minute explosion.

No prob with the project but I agree with the stop asking for fucking money. Figure out how to get some without doing what every other "anarchist" collective does. Throw a fucking party or something that doesn't just include 20 local anarchists who are broke.

Not only is this is an easy thing to do, it is a thing that I did not think about before. Thank you very much for the idea.

bloc party sounds like hipster jerks in high school, content in their social niche

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