IWD 2017: Celebrating a new revolution

  • Posted on: 9 March 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Anarkismo

This time around, let’s fight for workers’ control from the start. Let’s create structures with checks and balances that ensure workers keep control. Let us not hand over power to a state that can institute tyranny all over again. We want anarchist communist organisation. Workers' delegation. Equable procedures. Bottom up organisation. It is 100 years since women workers began the 1917 revolution. Let’s do it again! The time for global revolution is here!

Petrograd, 1917
The women of Petrograd in 1917 made International Women’s Day their day for going out on strike for bread and peace and an end to Czarist rule. They were angry and defiant in the face of the regime, which was consuming society to fight the Great War. Food was becoming expensive. Queues were long and many people were hungry and cold. Corruption blossomed so the rich feasted on delicacies while the poor starved.

International Women’s Day (IWD), had been born in New York in 1909 to commemorate the 1908 strike of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. The IWD idea was nourished from year to year, and by 1917 women in many countries had celebrated IWD including Russia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and England. This had become a day each year to join together as working women. By 1917, 8th March was the accepted date for IWD.

What was 8th March in the West was 23rd February in Petrograd according to the locally used Julian calendar. Textile workers abandoned their machines in several large Petrograd factories and took to the streets. Before long the entire city had joined in and there was a mass strike. Ordered to fire on the women, soldiers mutinied. Large crowds joined the women in the streets.
The IWD strike by women workers in Petrograd triggered the 1917 February Revolution in Russia. Change was on its way. A new provisional government was installed and the Czar abdicated. In October of the same year a more thorough revolution brought hope of workers’ control of the country. Over the coming years workers’ control was gradually lost as the Bolsheviks descended into tyranny.


Now on IWD 2017 we remember the hope and passion of those women who began the revolution in Petrograd. Women are still demanding liberty and autonomy, an end to tyranny, an end to war, and demanding secure employment, fair income and secure homes for all. We oppose the fat cats who gloat as their own coffers grow while many women, disabled people, the unemployed, migrants and refugees lose even more of their meagre income. The controllers of the state apparatus celebrate dirty coal and call it clean, supported by a fantastic rhetoric that contradicts the reality of our dire planetary situation.

The subjugation of women is the bedrock of their ugly power, dividing the working class by gender. Present day potentates deny women control over their own bodies, criminalise abortion, stigmatise single mothers, attack women’s incomes, neglect their needs, protect violent partners. They hinder advancement of women in the workplace and silence their voices in the arts and in general discourse. They hope to confine women to their homes or to traditionally female jobs. With women silenced and subjugated, they expect to continue the work of oppression unopposed.

Just like in 1917, the first step towards victory is solidarity. Women of the world unite with each other and with all workers in struggle. How do we win? By going out on strike, by downing our tools and walking out on the corporations. By taking back what is ours: our dedication to our work, our intelligence and our ingenuity. We claim the profits of our labour and take control of our work. Although the workplace today may look different from what it was in 1917, the principles of worker control are the same. It doesn’t matter whether workers are on a factory floor, in a telephone call centre. or home alone in a spare room in front of computer or sewing machine. All workers everywhere must unite to win their demands.

This time around, let’s fight for workers’ control from the start. Let’s create structures with checks and balances that ensure workers keep control. Let us not hand over power to a state that can institute tyranny all over again. We want anarchist communist organisation. Workers' delegation. Equable procedures. Bottom up organisation.

It is 100 years since women workers began the 1917 revolution. Let’s do it again! The time for global revolution is here!

Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

8 March 2017



what's a worker?

i see around me people, of varying characteristics, and ages. but, people are only a small part of life around me.

here's the leftist, only valuing a part of our wholeness that can be abstracted to re-present all of who we are (in their eyes). one's a prole, lumpen, booj, capitalist, and every other ist and ism...

it's much as how the christian would view people. valued for reproductive organs bringing more sheep into the fold. needed also for a clean mind. the rest? sinners, or equivalent term.

years of sitting in a chair, in a cubie, and typing at an unforgiving glowing screen on an unforgiving chair is not where i feel most myself, or proud. instead, i feel the accumulation of years of repetitive tasks in the form of joint pain. at 31, this is not something i want to take over.

instead, all of me is signaling "enough!" poor sleep after staring into the light that destroys concentration for hours after most go to bed. all of the money spent on caffeine to keep me awake and up to speed.

at least now i can go home at the end of shift and escape thinking about the repetition for some hours. would workers in control be allowed vacations? could i trade jobs at will? or would i be stuck at the place i took over? at least now i don't have any stupid meetings after my dull shift. would we have to live at our jobs?

can we also talk about the externalities of this 'glorious' work? forget the time i've spent in cars shuttling to and fro, avoiding accidents, accidents almost causing me to be late and disciplined. let's talk about the industry i work for and how diesel fumes kill 10,000 a year! let's not even talk about the work-related injuries on docks, in manufacturing plants my work is indirectly involved in.

you ask me to work, and by doing so, i help indirectly kill people and give them asthma. i also put people at constant risk on the roads via hazardous materials transported in north america. i remember one shipment that warned if it touched air it would ignite evergthing within a 50m radius in fire...

"years of sitting in a chair, in a cubie, and typing at an unforgiving glowing screen on an unforgiving chair is not where i feel most myself, or proud. instead, i feel the accumulation of years of repetitive tasks in the form of joint pain. at 31, this is not something i want to take over."'

But but but, comrade... once the workplace is under worker management it would become possible to design the improvement of your office working conditions, through several hours-long ASSemblies of course!

Why would any self-respecting worker want to control monstrosities like Wal-Mart or McDonald's? Unless worker control involves the broadest sense of work abolition,then we will have accomplished very little.

Wobblies tried it with Starbucks a few years ago... Anyone even remembers!? lol

But Google and Monsanto look like awesooome office beasts to self-manage. Next stop: self-manage the cops!

is one of the few historical examples of worker/labor self management that actually works. It's probably partially why it's been so heavily prohibited against. That many leftists who are supposedly for worker self management or at least more worker control are against it is also incredibly ironic and shows both its work and puritanical based biases.

You aren't allowed to talk about sex until you have some, Sir.

(1) From the start, I am for workers' control, socialization of industry managed by workers and communities, federation of workplace and neighborhood assemblies, and the end of the state. But very few other people are for all these things! (Neither were the women of Petrograd 1917.) How do we persuade people to be for them? Not by shutting up about them (as the reformists do). But not by ignoring every immediate need and demand of the people either. (Such as the Petrograd women's demand for bread.)

(2) Liberation will not be being forced to sit in front of computer screens all day, under "workers' control" or otherwise. But it will not be possible for the working people to reorganize technology and the economy until we have taken over the screens and all productive forces, taken them away from the capitalists and their state, and organize ourselves to rebuild the world. That is, until we have "workers' control." It is necessary, if not sufficient.

“What was the peak and the termination of the proletarian surge in 1977: autonomy, is now the implicit programme of the early 21st proletarians. [...] But the present movements do not go beyond self-government. In spite of its dynamism, social critique has not criticized its limits: on the contrary, it treats them as its objective.” Gilles Dauvé

How about abolish work all together? This self-management stuff was old a long time ago. How about scrapping these tired programs and admit to the fact that what comes after we do not know. We can go for prefiguration, and forge new relations. In doing so self management might be a temporary solution, in some instances. But it is not THE solution, it is just the same old song.

I don't have "dedication to my work", I find that fucking repulsive! I hate the fact that I am made to work, I would not like it one bit better if it were managed in common. It is not who controls the work you dunce, it is work in itself.

Yes, so perform playful chores voluntarily to satify ones needs, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, no?

Whatever floats your boat...Work is a beast of its own though, it is not merely surplus value extracted from chores or something.

Our world is quite literally a world of work. Roads are for work, the modern city is for work, the politicians, the police, the army, the farms is for work. We have manufactured a world which only favor this process and nothing else. It is an ongoing attack on anything that deviates from its path of increased linear efficiency, of a deductive processes. Mind you, I'm not saying primitivism with other words, just fuck work and especially fuck self-management.

I know all the rhetoric, I used to spout at lot of it too, but there's a point where the complete lack of answers to any obvious questions starts to wear on ya. What would a farm that isn't "for work" look like? How would it function? How would any of that food get to hungry people if roads are not designed, at least in part, "for work"? People need food to live, as well as a whole host of other goods and services. How are people supposed to "play" without basic needs met? Ask anyone who's gone through prolonged unemployment in an impoverished area how much of that "free time" they would describe as "fun" or "play"...

I'm willing to admit that some basic needs can be met outside the bounds of "work", but I'm no longer so young and idealistic as to believe that's gonna be enough. What about that old dude who's bedridden? Do we just leave him there to die, or do we pressure the nurse changing his bedpan to define that as "play"? What happens in a hospital run by "play" when the doctors and nurses get bored and go home? And what about the relative inefficiency of "non-work" options? Wouldn't most of them entail a lot more "work" than our current mess if anyone ever actually bothered to try them at the necessary scale?

Transitional stages someone, or else go primitive? I'm the playful volunteer chore anon. Referring back to the holistic indigenous forms of play and doing chores, and realizing that psycholinguistic inheritance evolves and is unable to revert back to an unexperienced historical Weltanschauung, people are destined to evolve in their own acquired cultural zeitgeist. This is why revolutions are pointless and bound to fail and fall back into recuperation. One can only make their own fun, in between the cheerful road-building and whimsickle brain operation, the Westerner has a lot of catching up to do in refining their own sense of humor even during moments of serious intent or unexpected scariness.

So, basically, if slaves aren't enjoying cotton-picking then they're to blame? They should just refine their sense of humor?

Jesus horse-fucking Christ of god-damned motherfucking Nazareth, what in the fuck did I just read? This shit should come with an eye-wash station.



"Latter generations may have become "Uncle Toms " or "Mammies " and swallowed the bitter pill of surrender, they have relinquished their own Weltanschauung for the masters one, albeit reluctantly and only because the material benefits will flow down to their family members. Some may call it a sacrifice, I regard it as a noble gesture born out of compassion."

Well, I certainly won't downplay the historic struggle of the Uncle Toms, but what *exactly* do you think "mammies" means?

"and anyway, the blues evolved into R+B, a time to dance and jive in the fields and not letting the sadness win."

Just a heads-up, dude, you might want to avoid speaking this way about slavery in front of actual black people.

lol he doesn't actually speak to anyone off the internet ever, come on now

Would it be Ben Carson(given some of the things he has said recently)? I'm actually part black myself and there's a good chance some of my epigenetics is bound up in slavery. I didn't find anything wrong with his comment, you're just an offendable leftist(or someone like that) who doesn't get the point he is making. He tends to be whimsical in how he makes his points and it can come off the wrong way to someone who doesn't have a broad unoffended palette for reading like I do.

I believe that "mammies " were the matron in-house slaves who managed the kitchen, were mid-wives to there own people, showed the ropes to the new servants, sneaked some extra food out for the field-workers, acted as liaison with the head honky madam of the house and sometimes swayed some penalty or punishment of a slave to a lesser one, other intrigues etc. Maybe I've spelt it wrong, was the term from an old hollywood movie I know its a very sensitive issue, I just can't see how I could offend anyone by recalling historical terminology and the disgusting nature of southern slavery during that era. I sincerely apologize. I have many sincere and NOT TOKEN black friends. What is wrong with everyone? I"M SORRY,,,,,,,I just remembered, Mammy was a character in "Gone with the Wind " and some of its sequels.

It's either back to terrestrial primtivism or some some other type of terrestrial subsistence or you devise a clever taper off polyecon system that is decelerated and driven by productive play and preferential work times. Think of 1970s absenteeism but on steriods. Things would still run. Basically it all starts with Pierre J Proudhon with aspirations towards more and more productive play. You combine preferential labor time with the values of productive play and nearby human scaled food production.

To the disabled and bedridden bear in mind that multitudes of humans will have a lot of free time on their hands to deal with people in not so able conditions. I once saw a story where young children were made to mingle with old folks, more of that kind of thing. Also watch the video of Sugata Mitra on self taught children and then imagine what free own based anarchic children and adolescents will bring to the table as far as raw creative energy goes. As far as hospitals and nurses go remember that that place and those people were made to deal with what is essentially clockwork injury and death management on a daily basis. With labor now free and work banished the injuries and deaths will dry up. Doctors and nurses can become post industrial healers and medicine men and women in a neo archaic fashion.

"How would any of that food get to hungry people if roads are not designed, at least in part, "for work"?"

so many inbuilt assumptions. mass society, designed by and for work, must be the only possible way for humans to exist, eh? no way humans should actually be producing their own food and meeting their own needs; no, human needs should always be provided by those in positions of power, using roads and trucks and resources that all require "work". yeah, love that realism.

that old dude in bed, he will get what he needs because he has lived a real life, nurtured real relationships, and knows people who care about him enough to help him out when he needs it. if he has no such relationships, then he might die alone in that bed. doesn't seem all that different from the current world - maybe now he lays in a hospital bed with tubes and paid individuals that don't know him from adam, while he dies. or is kept alive for who knows what reason other than the insatiable human desire to control everything, even death.

attachment to all the ideologies that have made this nightmare a shared reality, is not going get rid of the nightmare. yet the left and right insist that is the only way.

I'm re-reading my original post over and over but I just can't find the part where I demanded that all human needs be delivered by truck and provided by people in power. I have to wonder, though, if the alternative to all of that is so self-evident, why is it so hard to explain? For a bunch of folks who were just sitting around critiquing "worker's self management" for being a liberation of workers in name only that doesn't actually address the real-world shittyness of work, it should be simple to explain how "abolishing work" goes beyond such semantic tomfoolery, right?

"producing their own food and meeting their own needs"

You realize that's the kind of thing virtually everybody outside these absurd discussions would describe as "work", right? I get that there's a lot of things which could be said for autonomously and self-sufficiently meeting one's needs, but that doesn't mean "work" isn't involved. Often, there's a fair bit more hard-ass work than you'd see on the average job. And what actually makes growing one's "own" food more liberating? Because in practical terms it's a lot harder and less reliable.

"that old dude in bed, he will get what he needs because he has lived a real life, nurtured real relationships, and knows people who care about him enough to help him out when he needs it. if he has no such relationships, then he might die alone in that bed."

Damn, that's dark. But what, exactly, constitutes a "real" life or a "real relationship"? How is that not just another entirely subjective "liberation" projected onto those who in reality would suffer in pretty serious terms? I know you feel that things like nursing and hospital care are horrible atrocities, but I'm guessing you've never actually faced the prospect of dying from infected bedsores in a pile of your own shit, or having to visit a loved-one multiple times a day to administer the care they require to avoid it. If you really don't see that as different from our current system (so edgy), why even bother opposing it?

If you've read witherburo you know that the girl next door comes over and gives the old man in bed a handjob at the end

Here's some full-power edgelord sarcasm... Taken out of some obscure publications from a few years ago? Don't tell me wtf you're smoking... Don't wanna know.

Ok bye.

dude NOTHING little black cart publishes is "obscure". That shit is hot and we all eat it up. Wait...

ALso it's just marijuana you prude

I'm reminded of what Alan Watts said, work is what you do for survival, play is everything else. The problem with the current epoch is that it is based on complicated carrot-stick schemes of work that are not directly tied to things like food production and survival. There's always going to be the issue with food and some type of multi-hour process for procuring it and subsistiting, beyond that however the use values that come from industry should only be for the everything else of existence beyond the need for survival.

Just want to note quickly as someone with food-growing experience that A LOT of make-work is happening with the present food system. A lot of commercialized permaculture stuff is just greenwashing, but some of the design techniques *really does* dramatically lower the amount of work hours needed (as well as allow for *way* more harmonious living with other creatures). Yes, there would still need to be labor put in, for sure, but the labor is also much more pleasant - hanging out in the garden.

Just one way I think of moving toward a less worky, more ludic way of life.

Bill Mollison recently died. Him and Fukuoka should be thanked for their contributions to making food production easier and small scaled.

Permaculture *really does* dramatically lower the amount of work needed to grow food? Compared to what? And how are you adding these numbers up? I ask, despite my own love of permaculture, because modern agricultural practices are really really efficient in terms of labour. As single person can cash-crop hundreds of acres with a few visits per year if he has a tractor and some chemicals. Does permaculture really lower that?

I've read the books and fucked around in my garden, and honestly I do think permaculture is pretty cool, but I'm not gonna deny that *every single one* of my organic-farmer friends rolls their eyes and giggles when the subject comes up. If this stuff is really so practical, why isn't anyone doing it? Our local permaculture group has managed to convert a whole one of their mom's front yards - their friends who opt for more general/conventional "organic" have started a half dozen farms in the area over that time. The sad fact is that there are very few functioning examples of this stuff in practice, and those that do frequently fail to live up to the hype.

"Yes, there would still need to be labor put in, for sure, but the labor is also much more pleasant - hanging out in the garden."

At what point do those pleasant aspects of "hanging out in a garden" dissappear tho? Once that space is no longer one designated primarily for leisure, and becomes the primary source of food for a family, it's gonna start looking a lot more like a workplace and what you do there's gonna become a lot more like "working a job" and a lot less like spending a Saturday gardening.

tending a relationship with the grapevine, goatherd and compost pile, with family in our home, couldn't approach anything like "working a job" that involves industrial machinery, petrol-chemicals and a pyramid scheme

So this is something you've actually done? Like enough to feed said family over months or years without topping up your supplies at some civilized store?

First off some are doing it but the simple answer to your question is to compare the practical acquired skills of today's humans to the ones of generations ago. There's been a tremendous loss of some pretty basic garage scale skills that existed just before and after ww2 and especially ww1. The lack of permaculture taking off on a general level simply reflects this. Now if some of the predictions of the peak oilers come true then a lot of that may change in the coming 21st century.

One of the things the PNACers(Project for a New American Century) said in their foreign policy writings is that if the US does not get it's oil fix secured this century then Americans will have to get used to victory gardens. Permaculture would be the form that this will take. It will also be a boon for places like Africa and other 3rd world areas.

was referring to a le way post that has been removed. it might be time for le way to find another forum. just sayin'

are there any george carlin replicants available to sit in on thecollective's editorial decision-making? the words are not the thing, the map is not the territory.

de-colonization-and-re-indigenization is still a live topic, but it is a personal thing and it hasn't happened to most of us, ... yet, ...

it is not that black and indigenous peoples have been co-opted by the domination and control motivated settler society, it is instead that the settler society has been put in the lock-up together with those it initially locked up.

WELCOME TO THE REZ, as perceptive members of minorities such as Russell Means are saying to the settler society.

What is all this talk about blacks still being under the thumb of whites? Everyone is under the thumb of the system. It's oppression is colour-blind and non-discriminatory. There may be more white assholes than black ones in the lockup but we are all in the lockup.

And if we are all in the same boat, don't whites get to address their black brothers, 'wazzup niggah', you bended ovah and gave yoah ass too?' This fight by blacks and indians for equality with whites is a joke. That's what 'Welcome to the Rez' means. Russell Means was not looking to have what the settler folk have.

There is no point in blacks in prison getting sensitive about how they are being spoken of by whites. Such talk could only be hypocrisy [People in glass houses should not throw stones]. If the whites were on the outside of the bars, that would be a different story, but as Russell Means points out, that is not the case.

emile, i have not a single expectation that you will hear this, since you have proven yourself incapable over the years, but communication is between people, not within your own head. therefore one speaks, if one cares to be heard, in ways that are sensitive to context. you insist on your way being the context, and le way is going in that direction. thecollective seems to disagree. it doesn't mean we necessarily disagree with a specific point you make, or even all the points you make, it means that you make them in ways that (i think) self-sabotage.
not attempting to engage in a conversation. have other things to do today.

" Sensitive to context " translates as correctivism, or rather an un-anarchistic approach. There is either context or no context, there is no degree of intensity or sensitivity involved. You would have been more accurate using the term "manners"or " etiquette " but woe, that's really classist.

Just because your bubble-boy sociopathic mind can't see the context, or any context, doesn't mean the context isn't there. You're just in sheer, continuous denial... in the shape of the exact same reinforced bigotry that the Trumpers are displaying these days.

Bringing Trumpers into this is out of context, or else its some type of inverted liberalism.

commenters should cater to the civilized sensitivities of thecollective or else be dumped like Trump

I've got nowhere else. All other sites have rules and self-righteous moral moderators,,,,,,I appall them for talking straight up no PC.

anarco syndicalism all the way. ftw

" All other sites have rules and self-righteous moral moderators"

um.... and you see this site differently, how, exactly? the fact that the "rules" are not articulated clearly, or that moderator self-righteousness is mildly masked, does not mean those things are not here. as evidenced by... everything?

This site is different because thecollective have a sense of humor

Are you saying there's no censorship on a news? lol

uh consider the issue at hand is that his comments are getting erased and he's being encouraged to post somewhere else...no, that's probably not what's he's saying

They merely delete witless comments, comedy is exempt in most cultures because feelgood laughter is free.

+Le Way Not as witless as state sponsored articles that counter anarchist direct action.

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