Jeremy Hammond is free!


from Jeremy Hammond Support Committee

I am absolutely overjoyed to announce that Jeremy has been released from FCI Memphis.

He is safely at a halfway house in Chicago & even got to spend a little time with his support crew.

We thank you so much for your support throughout the years. Until all are free! #FreedJeremy

Jeremy was recently diagnosed with #COVID19. His out date was pushed back because of it. He should no longer be contagious, but we wanted to take no chances with anyone’s health.

We wear masks to protect ourselves & others, because anarchists believe in mutual aid & solidarity.

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wow! he not only survived prison, but covid as well! def speaks of his tenacity and that of those who supported him!

Welcome back! SO GLAD YOU ARE OUT! Thank you for your good freedom work!

fuckin LEGEND jeremy, may the rest of your days be exactly how you'd have them.

welcome back to minimum security open air prison society!

: )

Good news for Jeremy Hammond, who as a young man of 17 was arrested at a Gay Pride Parade in Chicago along with two co-defendants - collectively known as the "Halsted 3" - for getting in a fight with some homophobic hecklers. At that time, Jeremy was coerced into turning over to the police a video he had made of the event, which turned out to be of no value to the authorities, but because of which he received a good deal of criticism among Chicago activists:

Now, if we can only get the other 1.5 million political prisoners in the US freed, we will be making some significant progress.

what was the point of posting this in a thread celebrating someone getting out of prison? Oh, by the way, when he was a teenager the cops leaned on him to turn over evidence so some people called him a snitch. Totally obnoxious. Let's hope the other 1.5 million political prisoners in the US don't have assholes waiting in the wings with some pointless shit talking to drag them when they get out.

No no no I'm DEFENDING Jeremy by telling hundreds of strangers all about a horrible moment from his past! And I'm such a GOOD FRIEND that I'm choosing the day of his prison release to do it!

Honestly, when you've got people like this on your side, who needs enemies?

Solidarity means Attack!

what does it have to do with you bringing this up now, out of context, on this thread?
i agree with other anon that your original post is obnoxious and out of place.

jeremy just finished doing time, and has been an absolute stand up prisoner, even by purist standards.
why don't you talk about how people can get attacked by their so-called milieu, and still be strong in the face of "community" bullshit?
tl/dr: you're being an ass.

uhm ...aren't you reading their intention backwards? think makhno's whole point is in alignment with what you're saying.

In what way is information about Jeremy Hammond's history as an activist out of context in a thread about Jeremy Hammond's history as an activist? Not everybody who visits this web site might be familiar with the man or his actions. As for the criticism Hammond received from Chicago activists at the time of the Halsted 3 incident, I thought (and said) that it was petty and hypocritical. I wonder if Neal Rysdahl was even aware of the irony of his post on Chicago Indymedia: calling for unity in supporting the Halsted 3, while simultaneously attacking his co-defendant as a "snitch who can't be trusted".

this is a post about and thread in celebration of an anarchist being released from prison after a long and traumatic (to many) period of time and you’re taking a dump in the corner then crying foul when people are telling you your shit stinks. why don’t you go “well actually” with your history and facts on wikipedia or something?

welcome back, jeremy! you’ve been missed!

Makhno sometimes picks their boogers and flicks them onto the bedroom floor. Also sometimes farts very stinky. These are indisputable facts. Information about Makhno relevant to this context.

A nuanced point can be made: People can talk to cops under pressure, that does not necessarily makea them the worst person ever or necessarily invalidate their previous actions (it might, it could, depending on what is said).

Do you wish to make Jeremy Hammond your example for this nuanced point? Did you choose this article of his release as the most appropriate venue and moment for its discussion? No, I don’t think you gave it much thought.

That last poster sounds a little like an ex-girlfriend of mine. Did I ever give the impression that I believe Jeremy Hammond is a bad person? Far from it; I think what the Halstead 3 did at the Gay Pride Parade was righteous. And the Chicago Reader article notes how active he had been before that, and after, up until the time of his sentencing. I can well understand how a scared 17-yr old in police custody might be intimidated into giving over evidence (which turned out to be useless). Far too many Chicago activists back then were reflexively judgemental and puritanical - which obviously hasn't changed at all. How much better is it for the anarchist milieu on this web site to celebrate the release from prison of someone whose history of activism they actually know something about?

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