Jewish Anarchist Convergence: Call for Workshops and Organizers

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Announcing the first continent-wide Jewish Anarchist Convergence to be held during Pesach 5780, on the 15th-18th of Nissan (April 9th through 12th, 2020) in so-called Chicago, IL

This convergence seeks to build relationships, deepen our analysis, challenge our ideas of what Jewish Anarchism is, and make Jewish Anarchism something that is tangible and undeniably a part of our present moment, not just a fragment of history.

We hope that conversations around what it means to be anti-border, anti-fascist, and in solidarity with all migrants and asylum seekers will be a focal point of this convergence.

We are looking for others to join the organizational team, especially people from the Midwest and east coast. Please get in touch if you want to help! You can contact us at

We are working on applying for funding that could allow some amount of travel stipend for those who are coming from far away. Donations towards space procurement, travel reimbursement and food costs are welcome. Please get in touch if you would like to donate or help us apply for grants.

Reach us at at jewishanarchistconvergence[at] to get involved, for all your questions or feedback, and with your workshop proposals.

*Note that there are steps in place to ensure that fascists, cops and others who are antagonistic to our ethics and goals will not find out the location of this convergence, in order to make sure that all of our presenters and attendees are safe.

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seriously? more group identity politics? wow.

It’s almost like people who are being attacked because of their shared identities/conditions will want to organize together with people who are experiencing similar conditions... what exactly is your critique?

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