For June 11: The Secret World of Terijian zine

  • Posted on: 10 June 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

from CrimethInc.

To warm the hearts of children and enivironmentalists everywhere, we've prepared an imposed pdf of our children’s book, The Secret World of Terijian, ready for grassroots printing and distribution. The Secret World of Terijian tells the story of two children who set out to defend the wilderness in their back yards, and the comrades they meet along the way. We hope this zine version will be useful to everyone who is organizing events for the June 11 day of solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners. Print some copies to raise donations for Marius and everyone else behind bars in the struggle for a better world.

The best review of The Secret World of Terijian is still probably the one penned by Kirk Engdall, United States Attorney for the District of Oregon, in his response to Daniel McGowan‘s Motion for Amended Judgment: “The story line of this children’s book romanticizes the criminal activities of the Earth Liberation Front and encourages children to become involved in similar criminal conduct…”

Imposed PDFs for print reproduction (4.7MB): B&W : Color

Standard PDF for reading on screens (2.2MB)

This is at least the fifth edition of The Secret World of Terijian since it appeared a decade ago. It features the illustrations by Ingi Jensson that were originally published in the Icelandic translation, Hulduheimur Heiðarlands, in 2010. The photo above shows the Slovakian version, published earlier this year.



Been lookin' forward to family-friendly summer sabotage activities for a while. Even removing land survey pickets would be quite fun for the kids, like painting on real-estate ad panels while they're sitting on your shoulders. Also playing with fire, guns and other weapons wouldn't so abhorred by so many anarchists if parents would show the kids the how-to's i the first place!

For crazier families!

I encourage moving survey pickets rather than just removing them. The short-term payoff may be lower, but in the long term this will do much more to sew discord and undermine faith in the system.

Srsly that's indeed something much better for fucking up their projects, while potentially making land surveyors lose their jobs, and go find real jobs. I love hitting 2-3 targets with a same rock.

What's a real job?

Being a police officer.

I think the commenter above specified a REAL job. Not some phony State welfare bullshit jobs to provide cover against an economic collapse that's going to happen anyways.

One day your kids are going to grow up and spend a lot of money on therapists to have someone to cry to about how fucked up their parents were. Maybe you should teach them how to send aside some of their allowance each week for that.

...conservative suburban parents (or pigs) sexually abusing them when nobody's watching?

Hm... I'd train my kids to be black bloc rioters anyday against THAT.

Resistance and play are far healthier mentally than the passive bigoted consumerist submissive bullshit you'd favor.

Just look at this sentence. No one can tell me this guy's kids aren't going to wind up totally fucked up. Imagine if your dad talked like this: "passive bigoted consumerist submissive bullshit". It makes Rush Limbaugh look sane and pleasant.

Sorry, I'm not going to post anything specific as this just happened and he's looking into his legal options. Again, I'm not posting on his behalf, I'm posting because I'm outraged by that kind of police behavior and I want people aware that this kind of stuff is happening in their city, with their tax money, and can happen to them too.

When he's talked to a lawyer or decideded what he's going to do, I will update with the officers name.

Wait... Da fuck are you talking about?

I'm talking about the fucking pigs in olypd. They kidnapped my friend and after letting him go refused to admit to it or even did they file a report We tried to follow them back to there houses but the damn pigs lost us. am waiting on friends for a lift back into town right now. well be marching around dtown area for an hour or two on nazi partrol starting at like 9 or 10 tonight

Shit... Whatever you do tonite good luck and watch yer back!

Yes, anarchist parents, please give your small children guns, matches and send them out into the works to break the law. I'm sure this will work out great for everyone involved.


I had been created of "Blaxploitation" films in 1976 and outside, there have been science fiction celebrities or no African American motion

I've never heard of this before, it's great.

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