Keeping track of comment threads on anews

What's the best way you've found to keep track of comment threads on anews? Days/weeks later? The 10 latest Recent Comments widget and/or RSS feed just aren't cutting it for me and I'm losing opportunities to write scathing replies to fools because I can't keep track. TIA!

Surely you can distinguish from the context, and anyway, anyone who doesn't make a point of referencing the post they are replying to doesn't deserve a reply until they specifically put the time of the post.

Also memory can help. And also the search feature in your browser.

It would be helpful if the Recent Comments list/feed referenced what topic the comment was commenting on. If that additional line would be too much clutter for the widget then a Comments "page" would be helpful where one could also view more than the last 10 comments as well.

I guess just write a script to keep track of pages/comment threads that you want to keep an eye on. it could mail you when you have a reply. should be pretty simple to do in python or something.:)

Turning the Search function back on would be helpful too. Is there a reason it's disabled?

Great to see things being tinkered with and improved! It's anchristmas miracle!

stop banning tor nodes

state the post they're replying to by including the time of the post they are replying to so we can all follow who is replying to whom, would be a great help?

People who spend time here tend to do that when the threads get thick, no guarantees of course but we try!

i want to vote up valuable threads and posts. this forum software is too 90s and a waste of time and space. it clutters my screen and have to scroll too much. please let me hide non-upvoted posts by default. reddit is a good example for effective discussion IMHO.

So leave and go there? Have fun with all the liberals

a really huge problem i have with the comments on this site though is that they make it so hard over all to fallow the conversational, subjective elements of what people really wouldn't be that hard to fix this: for example, on a lot of websites, someone makes a comment thread, and other people respond to the comment thread, if other people want to respond to the commenter's comments then it's easier to figure out who is talking to whom.

Or is that more hierarchical and oppressive?
Lol, i think it would atleast put the trolling into perspective....

Redesign the comments section to follow the format of most other comment sections.

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