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Grisolia, Italy: Land of love and freedom. Stories of local struggle and internationalist tension, remembering anarchist Franco Di Gioia, 22nd and 23rd July 2020

Two days of libertarian publications in Calabria focusing on anarchist propaganda and the running of archives, libraries and the antiauthoritarian press. An open discussion with multiple voices on the present state of anarchism.

Wednesday 22nd July from 6pm

— «My contribution for anarchy». Remembering Franco Di Gioia with the anarchist comrades.
— «Re-appropriation of means for the anarchist press». By Giovanni, a comrade from Carrara.
— «The ideas of Bruno Filippi». Discussion starting from I grandi iconocalsti [the great iconoclasts], posthumous writings of Bruno Filippi, anastatic reprinting by the anarchist library Biblioteca dello Spazio Anarchico Lunanera and anarchist distribution Malacoda.
— Presentation of Bulletin no.4 of Spazio Anarchico Lunanera of Cosenza, May 2020.
— Followed by: Musical comment by 22.08.

Thursday 23rd July from 11am

— «The myth of immortality amidst new pandemics and transhumanism». Discussion with the comrades of Stramonio editions

Thursday 23rd July from 6pm

— «With the head and the heart »: discussion with comrades of the anarchist paper Vetriolo starting from Davide Delogu’s contribution from the prison of Rossano Calabro, “Independentism and anarchism”, published in the issue 4 of the paper, March 2020.
— Presentation of the book La negazione radicale [Radical negation], by Michele Fabiani, Edizioni Monte Bove, 2020.
— Followed by: Musical comment by Suonatori libertari calabresi [Calabrian libertarian musicians].

The appointment is in Piazza Piana, Grisolia (province of Cosenza).
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Initiative organized by the anarchist library Biblioteca dello Spazio Anarchico Lunanera di Cosenza and Malacoda, anarchist productions and distribution.
For more info see the websites and

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