Learn from this: Court documents detail searches for May Day riot suspects

  • Posted on: 13 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Court-documents-detail-searches-f... PI</a>

<p>A bandana, a pair of Nikes, a sex offender's chat with his corrections officer and tips from the public.</p>
<p>All have led police to narrow the search for those they say are responsible for the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Hundreds-gather-to-protest-in-dow... May Day violence</a>.</p>

<p>Recently released police reports detail the investigation thus far. The detectives' statements also show just the cost of the May 1 riot.</p>
<p>Niketown repairs totaled $52,825.74; the Wells Fargo bank at Fourth Avenue and Seneca Street had at least $25,978.13 in damage and a Verizon Wireless store had $1,905.30 in damage.</p>
<p>Several other businesses, including American Apparel, Home Street Bank and Bank of America had thousands of dollars in damage. Damage to city property and the old federal courthouse also cost tens of thousands of dollars.</p>
<p>Police say one suspect was identified after her sex offender boyfriend admitted to his corrections officer he was at the protest.</p></td><td><img title="Let's do some math" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/creepycouple.jpg"></td></tr...
<p>Investigators said the pair was photographed during the demonstration, though prosecutors have yet to charge either. Because the sex offender acknowledged being at the protest as a street medic and&nbsp;because he had red paint spatter on his clothing, "it is reasonable to believe he was either present or involved with the property damage," a detective wrote in a search warrant affidavit.</p>
<p>An initial search of their bedroom turned up a bandana and backpack matching the description of the one worn by the girlfriend during the May Day riot, according the recently released search documents. A bandana and backpack were among items taken later that day after Seattle police received the warrant.</p>
<p>A separate suspect who had his residence searched weeks later – a man who allegedly wore Nikes while shattering a Niketown window – was identified after two people who knew details about him called police on the May Day tip line, according to the recently released public documents.</p>
<p>With that information, investigators say they verified his address from previous contacts with the suspect.</p>

<p>During a search of his residence, police say they confiscated a pair of Nikes they suspect the 27-year-old man wore while damaging the downtown Seattle Niketown. It was one of at least three searches in Seattle related to the May Day investigation.</p>
<p>Though some of the May Day vandalism suspects have been charged in federal court King County Superior Court, none of the suspects affiliated with three recent searches have had their cases forwarded to prosecutors.</p>
<p>"This is still very much an active and ongoing investigation," Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said Thursday, noting there are additional suspects police are investigating. "Our task force with several detectives is still in place and we are working diligently to identify all those responsible for crimes during May Day and hold them responsible."</p>
<p>The first of the three known Seattle police searches was May 24 at the sex offender's Shoreline home, where his girlfriend also was. The second search was June 15 in Ballard at the Niketown suspect's residence, and the third was July 10 at the Judkins Park rental home of at least one other suspect.</p>
<p>While some details of those searches have been reported, several details of what exactly led police to those homes and how specifically they gained authorization for the searches have not been.</p>
<p><strong>Corrections officer helped identify suspect</strong></p>
<p>During the first search on May 24, police were looking for clothing and clear plastic goggles they think the registered sex offender wore during the May Day violence.</p>
<p>That man pleaded guilty to communications with a minor for immoral purposes in September.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Investigators say footage reviewed by the May Day Task Force shows his girlfriend throwing a projectile at police, which hits an officer in the head before deflecting onto the head of another officer.</p>

<p>Law enforcement officers familiar with the sex offender's case recognized that 21-year-old woman, police documents show.</p>
<p>The man's corrections officer reported searching a bedroom dresser and finding a black bandana that appeared to be the one worn by the woman during the officer attack. A backpack the girlfriend also wore that day was also inside the home, according to police.</p>
<p>Detectives took their case to a Superior Court judge who reviewed police statements and photos of both the sex offender and his girlfriend allegedly at the May Day protest before authorizing the search. Police seized a black jacket, a backpack, black pants with red paint, two pair of goggles, two bandanas and a green sweatshirt.</p>
<p><strong>Police: Vandalism suspect wore Nikes at Niketown</strong></p>
<p>The 27-year-old man who police say wore a pair of Nike's while vandalizing Niketown was known to officers for multiple previous contacts, according to investigation documents.</p>
<p>On July 12, 2011, he was suspected of shoplifting from a Ballard 7-Eleven, but was never charged. The following September, the man was a passenger in a young woman's BMW when it was involved in a Magnolia crash.</p>
<p>The third incident was Oct. 16 when police say the man, who was with other Occupy Seattle protestors at Westlake Park, shoved an officer in the chest and fled. He also was not charged in that incident.</p>
<p>But investigation documents show two people spoke to Seattle police on the May Day tip line, giving the man's name and details about his home.</p>
<p>Investigators say video shows the suspect, who wore a purple undershirt and black jeans, running from the crowd to damage a Niketown window. They also report having footage of him jumping on the rear window of a car during the riot, frightening the driver.</p>

<p>"Multiple photographs of (the suspect) were obtained using various databases/sources and after reviewing the images I can say with certainty (he) is the subject seen in the video and still images located by the May Day task force damaging property throughout the downtown shopping district of Seattle," <a href="http://www.seattlepi.com/news/article/Some-cops-get-free-passes-when-sto... Wes Friesen</a> wrote in an investigation document.</p>
<p>Detectives say he also was seen striking a Bank of America window with a garbage can lid. The suspect failed to break that window, but another person spray painted an anarchist symbol on the bank. Later footage shows the Nike-clad suspect shattering a window at the Verizon Wireless store near Sixth Avenue and Olive Way, police say.</p>
<p>A King County Superior Court judge approved a search of his three-bedroom Ballard home.</p>
<p>Police seized a purple shirt form his bedroom, black jeans, two purple scarves, alleged anarchist solidarity paperwork, a backpack, two belts, a notebook, a Washington driver's license and an envelope with the suspect's address.</p>
<p>Police say they also took the pair of black Nike's with red spots he's suspected of wearing while vandalizing Niketown.</p>
<p><strong>Third search<br /></strong></p>
<p>During the May Day riots, the third suspect who had his home searched kicked an officer in the way "that someone would do when trying to blow out a knee," Friesen wrote in an investigation document. The 23-year-old man allegedly kicked the officer as his attention was directed to a hostile crowd and investigators believe it was done to cause significant injury.</p>

<p>"There are multiple images of (the suspect) throughout the day's events on 05-01-2012 attempting to change/alter his identity by using different variations of his clothing," Friesen wrote. "It should be noted that multiple detectives reviewed a very large quantity of footage and at no time was any other subject seen wearing the unique clothing that (the suspect) was seen wearing."</p>
<p>That 23-year-old is believed to have fled from American Apparel wearing black goggles, police said.</p>
<p>Police authorized surveillance from outside the suspect's home in Judkins Park more than two weeks before their June search.</p>
<p>Investigation documents show the items seized during the July 10 search were: black goggles, a black sweatshirt with white strings, a pink scarf, a notebook, a black bandana, a back stocking hat, paperwork about anarchists in the occupy movement, a black glove and paperwork about a strike on May 1.</p>
<p>A blog report about the search by The Dissenter said the sweatshirt belonged to the suspect's girlfriend and a pamphlet taken was something that could have been picked up at any Occupy action. That blog also reported a pair of sunglasses was taken, but that is not listed in the search warrant return, which is a public document.</p>
<p>The Stranger spoke to one of the men at the Judkins Park residence when it was searched, and the search warrant return shows four people were present that day. Read the Stranger account <a href="http://slog.thestranger.com/slog/archives/2012/07/10/this-morning-police...
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"A separate suspect who had his residence searched weeks later – a man who allegedly wore Nikes while shattering a Niketown window – was identified after two people who knew details about him called police on the May Day tip line, according to the recently released public documents."

Were they trying to imply that the gentleman is a hypocrite for wearing the symbols of the institution he wants to destroy?


I thought you people disappeared when the 90s ended.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. That's why I shop with my dollar. I want everyone to make ethical consumer decisions.
-Scott Crow

There's these thing called goodwill, handmedowns, and shoplifting. All of which are means of acquiring Nike Shoes without giving money to Nike.

apparently some of them became journalists. not really surprising.

you're against wage labor but you work for a wage!?! hurrgle gurrgle derp

expropriate the expropriators, who fucking cares if there's a swoosh on a fucking shoe. Maybe they stole that shit in 99.

IGTT no points and may god have mercy on your soul

what the fuck is IGTT and why do you keep posting it in your useless posts

"i give this troll" you fucking idiot.

i do feel pretty dumb for not knowing that! hehe, got any other cool stuff i should know? oh, shit. i almost forgot to be Wmean. fuck you *you* fucking idiot!

maybe he stole the shoes.

or maybe he bought the shoes because he likes them and is smart enough to recognize consumer brand boycott as weak liberal fail tactic. Fucking up the Nike store while clearly wearing Nike shoes is actually kind of awesome IMHO, except for the part where he gets caught.

ahhh the stench of rich kids who somehow never realized you can acquire shoes so you don't get glass in your feet when you're walking around that may happen to be nikes without giving nike any actual money. ONLY STUPID RICH ASSHOLE FUCKS DON'T REALIZE THAT WHEN YOU GO TO A THRIFT STORE, SOMETIMES THE ONLY SHOES IN YOUR SIZE MIGHT HAPPEN TO BE NIKES.

go back to spending your daddy's credit cards at nike and north face you fucking idiot.

on one of the photos of confiscated weapons, the anti-pig shield says "poop on the police".

Uh... What's with the sex offender?

From the Article: "That man pleaded guilty to communications with a minor for immoral purposes in September."

Sounds like he flirted with someone the state considers too young for sex (no idea what the age of consent is in USA/Washington State), and pled guilty to it. Hardly what I'd call a "sex offender," but that evidently didn't stop this article's author from using that slur about a dozen times...

RCW 9.68A.011
(5) "Minor" means any person under eighteen years of age.

Think of the children!

That's illegal in most states.

-Hakim Bey

I started having sex when I was 12, so I have nothing but contempt for these laws. The "sex offense" is a nonissue, but loose lips with a known pig is quite another thing-loose lips sink ships and can get people killed!

to be fair this is typical practice for anarchists as well.

"That man pleaded guilty to communications with a minor for immoral purposes"

sounds like he had cybersex with a 16 year old. the man is guilty of *immorality* [gasp] i'm over it

"That man pleaded guilty to communications with a minor for immoral purposes in September."


-Hakim Bey

Yeah... that whole "only bloc up when you're about to do something" shit does not actually work. As stupid as police are, they are old enough to have developed object permanence and will not fall for you changing your clothes while you crouch down.

seriously using crowd cover to change is a big problem

That could be a problem, but that's not the problem here. Using crowd cover to change didn't jam anyone up.

The problem here is that some of these folks alleged to have wrecked stuff were not totally blacked out. Some of their "civilian" clothes were showing through their black bloc uniform and they were matched by the thousands of pictures of May Day on social media, turned over by snitches, etc.

Another problem was not disposing of backpacks / shoes. We KNOW that investigators attempt to match shoes and backpacks. These items should have been burned or otherwise disposed of immediately.

ANARCHY TIP: Chilean students coverup their shoes by rolling black tube socks over them. When they unbloc they just leave the tube socks behind. Voila.

More Anarchy tips! That one was actually pretty useful!

how about some Manarchy tips instead?

Make sure to help your girlfriend debloc.

rape can be a political weapon in the class war.

"Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women. … I felt I was getting revenge." -- Eldridge Cleaver

oh, hello cointelpro, nice to see you again.

nah, he actually said that shit. it was in his autobiography that i tried to read. needless to say i didn't get far. fuck that dude.

yeah, he is a dick bag.

Tempered glass can be problematic for the uninitiated and may occasionally lead to smashy-smash blooper reels such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poiIvXF4tmg

One solution is to ask Google to tell you what 'ninja rocks' are. Since you already need a hammer to make these, you can also just use the hammer to break the window.

I've never had a problem with using a well-thought-out black bloc. It can be very hard, and maybe my friends I have had luck only because of what easy targets other peope in the bloc have been...

I don't think this article emphasized that the anarchists are criminal scum enough; it only used the term "sex offender" 7 times and "anarchist" 3 times.

and the government propaganda campaign continues...... i wonder what kind of inside info and tips/privileges this reporter will get for this flagrant piggie dick-sucking.....

Prolly no inside info. All of this info is available in court documents. We could be gathering this info and disseminating it in our scenes, too, and probably should so we can all learn from each other's mistakes.

Learn reading comprehension you idiot.

Flagrant piggie dick-sucking....I prefer a more dominant role.

-Bob Black (pig-ffffffucker and reformed prima-donna)

The anon that submitted this article implored us to "Learn from this." What can we learn from this?

that the anon is probably a douche?

That cops have sad lives and do pathetic things trying to give their sad stupid existence any meaning. Their actions will soon be completely forgotten along with their meaningless lives.

That if you're going to participate in a bloc, be fucking anonymous. That's the whole point. Your purple t-shirt and shoes may go well together, but they're not shit you want to be wearing to a bloc. And when you commit widely documented crimes, throw your shit away afterwards. Those are a couple of the lessons I took from this.

Don't tell me what to do!

please tell me the people who did that shit are the Kasama/maoist people so i don't have to give a shit and can laugh about it.

It's fuck up they refer to hammers/rocks/sticks/flags/shields as "weapons". -____-

Yeah-real weapons go bang! How would they like to see a Bloc in body armor with light infantry arms, fighting from dug-in positions and supported by improvised artillery? One day in Syria seeing the equivalent of this, and those stupid cops would know what real weapons are and the difference between that stuff and what a Black Bloc uses.

he's no Gary Glitter.

Well reading this article a few things jumped out at me. Or more like one thing jumped out seven times.

Sex Offender
Sex Offender
Sex Offender
Sex Offender
Sex Offender
Sex Offender
Sex Offender

Since they couldn't elaborate to say what that meant they took the courtesy of just making it the name of the person they were referring to.

I think the worst thing here is that everyone seems to be intensely criticizing this guy, who clearly doesn't have the best grasp of security, but him and his girlfriend did more than us. Maybe we if we spent more time stealing stuff to live off and burning banks there would actually be progress. Trollin's easy. Breaking shit is easier, if you ACTUALLY HAVE FRIENDS. Fuck you all.

Serious question:

How the fuck do shoes and a bandanna identify you? Are you telling me that only one person in Seattle has that pair of nikes and a black bandanna in their house? How successful have the police been in getting convictions based on shoes and scraps of fabric?

Do they not also need some snitch to finger people? Isn't the real issue here piece of shit assholes who can't keep their mouth shut?

Why so much sticking up for the sex offender? He talked to the cops... if you're gonna have a little affinity group or do illegal shit you probably shouldn't surround yourself with people who are liabilities, like sex offenders or junkies.

I understand that people get wrongly thrown under the bus with the "sex offense" thing and I understand that junkies are people too, and some of them want/will get help and will clean up and stop fucking people over. But still, it cannot be argued that those people are liabilities when it comes to legal shit.

Sounds like it came out in the conversation with his probation officer. Can't really judge that, I've never been in that situation. I think everyone here agrees that you shouldn't talk to the cops, but that sounded like it wasn't on purpose.

I can totally judge a dude for incriminating other people to his PO.

I was trying to point out that it sounded like an accident. "what does it matter that I tell him I was at the riot/protest? It's not like he's going to trace me through my shoes,backpack, and bandanna" Hindsight is 20/20.

That sort of "accident" (yeah, I'm using quotes cause I doubt the accidental nature of the hypothetical), is so mind-numbingly stupid that I would think people wouldn't participate in illegal activities with somebody who is so dim-witted as to make such a "mistake".

I mean what would the dude have to accidentally say? "me and my girlfriend were at the protest in the black bloc rocking our nike air max 90s, the blue and green colorway, with black bandannas and the medium size chrome messenger bag". Yeah, I totally bet he said "oopsie daisy" after that.

1) telling your PO you were at a protest seems like an innocent mistake to me.
2) explain to me a plausible motivation of this dude to incriminate himself in committing a crime????? (hint: you're being an idiot).

1) Its not innocent to talk about your (and others) involvement in a demonstration where illegal shit happened with a cop/CO/PO or whatever.
2) I dunno what his motivation was, but he did not just incriminate himself, as the article states:

"Police say one suspect was identified after her sex offender boyfriend admitted to his corrections officer he was at the protest."

Homebro incriminated his girlfriend.

And this goes back to the point about simply not working with people who are an obvious liability. The dude has a PO that he meets with regularly, that means he is a risk, and he shouldn't know about any illegal goings on.

Worse than Bob Black!!!

Fuck you! *No one* is worse than me. I am the worsest.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and retirement services counselor)

"Police say one suspect was identified after her sex offender boyfriend admitted to his corrections officer **he** was at the protest."

where's it say that he said that she was there??? But you are right he's a dumbass and a liability. But doesn't sound like he is a snitch. What, do you like his girlfriend or something? Hahahaha!!!!!

he incriminated himself dumb ass.

and if all these dumb asses were too stupid to throw away the shit they were wearing while smashing things in front of cops with video cameras, 50 stupid "indy" journalists, surveillance cameras, etc.. etc... it's not anyone's fault but their own (and, of course, the cops', for siding with the corporations that were attacked over the lives of the people they are hunting down like dogs for it).

ELF people were fucked over by a junkie...

you have made something criminal which is not.

sex offender? isn't that like... every male anarchist who's known by more than 20 people?

solidarity to the guy who smashed niketown while wearing nikes. keepin it realer than all yalls.

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