Leftwing 'anarchist terror cell' is fiction, French judges rule

  • Posted on: 13 April 2018
  • By: thecollective


French judges have acquitted eight people accused of being part of an anarchist group that attempted to sabotage part of France’s high-speed rail network a decade ago, ruling that the group itself had been a “fiction”.

Defence lawyers had accused the government and authorities under the former rightwing president Nicolas Sarkozy of wrongly claiming there was a hotbed of leftwing anarchist terrorists in a sleepy village in central France and manipulating the case in order to look tough.

The notorious case, known as the Tarnac affair, began in November 2008 when more than a hundred French police officers swooped on the tiny rural village of Tarnac, arresting anti-capitalists who were living on a communal farm and running a village shop. In a vast media operation, the then rightwing government and French authorities alleged that the so-called Tarnac Nine were a cell of dangerous subversives intent on anarchist armed insurrection to overthrow the state.

At the time, villagers and the accused denied the charges, rights groups said the case was a misuse of anti-terrorism laws and lawyers said the case was deliberately being manipulated to make the government look tough against a supposed “enemy within”.

After 10 years of investigation — in which terrorist charges were dropped — and a three week trial, the two main accused – Julien Coupat, a business and sociology graduate, and his archeologist girlfriend, Yildune Lévy – were cleared of sabotage or belonging to any group.

“The hearing has allowed it to be demonstrated that the Tarnac group was a fiction,” the leading judge said.

“This is a humiliation for the anti-terrorism services of the time, for the magistrate who instructed the case, as well as for the anti-terrorist prosecutor,” said the lawyer Jérémie Assous, who defended several of those acquitted.

It emerged during the investigation that a former British police spy had infiltrated the group and made claims against them. French authorities did not pursue charges on those elements and Coupat had described the spy as “insignificant”.


Ok so why 14 articles on that? We know already that the pigs and their "experts" are setting people up. Meh... me and French buddies got detained in a city in France over charges of transporting IEDs in a truck, before a major demo. Where is it in the news?

Oh right, we weren't leading a Leftist cult who's being published at MIT... Life's a bitch I guess(

... and French anarchists who got arrested at end of March and who could stay in investigative custody for up to 4 years for a criminal case, where is it in the news ? Oh right, they are not elites, and like all the other people who are rotting in jail, they don't count, because Daddy is not crying at national TV to talk about their innocence, and because they didn't write to national newspaper to claim how it's so unfair what is happening, and because they are not visited in jail by the green party and other politicians. Not having a PhD in philosophy and not being friend with the intellectual leftist elite is in fact a problem if you need solidarity ...
Can we just forget the Tarnac case now it has this expected happy end, and think about real things, like repression, comrades in jail, raids, etc ?

This completely. So many comrades in jail, pre-trial or not, who arent getting the media coverage or even the amount of letters they thought theyd get to bring them comfort.

Why care about the academics and their vast support systems who care so little for us? Are we that starved of stories about repression?

No it's because the established media has become overwhelmed already by Idpol adherents and their doctrine of oppression, and most only do a few days in prison and return to their white privilege, while the apolitical outcastes are doing serious time and make up the 99% of the population who are incarcerated. Enough is enough.,.

1918: Revolution's the flaming impulse of the oppressed lumpen. RISING UP.

2018: Revolution's the highly mass-marketed brand, or abstacty theorized paradigm of the privileged White academics. GOING DOWN

Revolution goes through all these changes, like fashion, always teetering on the edge of neo-lumpen desire, and made accessible only with currency, which is always only in the hands of white privilege. Revolution is an expendable whim and game for those who have a surplus of social capital.,.

It is the opiate of the intelligentsia.,.

Could you just stop mixing the race ideology with important critics ?
The people in jail that no-one cares are not ignored because of Goebbels ideology (yes, I am saying it, it's a nazi thing to care so much about people's race !), but because they are not stars. And black people can be stars ... anarchists can't. See the difference ?
Don't you think that the experience of Israel is showing very well how oppressed people can become oppressors as soon as they have the power ? And just look at your own history. Who were the people who migrated to the American continent ?
Can you make yourself a culture, read some books from time to time for not being so ignorant and ridicule ? Go to read Fredy Perlman please, and stop insulting everyone just because you are born with a silver spoon in you mouth, and you are ashamed of it, and you don't even see not everyone is in this case.

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