The Liberal Creep: A rant against the DSA Libsoc Caucus

From vvolves ov acadia (tumblr)

This is a rant of a cranky, unbathed, possibly entering the early stages of psychosis, bastard dreading another eight plus hours of wage-slavery slinging boxes at your local warehouse, the secular temples of the consumer.

I woke up this afternoon and checked my phone, as I sadly do like the good little domesticuck I am. What do I see at the top of my feed (moo, better hay, please Zucc)? An event for the DSA being promoted by a fellow Boston anarchist. I don’t know said unnamed Boston anarchist so no hate for them as a person. They only serve as the representative of a particularly annoying brand or denomination of anarchism, depending on whether you are a consumer or more of a religious fanatic, for my ranting.

We need a thousand church-burners. Do it for Wotan. Do it for big titty Mama Anarchy. Do it for Saint Stirner. Do it for your cat. Do it for yourself.

The event is the first Official meeting of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus in Boston of the DSA! YAY! They’ll be creating by-laws and all that fun shit.

“Our first official meeting will be the LSC Convention, where we will begin to vote in our system of bylaws, set an agenda for the group, and get this chapter off to a running start toward creating a world based on common ownership of the means of production and total self-determination. The LSC Convention will be held on Saturday, October 14th, from 12–2pm, at the Democracy Center.”

Da means of production. AKA the means of our enslavement and continued destruction of Earth. Concentration camps are cool as long as they are commonly owned by self-determined slaves through direct democracy! For a system of slavery without masters!

(Read more below the cut)

Anyways, dear readers, ( and if you aren’t cowards and publish me A-news: beloved Chisel, A-news collective and all its lovely little trolls and hanger-ons) you have heard of that awful pulp AK Press publishes by that goon ARR? The Fascist Creep? I haven’t read it, but the same Good Christian ARR wrote a piece (was it cut from the original book?) to piss on the post-left. Something witty like “The Left-overs.” Well, basically the fascist creep was his delusional idea that there are serpents among the anarchists who hide their sig rune tattoos under long sleeve shirts while they try to prey upon the lost sad forgotten spirits drifting about the milieu.

Well, maybe there are a few fascists out there who read Nietzsche and Stirner. And there are plenty of post-leftists who read Heidegger and Cioran. Hell, who doesn’t enjoy Mishima’s novels. I don’t know how that amounts to evidence of some conspiracy of far-right evangelists taking over anarchism via the ennui of posties. But enough with conspiracy theories. The liberal creep, just like the earlier Maoist creep of the Platformists of the 90s, is very real and actively poaching anarchlings for its political machine, the sub-Democratic Party, the Democratic Socialists of America.


The DSA needs no rundown. Everyone from the Leninists to the Syndicalists to the anarchist-communists and far beyond the mapped and fortified territories of the spirit laugh at democratic socialism. We’ve been laughing and weeping too long, sigh. That is except for the young bright-eyed liberal who wants to resurrect the New Deal or import welfare socialism to the United States like some rare vintage from the hills of France. Many of them are well-educated, upper middle class, white urbanites who have fell in love with the city. Who can blame them when all they know is the suburb. They believe in dumb shit like municipal communalism, dissed by grampy anarchy in ye olde days as “sewer socialism.”


Just like the NYC sewer socialists of the late 1800s wanted to keep the streets clean of shit and offal, the demsocs of today want to keep the streets free of smashed windows, barricades, and burning cars. And they do this by authorizing an anarchist management division, the Libertarian Socialist Caucus.

You, sweet readers, have heard of that musty word “libertarian socialist” before. You’ve seen it in history books, where it belongs. Anarchist is apparently too scary of a word to be funded by the Democratic Party, oops, I mean the DSA. Libertarian Socialist is so much more refined a title to bear on sash. Palatable, Digestible.

Anarchism poisons the spirit of the good citoyen and turns them into a fire-crowned demon with knife in left hand and in right: bomb lit ready to be hurled into the edifice of Mayor’s Palace.

Their skin darkens a few shades from the blackness of anarchy. Their facial features devolve to that of the Neanderthal. The anarchist demon must be exorcized from Civilization if we are to save The Future my Comrades!


Where the fuck was I? Oh yes, recuperation. Can you say re-coo-per-ay-shun, kids? Or is it more like the purse-seine net slowly reeling in the anarchlings until they’ve pledged themselves to become good canned salmon to nourish the spirits of the good christian proles? Stop thrashing, ye finned and fluked fools! Organize yourselves and fall to command, Rome wasn’t built in a day, thou barbarian scum! Into the knives of the fisherman with ye! We’ll make a citizen of thou yet, fiend!

The Libertarian Socialist Caucus, fuck I feel the embalming fluid coursing in my veins just reading those three words. Libertarian Socialism is anarchism for philosophy grad students, no surprise that the organizer for the Boston branch is one. I one time recall reading something from the NYC branch. The word “anarchism” totally expunged. Even the libertarian socialists of the hills of Catalonia would not have had the gall to bleach the Idea of its fiery core: anarchy.

Let us read what the organizers of this branch have to say about Libertarian Socialism™:

“The central goals of the caucus include ending capitalism, horizontalizing power structures, and replacing vanguardist, centralist approaches to organizing and ideology with decentralized, consensus-oriented decision-making systems.”

So many buzzwords for the buzzfeedee. What the fuck is “horizontilizing power structures?” Are we going to march into the halls of Levithan’s brood and horizontilize their power structures? What are these power structures? Never named of course.

They will replace vanguardism and centralist approaches to “organizing” and “ideology” with decentralized (yet is not your LSC a center?), consensus-oriented (by due’s paying members of the DSA only!) decision-making systems. So now the embarrassing hand signals of Occupy camps, but you gotta pay to get in? Fuck me.

“The revolutionary movement and the future modes of organizing must always put power into the hands of those affected by the decision-making process.”

The FuuuUuuuuUuUtTttUuUuRrrReeeEEee. Tomorrow! Next Time! Next election! Afterlife! Sugarcandy Mountain! Caw caw CAW! The libertarian socialist crows of the death culture don’t want you to live today but to survive on dust and worm-ridden meal and reap the bountiful harvest in the future. FUTURE! Fuuuuuuuuutuuuuurrreeeee! Follow your Moses not into the desert but into the voting booth!


Originally posted by thesuperfandomzone

You must. You always. You gotta. That’s not fair. Please!!! Politics of resentment (sorry, my French sucks, but you know, the thing Nietzsche dissed on.)

What is this power they keep speaking of? I dunno, but my guess is increasing a voting bloc?

“The final major goal of the LSC is to broaden the appeal of the DSA in order to increase membership and build more anti-capitalist power. Our socialist comrades oriented toward libertarian socialism and similar tendencies may not feel that there is a space for them in DSA’s big tent. Our hope is to prove that there is a definite place for libertarian socialists within this organization.”


(Charlie Brown falls for left unity every time)

So basically the LSC are like the band that has to do all the promo footwork for their show and sell a bunch of tickets they had to pay for upfront?

Big tent? The only big tent I want to be under is one with a big fat cock under it.

(I was gonna put an image of a big dick straining against underwear but will spare the Puritans among you)

“Our hope is that this organization lets us play at revolution and nods their head politely when we read our demands every year at the main DSA convention.”

Why does this smack of bootlicking and kowtowing?

At least they are upfront about their “final major goal.” To increase due-paying membership of the DSA and make it cooler to the young hip urbanites in grad school. LUL!

“The most famous contemporary libertarian socialist, Noam Chomsky,”

Jesus wept.


Oh, and then they cite Luxemburg. Gotta make sure you cast a wide net so the Marxoids feel comfortable too.

Can someone please remind the LSC who killed Rosa? It was the Democratic Socialists (in b4, no it was the social democrats! As if there is some great difference) colluding with the proto-Nazi freikorps to put down her revolution. Interestingly enough, some of the leaders of the main DSA include cops and other assorted LEOs. Even that one who recently won an election, a Latina no less, dismissed the notion of a border free world. She wants “rational” immigration policy.

Holy fuck, my fiends, I’ve gone on way too long. I’ve been robbed of precious minutes of my life and I have robbed you too. Mea culpa.

Maybe if you are the type you can go troll them. But you probably have to pay your dues to get into the door.

-Hierophant of the Headless Wanderer Committee 


Source for the cock us info:

Of course it’s on Medium.

WHY IS THIS SO GOOD?! More of this writer!!!

now name something going on around boston that doesn't suck....

Hasn't the White side of Boston been a liberal hellhole even worse than Chicago since, like, forever?

That water bill cartoon sums it up perfectly. This is definitely funnier than I knew a tumblr blog could be.

The premise being there's no difference between government or private services.And yet, it's so basically false. If your water supply is run by a private company the rates are going to be a lot higher and those who can't afford water will die of thirst, like what happened in Bolivia a few years ago when they privatized their water supply.

Ah yes, it reminds me of Durruti's famous quote, "We are not in the least afraid of ruins. We carry a new world, here, in our hearts. Now let's pay our water bills!"

And of course there are Emma Goldman's immortal words, "I will leave the country rather than deny my ideas. I prefer to stick to my guns. That is, unless you're talking about state-owned utilities."

I gotta step down... just got beaten at literary and graphic greatness. The author's imaginative expression of visceral (and justified) hate of liberals, hipsters and liberal hipsters especially makes me look bland. I'm still gonna irregularly fill comment sections with backup colorful/edgy content, but you gotta elect this author as the new Anarchist President of the year.

I gotta find a new job now... sighs.

*mounting bike and leaving in the cold, dark rainy night*

"Left Unity" is pretty much always a disaster, but the presence of such a caucus may end up getting some people who otherwise stick with the boring social demlcrats interested in the real deal

Their sticking with DSA stuntmen is explained by their clinging with the deluded principle that "only the State gets things done". Tho what things, and how these things really help? That's a question they'll leave for their retirement. In the meantime they gotta work for their pensions.

So I say: fuck them. They are not needed. People who can't help but getting entangled in the webs of State politics and its phallocrats are just as good as any cult henchmen or guru's wives.

While I very much agree with this piece by VOA I have a different take on libertarian socialism and its relationship to anarchism and anarchy.

I actually think there should be a baseline gateway libertarian position. I think this has been what's missing from anarchism and anarchy since the collapse of first wave anarchism after ww1. Right now you have ancoms and ancaps as the gateway and I think the dynamics of both discourses suck. I would like to see some type of fusion between the two that is not so much anarchism but anarchist structured. The position on exchange for instance should essentially be agnostic as opposed to communism or free market(free association should decide the issue of exchange not a singular system). Essentially there would be a return to a Proudhonian default as understood by the likes of Shawn Wilbur and others. That to me is the plumbline that is needed to maybe hook in some Volairine de Cleyre types for the 21st century.

Caucusing for a socialist party on the other hand is clearly retarded. Try to be something like a C4SS but unlike them get it right with the discourse. A new entry level Tuckerite type of discourse would certainly not be a bad thing for the idea of anarchy.

The new wave of socialism is the perverse conjoined twin of the new fascism. They define, need and obsess over each other. (Sry, not to be ableist to real conjoined twins who I’m sure are way less evil)

No need to apologize, I was separated from my brother Amok 1 when I was 18yrs old and subsequently went on an evil rampage against anarchists outside the hospital.

love this article. shared it with a couple friends. into it.

That’s right I’m LSC

ah, humor. i like it when it's funny to me. it's enjoyable. i like joy, it pleases me.

i saw the first 3 words of the title and was sure this was an article about Joe Biden

fooled again


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