Liberated Parking in Portland

from Puget Sound Anarchists

submitted anonymously

In solidarity with decentralized actions around the world on March 6, we took to the streets of so-called Portland to dismantle parking meters armed with nothing but spray paint and expanding foam. The majority of parking meters in the city are located in the Northwest, in an effort to purge vehicle dwellers and poor people from the wealthy neighborhood. Nobody should be forced to live in a vehicle while $1m condos sit empty, and wealth doesn’t buy you the privilege of ignoring the consequences of city policy which directly benefits those at the top. While thousands in the city are living on unemployment due to COVID-19, we will not stand for the arrogance of parking meters. To hell with your upscale boutiques and quirky shops, to hell with your ivory towers.

We were able to spray foam directly into the meters and use spray paint to erase the codes the city uses to require people to pay via an app in their phone. These items are easily obtained at any store and the work is quick. We encourage copycats. Long live free parking.

-some anarchists

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Maybe instead of vandalizing parking meters, you should get together crowds of people who need housing and move on those unoccupied condos.

Because those who did this likely got apartments already and they yet don't see a cause for squatting these condos.

Not saying they're right, tho.

maybe YOU should do that?

Instead of vandalizing parking meters they should be filling potholes! You know, showing the people what real positive anarchist projects look like! Get out there comrades!

From an Anews embedded vid ad: "Why waste more of your days trolling on anarchist sites that still allow for comments? You realize if you get into the army as an officer, it's a lifetime of FULL OPEN SEASON for your authoritarian drives! Not only the military allows YOU to be a despot, but it's encouraged and YOU GET PAID a lot for it! So JOIN NOW."

Maybe you SHOULD quit putting more shoulds on me?

Why do I feel like there may be an authoritarian or two hanging out on this web site, or what are they doing here exactly, and not have it their way in the police or military?

"But wait", I know.

plenty of people living out of their cars would much rather have free parking than risk arrest squatting condos lol. anyway anarchist ne'er-do-wells "should" do as they please, same as anybody else

principle of physics: for every action there will be a disproportionate and unequal peanut gallery of inaction

dun get SHOULDed!

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