Local Anarchist, After Facing 72 Felonies, Pleads to Three Felonies

  • Posted on: 3 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://freepax.org/2012/10/03/local-anarchist-after-facing-72-felonies-p... Pax</a>

<em>We would like to say ‘thank you’ to all who have extended solidarity to Pax (Bryan Wiedeman) throughout this situation. We hope that similar solidarity will be displayed in other instances of repression–political repression as well as policing-as-usual that operates along class-based, racist and patriarchal lines.</em>

Portland, Oregon — Bryan Michael Wiedeman accepted a plea deal on October 1st for three counts of criminal mischief in the first degree. Wiedeman was arrested on May 3 and was initially charged with 72 felonies — 36 counts of criminal mischief and 36 counts of conspiracy to commit criminal mischief. The <strong>non-cooperating plea deal</strong> Wiedeman accepted includes 5 years supervised probation, 20 days of weekend jail, 80 hours of community service, and $43084.59 restitution.</td><td><img title="Over 40 fucking K. Jeez. FTS" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/standwithpax.jpg"></td></tr...

The discrepancy between the original charges and the anti-climactic outcome is evidence that the prosecution was politically motivated, says Kristian Williams, with the Committee Against Political Repression.

“The police don’t ordinarily kick down doors with guns drawn over simple vandalism,” says Williams, “and the attempt to inflate the case to felony conspiracy is pretty shameful. Clearly the whole affair was politically motivated.”


restitution? pay as little as possible while on probation, then when probation is over, it is a civil matter and they cant make you pay shit.

True. Also, congrats, not too bad of an outcome. Fuck the legal system!

Aside from the lack of prison time, this seems like a pretty shitty result. 3 felony convictions, five years of State supervision and 40+ K in restitution is not something to be celebrated. Freedom is something to be celebrated, and glad to see Pax won't be locked up in any meaningful way, but the State now has leverage that can and will be used to restrict and withdraw freedom at will. What I don't get is how charges were brought in the first place. These were actions carried out in the middle of the night, presumably while masked up. Were local, well-known anarchists, under constant surveillance? Was there an informant who had knowledge of an action or actions and tipped off the cops? These are important questions that need to be answered.

Not sure about Oregon, but some states will extend probation if they're not satisfied with how you've been paying fees and restitution.

Once probation/Parole is over, it's over. Also, don't forget to explore bankruptcy options. If you have no income for 6 months and one day, the "bankruptcy reform" provisions don't apply.

Of course, you could take out a bunch of loans on credit cards gotten with a temporary "good" work history while on probation, use those to pay just enough to prevent an extension of probation, then default on both the loans and the rest of the restitution the day probation is ended, quitting all jobs to prevent garnishment.

nice brainstorm

Pax is the coolest.

What were the acts of criminal mischief he plead to?

Supposedly smashing windows at a campus police station, US Bank, and Key Bank.



No FAKE Anarchists and FAKE Revolutionaries give in to orders and bull shit like that, look at Occupiers, they are a bunch of cowardly frauds...FAKES give into being prisoners...FAKES are coward dressing as if they are us REAL ones...those FAKES, they lose...

chicago loses?

I guess this is good news, but not as good of news as the Oregon State Beavers going 3-0 in the Pac-12. It's gonna be even better news when the Beavers roll over the Cougars this weekend in Corvallis. Unlike the state, the Beavs DON'T TAKE NO PRISONERS.

one of the cooler comments i've heard on here. Take where they don't want it to go.

Pax is a really amazing person, and such a baaaaaaaaaaaabeeee! Swoon!

what the fuck is wrong with anarchists? why do you have to sexualize prisoners?

and to expand on this even further; the bulk of anarchist prisoners are people that I would never want to fuck. A lot of them are people I find even hard to look at. So fucking what? I support them because I respect them. Solidarity because of actions not appearance.

I think its personalized because of the fact that something like this hits harder to home. You sound jealous. Who gives a shit. He has nice hair.

All beef aside I'm glad for ya Pax.

Sure Pax is badass, but not as badass as Oregon State running back Storm Woods looked last week with his 161-yard rushing game against Arizona. It sucks that their is so much repression targeting anarchists in the PNW, but at least we could look forward to Oregon State football. OREGON STATE BEAVERS 2012 BCS CHAMPIONS!!!

I agree with your point about Pax being a badass and I to am excited about Oregon State football (GO BEAVS), but you forgot to mention one thing: The Portland Trail Blazers . I know that the Blazers have had a couple of lack-luster seasons and I know with Brandon Roy being gone and all the Oden drama fresh in our memories it's easy to be pessimistic about the upcoming season. But remember we still got LaMarcus Aldridge, and it's gonna be really fun to see the chemistry between L.A., Wes Mathews and the new guys, especially Damien Lillard who I believe will be the next franchise all star point guard. Lillard can do the pick-and-roll like a motherfucker. I also expect to see good things from Nicolas Batum (maybe not $46 million good, but that's another story). All and all I don't expect to see a championship from the Blazers this year, or even a deep play off run, but we can look forward to seeing this young team of players develop into what could be a new era of greatness for the Portland Trail Blazers and the city of Portland. So go Blazers, go Beavs, and solidarity with Pax. Let's make 2013 be a great year of NBA basketball and resistance to the state and capital.

Portland A's don't fuck around when it comes to Trailblazer Basketball.


Free Matt and KteeO!
Solidarity with Pax.!
Damian Lillard for Rookie Of The Year 2012-2013!

Pax is not a prisoner.

...and fifty-nine cents?!

Three felonies? Doesn't that mean he gets life?

No three strike laws in Oregon.

That's also not at all how three strikes laws work.

Now that the case is settled, can anyone say whether or not there was an opportunity to review any of the State's evidence? What did they use to coerce a plea? Any lessons that can be imparted to others engaged in the same kinds of actions?

haha - yeah right

Yes. The evidence from the case has been released into the hands of a few folks who plan to gather it together and release it with analysis.

This would be a nice made-for-TV movie (do they do made-for-TV movies anymore?) or maybe a crime thriller novella. I don't know, a creative person could probably come up with a whole novel. Probation officers could start mysteriously disappearing shortly after each is assigned to the convict-anarchist. After like the fourth or fifth, our anarcho-friend could find himself the subject of intense suspicion and investigation. After enduring harsh incidents of repression justified as necessary investigative techniques, supporters' acts of solitary have the net effect of drawing media attention which, in turn, exposes the ineptness of the police department's investigation. All the while, a person who has spent years in relative solitude, reading, and being enraged by, reports of heinous acts of oppression day after endless day, turns out to be the lone perpetrator of these heroic feats - ridding Portland of anarchist-crushing tool after anarchist-crushing tool, otherwise known as probation officers. The story ends with two series of flashback shots. First, we seen various incidents inolving only one person who works in the circuit court that suggest they may have been providing assistance to whoever was responsible for these disappearances. Next, we see a series of clips that, when viewed in terms of a larger picture, reinforce the story as having been told to this point telling us that our urban-hermit-sympathizer has been acting alone. We fade out with a voice-over posing the question, "Are we dealing with a lone wolf anarcho-terrorist? Or have we just witnessed the planting of a seed of something much larger?"

wow, that sounds like a really great idea. have you contacted anyone about this?

I have a really, really confused look on my face right now? Contacted anyone? Like who? What do I say? I posted it here, so I guess I contacted anyone who reads it. Is that good enough?

This is an old Hollywood script formula, change the personas and some minor details and you have Rambo First Blood. You could even further alter the characters and you would have Hercules Meets the Keystone Cops. Anything that equates violence with heroics as its main premise is basically un-anarchistic. An anarchist movie has to destroy mythological narratives and have a clean slate as its prologue. Post-apocalyptic scenarios are best I feel.

I just like my idea better. Sorry. It's just that I would choose to watch my movie if I were choosing between the two. But yours is good too. I'm sure some people would choose it over mine.

When I become President of the Anarchist empire, I'm going to ban movies, so you both will lose.

Please stop trying to suppress my creativity. Unless, of course, your goal is to decide what qualifies as creativity and what does not, and what, therefore, is worthy of existing and, therefore, what is not worthy of existence. And then we can get into a rap 'bout what the theory of existentialism is meaning to us all in this here setting. But, think about this, it could all just be a serious mind fuck like meant to distract us from our primary mission which is to do what that one guy said... Anybody seen the bong?


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