The Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair

  • Posted on: 2 October 2016
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From LA Weekly - By Siran Babayan

Back after a three-year absence, the Los Angeles Anarchist Bookfair invites radical thinkers of all stripes — anarchists, anti-capitalists, anarcho-virgins — who are looking to learn, connect and push the same agenda: political and social change. This year's daylong, family-friendly event is themed "displacement, gentrification and ecological crisis" and features speakers, music by DJ Moondoughcorp and workshops on such topics as "Anarcha-Feminist Perspectives" and becoming an "Urban Soul Farmer." The book fair itself includes literature and zines from small presses, as well as representatives from organizations and community groups.

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. October 8
Cielo Galleries/Studios
3201 Maple Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90011

Community Resiliency

This presentation will explore community resistance versus state oppression through organizing and action; to challenge the current police policies and practices, and current mental health model used in Skid Row, Downtown LA.
General Dogon has been a Community Organizer with the Los Angeles Community Action Network since 2005, and is the lead organizer on all civil rights projects and campaigns. Prior to working at LA CAN, Dogon had been a victim of the criminal (in)justice system and had been incarcerated for many years. Since his return to the Skid Row community in Downtown LA, the most heavily policed community in the nation and home to the largest concentration of homeless and formerly homeless people in the region, he has been dedicated to educating people about their civil and human rights and how to defend them. Dogon helped launch LA CAN’s police monitoring project in 2005 and has worked on numerous community-lawyering projects to fight against and reverse the policies of the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department that criminalize homelessness and poverty.
Ashleigh Richardson Hall, B.A., M.A., currently lives in Los Angeles, where she works alongside the Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA CAN) in identifying, organizing, mobilizing, and acting on community responses to the negligence and control of those living with mental health conditions. As a survivor and warrior of the current mental health system in the United States, Ashleigh uses her personal experience paired with the common experiences of hundreds of residents of Skid Row to combat the oppressive and controlling mental health model, which includes federal and local government agencies, law enforcement, and mental health service providers. These entities are being extensively researched and targeted by community residents to ensure mental (and physical) health and treatment options are chosen by the individuals affected. Ashleigh’s work is supporting and producing a community health and healing network in Skid Row and surrounding communities.

Anarcha-Feminist Perspectives

Located in The Arctic RoomA workshop on contemporary anarcha-feminist perspectives, highlighting the emergence of intersectional ethics/politics. This workshop will explore how intersectionality must impact anarchist and feminist activism, thought, and identity while addressing challenges facing anarcha-feminists in the 21st century.
For those who consider education a central tool for significant positive social change, we would like to discuss how to implement critical class, race, gender, species, etc. perspectives in the classroom while decentering authoritarian (teacher-centered, standards-based) approaches to teaching.
Jacqueline Adamescu is a high school English teacher not affiliated with any organization in an “official” capacity but runs an anarcha-feminist print zine called Project Intersect in Los Angeles.
Romina Akemi is an organizer with Black Rose Anarchist Federation / Federación Anarquista Rosa Negra.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support

Located in Tent City RoomBlack Mesa Indigenous Support ( BMIS ) workshop on indigenous struggles and support, past and present on Turtle Island.
Sabino – long time supporter of Indigenous issues, struggles and resistance.
Andres “ C-Dog “ Amaya – a veteran of the 1973 South Dakota Wounded Knee occupation.

We will be bringing the struggles of old into context of the current struggles facing Indigenous communities on occupied lands of Turtle Island. A first hand account of resistance and organizing of past movements and how that affects current struggles.
From Black Mesa to Standing Rock, the resistance continues. Colonization is alive and well as Indigenous communities fight to protect theft of land, water and minerals, fight to maintain culture and identity. This is a Call To Action to get informed, get involved, help is needed.

Crisis of Climate: Adapting the Critique of Capital to Modern Conditions

Located in Tent City RoomSpeaker: Alexander Reid Ross
During the last century, much of the left functioned based on the theoretical premise that capital would collapse based on its own internal contradictions. However, it seems capitalism is propelled forward by the crises that many believed would lead to its undoing. Perforce, instead of collapsing, capitalism has become increasingly pervasive, even as the need to expand and accelerate outstrips the capacity of its material basis for existence. We will discuss the human condition in this context, as well as strategies for confronting capital through alternative systems of self-management, mutual aid, and solidarity without reproducing the fundamental problems of capitalism.
Alexander Reid Ross has spent most of the last decade as an organizer and journalist focusing on the intersections of animal rights, ecology, and social justice. He co-founded the Earth First! Newswire in 2010, and has worked with the forest defense group Bark for the last five years. His 2014 anthology *Grabbing Back: Essays Against the Global Land Grab* (AK Press) features essays by Noam Chomsky, Vandana Shiva, Michael Hardt, Keisha-Khan Perry, and other celebrated organizers and academics, and his latest book, *Against the Fascist Creep*, is forthcoming (also through AK Press). He is currently a Lecturer in the Geography Department of Portland State University.

Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC)

Prisoner Strikes and Supporter Protests Sweep the Nation! Update, discussion, and action around one of the most important prisoner strikes in decades.
Up-to-date list of institutions striking and solidarity actions here
Organizations Endorsing the Strike here

Capitalist Stagnation and Its Alternative

International Marxist-Humanist Organization (IMHO)
Speakers: Kevin Anderson and Stephan Hammel
The International Marxist-Humanist Organization (IMHO) is an anti-capitalist and anti-statist group that aims to develop and project a viable vision of an alternative to capitalism—a new, human society— that can give direction to today’s freedom struggles. An alternative to capitalism means ending production for value, creating a humanist mode of production, establishing a new non-state form of governance, and building freely associated human relations.
Kevin Anderson teaches at UC-Santa Barbara. He is a longtime Marxist-Humanist and the author of MARX AT THE MARGINS and the coeditor of the ROSA LUXEMBURG READER
Stephan Hammel teaches at UC-Irvine. He is a dedicated Marxist and a musicologist focusing on cultural production and political consciousness in Latin America. He has given presentations at Left Forum and the American Society

Urban Soul Farmer

Located in Tent City RoomGrowing your own food is radical! Gardening is free food, exercise and better mental health. Holistic health is ancient wealth and grounding is fundamental in our daily lives.
Urban Soul Farmer is an introduction to urban gardening for beginners. Participants will learn how to identify soil, build a container garden, harvest, save seeds, compost, and identify bugs. Hands on projects: making seed starter kits, tea making, aromatherapy, non chemical pest spray, recycled garden art.
Rashonda “Zoe Blaq” Bartney, MA is a Certified UC Victory Gardener who created to encourage people to grow food and share healthy recipes.

Analysis of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

Join writer and activist Clifton Ross for a left social movement analysis of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution. Eighteen years after President Hugo Chávez first proposed his project—igniting hope and drawing support from across the left spectrum and around the world—the country lies in shambles. Venezuelans suffer hunger and scarcity, and the government is resorting to ever-more repressive measures to keep its hold on power. Ross, who has followed the Bolivarian process since 2004, will discuss how it devolved, and what sort of realistic alternatives the broad left has to offer to the modern, heterogeneous urban world.
For nine years after he began following the Bolivarian project as a solidarity activist and supporter in 2004, Ross wrote many critically supportive articles about the Bolivarian Revolution. Much of his newly published political memoir, Home from the Dark Side of Utopia, focuses on why he supported Chávez’s project, why he ultimately abandoned it, and now opposes it. He’ll explore all these reasons in his presentation and consider in dialogue what lessons we might draw from the failure of Bolivarian socialism.
Clifton Ross is a writer, translator and filmmaker who lives in Berkeley, California. For the past thirty-five years he’s reported on revolutionary and social movements of Latin America and the United States, and has translated and published poetry, essays and other works from Spanish. He received a B.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University (SFSU) in 1997 and continued work there, earning his MA in English in 2003.
His most recent book, co-edited with his wife, Marcy Rein, Until the Rulers Obey: Voices from Latin American Social Movements, was published in 2014 by PM Press. His Home from the Dark Side of Utopia, (due out July 2016) details his life on the left and his changing loyalties in Venezuela. That biographical work was complemented by his recent study on the Venezuelan “Bolivarian Revolution” entitled The Map or the Territory (New Earth Publications, 2014).

Platformism: For a General Union of Anarchists

This workshop seeks to examine the historical precursors to the Organizational Platform for a General Union of Anarchists and the fate of platformism’s development to date, following its proposal in 1926 by the Ukrainian anarchists Nestor Makhno and Peter Arshinov. In particular, the Platform’s rootedness in Mikhail Bakunin’s thought and favored organizational strategy–the promotion of specifically anarchist organizations, as in the Alliance for Social Democracy, which struggled against the Marxist wing of the First International–will be emphasized. We will consider the Platform’s call for specifically global anarchist organization as a response to the fate of the Russian Revolution, in addition to the anti-organizational reaction to its publication and the work that historical movements like the Mexican Liberal Party (PLM) and contemporary anarchist groups have done to advance the cause.
Javier Sethness Castro is the author of three books, most recently *Eros and Revolution: The Critical Philosophy of Herbert Marcuse* (Brill, 2016), and a member of the Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation. He is currently finishing a translation of Praxedis Guerrero’s collected writings.



I'm selling my copy of I Want to Be a Suicide Bomber on amazon for half price

if anyone is interested I also have baedan, attentat, negative wallow

You mean the Urban Soul Farmer workshop isn't going to teach me how to harvest souls? Well that's no fun!

P.s.: I'd like to propose a workshop title: "Platformism: Festering Corpse or Putrid Dung Heap?" Any takers?

Rumor has it that Aragorn! will be facilitating a workshop titled: 'Cheer Leading For Random Murder in Mexico' and after that he is actually going to grow a pair and confront ARR in person instead of bitching about him on his shitty podcast.

After which the West Coast anarcho-scenesters are finally going to build a Trump-esque wall around themselves and quit wasting everyone else's time with their petty dramas... or is that too much to hope for?

^This might be something for disliking anarchists to look into. Bloody but at least it's no life or death duel like old USA.

Aside from the repetitive music, that might not be a half bad idea. Interspersing the traditional indigenous sounds with a little "Eye of The Tiger" could make things a little more interesting. Maybe even get Carl Weathers to do a cameo appearance as Apollo Creed.

that's kind of interesting.

" Marxist-Humanist" Wtf!?

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