Madrid, Spain: Antiterrorist operation against anarchism

From Act for Freedom Now!

Solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists

On the morning of 13 May a new antiterrorist operation against anarchism struck in Tétouan (a Madrid neighbourhood). The anarchist space La Emboscada [the ambush] and another squatted house were raided by members of la Brigade d’information and the anti-riot police. The operation resulted in two arrests. We bear in mind the Pandora, Piñata, Ice and the one that is still keeping Lisa behind bars.

More recently, police operations at a European level in response to the Hamburg revolt against the G20, or the arrests of October 29 2018 in Madrid… In short: the blows of the State against the struggle.

Faced with this, close ties, solidarity, affinity networks and the desire to never surrender are weapons against the repression.
Neither innocent nor guilty!

Solidarity and struggle!

Meet up :
13h : outside l’Audiencia Nacional [court competent, among other things, for questions of terrorism and organised criminality]
21h : Plaza Tirso de Molina

via: Attaque

Translated by Act for freedom now!

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