Manarchist Book Review: Bash Back! Queer Ultraviolence

  • Posted on: 22 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" MANnarchists (blog)</a>

Recently, those of us at LATFM had the displeasure of coming across what is surely one of the most manarchist publications in years. The volume, entitled, Bash Back!: Queer Ultraviolence is an anthology of writing by straight white men who are pretending to be women, people of color, and queers in order to justify their violent lack of responsibility and consensus-breaking. From using the master’s violence to dismantle the master’s house to attacking the important work that feminist organizers have been doing for years, this book stops at nothing to slander and defame real community organizers and affected communities.

There has been a nationwide tour for the book in which two white men have traveled from city-to-city, spreading their macho anti-feminist vitriol everywhere they go, even having the nerve to claim that they’re “queers”. But we know that queers are nonviolent, restorative-justice advocates that just want to make society more inclusive, not angry nihilist dude-bros that want to break windows with their dicks. Don’t you know queers are supposed to be sad puppy dogs who cry about their hurt feelings instead of fighting back and engage in street theater once a year to tell the capitalists who’s boss? You really need to work on your shit, Tegan, Fray, and the rest of you manarchists who contributed to BB!: Queer Ultraviolence!</td><td><img title="Only thing worse than a hope blocer" src=""></td></tr></t...


Is this some sort of joke?
what the fuck is this?

I believe it is satire of the slave-queer position.


These jokes write themselfs.

worker is all fucked up and needs an accountability process. This fucking MANARCHIST keeps posting this shit without the consent of the feminist cockus and it's grinding my girders. Notice that this wasn't submitted by an anon, but rather worker HIMself.

hey, i had my hand half way up his sissy ass when he posted this.


i had a feeling you were into that! get it!

Get it GURL... Ugh. This is actually a troll (corporation) pretending to be a corporate troll trying to direct you to a wholesale steroids corporation ( which is actually a corpse.)

That's what I really think.

I am here (on anews). I am leaving now. They want take me.

want me to grind your girders with my feminist cockus?

oooooohhhhh sounds hot!

Feminist cockus? Really? Lolz.

Any time you hear the word 'manarchist', you already know it's a joke.

ITT: trolls

What's a troll?

^ dis is a master at work.

PS - I apologize for the power imbalanced language. Please don't write an angry blog about me. I know that angry blogs are the way to kill patriarchy so totally keep that up in general though.

I actually didn't know what 'troll' meant for the longest time about 10 years ago, and every time I asked online, no one would tell me.

Interesting enough, the meaning of troll has changed greatly over time, and once served a primarily social rather than antisocial function in the society it arose in.
One day I decided to research the history of modern trolling. I read a book about internet culture written at the turn of the millennium that purported to trace the practice to an urban legend verification Usenet group, Alt.Folklore.Urban.
Apparently, experienced users would post ridiculous questions and answers in order to draw responses from inexperienced users too naive to realise they were being trolled, who would be mocked and banned after being trolled.
The point was that the users wanted to keep out people who lacked skepticism, research skills and the ability to interpret social relations - all skills necessary to produce quality research into urban legends.

I am skeptical of your claims.

A troll is anyone who defies the logic of capitalism.

- The troletariat... it feels soo good to be back.

That blog in general, and this post in particular, is hilarious. Someone link me to an angry, barely coherent blog from an angry trans queer otherkin "critiquing" it please. I want to laugh at it until I turn blue.

Poe's law in action!

- Message sent from my guyPhone and typed with the tip of fire ejaculating MALE POWER FANTASY

This is the best contiguous series of letters and punctuation that has ever been constituted.

Throw newspaper boxes in the street and break windows with your dick!

inb4 trolls

oh, too late...

To VIOLENCE!!! (Cheering and Hurrahs)

I forget being in the Bay Area, that there are still people who take feminism seriously.

People in Pleasonton definitely take Feminism seriously. Also, the Richmond.

I've heard that Woodside has some serious things going on.

feminism is for bad people.

I grew up in Pleasanton and new one anarchist. I haven't been there for 8 years. Are there anarchists doing shit in Pleasanton now?


Yeah tons of us. There is 7 anarchist houses and like 15 more that are secret.

We are all stockpiling guns and medical supplies. We're going to take over the police station soon and kick out all the dirty dirty cops.

Wish us luck.


lol what a nice dream

Um. There are more people in the Bay Area who take feminism seriously than there are anywhere else in the world. You crazy?

Look at this neurotypical discursive MANARCHIST


Trolling is a art.

--NOT worker's leather daddy

you mean 'an' art. com'on!


I'm confused about my own gender now.

Oh shit!! -- the queers are winning. And the MANARCHIST author of LATFM played right into their limp little hands. Fabulous.

I just read Terror Incognita and it was sorta the first queer insurrectionist zine I'd ever read in my life, and then I saw this, and suddenly the comments on every @News article make perfect sense to me.

Nice try trltrt. Quit shillin' for your $10 zine.

Yeah. How come I bought the thing for ten and then saw it at the infoshop for five? I mean, it's nice and all or whatever.

But it's gonna be out in PDF format for free in like, a month.

For Crime Th Incorporated to give it away for free means they are not maximizing shareholder value. Tsk.

Cri Meth Incorporated.

asfdjkasfdjkl asdlfasdfj ljkewrouvxmn, inc.

Are there more queersurrection zines?

ne mo?

There is a queersurrection egoist newspaper

You shouldn't read it.


But I heard some wimmin didn't give a shit about my insurerection or whatever?

Also, some insurrectionary zines are done by queers, but just don't focus on the queer aspect, but more for the insurrectionary aspect. For wider readership.

TI glorifies insurrectionist imagery but it didn't strike me as terribly far the usual Big Tent Crimethinkism

it's funny how three years ago they dedicated an entire issue of rolling thunder to defaming the insurrectionaries, didn't mention Bash Back! once, and now they are pretending to be queer insurrectionaries. Scraping the bottom of the relevancy barrel? Maybe they should have picked events that they participated in to analyze instead of some shit that happened thousands of miles away that they only read about online, the accounts of which were authored by NGO activists. Go back to 2003 crimethinc, your best when you write about plentiful dumpsters and tossing your dreadlocks in the air while crusting away on a train. You would be better off at "seducing" people into that.

Isn't everyone pretending to be queer insurrectionaries? Is insurrectionary an identity now? Insurrection is an event/process, the rest is just fetishizing. When did the word anarchist stop being sufficient to describe 'i don't like this and am willing to dedicate my life to bringing it to its knees.'

When the hope bloc was announced. And no not everyone is pretending to be queer insurrectionaries. That was sooo 2009. There's no pretense with those of us left.

I must have been out of the country for that... are you pullingmy leg? What was the hope bloc?

the anarchist response to the obama inauguration

the Cindy Milstein response to anarchists responding to the obama inauguration

Celebrate peoples misery. The trltrt

I am glad Noam Chomsky was on the list... just to really give it that lefty umph that it needed to be significant enough.

oh right, yeah there is no one who calls themself anarchist yet still is utterly focused on militant leftist identity politics, like bash back.

haha bash back = militant leftist identity politics? maybe you should read more, then suck my fat uncut precumming cock

i have read plenty of their crap. identifying yourself around being violent or 'ultraviolent' (a strange appropriation from burgess...) doesn't mean you aren't leftist. it doesn't mean anything except that you think violence is cool. ditto for criticizing liberals.

did you suck me off yet? I couldnt tell.

mmmm a fat uncut precumming cock? fuck my face!

Where I'm from that's called a drippy tippy.

an insider's perspective: bash back was basically a clusterfuck of posturing, militant (ultra)leftist (anti)identity (anti)politics, a lot of other horrible politics, confusion, when subcultural worlds collide, posturing, poly drama, and posturing.

and some of my favorite people and most hilarious experiences.

That's really the first you read? embarassing. Read 'towards the queerest insurrection'.

Even if you smash windows with your ovaries instead of dicks, you're dealing with some ~SERIOUS~ internalized misogyny...manarchist!

"Ovary Young." Great Cat Stevens song.

I wish i had a vagina just so i could pretend i had a dick.

Got me hot just a-thinking about it!

you thinking about it just got me hot lol

This is my new favorite blog!

fetishizing violence, which BB clearly do (just look at their name) is neither the exclusive province of some imaginary group such as 'manarchists', nor painfully real groups like the military and police. it's dismal but not surprising that anarchism, at least in many of its incarnations, should have become so consumed with identity politics and other left substitutionist authoritarian politics just at a point in history when it could have had a mass influence.

ps. 'manarchist' i've only ever heard used about 'straight', 'white' cismales...

ps Your comment makes no sense.

pps, people hate you

ppps, it's true!

O hai, my existence disproves your thesis. Ciao!

So, when "the forces" come to eradicate your community you can run to the basement and mumble your mantras to yourself, but when the coast is clear will you leave the community based on moral grounds because they shot back?

Maybe an analogy your liberal mind can understand? Why don't you explain to MLK or the countless others how your flower in the barrel of the bosses gun didnt prevent them from being murdered?

Go ahead and cast your circle of protection and see how well someone who is unfamiliar acknowledges the boundaries you have created.

>>So, when "the forces" come to eradicate your community you can run to the basement and mumble your mantras to yourself, but when the coast is clear will you leave the community based on moral grounds because they shot back?

What community are you living in that could fight off the national guard? Or even the local police force? Pacifism is fucking dumb but it's not like the people who complain about it are starting militias.

Many, many communities in the United States could effectively resist military incursion, if they chose to do so. In case you haven't notices, the US military hasn't been able to score an unambiguous victory against even small, starving, intensely impoverished populations in many years. We have so many fucking guns circulating amongst the general population here it's just insane, not to mention other gear (high tech camping/survival gear for example)that is handy for militant resistance. Although it might be a bogus quote, the whole "you cannot invade mainland America, you would find a rifle behind every blade of grass" thing is actually pretty accurate.

um also I'm trans... does this have any bearing? I can't tell anymore... so confused...

Fuck teh mainstream and being accepted by others. Haven't we given up on that yet? Of course we have, but then why do we keep defining our existence by being opposed to any acceptance, while at the same time we aren't working on building anything?

Yes, it is crucial that we (as individuals) forget about being accepted by anyone. But we cant create an identity around simply opposing the mainstream of anything or else your identity is still defined based on that mainstream. This is a problem I see with the queer current: people will often realize an affinity with no longer desiring to be accepted by the mainstream, but at the same time, an identity is often formed based entirely on opposition to whatever "mainstream" is in question (and this can be said with all anarchist currents). And, therefore, the individual becomes just as enslaved by that which they oppose as the people they are rebelling against.

As someone who likes to suck a cock while playing with his own and also equally enjoys sliding his cock into a warm vag; I consider myself a sexual person with a queer perspective. But I do not define myself based on what I think is queer. I have had gay and straight relationships and a long relationship with a trans person. I use terms like cock and vag. Not because I am a cis male, but because I like to try and break your boring critiques that are just another inadvertent assimilation into the "systems" that you're supposed to be fucking breaking away from.

So many self-identified queers get so lost in opposing the mainstream that the mainstream becomes a much bigger part of them than it ever was before.

LOOSE YOUR IDENTITY! (and you'll lose that which is tearing you down)

23 skidoo

Umm, wheres straight homofobe ultraviolent priests hangin out anyone, just askin?

my new queer fetish

breaking windows with my cock

Where my penis used to be, where my vagina never was, i had a one inch mound of flesh!

This is a general comment and not directed at the author(s).

You are correct in your rebellion: violence is only applicable within the "male" gender.

Damn, I could have you talk to some folks that are on a whole different level and may even be offended by such statements or assumptions.

I would much rather have my ass beat than have the cops called on me. I know MANY other people with the same perspective. I have been around many people that got rowdy that dont identify with the male gender.

Have you lived? Where is your mansion? I want some food.

I'll be damned if I let "the authorities" have control over violence too. I'm raging on your ass motherfucker. And yeah, it's because you said/did some fucked up homophobic shit. Fuck you and you can't get away with it.

I am queer and I will beat your fucking ass!! (The best fight you will ever see) No, seriously though: I fucking mean it.

You can shout ghandi all you want: half the time you're the fuckers that should be getting the dirty end of it.

I grew up getting beat on cause people thought I was gay. I was stealing their ladies and their dudes. I started whooping some ass to get the fuckers off of me. Now, the school just banded together to get the principle fired for homophobic remarks....


Come at be bro.

The pigs beat us down every day. You wouldnt know that due to the neighborhood you live in; due to the privilege you live in. You fuck.

Move out!

Me, and everyone else thats been beat on are standing up. We dont have the time for your bullshit. We have shit in the streets to deal with.

Aren't you all late for class?

quit taking money from your parents!!!!!!!!

Come on John... That's just a big joke pointed at some self-righteous queers out there. That was hilarous!

Can't stop the gayos.

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