Margaret Killjoy on an Anarchist Approach to Prepping in an Age of Climate Change

HEARS: "it's going down,,, and you're invited" **hair on neck tingles**

From It's Going Down

On this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with long-time anarchist musician, author, activist, and podcaster Margaret Killjoy, host of How to Live Like the World is Dying, which embraces the concept of preparedness, or “prepping,” from an anarchist perspective, while interviewing a whole host of guests about skills, infrastructure, and real world problem solving.

We begin our conversation by talking about the tension of the Right having such a foothold in the prepping space, while also not wanting to concede ground or rural communities to them. We then go on to discuss what everyday people can do to get prepared in the face of increasing natural disasters, pandemics, and fallout from climate change.

More Info: Margaret Killjoy on Twitter, on Linktree, homepage for How To Live Like the World is Dying.

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I keep amoxicillin in my bag. Get it at the aquarium store already in 500mg capsules. Pretty sure they do that because they know people will take it.

killjoy is a superb human being and this was a good listen

Unless you've been living in a cave or social media for years, you should know that you can spare the effort of getting half of this stuff by getting a multitool (Leatherman, Gerber or even a Swiss knife with enough tools) and a travel medic kit.

This is all useful for urban environments. There's a bunch of things you can also get from the forest that will do the same, for obvious firestarting purposes but also for treating/healing wounds (fir resin, extracted from the bubbles in the bark) and other aspects of hygiene. Clay-ish mud you find on river banks makes for a good "soap". I heard native people used to be treating their teeth with different things ranging from yellow birch branches (broken, then used as "brush") to coniferous tree resins, even tho their precolombian diet musta been not too damaging for the teeth. Burdock roots (eaten raw or cooked) are great for detox. Etc. A book could be written about it...

mind if I ask why you don't just loot some soap and toothpaste??

the stuff keeps for a few decades and it won't get snatched up nearly as fast as the cans of beans

anyway, sounds like it'll be easy to recognize you, covered with mud and branches in your mouth
should I say hey or you gonna shiv me with your janky branch brush?

I was referring to eco-purist means, i.e. stuff you can get from the forest. Can you usually loot actual soap and toothpaste in the forest? Not really.

Full muddy sasquatch fauvean beasts is best costume for anticiv ATTACK, duh. Also as seen in the movie The Predator it works for a while against tech surveillance!

so ... you're totally gonna shank me with your toothbrush. copy that!

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