Mass Outreach Project to Introduce Anarchist Ideas to General Public

  • Posted on: 15 January 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

From Anarchist Agency
CrimethInc. Publishes Free Primer in 20 Languages

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Thursday, January 15, the underground publishing group CrimethInc. launched To Change Everything, a multimedia outreach project intended to introduce anarchist ideas to the general public. The project consists of a free, full-color 48-page print publication, a video by, an interactive website in many different languages, and a sticker and poster campaign. Participating collectives in 19 countries across five continents have prepared two dozen different versions of the project, each tailored to their local context. To view the To Change Everything website, video and text, see:

“Anarchism is the idea that everyone is entitled to complete self-determination,” To Change Everything asserts. In place of state and corporate power, anarchists seek to create horizontal, voluntary networks as the basis of all social organization. The 21st century has seen a resurgence of this philosophy, ranging from peer-to-peer networks to globally linked protest movements.

Anarchists erupted onto the world stage at the turn of the century, famously participating in the demonstrations against the 1999 summit of the World Trade Organization in Seattle. Over the past seven years, anarchists have played a leading role in revolts from Greece to the Arab spring, gaining further prominence in the US through Occupy and #blacklivesmatter. “As successive waves of dispossession and disillusionment sweep new demographics into social movements, interest in anarchist ideas and practices is growing,” explains CrimethInc. spokesperson Cesar Dmitri. “To Change Everything is a harbinger of things to come.”

Promotional events for the project have already taken place in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Croatia, and Slovenia. Drawing on a Kickstarter campaign that raised tens of thousands of dollars, CrimethInc. has printed 185,000 copies to distribute in North America and the United Kingdom, including 25,000 in Spanish. Three thousand copies are earmarked for prisoner support groups to send to some of the 2.5 million people behind bars in the US.

CrimethInc. is a publishing group that functions as the hub of an international network of anarchists and aspiring revolutionaries. For 20 years, CrimethInc. has produced books, magazines, posters, and other resources by and for participants in social movements: all copyright free, composed collectively and anonymously. In 2002, CrimethInc. published an anarchist primer entitled Fighting for Our Lives, ultimately distributing 650,000 copies. “Many activists I’ve encountered credit Fighting for Our Lives with introducing them to anarchist ideas and changing the course of their lives,” says Rae Valentine of Agency, an anarchist PR project. “With faith in government and capitalism at an all-time low, the time is ripe for a meaningful vision of social change. To Change Everything steps into the breach.”


Agency is an anarchist PR project that helps the media and public access a multitude of contemporary anarchist perspectives through commentary, media relations, and educational campaigns.



Watching the developments here with great interest! Much respect!

Can't ever persuade everyone and yet we all found our way to these ideas with some help.

I doubt people will ever become anarchists at a faster rate than global population growth, meaning even as more people become anarchists, the % in society is still declining, meaning less and less influence overall.
Conversion or convincing people of our ideas is a losing strategy.
Living our ideas and welcoming thise attracted to them without those people having to be converted to anarchism makes more sense in our current context of an insane population boom and the spread of liberal education around the globe (which convinces people of everything we are against, whereas tribal life before liberal educational access could be seen as a more similar idea of the world to anarchy).

Ultimately the answer for anarchists and anarchs is reliance and adaptation more then resistance and attack.

Ultimately and absolutely, resistance and attack are primary components of a resilient, adaptive character existing in a dynamic environment. In the vacuum of civil-privileged, individualist pragmatism however, they are meaningless and should be renounced at every opportunity(24/7)

Finally an intelligent comment on @news! Hoorah!

>our current context of an insane population boom
Population growth rates are slowing, not increasing. Malthusian catastrophe is very 80's, and very discredited.

Growth slowing is not evidence there is not and has not been an inane population increase in modern times. It's not Malthusianism to say it's imposible to spread anarchist ideas to people faster than they are being born. Makthusianism is the idea that population increases will lead to overpopulation and environmental collapse, which I didn't argue. Nice try though at slinging racist accusations asshole. Go back to freshman sociology.

i'm with you.
and will not be cowed by optimist shaming.

If not I'm not following. Not reaching to the masses enough.

*Whips dick*

I'll reach YOUR masses ;)

Trying to play the system's games and strive for respectability always works out so well for anarchists!
So excited!

Yeah … it's not doing either of those things. But I'm holding my breath until you topple tyranny with your snarky-snark

I meant the agency and its goofy attempt at speaking the language of the authoritarian media

That's it's stated purpose isn't it? To be a channel between our alienated little echo-chambers with at least occasionally coherent discourse and the corporate media with their sensational, smashy-burn-porn nonsense version of anarchy?

Anyway, it's a valid praxis, if not your personal taste (or mine).
None of us would be here today if anarchists didn't attempt to reach out across time and space with their ideas.

Making efforts to break isolation is necessary.
To educate the masses is basically an effort to lead the masses, which is very problematic as we've seen with communists.
I hope this is more an effort to break isolation than to educate. But knowing crimethinc and some of it's contributors though, i'm expecting the later.

Yeah right, when crimethinc has seized power and begun gulaging and executing people, then you'll get to say "I told you so" instead of your current status as a petty naysayer.

Watch out for the moment when their insurgent army takes over Silicon Valley and self-manage Google after kicking Schmidt's lard ass and trowing Kurzweil in a cell with cushioned walls.

I think this is a smart and not trivial distinction.
The idea that people need education is a liberal patronizing one, and can be manipulative (see corporate media).
The idea of breaking isolation and finding other people who want to revolt makes more sense.
In revolt you will spread revolt.
Indigenous people sometimes purposefully unlearned literacy to not be manipulated by western writings.

Sure but even the most prolific, semi-commercial anarchist media can hardly be accused of "becoming the enemy" because they're trying to reach a broader audience. That's a bit melodramatic. We're not talking about the general idea of whether you should patronize people, of course not ...

"The idea that people need education is a liberal patronizing one"

I agree with everything you said except about education being a liberal idea. Education pertains to power and authority and that can take many forms, not just the liberal one. Thats why I mentioned the communists. Their societies made a huge effort to educate as many people as possible. It was also a huge part of Guerrilla activity in the all the Latin American communist national liberation movements.
Your comment on some indigenous people and literacy is very pertinent also.

Are two very different things. One is an aspect of planning, the other is an aspect of playing.


"The idea that people need education" is different than the idea that some people might voluntarily seek education if it's available where it otherwise wouldn't be. You folks seem to really want to make this into something it isn't, or you just have to cram every little last thing anarchists do (other than breaking things) into your critique of "liberalism" or whatever.

Interesting word game, here. Breaking isolation is a wholly unrelated activity to education. Funny, because educating myself about anarchist ideas when I was younger broke the shit out of my isolation. Ugh. Get over it already, outreach is actually valuable.

"Funny, because educating myself about anarchist ideas when I was younger broke the shit out of my isolation."

You're just playing semantics. The critique of educating others is valuable in this context, it touches the problem of vanguard.

There is a difference between a belief in "educating others" and a recognition of the utility of making certain ideas more available than they otherwise would be. None of us would be anarchists if some anarchists didn't engage in this sort of activity. I am not playing semantics. Voluntarily seeking education (for oneself) is not the same as being coerced or manipulated by a vanguard. I am so glad anarchists write primers and 101 type literature. That stuff meant the world to me when I was younger.

*otherwise WOULDN'T be

Then you agree there is a difference between educating others and breaking isolation (or reaching out). The semantics is with you repeating that you seek to be educated. If it's not semantics then it presupposes that you consider an authority figure which should educate you on a matter. Seeking knowledge doesn't mean seeking to be educated. The primers you read when you were younger were from some individuals sharing their OPINION on what they would consider anarchism, not a specialist on the matter teaching you what anarchism IS, which would be problematic since there are a multitude of "anarchisms", this is what makes ideas surrounding anarchism dynamic. What is being discussed here is the attitudes of those who would want to make their views the predominating one by educating the masses. I'm not saying this IS crimethinc's intention, but rather questioning how this all works out pragmatically, especially in a technological context.

The idea that anarchists could influence the MSM to write about us more favorably contradicts the very foundations of what anarchists believe the MSM exists for! It's either in contradiction with anarchist understandings of how our society works, or its true aim is liberal reforms and not the destruction of corporate media and the state and capitalism that it represents. I'm gonna guess they're confused as fuck.
I for one could give a fuck less how the corporate nedia covers us. I want nothing from them but their destruction.

I was hoping that the website and video would be more than just reiterations of the pamphlet. I think what the pamphlet lacks most is reference to living examples of the ideas it explores, details on current/recent struggles, things like this. The website would've been a good place to include those sorts of things. Overall, I'm disappointed, given the potential for a project this ambitious. Curious about others' thoughts.

There's this page, which has a bunch of other points of departure:

But really, pamphlets don't change the world by themselves. They're supposed to be on hand when we're doing real world stuff, so people who are participating and are interested can check them out, connect the dots, and think bigger. There's only so much words can do alone.

The Brazilian version (, which has been up for months already, has a "map" of initiatives: Do you think that would be more like what you're picturing? Or do you want more strategic stuff, like Crimethinc usually does?

I just usually think that anarchist outreach is often most effective (at least in my experience) when one points towards specific, contemporary examples of the ideas being put into practice. In the "Start with Revolt" section, they say "people tend to remain aloof from theoretical discussions, but when something is happening, when the stakes are high and they can see meaningful differences between opposing sides, they will take a stand." But then almost the entire pamphlet is theoretical, with very little about things that are happening.

But, yeah, it's a pamphlet, obviously there are space constraints, and I still think it's a worthwhile project, if only because I think it's great when we actually try to be really ambitious.

Also, I think that the power vs. authority thing is sort of a weird one to place so much emphasis on...

I don't know if crimethinc had this in mind when they wrote this, but the problem with pointing to contemporary examples vs more broadly theoretical ideas is that what is contemporary is temporary. Contemporary struggles today will likely be historical 100 or 10 years from now (or even next month). Obviously you can't ignore contemporary issues either, but this pamphlet seems like more of a primer than anything else.

The impulse is a good one. Best of luck to them.

Oh great, another 15 years of thousands of liberals thinking that they are anarchists and dominating and controlling the uncontrollables in the name of progress.
Hope and change.

and what does that say about the "uncontrollables" if a bunch of confused liberals can dominate them? hmm?

Liberals use the power of the state, economic power, and the corporate media against anarchists all the time.

The same thing you said could be said to all anarchists for letting the state control them.

Ok, maybe, but it's not really the liberals who call themselves anarchists who are the biggest problem in terms of using the state to control anarchists, is it? I mean, fuck Rebecca Solnit and that fucking jackass Ryan Harvey, but if you're letting /those/ people control you, then you really are... how do I say this nicely? There's no polite way.

Yeah 2nd this, take some fucking responsibility for being a limp-wristed, whiny, little shit if you're going to cry about how "liberals control you". You mean the cops and the entire armed apparatus of repression? Sure, that's different, that's the big stick but this first poster was presumably crying about being "controlled" by accountability processes and identify politics or whatever other weak ass excuses people throw around here.

Identity politics and guilt and trying to work with non-anarchists (aka liberals) is what dooms the anarchist community where I live. Maybe yours is different?
Also, liberals can be peace police, tackling rioters and handing them to cops, they can turn non-anarchists against us using the platform the MSM gives them which can make people care less when the FBI witch hunts happen, etc....

Also liberal indymedia people trying to video a confrontation with the cops but who won't join in the actual protest, leaving the people they supposedly support to get their asses kicked.
It's fine to be like "don't be controlled" but then you find yourself with maybe 1 comrade and everyone else bring guilted by liberals into doing some stupid reformist garbage, that is controlling your possibilities of revolt by isolating radical people from other anarchists who are more suceptible to liberal guilt mongering.

So what you're saying is … anarchists have a lot of enemies and revolt is hard?

Anyway, you know as well as I do that there's a whole range of people there. Some of them are your actual enemies, some of them are just confused (which can admittedly be dangerous) and some of them are good people who agree with you at least 50% but if you can't navigate this stuff, may I suggest a shack in the woods?

"Navigate"? You're one of them. Liberal.

yeah yeah, go troll somebody who thinks you're interesting

"“I stand here as your declared and unrepentant enemy, I do not beg for
your lenience, I do not seek to engage in dialogue with you and your
peers. My values are at war with yours, so that every phrase I come out
with against you is a razor scoring the masks of your hypocrisy and
making clear the position and the role of each of us. You redact
hundreds of pages of files and you constantly form new cases, in order
to bury us in the prisons of your democracy, for decades. You are
preparing to impose “special detention conditions” on us, which is the
only coup missing from the pantheon of “special treatment” (prison
transfers, trials, laws), which you create to fight us. The simple laws
of physics dictate, that reaction is the consequence of action. Outside
this courtroom on free lands, there are rebelious people, comrades for
me, terrorists for you, who don’t intend to tolerate our extermination,
without making you and your political supervisors bleed first. You can
take this as a threat if you like. I believe, that this is the cynical
reality. Each option has its own cost. I guess, that, as judges and
servants of the law, you would agree with me on this.”

(Nikos Romanos)"

New commenter here.

Listen, he said that in a court of law, facing his enemies in the midst of open war--you're talking in the comments section on the internet. Notice any difference? It doesn't matter what you applaud from a distance.

But more importantly, in that situation in the courtroom, it was just him and his avowed enemies. But if you decide that everyone who isn't *you* or just like you might as well be a judge or jailer, then you're fucking doomed... & really, how can you blame people for not wanting to get involved in your private grudge match with the authorities if it's just about you? Both the Nikoses of the world and less brave people like you (and sure, me) will end in cages, if we don't recognize that our fates are decided by which side all those people you are deriding choose. So yeah, for me, dialogue with those who haven't yet chosen a side is itself an act of war, a strategic recognition of the terrain of this struggle, which is fundamentally social, not military. You might think I'm arguing for some weak-ass liberal position but no, I'm just dismayed to see you thinking you're picking a principled position of strength when actually you're sabotaging any ability to strike blows effectively or even survive.

That kid and his amazing writing came out of a context where a lot of people had been laying the groundwork for a very long time. Sure, the most militant greek nihilists say "fuck all the leftists", at length and eloquently but they wouldn't exist without that backdrop.

'Nuther new commenter, and fuck yes, I'll second that.

All this talk about "enemies" is beyond creepy and speaks to a level of vanguardism which totally dwarfs any critique you want to make of "mass politics". Refusing to work with (or advocating attacks against) people who don't show complete ideological submission is pretty damn authoritarian, and the idea that "we" are the only ones who can comprehend this enlightenment is downright elitist (and defeatist). It's all a recipe for increasingly isolated, self-obsessed and cult-like anarchist scenes and a firm commitment not to engage in any way with the real world. It's high fucking time anarchists stopped rationalizing our failures to communicate with overdone leftist cliches - this shit didn't work for the Maoists and it's not going to work for us.

Yes, yes, seriously! Somebody sensible. Do you not normally post comments here?

So your point is that it's ok to work with Maoists? That doesn't seem like submission to you?

Either you can't read, or, much more likely, your only intention is to muddle the discussion and take up space.

I wasn't alplauding it from a distance, I was using it as an example of the type of hostile position anarchists should be taking in the U.S. but often aren't, especially the more activisty ones.
If you aren't fighting for yourself, then you are being a vanguardist with a savior complex (something liberals are known for).

I think that me and you are less likely to end up in cages if we stick to our principles than by trying to convince a majority of people to agree wih us. They never will. But likely our fates are sealed either way, so I think we should choose to be caged with our heads held high rather than trying to collaborate with non-anarchists who don't really give a shit about us.

Dialogue is not war, sorry. It's a good sounding feel good slogan, but that doesn't make it true. I know that it is a social war not a military one, and I'm saying it would be better if other anarchists tried to stand on principles and stand together on them, in a social context of an anarchist movement, rather than being the militant wing of liberalism. And to that end, I don't think trying to convince the masses is part of that social war. Am I inspired to live an anarchist life by some pamphlet, or by nikos statement and anarchists actions? Much more the latter.

I do seriously appreciate the respectful reply, and I think the gap between us is really small, and I don't think you're a liberal, I just genuinely believe more freedom can be gained through principled lives as anarchists than organizing and collaborating with non-anarchists. People gravitate to those passionate living their convictions more than to those willing to jettison them whenever it means 20 more people will participate in whatever their up to.

Just because you're fighting for yourself doesn't mean you have to fight only for yourself.

And Nikos was sticking to his principles, it's not kinda exactly why he ended up in a cage?

I also tend to be more inspired by others', especially anarchists', actions then by pamphlets, but it's not really either/or.

As for me, I sometimes find myself working with liberals (including in that unfortunate capitalist hellhole known as employment) because we have common short or medium term goals. Aborting all attempts to dialogue with non-anarchists seems pretty doomed to me. Anarchy is not something you can do by yourself, imho. If we stop trying to persuade others of our ideas, those ideas will never catch on. If this is the case we might as well drop the black flags and carry white ones...

My 2nd sentence was terrible.

And Nikos was sticking to his principles, isn't that exactly why he ended up in a cage?

I think we'd do better to work with other anarchists as anarchists than to work with non-anarchist politicized citizens (liberals, etc). I feel like I find myself with not many comrades around because many anarchists are focused on working with non-anarchists more than with the anarchists around them! It's not about being alone, it's focusing our energy on being with one another rather than focusing it towards those who do not agree with us.
Sounds like you work for some non-profit. I'm sorry for you. No liberals where I work! And I'd rather talk about society with my coworkers than liberals. I think politicized citizens are way worse than non-political folks!
If you have common short or medium term goals with the liberals you work with, maybe you are not an anarchist!

To clarify, here is a hierarchy of what groups of people I think anarchists should spend their time working with:
1. Other anarchists
2. Non-ideological direct actionists (ferguson rioter, etc)
3. Revolting/angry geographically based community groups (indigenous Canadian communities recently, etc..)
None of these groups need pamphlets about anarchism handed to them in my opinion.

Groups that it harms us to work with in order of most to least harmful:
Identity politicians
Statist leftists
Survivalist types/libertarians
Religious groups

No, I don't work at a non-profit.

I guess a lot of the people I'm considering liberals are people you describe as non-political. I consider them this way because they usually have some sort of 'but we need the police, but they shouldn't be doing that' sort of stance, which isn't really that non-political to me, though obviously they're not Democratic party members/Democrat activists. These people should be avoided, I agree. There's no RCP around here. Hardly even any unionists at all.

As for some of those other groups...I've known some pretty nice and intelligent survivalists, though they might be exceptions rather than the rule. Religious groups vary considerably, but rarely if ever coincide with things I have any interest in doing.

And to be honest, I kind of like it when other anarchists or groups 2 and 3 have pamphlets/zines to share, even if it's not strictly needed.

You got number 1 right. There is no such thing as non ideological direct action. 2 and 3 essentially structurally reinforce the existing order seeing as structured violence tends to rely on the past.

Here's an idea. Organize yourself aesthetically or find some kind of creative effective class. This is essentially what the situationists were. They were the closes post ww2 expression to the best of the individualist anarchists of the pre and post ww1 era. Essentially as far as non power process orientation goes(resilience and subsistence and all that) Go toward the arts and science realm and stay away from politics.

There are more liberals due to that being the type of society we live in, and their larger numbers are how they can exert control through both soft and hard power. It's not really a surprising idea... It is just reality.

"controlling the uncontrollables"

You're not being uncontrollable right.

What's an explosion in a vaccuum?

last year's bookfair

Congrats to all the people who worked hard on this.

Crimethinc’s ‘To Change Everything’ website has a lot of good critique of the prevailing world order.

At the same time, there is a relative ‘vacuum’ when it comes to describing the ‘different logic’ that is needed;

“All it takes to find each other is to begin acting according to a different logic.”

indigenous anarchism, Taoism, and other relational worldviews never did start thinking ‘scientifically’ [and so never had to back out of it], wherein we impute independent being to our individual selves, so that we inherit the ‘problem of how to organize’. If we never conceive of ourselves as ‘split apart into separate units’; i.e. if we conceive of ourselves as relational forms in a relational activity continuum that is given only once, ... then there is no need to be ‘deliberate’ about ‘organizing’. The ecosystems of nature are not ‘deliberate’ about their organizing, ... organization is outside-inwardly orchestrated by the niche needs that are continually opening up in the relational social dynamic. just as in the relational dynamics of a crowd or traffic flow, we can speak of ‘what individuals are doing’ as if that is determining the crowd dynamic, however, it is the opening of relational passageways that orchestrates and shapes individual and collective movements, so that describing a crowd dynamic in terms of ‘what things are doing’ is a degenerate view. this degenerate view of ‘organizing’ characterizes Western scientific thinking society.

Unfortunately, Crimethinc’s message, while very strong and on target in its critiques of various aspects of our prevailing authoritarian, hierarchical social systems/institutions, falters when it comes to the aspect of ‘anarchist organizing’.

For example, the following statements implicitly assume an ‘independent plurality of intellect-directed, inside-outward asserting individuals’ that our ‘organizing’ must somehow ‘bring together’;

“What limits how you can fulfill your potential?”

“we could reconstruct our relations on the basis of free association and mutual aid.”

“All it takes to find each other is to begin acting according to a different logic.”

The anarchist scenario given by Crimethinc is one in which a collection of independent people ‘organize’ on the one-sided (inside-outward asserting) basis of common intellectual ideas and logic, ... and/or by common action;

“Until ideas are expressed in action, confronting people with concrete choices, the conversation remains abstract”

This anarchist scenario is very UNLIKE the indigenous anarchist bioregional scenario wherein the dynamics of the fertile valley outside-inwardly orchestrate, shape and ORGANIZE individual and collective behaviour, and continue to outside-inwardly organize the evolving community as opportunities open up in the form of gaps/needs in the evolving social relational dynamic that pull developmental potentials into blossom. The outside-inward inducing influence of relational needs, triggers a ‘rising to the occasion’ in the individuals and collectives responding to them. 'Those families need a roof on their dwelling, i will rise to the occasion and become a roofer'.

AFTER THE FACT of organizing by rising to the occasion, pulled by outside-inward orchestrating influence, we may write a résumé of our personal development and assertive achievements and speak in terms of;

how you can fulfill your potential?

But gone from this 'local-independent-individual' jumpstarting of assertive action scenario, is the uniqueness of our situational inclusion in the continually unfolding relational social dynamic that calls to us to ‘rise to the occasion’ and to ‘take our place in the naturally unfolding scheme of things’.

In the physical reality of our natural experience, organizing does not jumpstart from out of the interior of each individual in the collection of individuals; i.e. natural organizing is NOT about ‘ideas being expressed in action’;

“Until ideas are expressed in action, confronting people with concrete choices, the conversation remains abstract”

We are continually invited to ‘rise to the occasion’ and to let our developmental potentials be pulled into blossom by our unique situational inclusion in the continually unfolding relational social [spatial] dynamic. This is where ‘land’ and ‘property’ fit into ‘indigenous anarchism’.

Crimethinc’s critique of monopoly property ownership and social dynamics animated by profit are right on target; e.g;

“A scoundrel’s worst fear is a society without property—for without it, he will only get the respect he deserves.”

“It takes legions of police and property surveyors to impose the scarcity that traps us in this rat race.”

However, the imputing of power to the workers is over-simplification;

“The workers who perform the labor have power; the bosses who tell them what to do have authority.”

The natural habitat is the means of production in which we human inhabitants, too, are included, and season after season, it produces valuable nurturances that everyone needs, in abundance. This natural producer of essential nurturances is what property owners fence off, as John Locke noted. The land is the drawing card, the power, the goose that keeps laying golden eggs, and in order to acquire and harness its power, the landlord must use his profit from it to hire laborers, increasing the produce of the land and buying more land with the profits until one man might have many gerbils in his labourer-cage to keep his profits rolling in; ... man-gerbils who are all held captive by the power of the land to produce wave after way of valuable and essential product, the golden goose eggs that everyone needs.

In other words, the land has the productive power potentials that can be brought into value and profit generating focus/shape through labour.

Once again, natural organizing is outside-inward orchestrated, yet the Western tendency is to use words and grammar to depict production and the power associated with it as jumpstarting from ‘independent beings’ (workers) as in ‘farmer John produces wheat’, or 'Acme Agriculture Corporation produces wheat'.

Conceiving of ‘organizing’ in a purely anthropocentric sense, jumpstarting from a collection of independent individuals who are notionally driven and directed by intellectual ideas, is a trap that Western thinking, influenced by noun-and-verb European/Scientific language-and-grammar, tends to have us fall into.

So long as we picture ourselves, in the white European colonizer context of ‘independent intellect driven and directed Cyborgs’ that operate in a habitat that is notionally independent of inhabitants such as ourselves, we are going to keep falling into this trap. It is a trap that obliges us to think of ‘organizing’ as something that a collection of independent human ‘beings’ deliberately do [this is possible in an intellectual-belief sense, but it is puts us at odds with the physical reality of our natural experience]. It is the all-hitting, no-fielding view of newtonian science [“the Greek way of thinking”] where all action is seen as being inside-outward asserting driven, ... and outside-inward orchestrating ‘fielding’ influence has gone entirely missing, replaced by an absolute space and absolute time reference box as notional operating theatre and measuring device.

Unfortunately, in spite of all the excellent critique of contemporary Western colonizer society in the Crimethinc ‘To Change Everything’ website, there is a relative void when it comes to delivering understanding of ‘organizing’ in a nature-based [bioregional] indigenous anarchist sense.

Although I mostly agree with the ideas presented in there I believe in propaganda by the deed and subverting power dynamics in society. This is where counterinfo and outreach becomes important, more than just calls for "doing shit", without providing with living actual solutions in the real world.

Like if there would be a buncha people opening an occupation in the nearest big city I'll get out of my crap and go all the way for it, and maybe I'd be surprised with how many people did the same. But I don't have the means and resources and contacts to develop something on my own out there. Groups and well-connected individuals should, so the more isolated would be reinforced. That's called solidarity.

Another issue, and that counts especially for Submedia... I haven't been having many hits for the efforts I did translating and publishing reports, communiques, news online, like that awesome interview with Sean Swain, as an instance. If you could be more supportive of other anarchist outlets online instead of supporting elitist groups you personally know and mainstream outlets, some anarchs out there would be more energetic in supporting your stuff, and do more things on and offline. I'm not sure, but Stimulator seems to have a problem with supporting the average Joe or Jane in their struggle... it's always those prominent activist figureheads. This just in: elitism sucks, and don't think for a second it can be any beneficial, strategy-wise.

Or maybe you're just a wingnut without strong writing or communication skills.
People spread what is worth spreading.

4chan-level, I'd say. Perhaps even pig station level.

I've been around the stim enough to see he doesn't try to be "elitist", he's just a 90s kid and still doing the summit hopping thing, following the smoke to the fires. Not counting the unfortunate episode with DGR … pretty much everyone who was involved in that has backed away from it now, duly embarrassed.

I never thought that he was "trying" out of some intent... I think it's rather by design. Like due to some (indeed) deeply-embedded '90s liberal movementist paradigm he can't get rid of, in a similar way than the cumbersome schizophrenia with today's pacified Zapatistas and their pacifist committees with very long names.

It's a well known issue amongst the leftovers from the America's Summit old guard, who've mostly went back to maintaining their caste privileges.

I think if you consider stimulator elitist you probably have some inferiority complex type issues to deal with within yourself.

So I'm having a complex just because I criticize anarchist public figures for their weak of support to more grassroots, DIY initiatives from people unrelated to their network. How about YOU have an issue with criticism towards de facto authorities? Doesn't sound much anarchistic.

But personal attacks aside, let's look at it from another angle.

How is the maintaining of a militant niche between anarcho-celebrities is any way beneficial to the spreading and empowerment of a wide open anarchist struggle, more importantly how does it contribute to turn the "laymen" spectators into actors, and solidarize us within a bigger, stronger movement?

Do you even realize that you barely make any sense?

Why is it every time someone puts a little effort into effective presentation in their printed work they get lambasted for trying to "play the system's game". If somebody made a similar critique about a bombing they're called (rightfully) a fucking liberal. What's so much worse about effective font combinations and readable text?

Of course, that's a rhetorical question, I know the answer as well as anyone else here: putting out readable, coherent communiques might risk the rest of the world finding out about our little club and wanting to join.

there's no "club" and I surely dont want to join yours

awesome work! keep it up
love from Deutschland.

Putting the Inc. back in crimethInc. for sure

heh, they put that in there in the first place so you'd rebel against them, and now you are. can't win!

Again due to a recommendation by John Zerzan who actually does have a listenable radio program( ) that I recommend since he can talk about more than anarchyism the game, I listened to the Crimethinc podcast. It is useless for anything other than trying to convince others to become anarchist or play Anarchy 101.

This Crimethinc bird-brained idea is essentially all anarchist do. Anarchists do two types of activities:
1) Ritual opposition which includes the publishing of useless pulp texts, organizing via methods that cannot threaten anything but their potential arrest; in a word, activities that make those already anarchist feel anarchist, but don't achieve much outside of that.
2) They try to convince others to become anarchist always to their detriment since they don't progress or grow as human beings as they would without this cos-play phase of life.

Half my town could consider themselves anarchist tomorrow and nothing would change except:
1) Many people would immediately conclude that the local anarchyist scene is too weak and thus would move to the nearest big city like NYC to feel more anarchyist in a larger scene than they could ever develop locally.
2) There would be at least one, maybe a few few, Foods Not Bombs.(Most their meals are vegan, I could get behind that).
3) There would be one or more infoshops that have lots of cult, boutique overpriced texts of poor quality.
4) Organized writing to prisoners, especially already anarchyist ones.
5) Lots of broken glass, great business for window installers.
6) Ritual combat and periodic with the police.

Would capitalist structures be threatened? Not in the slightest! It would be reformerist, lifestylist to try to as a mass re-obtain some of the skills that even small craftsmen or peasants had in terms of self-sufficiency from external corporate structures.

The US government if it was smart would fund Crimethinc to make more anarchists and channel opposition to capitalism to useless non-threatening rituals of the type critiqued above. Be thankful that the government at this point is ineffective by believing your bombastic claims of "smash the state." If they angel funded the anarchist movement, it would be the worst disaster for any type of sustained resistance.

is a sign of strength. It's that they try to mass organize that's the problem.

I mean most adults are so fucking stupid that Harry Potter a children's book is the first book many read in many years when it first came out. And funny enough recently that shit writer has tried to write adult books only to get critically panned.

But anarchists only concern themselves with talking to other anarchists. It is probably just as well because their analyses of the world are only slightly above the level of the average Grand Theft Auto and Modern Warfare cool brah gamer. You actually have to talk the public and have some kind of useful critique for them to be interested. Anarchists in general, especially crimethinc are incapable of this.

, yet differ on what is to be done. I am not arguing with the inference that many self proclaimed anarchists tend to be cliquey and form various de facto hierarchal relationships amongst themselves....that's populism/platformism at work.
This latter phenomena seems to be what you're advocating, yet you want to invert the inward cliquey form to an outward populism.

I do tend to spend more time around those who don't identify as such, yet the appeal of outreach doesn't seem to be a fruitful endeavour to me anymore. I don't waste my time getting worked up over workerists and progenitors of mass organization, for that would be to piggy back them which I could only see as being a result of jealousy....and why exactly would I want to feel jealous about that?

You should concern yourself with what you can affect as an individual and build affinities where you can and not concern yourself with the abstract and undefinable nature of mass outreach.

You're still trying to engage with Niko huh? Good luck ..

"You actually have to talk the public and have some kind of useful critique for them to be interested."
Most normal people could give a fuck about ideas or critiques. They just want the easiest path to getting their rent paid and not ending up dead or in jail. Humans are selfish in a social environment of selfishness. That is what capitalism uses to keep chugging along. It is an unstoppable accelerating, growing blob that won't die until there is nothing left it can consume.

"Humans are selfish in a social environment of selfishness. That is what capitalism uses to keep chugging along. It is an unstoppable accelerating, growing blob that won't die until there is nothing left it can consume."

Are you saying you fell for the "human nature" alibi for capitalism, or is this some other less overplayed excuse for nihilistic message-board trolling instead of anarchist activity?

Not human nature, just the positive reinforcement of a human trait by a system that uses us to perpetuate itself.
In a social environment that rewards sharing, selfishness would be far less prevalent.

Can also be enlightened as well as individuated.

How can you write the crap you write? Enlightened selfishness?

I think you are just trolling to troll.

No trolling at all. The above was from a time when San Fran was not the shithole it is today.

Being a moderate functionalist is not akin to being a HD you dumb vegan vegetated state of a mind.

Nikoslav vs. Sior Einziger: TROLL vs. TROLL for mastery of the worlds!

(Reaches for popcorn.) This should good, right?

I didn't took the time to read your comment, nikolasv, can you repeat that?

The failure of the Occupancy movement is a damning indictment upon the scope of anarchist praxis. In the Spanish Civil War it is estimated that 24% of the Spanish population were certified anarchists. Today throughout the world, maybe .05%. Do the maths and become a syndicalist then your milieu wont spend all their time banging their heads against the wall when they can just climb over it!

IGTT 8/10

Yeah... card-carrying members of the CNT and other liberal leftists always like to pose for "anarchists". It's been full of these in my former NA city, and they all seem to have collapse out of the pragmatic void behind their superficial poserism.

There are those who pose from their privileged positions, others that care taking positions for a larger goal. I want more of the latter.

Helluvalot of poseurs in Oakland and the Bay Area from what I've read and what my social critique antennae are picking up!

If you're taking those comments from Kevin Keating seriously......

Crimethanks guys! I appreciate that you have the energy to do more than post comments on the internet

They are probably trying to look for new captive revenue streams. That is why they want to make more useless anarchyists in North America. Here are their numerous wares for sale:

You accidentally linked to a collection of free, streaming movies.

yeah crimethinc and other publishers and distributers of anarchist print media, go operate your project in some utopian other place where the materials you need are freely available and circulate in a nonhierarchical gift economy, capitalist swine

Or they could just release it in electronic form like PDF. But some anarchyists are totally obsessed with print culture and far too capitalist to miss the chance to charge for something and distribute it in the most inefficient way possible.

I really like that you have collected all the worst straw man arguments and cartoonish positions into one persona. It shows what they all have in common, and thus helps protect newer a-news users from accidentally adopting one of them. Good work, comrade.

They're Catholic fascist crypto-communist dadaists, you douche!

No, you dummy, they're LIBERALS!!!! Wrong site!

Liberating fart liberals while farting out loud! Farts hard and brown.

Why the hell can't I watch these movies in the Tor Browser? Even with NoScript unblocked and cookies on it's not playing...

I already have Pickaxe and Breaking the Spell on my hd and I tried to watch them but they were literally unwatchable and if I did watch them I am sure I would have learned nothing.

The only thing likely worth watching is End:civ, but if you are an anarchist you cannot, it is forbidden! It is taboo it largely features Derrick Jensen and he talks bad about anarchyists and is a transphobe. For those reasons you cannot watch it or will get your anarchy badge taken away and shunned in anarchist board game playing spaces. Trans people have learned that you can hijack anarchyist identity politics to twist anarchyist cos-play into their sexual agenda(when personal sexual preference isn't revolutionary). End:civ is directed by Stimulator aka Franklin López who used to work doing production for Democracy Now! professionally, she he knows what he is doing unlike most anarchyist activists who go about making a movie and it is pointless, boring and you cannot learn from it anyway. Maybe you have seen his excellent video and short video program stimulator:

Oh, shit, "nikolasv," are you serious, you're a DGR fanboy? Is that why your ideas are all so stupid? Chrrrrist.

Where do I go to read comments from professionals like Frank Lopez, not amateurs like you who waste my time with your gradeschool ideas?

"Professional"... lol

SUre, yeah, let's maintain the class system. Coz you know... this is fucking class war. Organize and support the State!

Like Crimethinc. Good job. Not to mention class war workerism is immature and useless analysis. The vaunted lower classes of leftist communard wannabes like you talk up cannot exist out of capitalist structures.

Why oh why don't you start your shitty comments with "I am nikolasv and..." instead of tricking me into reading the first sentence of your post before I realize your redundantly lame and pretentious BS against anyone who isn't for the building of your Party in North America?

Didn't you know the last time I crushed your leftist despot idiocy you had to seek cover behind your clique of niche anarcho-posers of the Party to defend yourself?

Answer all the questions and you'll get your bone, lapdog. You aren't so tough.

Pro tip: if you spend a lot of time repetitively asserting your opinions in online forums, you may be somewhere on the autism spectrum yourself.

Eating fish = immoral
Fucking salmon = not totally idiotic or insular

Fucking pigs = hella cool.

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and rain delay)

Franklin said he was inspired to make videos by Breaking The Spell you moron.


At the end under General Inquiry, they suggest that "You can also read introductions to anarchism from contemporary authors like David Graeber and Bob Black..." - So recommended readings for new folks interested in anarchism is Bob Black? Maybe they're encouraging debate/critiques in the way that they debate/critique each other? I've always thought BB was an asshole who argued with ad hominem and character assassination. Or maybe they just want people to read The Abolition of Work. Which is awesome...

They are just linking to his anarchy 101 piece which is also like a primer, very introductory. First time I read it I didn't think it was written by Bob black. He even mentions Chomsky as being an anarchist!

Yes, The Abolition of Work is a quintessential anarchist critique of capitalism, in a witty and engaging manner, I'm snickering thinking of being attacked by a crazed junkie, calling the cops, and suddenly these events have been fetishized by his opponents so that now lol he is pictured by most newbies to the anarchist scene as a pig-fucker, strangely, because gender issues make up for 25% of a@news content, second after 38% race, that no query has ever been posted concerning the gender of these pigs he is meant to have fornicated with?! Truly bizarre compounding meme here!

Listen, little man!

Pigs is pigs and to divide them into boy pigs and girls pigs is an obvious attempt to genderize the issue.

-- Bob Black (pig fffucker and NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber)

Don't picture him like that at all. You have to be fairly initiated and deep within the milieu( and most likely a moralist leftist) to have a strong opinion on the Hogshire matter. Leftists gonna moralist not so much noobies. They don't actually care about Junky Jim anyway, a man who will be impounded any day now in the Seattle dump in which he lives or finally catch that dragon. No one of these pathetic moralists will show up to his funeral of single digit mourners and no one will really miss him.

People with basic logic can understand that whole event in context.

SERIOUSLY, CrimethInc... Though I liked some of your radio shows and publications, you've got severe hypermedia issues, as I can't even fucking view the videos even with the lesser-secure settings in my browser, and the same goes for the trouble I had downloading podcasts.

Perhaps you could simplify the hypermedia stuff a bit and lighten those scripts? I mean other anarchist podcasts are quite functional by using the Internet Archive and A-infos...

That Internet 2.0 over-fancyness is cumbersome. I dunno if its because your site's designers are flaming tech-addict hipsters whoMre obsessed with the most trendy stuff but that isn't very clever both from a security culture and just functionality perspectives.

oh noes da javascriiiiiipt, not da jaaaava scriiiiipt.

It's cute that you think you know what you are talking about.

Srsly, get laid, kid. You got nothing of worth to bring here, aside from poo-pooing comments that bring worthy concerns.

Worthy is pretty subjective, champ. I'm poo pooing it because some responsive css and few lines of js (plainly readable by you and likely open-source) ain't hurting shit and its disingenuous to make such a big deal out of it.

And just so we are clear here, you do know that this site IS tracking you with JS (piwik), IS not responsive, and STILL looks/functions like shit.

Whoa, you mean there isn't a silver bullet for staying safe online?! You mean you need to practice some common sense when using the internets? You mean spreading paranoia isn't useful and supportive to the state?!


Wrong. This site no longer is blocking visitors with JS turned off in their browsers, so no, it's not tracking them through JS, at least not those who activated the feature.

You are spreading BS online, which is much worse than paranoia, a trait that made many hackers from not getting caught for long.

Everybody here with a memory beyond a few weeks knows that JS exploits have been used by the FBI and who knows what else pig agency to de-anonymize Tor. That's the fact.

"No JS activated in your browser, no JS tracking."
- Captain Obvious, August 2013

props to everyone who worked hard on this. Design stuff: I like how it gives a fuck about mobile experience. Although, I think the user might want to swipe. Idk, I found the urge to swipe rather than scroll--probably because it has the illusion of being short. And I would have found replacement art for some photography. I think there could have been stronger photos than some of the filler from fighting for our lives and days of war, and it might have fixed some resolution problems ( either than or you need to have design that accounts for mega pixels or whatever)

nonetheless, mass-market appeal, good design, and execution. do you crimethinc,
love from the empire state

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