Matthew “Maddy” Pfeiffer Subpoenaed for Grand Jury

  • Posted on: 3 November 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" Political Repression</a>

On October 25, 2012 a fifth subpoena was served to Matthew “Maddy” Pfeiffer to appear before the federal grand jury on November 7, 2012.

Pfeiffer’s statement:

On October 25th, the day before my 23rd birthday, two FBI agents wearing ill-fitting khakis and too much gel in their hair, served me a subpoena for 9am on November 7th. I knew my fate right away: 18 months in SeaTac Federal Detention Center. Matt, Kteeo and Leah have all been imprisoned for their refusal and I will be the next. Despite the urgings of lawyers, agents and judges, I only have one option: non-cooperation. Any other option is unthinkable.

I am being asked to testify before a Grand Jury on November 7th and will likely be detained on that date for refusing to cooperate. The vultures of the state will try to imprison my comrades and me until we give in. We will never give in.</td><td><img title="One falls and at least one stands to fill the hole..." src=""></td></tr></ta...

From so many different perspectives, for so many reasons, snitching is never an option. I will never betray the people I care about, the ideas which I hold dear, or the commitments I have made. I will never give any information about crimes, should I have any knowledge of them, nor will I give information about my personal relationships. I will never cooperate with this or any attempt to stop struggle. I will never cooperate with the systems of control which I loathe. If the federal government chooses to imprison me for my refusal, then so be it. I expect no less from them.

The official reason the state gives for imprisoning those who refuse to cooperate is to coerce testimony. If they know anything about me or my friends, they know that this will never work. Some have said that this Grand Jury is about trying to repress people’s political opinions and free speech. No doubt this is true. My subpoena states that I am being asked to testify about events that took place on May 1st. The state is trying to use broken windows as a reason to ruin people’s lives. This is absurd, and I will oppose it to the fullest. This life-ruining system which they call “justice” is organized to defend property and capitalism. This system is against everything I believe in.

My imminent imprisonment is an attempt to disrupt struggle against domination in all its forms. What the vultures cannot understand is that attempts to repress this struggle will only embolden it, whether we are inside the walls of the Federal Detention Center or in the streets. The growing list of solidarity actions, from St. Louis to France, demonstrate an inspiring continuity in this regard.

In silence, we roar!
Matthew “Maddy” Pfeiffer


There *is* another option. Whether it's feasible, is a separate question.

I don't know what legalities and practicalities would be, since I don't live in the US, but wouldn't it be more practical to go underground?

would be much more practical if you thought you would be served and left town prior to it. If you got served and then went underground you would assuredly be breaking some serious laws that probably wouldn't be worth the punishment of not testifying.

no no no!!!! its a bench warrant. it's not that big of a fucking deal and if you keep low for the duration of the grand jury, and if caught or you turn yourself in afterwards, your sentence won't even come close. refusing to testify and refusing to show are essentially the same minus co-operating with your own pun intended

don an alias and hit the tracks and solidarity

You can be held civilly and later charged criminally--it's not just an 18-month hold and then you're free. Google Jordan Cade Halliday please.

it doesnt really make any sense when the max sentence is about a year and a half, and youd be facing more than that and having to live a very specific and restrictive lifestyle anyway while you are "underground". if youre actually subpoenaed and you dont show, then you can actually be charged with a crime, with a whole other sentence, with a warrant that doesnt end with the grand jury, that isnt "in contempt of court" in the case of a grand jury

It's about time we quit softfooting around and started discussing real, physical options for refusing to appear and directly resisting grand juries. When people know a pre-existing structure is ready to receive them underground, and that from underground they will have a free hand to retaliate with overwhelming force, the pigs will lose interest in grand juries really fucking fast.

Example from criminal prosecution: The 1969 cases against Weather Underground members stemming from the Days of Rage forced the Weathermen underground. Once there, for all their problems, they inflicted quite a lot of damage. Had Chicago prosecutors known what they were stirring up, they might have thought twice about filing felony charges for an aggressive protest!

If it's time to stop softfooting, then take it farther. Don't just say there's an underground.
Who's ready to grab Maddy and hit the road? It's not hard. We can make it look like we're arresting, get a transport chain and move out. We'll let Maddy know what's happening once we get where we're going. In the meantime we throw Maddy underground, in the breif time where they'll be hardcore looking for him. Set Maddy up, and then leave so we can extract the other prisoners. Do we need weapons? Probably not, when Leah and Matt were going in, they walked in voluntarily. Obviously after reading this they'll be watching Maddy, so I know a few people that can do the countersurveillance. If there's truly an underground, then let's get Maddy in it. We have to be resistance. We can't depend on an underground. We can't depend on some grand moment. We cannot wait for others to lead. You want to stop softfooting? Let's put this together and do it right.

"We can make it look like we're arresting, get a transport chain and move out. We'll let Maddy know what's happening once we get where we're going."

Wait what

"In the meantime we throw Maddy underground, in the breif time where they'll be hardcore looking for him."
"If there's truly an underground, then let's get Maddy in it"

The "underground" is a lifestyle, not a place. And I think that a lot of anarchists would rather spend a couple of years in prison and then being able to return to their "normal" lives than go underground...

Wait what, what? I know people don't talk like this....

The underground is a lifestyle, but those who live it, form it. There are no places or people or things, but there is a connection. If Maddy chooses it, it's freedom. It's not the end of life, it's not jailtime. It's freedom to act. We have the freedom to die. The underground gives us the freedom to act. What we fight for is the freedom to live. And finally, the freedom to BE,

"I know people don't talk like this...."


I can PROMISE that any subpeona issued against me will mean I refuse to appear. Since that would mean I could never show my face in public, that would naturally mean I would have to continue the fight from underground.

What do you think would happen if the CIA tried issuing "subpeonas" to known "high-value insurgents" in places like Yemen, Somolia, and Afghanistan? They KNOW it wouldn't work, so they don't try-it's raids or nothing, and a raid there they have to give some to get some.

Oh and one more thing: Insurgents there DO in fact issue statements, including warnings to to try certain things and victory communiques after sucessful actions.

If you fail to appear, it is true that you may be subject to greater evil than to go... however, I agree with you.
It is entirely your choice, when served, whether to cooperate.
The way I define it is that non-cooperation means full non-cooperation. Going to court like a good boy or girl is cooperating. Staying in jail is cooperating. Hiring a lawyer to work with you, is cooperating.
If you want to resist, then you dip out, go underground. It's not so bad. It just takes getting used to. Eyesight is the true edge of jurisdiction - and when you can evade it, you are free.
And then, if you decided after the fact you wanted to refuse the state, it's truly not that hard to extract somebody from the state. Those moments people spend sitting outside court... you could grab 'em and head out of town. You could even stop the prison transport and extract somebody. Which brings to mind - anybody who has ever been arrested has been arrested in vain. There is no unpreventable custody - it just takes some nerve and some guns, and suddenly, the police lose their greatest asset: compliance.
If you are arrested, you are shit to insurrection. Literally, all your records need to go up in flames before you have any conceivable use. You get caught, and you have a target on your back. And a paper trail. And a mugshot. And probable cause to knock you down at every turn. No, those in prisons are no use to resistance unless they are free to show their face and be known for their heart and not prisoner 24601.
If Leah et all wanted to really fuck the state, they wouldn't be playing along like this is some shitty game of monopoly. There is no get out of jail free card. Once you're in, it's going to take artillery and a company of armed rebels to get you out. The alternative: don't fucking go in. Die before you sit behind bars. Rather die than submit. Rather die than comply. This is your choice. They have taken all of our freedoms but one: the freedom to die. It is upon this freedom that people commit suicide, hunger strikes, and self-immolation. But it is because of this freedom that we fight - it is not enough to be free to die. It is only fair that we have, for once, THE RIGHT TO LIVE. Walking into the federal court is forfeiture of your right to live. I, as many do, want to see the prisons emptied, and the prisoners armed and left to their vengeance against the state. A rightful vengeance, for the trespasses of the state will eternally exceed anything we could possibly do back. We could murder every prison guard in the country, and none of it would amends the genocide of the First Nations alone. We could destroy every city hall window in the country, but it would never amount to the damage done by the state selection of crisis - impoverished New Orleans abandoned; bourgeois New York aided in the wake of hurricanes.
To anyone that suggests that it is worse to be caught fighting than it is to comply, I hope you burn in hell. Such speak is not only counterrevolutionary, but it is also abhorrent to freedom. It is anti-freedom. I will never in my life walk into court, will never walk into jail. Should I violate my one rule, don't get caught, it will be by my limbs they drag me to the bench, to the cell. It will be then by their hands I die before I grant the satisfaction of compliance. And I will smile at every chance I get to haunt the protectors of capital, the guards of brutality, the forces of tyranny, and the voices of cowardice. Sic Semper Tyranus.

Brave, brave internet warrior. If only we could all be so brave as this brave, brave, internet warrior. Look at all his wisdom from his lived experience...on the internet. So, so brave...internet warrior. Type away!

Bravery is idiotic. You do what you can to survive. In your case, it's accusations of armchair revolution that rationalize your own privilege and lack of action. However, the assumption that because this is a comment on the internet meaning that I'm some "internet warrior" is truly laughable. You're overlooking that each of us has their own trials and experiences every day. That someone has gone to a direct action or not is no justification of authority. You have no idea what I've done, or who I am. So, I don't point the finger at you and discredit you. That you'd do so to me, only shows where your loyalties lie. Or perhaps your fetish, the one for shooting comrades in the back? Or are you perhaps one of those oh so lovely people with money running through your fingers while you "organize for the oppressed"? This is the internet. It is everything, and nothing at the same time. What I write here, I do so as an outlet of what I'd say anyways. I write it here because people desperately need to consider what it really means to consent to oppression, or to really fight it. What sparked you is likely the terms in which it was said. We aren't used to prisoner extraction and going "underground". Is it really that I am trying to embolden people, or get them to consider alternatives? There's always an alternative. If you're one of the people ready to point a gun back to your oppressor and shout YA BASTA, then perhaps one may call you brave, another may call you a terrorist, but few will call you what you really are: human. Anything else is fluff and irrelevant. You do not need to be a freedom fighter to end tyranny. You do not need to join a resistance to make a difference for freedom. You simply need to strip away the layers of shit we're taught to wear. And, if you could spend your time stripping away the shit and engaging with humans, perhaps it would do you well to be rid of the stink.

You sir are ridiculous

i lolled pretty good at the two previous rants

Oh, he is so glorious, the brave internet warrior, that he even shuns his own bravery! The anti-bravery brave worry, so modest, so humble in his fierce bravery. He lets neither mockery nor praise distract him from his task; the typing of brave, anti-bravery anonymous posts telling it like it is, like it always is, to those who just don't understand. Teach us, oh brave one! Forgive me the slight of calling you brave! For us regular internetters, not being internet warriors, cannot always follow your steps without faltering, oh brave, brave, kind, magnanimous internet warrior!

Fine, fine. Just bring me a shrubbery and I'll tell you all you want to know.

Can you mock this person but have no arguments to the contrary? How brave are you?

Oh, I have no bravery to speak of, living as I do only within the shadow of brave, brave, BRAVE internet warriors that frequent this site, standing tall before bright lights, casting large, anonymous shadows of bravery, suggesting people take up arms or bust prisoners out or that it's "not so bad" underground (surely spoken from experience!). Could I ever have the bravery to do such things? Nay, and this is what separates me from the brave, brave, internet warrior!

everything that appears is exactly - ONLY - what it appears as. good job, and thanks for reminding me that contemporary anarchism has been pretty much entirely digested by the spectacle.

no but really... broken windows. anarchists have been glorifying them for years. 'signals of disorder' and all. a more potent meme than newspaper boxes, and all copied directly from the giulianist project of urban total policing. what more can you expect from adopting the enemy's logic than a legion of 'radicals' marching themselves either straight to the cells, or the activist work-yards of circular, self-referential and pointless 'struggle'.

*circular, self-referential and pointless*

just like having encyclopedic knowledge of the online anarchist ghetto!


Hi, A member of the Troletariat here requesting that brave internet warrior shuts the fuck up. Do the damn thing or shut the fuck up.
- A Troll

Oh no, what could he worse than not fulfilling my insurrectionary duty...

That'd make a sick backpatch, man.

Whoever throws the first molotov, I'll make a 5 course meal for.

......((((((((((DO))))))))))))))________OF THE WORLD,

extract somebody

Fuck that cowardly shit. Its a year in a half. Its a plight, but lesser individuals than us have stood up. Float like a butterfly....

They killed six in a half million of my ancestors... its a plight, but stop being the pussy Americans. At least no one here is Palestinian.

I can do a year standing on my head. 6 months in a labor camp....fuck it.

Preach brother!
I know people that would put Leah in shame. This is ridiculous, and all the trolls here? Lets see you giving up your ocmfortable lives for a cause eh? Get off your asses, don`t you have better things to do than troll?

Shut the fuck up and support GJ resisters

Or are you going to plot going underground on @news?

People are so up in arms about the concept of 'snitch apologism', which by the way seems to be a buzzword to cut off critical examination of the situation, but what about...

...the assumed apologism of people who expect others to go to jail for them? I'm all for solidarity but if I found out my friends (not co-conspirators, but friends) were going to be locked up as part of an investigation into my activities, I would probably consider other courses of action that prevent that from happening. It's unconscionable that people are sitting idly while their friends get contempt charges in a fucking vandalism investigation. If this were like, some huge action with giant jail sentences (longer than the 18 months for contempt), that'd be one thing, but this...

Solidarity with Matt, Leah, Maddy, and KTeeo... and a big Fuck You to everyone whose actions put them in danger and keep them there (90% the state 10% responsible parties).

Until we get an explanation Fuck Leah!

^Was this comment written by Bob Black?

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