Mega Black Bloc: S17 NYC at Zuccotti park!

  • Posted on: 23 August 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">S17 NYC</a>

September 17 marks the one year anniversary of the global "Occupy" movement. Occupy wall St is calling for a global convergence. People from all over the world have RSVP'ed, including but not limited to: England, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Russia, China, Japan and France. Also people from the revolutionary west coast, mid-west and east coast have RSVP'ed.

On May day, the NYC Anti-Capitalist march was stopped by a huge amount of pigs, they will be outnumbered. Manhattan is long overdue for an insurrection. It seems like Radicals and Anarchists are easily intimidated by Bloomberg's army and the constant trance music in NYC. On S17 the people will flood Manhattan and shut it down. O.W.S. is calling for an action similar to N17, when people shut down Wall St. Local and non-local Anarchists are calling for a massive Black Bloc. Even Occupy Wall St organizers are calling for a "diversity of tactics style approach" to the Wall St siege. The Black Bloc will help with the siege, then march autonomously, it ultimately will be up to the group.

See you in the streets!</td><td><img title="I look forward to seeing you in the streets too friend. Want to wear something so we make sure to find one another?" src=""></td>...


lol @ mega blocks

@ rollover...if you haven't already found each other shits fucked, and your "affinity group" sucks...

so you say there are rich-kids morons coming from across the Atlantic to a protest for the 1st anniversary of a watered down liberal movement that's already dead? and that according to the S17 website i should RSVP on fucking facebook?!?

holy shit i can't fucking wait!!!!! (...until the liberals go the fuck away)

lol yeah... that's kind of like the wildest attempt at destroying the black bloc: pretend black bloc liberal university lefties posing as anarchists and doing whatever to mess up our great reputation. Sick and tired or pacifist tactics? Wait... here's MORE pacifist tactics!

When there's a real fucking riot in NYC and the Police are caught off-guard and the rich gentry are being scared and disturbed, I'm fucking MOVING there for, fucking, ever!

I wanna see a pre-Giuliani NYC.

you will never see that again.

capital's globalization is being reflected in it's concentration in global nodes (NYC, london, tokyo) and also in the conglomeration of the rich in those nodes of capital.

those cities will become the fortresses of capital and capitalists.

the rest of the world are the colonies.

That's actually a very relevant and precise prediction of the social forms and structures that declining empires, (such as the USA), enforce upon their populace as they become besieged by growing competitive empires, the Chinese in this case.
An interesting historical parallel can be seen in the formation of city states after the decline of the Roman Empire. The actual competitive proto-capitalist ethic most likely originated at the time of the Borgias and the Machiavellian political intrigues which had in their catholic obsession equated salvation to a privileged luxury which included the control of social powers and the specific self-serving laws and their institutions as a God given right over natural fatalistic styles. The new eschaton is walled fortresses exploiting the ravaged and plundered colonies of a dying planet.

china's role equates to the old aphorism that "if you owe the bank $10,000, the bank owns you; but, if you owe the bank $10 million, you own the bank"

we owe them so much that we own them. plus we have a gigantic military compared to them.

Gigantic, and ridiculously expensive.

but if you own the world etc, etc? Which China does by its dominance in the markets by reproducing the global consumerist identity, the marxian economic and labour dynamic, with its regional and cultural western limitations of christian tendencies pales into insignificance, along with its old world colonial ethic. Salvation is obsolete, which the Chinese Taoist identity has known for 5,000 yrs, and being a former colony themselves, was the reason for the Maoist alternative approach to winning hearts rather than blowing away opposition in attaining political power from the ground up. As guests to underdeveloped nations rather than being invaders, they have conquered the world, and evolved the Maoist doctrine back to its Taoist roots, and this is what you cannot envision in your summary, because Chinese consciousness is about cyclic rather than eschatological conclusions.

Besides the rich kid comment did you just make up all that? I know the rich kid comment was made up by the main stream media designed so you can repeat it. How about going down there instead and see for yourself or recognize almost all the videos say otherwise. Focus on what occupy is fighting instead. Our government been hijacked and the people that did so own the main stream media. Stop goofing around and side with the people already.

it seems like the intent is to funnel anarchists and other militant anti-authoritarians into one, easily policed group.

affinity groups, mother fuckers. affinity groups.

asymmetrical warfare and all that jazz

Uh-huh... so the intent of the call to action is create a large group... which is somehow easily policed... I suppose the idea that a large group is harder to police due to it's sheer size and force hasn't occurred to you. This article doesn't say for us all to buddy up and get to know each other. It says to be there, and to help with the siege.

Your logic = flawed.

Perhaps op hasn't ever experienced a large militant crowd?

Even stupid shit like hockey riots can be pretty educational about this. If the riot detail can't envelop the crowd, a whole world of possibility opens up to people who can seize the initiative. That said, I'd definitely bring a helmet to this one kids. Bring all the gear you can possibly get to the demo because the NYC pigs will want your blood.

bloc = multi affinity groups united

stick with who you know; meet new people :)

bloc = a union of egoists

lol. Who is the most unique snowflake here???????

We need to be more unpredictable and we need some diversity when doing these things...or we are just going to keep getting shut down and such.

"asymmetrical warfare and all that jazz"


Come for the riot, stay for the reenactment of the Charge of the Light Brigade.

Fist pump!

I predict a 25 person bloc.

Wow that is big!

nah it's average

it's not the size of the bloc...

though sometimes it is

size matters, fool.

"On May day, the NYC Anti-Capitalist march was stopped by a huge amount of pigs, they will be outnumbered."

Not to be negative but I would suggest preparing for the likely possibility that the block will in fact be outnumbered by police. Hugely.

I'm glad this is happening.

Just saying expect a realistic scenario and stay safe.

<3 from the dirty

"On May day, the NYC Anti-Capitalist march was stopped by a huge amount of pigs"

It was not stopped, when the cops started grabbing people from the gathering, the crowed turned around and took to the streets. And from my view there were more people in the bloc than there were cops. It was a good time and I'd like to see more of these, the wild cat march was epic for me.

Wildcat March was depressing. OWS is a reformist movement that compartmentalizes and manages anarchists when they're not being outrightly hostile towards them. The Wildcat March was OWS' kiddie table for the anarchists while the grown ups marched with organized labor in Union Square. S17 looks to be more of the same. I'm getting sick and tired of OWS' message to anarchists: "You do your thing while we do our thing but you do your thing far away from us".

or maybe some of us who have absolutely nothing to do with ows were interested in the wildcat and tried to pull some shit together. the organized labor union stuff was total bullshit on every level. most of may 1st was nonsense in nyc but the wildcat was the biggest black bloc in the country.

Who wants a body massage?

I do... very much.

Body massage!!

pork chop sandwiches


look at all your different colored hats.

a rainbow of haberdashery


it's such a wonderful experience here with the Indian.

What I would have really liked to have seen were anarchists who took no shit from liberals taking a stand within OWS and, you know, influencing it. Something that successfully happened in Oakland, I think. In OWS, the liberals involved took anarchist practice and turned it into the next mutation of ritualized protest gatherings while pushing actual anarchists out.

I'm not advocating fucking up their actions. That to me is not principled. It's what OWS has been doing with anarchist actions. They show up and try to make it their own. However, I do think that it's time for anarchists to stop piggy backing on OWS protests and to start out organizing them.

you're a fucking idiot.

Please leave my sexuality out of this!

So, I don't know where you're getting your idea of who is organizing OWS protests from, but it's wrong. There are and have been anarchists involved since day zero. The press makes it look otherwise sometimes.

I'm getting my ideas from working with OWS. And yes, I understand there have been anarchists working with OWS from day. I'm one of them.

(I'm getting sick and tired of OWS' message to anarchists: "You do your thing while we do our thing but you do your thing far away from us".)

hasn't the agreement always been that? I tend to see from OWS we'll do our thing and you do our thing the way we want and you better not do your thing anywhere cause it'll only hurt us


that shits SOOOO old

Well if you are going to do this...I suppose instead of one huge group, get this huge group split up into big groups everywhere around the city and just go all out...they can't control everyone everywhere like that, but they can get control when you all gather up like sheeps waiting for the slaughter house, they'll circle around you, block off streets and attack you and arreast you, not that we fear them or anything they got but we need to be thinking these things out and using a smarter approach. haha...just saying.

We need to be unpredictable and more diversity like guerrillas in these streets.

There's a shitload of cops in NYC, like 40k. There aren't enough people taking part in this to really be effective all spread out, they'll just pick off the small groups all over the city. Especially because they generally just arrest anyone wearing a mask, so unless you've got a ton of people you're pretty out of luck.

I'm not one of those people saying "DONT GO TO THE RNC!!1!", but can we PUH-LEEZE just let Occupy die? In my opinion it has, but why try to revive it when we still do awesome shit without "99% / 1%" rhetoric, and have an actual class analysis?

A huge bloc could kill liberal occupy by being the only inspiring thing that goes down on s17.
Then it's just be an anarchist movement. This worked well at the WTO in 99.

And everyone goin to the bloc should just accept that they'll be arrested for some dumb misdemeanor charge and likely get to later be in a class action lawsuit against the NYPD. If you take away their ability to use any fear of arrest, things can be a lot better. Folks should just focus on not letting them grab people for more serious shit, but laugh in their faces if they surround and mass arrest people, since you've already got the perspective in mind that a simple misdemeanor arrest is no big deal. Which it's not.

And the idea of multiple blocs sounds dumb to me, there's not enough people I think. And if there ends up being enough people for multiple blocs, it can always split up. In fact, I would imagine the cops would be trying to split it up to contain tw smaller groups more easily.

I agree that there is an exponential force multiplication as a bloc becomes larger...

"And everyone goin to the bloc should just accept that they'll be arrested for some dumb misdemeanor charge"
I disagree. If you know what you're doing, avoiding arrest really isn't all that difficult, short of some bad luck. Especially if there's enough people to solidly hold 3 blocks, so the police have to put far more effort into kettling.

Because of the layout of cities like NYC, where it's shaped like '+++', holding one block means police have to line twice, '-', holding two means four '+', holding 3 means six '++' or even more if you can hold the front and back intersections as well where it can take up to ten '++++', which is just simply fucking infeasible for police to do, since, in Oakland at least, they use about 25 cops per line, meaning you have to coordinate 250 cops on disparate streets to act in a coordinated fashion (all it takes is one line to take too long, and everyone pours out there). This is why in most European nations outside of England, the kettle is rarely, if ever, used. The turnout is simply too large, so dispersal tactics are deployed instead (or in the case of Germany, targeted strike forces). This should be kept in mind for NYC, where city blocks are generally much longer in one direction than the other. Try to stick to larger streets where it takes more police to line, and in the direction where blocks are shortest (meaning the crowd will intersect as many streets as possible, leaving the most exit routes). That Athens consists of a network of large thoroughfares and plazas interspersed with a complicated spiderweb of narrow, winding, intersecting alleys gives the more mobile of the forces the advantage, and while we aren't so fortunate as to have that in NYC (it's pretty much a perfect grid everywhere, again with really long city blocks in one direction) we should hardly play into their hands.

They also have a shitload more cops in NYC than in Oakland and will start arresting people in masks straight off before anything really happens. Not that I'm against this, it will work pretty well if there's enough people. We did some unpermited in the street marches back in October and had pretty much no arrests. Although it's good to remember that the area around wall street, and liberty plaza, is pretty much the most policed ground in the entire country.

34,000 cops in New York.

I would recommend many little blocks as others have said.

Yes, you could do a breakthrough but USians are to sheepish to exploit gaps and get across incase they get cut off from the heard.

Small spaced out groups has never worked unless their objective is holding space and not attacking. Name once. It's fucking dumb because everyone with a cell phone is a cop these days.

it would work if there was a main bloc and then a couple groups of around 30 break off or start elsewhere but for some reason not as many people come out to shit in the US after pittsburgh

i think miami was the end, and good riddance.

why does everyone always say miami was the end? maybe the end of the anti-globalization movement? Street tactics don't just die because after a couple years some folks get burned out and stop. People will always be resisting

Versus 642 cops in Oakland. Small groups in NYC just means more of us are going to get arrested sooner.

"I would recommend many little blocks as others have said."

So that we can be just that much easier to arrest? We tried that in Oakland on May Day, the police learned very quickly and just broke into mobile arresting units. No, holding as much contiguous space is the way to go for this. Again, it's not just the number of cops, it's the number of cops being *coordinated* *simultaneously*. As long as one street it open, everyone can still escape. The only time I can think of small disparate groups being effective is during full scale riots, which I think is mostly because of the structure fires (each one of which requires a considerable number of police, to cordon off and investigate for both the crime and insurance), and seeing as we haven't had those since Rodney King iirc, I wouldn't count on seeing them at something like this.

So the take away is: if the cops are trying to line up in front and behind the bloc, it should turn onto the E-W streets that are shorter blocks. And probably try to stay moving E-W as much as possible, only taking the N-S streets seldomly and only for a block or so at a time before doing a few blocks going E-W again.

the avenues are larger than the streets. north south is shorter than east west.

no in manhattan the east and west streets are walking up and down avenues for the most part and they're very long moving north and south is the way to go because the streets are right after another ... where the march will be they will be street names but as you go uptown it goes up the numbers... i would suggest meeting up somewhere in the lower east side like tompkins or washington square ... there are a lot of exits, zuccotti park is too small...or in uptown because that is fucking yuppieville

A million times this^^^

Stay the hell off the long streets with no intersection. That's the best way to get holed up by the cops and arrested.

Hey all you motherfuckers!
PROTIP: Don't coordinate strategy on a very public and copwatched site!

... yeah, because it's not like the police don't already know these things. And seriously, what the fuck difference does it make if they do? "Hmm... it looks like they AREN'T going to funnel themselves into a single city block..."
Specific march routes and whatnot should be kept from the police, but tactics should be freely proliferated, so that we can all learn from them. Without any discourse like this, how exactly do you plan on spreading any of this info outside your small cultural ghetto? Oh wait, this is @news... whatever you know what I mean.

Let's find space for a diversity of tactics!

Come to the S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil
Friday, August 24th @ 6pm
There will be trainings @ 5pm
Tompkins Square Park

We will meet under the Hare Krishna Tree in the middle of the park. From St Marks take the biggest curve and you will come to a clearing with a large tree.

We will meet every Friday night from now until S17.

OWS S17 Action Planning Group

Fuck you and fuck this.
"let's find room for the cowards and for the scensters and hangers on."

Wait, sorry, are you saying there are enough of us already to pull off whatever? Or that you're proposing a different structure for how to resolve that problem? I'm a little slow here.

Your assumption anyone owes you dialogue, an explanation, or any type of space is the problem.

Nobody owes me anything, but we're *in* a dialogue. You've even taken the trouble to point out to me what the problem is. I'm not sure, however, that I understand why you deem it strategic to deny that this is a dialogue, or to refuse to explain yourself further.

Have it your way, but if you're hoping not to be surrounded and disabled too easily, you might need to communicate with others differently.

IGTL 2/10

I give this liberal?

IGTT 5/10

99 Revolutions

Let's find space for a diversity of tactics!

Come to the S17 Affinity Group Spokescouncil
Friday, August 24th @ 6pm
There will be trainings @ 5pm
Tompkins Square Park

We will meet under the Hare Krishna Tree in the middle of the park. From St Marks take the biggest curve and you will come to a clearing with a large tree.

We will meet every Friday night from now until S17.

OWS S17 Action Planning Group

99 revolutions, but a bitch aint one.

So... considering recent articles about internet manipulation by security firms... how about we all not make ANY decisions based off of internet comments. Let's just ONLY make decisions based off of what our actual affinity groups thinks is the best plan, and leave it at that.

We are them peole made up of them groups dumb ass, this internet stuff is just another way to communicte and share ideas to many others so we can get a better understanding and organized idea/plan on what to do and how to do it instead of just walking out, getting shut down and it's over by the pigs and such.

I was thinking we just ignore the comments that are three words and only insults and then discuss which tactics will be helpful and which wouldn't be. But discussing all of this with an affinity group is obviously the best, and necessary, way to go about it. How many people are going to be dealing with the NYPD for the first time at this thing though? As someone who has been to actions in both Oakland and NY I have to say that the stuff that works in Oakland doesn't really work in NY.

"I have to say that the stuff that works in Oakland doesn't really work in NY."

that's cause people actually come out in oakland and oakland does't have 40,000 po-9

but hey, i've seen shit get hectic in manhattan with as little as 20 people and shit get crazy in brooklyn with 50-70 people.... it's possible.... idk if everyone should meet in zuccotti park though.... maybe meet there and then pass out some flyers about a different meet up spot to all the anti-capitalist folks?

or go to queens because queens never has blocs and the pigs won't expect it as much there... and the reason no one ever joins in is cause so many people are against going wild in working class neighborhoods... NEWSFLASH! the yuppies aren't going to see crazy shit and get hyped up the poor and exploited will though

the same police and the same corporations are in working class neighborhoods, while going wild in main shopping districts is rad I think sometimes we need different approaches .... too many times do we model are events after the same shit and i feel that's why a lot of the times we don't get shit done


^^ another idea that's been tried and failed every time.

The internet is an extended part of everyone's lives - what happens on the internet is also "real" - as most people here will agree with when they're being honest, or when they're considering situations favourable to them.

It'd be crazy to see this in the thousands, it is definitely possible with the amount of cities and large areas within the vicinity of NYC. NYC is itself a pretty large city too. Obviously, there's enough people out there to make this "mega". Everyone just needs to stop being so pessimistic & apathetic (looking at you a news comment section). Lets not underestimate the implications a physical victory can have... come the fuck on. Or you can sit on your ass, eating your cheeze puffs as blog about how much you hate the non-existence of a strong anti-capitalist movement in north America. That sounds easier, right?

and the pigs have already won because of all your stupid fucking infighting over tatactics and previous actions
get real people there's a war to fight and we need every tool in the box right now
stand up and do something or shut the fuck up and get out of the way
it's time for action. see in the streets s17

No, the pigs have already won if you think that the only actions worth fighting for are mass mobilizations like s17.

no we don't need every tool in the tool box you idiot. we only need the ones that work. everything else is spectacular bullshit.

Okay, enlighten everyone as to what's working. This should be good.

You don't have to know what to do to know what NOT to do. Which means taking some of those "tools" out of the toolbox, to stay with the metaphor.

Shit like working with OWS, giving a flying fuck about what they want us to do, engaging in any action ever with getting positive media coverage in mind as a factor at all, cooperating with cops, going to queens, being in small groups instead of one bloc, etc.... All of these can be left out of the toolbox because they don't work or matter at all.

" going to queens, being in small groups instead of one bloc,"

how would going to queens instead of manhattan not work? The march would not be policed nearly as much. And being in small groups works but there has to be a main bloc too. Or having the bloc split up into 2 or 3 if the size is big enough also works, it has before. Like I said, you really have to have a lot of heads and crazy shit going down to make small groups work unless it's in a very small city or suburban area.

Ya'll must not have lived here for very long or else you would know that NYPD has no problem doing brutal crowd control in all boroughs at all times. Having our routes and everything in public view on Facebook a month in advance also assures that the whole gang will be waiting and ready for us with scooters and empty MTA buses ready for mass arrests, just like they did for anarcho-queer's uptown FTP march last month. It's not like NYPD disorder control squads are magically limited by boroughs or neighborhoods.

not everyone talking on here lives in NYC.... there are just less cops in queens spread out over a bigger area... having the march route on Facebook though? damn i was unaware of that... that is not smart..unless thats just OWS nonsense and not this march? I don't doubt that NYC can do brutal crowd control anywhere.... but we should maybe do something elsewhere because it seems strategic in that all the cops won't be waiting for us in a different area if we show up and people get told to meet up somewhere else a little later... there wouldn't be enough time for them to coordinate

and you can't compare the way the pigs will police a wall street march the same that they'd police queens march

If there's an anarchist march they'll find plenty of cops to come out to police it.

Unless you have a secure way to get the info about meeting time/place out to a large number of people without the cops knowing then there will be just as many cops in Queens as in Manhattan.

no there won't because there are pigs that are going to be policing all the liberals... and that's why i suggested meeting at the bullshit original spot and then handing out flyers to all the down folks to meet up a little later in queens... there simply won't be nearly enough time for them to coordinate as many police as they will be doing up until S17.... i think it's a better idea than trying to "siege wall st" cause let's face it, that shit ain't happening as of right now....not to mention there are just generally WAY more cops by wall street than any other part of the city and that means even if we got a chance to make space for ourselves the cops will be on us in a heart beat, not to mention the odds of running into more police will be much higher.

and what you just said is not necessarily true and you would know that if you were at the mayday demo in NYC in 2010 when about 20 heads splintered off the HUGE march, threw up barricades for about an hour and a half, and fucked shit up on broadway in SOHO. The response time wasn't that quick that day, but I can guarantee that if the march is near wall street, that will not be the case. Or how about the @ book fair in 2010 when they handed out flyers at the fair for take back the night and people wilded out in Williamsburg... there were absolutely no cops waiting for us then either....

I don't have to live there necessarily to know how shit works. I'm also not sure of what you constitute as a failure since everyones ideas about that aren't even close to the same....

right? so many people say fuck all these actions that are going on they're ineffective let's use new tactics..... and then no one ever has any suggestions as to what these new useful tactics are. don't get me wrong, I'm down for some new tactics but please, if you're gonna knock blocs and other actions and say we need new tactics, at least have a suggestion for something else

I have a question...

When the fuck are we going to stop going straight after these useless pigs and go after these government officials and such?!

Fighting back Police is apart of it all of rising up and fighting back the system and such, but we need to go after these fuckers in office and controlling things here, and not these tools and puppets.

hurr durr yeah man you go first.

General suggestions as to how? It sounds like what your advocating = dealing with police (they protect "these government officials and such" dont'cha know)

Check out the training video, and help it go viral:

Cop ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Trying to track IP ADDRESSES.

What does this have to do with the cute serendipitous things I just bought at Urban Outfitters? Nothing? Then I DON'T CARE. Cops, you're ugly and passe. Get a cuter job.

can it PLEASE!!!! be outside of manhattan?!??! much smarter idea if you want to be more effective. Go to queens!

I think that all these anons begging us to go to Queens are actually Queens cops whose precincts have been behind on their arrest quotas

i love how easily people are accused of being cops on the internet.... and it's cause manhattan marches suck

Juz think'n it's not abou' geographical parameters but internal potentialities.

Hey snarky douchebags trying to reinvent the wheel, the whole POINT is a mass mobilization, which means you use the pop culture references (OWS) to mobilize people you've never met, people with weak analysis, people who won't understand the finer points of these "tactical debates".

Maybe if there were large black blocs on a semi-regular basis on the east coast, you could try these carefully orchestrated attacks from your fevered imagination, but in reality, your best hope is a big turnout somewhere obvious to everybody without any authoritarian plan beyond the basics of self defence and good ol' fuck-shit-up.

Snarky douchebags need to bone up on their history of left mass mobilizations in the U.S. They're ordered and managed from above. OWS is an attempt to bring horizontal ground up organizing to the managed, ritualized mass mobilizations against war, etc. that the left has been staging since the early 70's. I'm not going to call it a failure but the same establishment pressures from above are influencing OWS just as much as the old mass mobilizations.

snarky leftists need to bone up on their history of anarchist mass mobilizations in the U.S. OWS is not the first by any means. and yes OWS is a failure.

but that just means anarchists should give no credence to the desires for control of the non-anarchists in OWS, not stop acting altogether.

Oh, definitely agree. Not a call to stop acting altogether.


Late to the party on this, but just wanted to offer some food for thought that the people organizing whatever "black bloc" events for S17 have nothing to do with the people who organized the wildcat march on May Day. Latter pulled out the largest bloc New York has seen for a very, very long time, and this was a bloc made up of locals since May Day, unlike every other typical mass action (including S17), wasn't a big national call to get everyone to come to NYC for the usual spectacular bullshit.

There's no question that NYPD will outnumber anarchists. The "black bloc" shit for S17 has been very publicly organized not through GA or spokes, but through Facebook posts by one person with a popular Tumblr who livestreams marches. Buyer beware.'s a trap?

Fuucking livestreamers.... I've had enough of this citizen journalist shit all up in this motherfucking revolution.

But yo, mah people, umm bloc tourism isn't really all that smart.. if you go go with friends. lots.

Citizen journalism is great. Livestreamer zealots who refuse to make a distinction between surveilling the cops and surveilling other activists are a plague.

citizen journalists and livestreamers are only great for stealing cameras and shit from.

To do what with? Film yourself while you're wanking off?

yes, and then send the tapes to your mom. and sell you the camera on craigslist.

lol, I knew you'd pull out the moms. Enjoy those stolen cameras.

Fuuuck yes. And shoes.

In other words you resemble a cop by being a party to the binary nature of activism?!! Dress in black and highlight your group mentality and put a whole lotta naive kids into the target zone by way of conventional political propaganda methods rather than using the parodox of detournement as a means of subtle propaganda?

The paradox of detournement?

Expliquez le sens de cette phrase, s'il vous plait.

OK, I should of said 'the exposure and contradiction of the system that detournement reveals by its application, as a parody, of the systems fallacies', but it seems that the french language lacks an ability to accept abbreviated nuances in expression that the english language takes for granted, and nounces!!
Could you be polite enough to converse in the host language, thankyou!?

butchers are subtle?

Oh aren't you the snark master?!! So you've eaten your croissant with a latté and have used the guillotine as your metaphorical escape from any deep (profond) analysis of insurrectional technique! Oh how mentally petite you are!!

would you like us to activate E.M.I.L.E?

No need, détournement is an inwards-out expression to counter the outwards-in projection. Quite simple rly!

This made me laugh my ass off.

that's the whole idea,,,,,

Yo people be careful, okay? Could be a TRAP.

this ows shit is so over.

Not if they can assemble a large crowd and make an impact. I honestly wish them well. But I'd like to see new political formations.

As the author, you have to trust tht this will not be a trap. In my opinion, everyone should come, y not? We should form 1 big bloc and stay together, sieging wall st as a mobile group. Come or not, people from other places who r not so apathetic are going to participate.

i'm totes gonna RSVP on facebook just like the linked website says to do!

Wht link?

The one in the article.

u cant rsvp to tht....

the website links to this facebook event and says "RSVP on Facebook" you idiot:

That's not the black bloc action.

Spread this everyone! We need New York as a big part for us (A)LL to help send a message to all people...we are definately going to have other Bloc's around the the U.S. the same day planning for this movement in our cities as well to expand and send a huge message.

S17! HEAD TO THE STREETS COMRADES! See you in black ... ;)

This post makes baby jesus cry... and Chris Hedges.

"Manhattan is long overdue for an insurrection" This is very true and i am starting to feel like somthing like this is possible a whole fucking year of being abused by the nypd The facists that own these streets here in new york city. If you can make it new york city you should come down for sure and a i recommend getting off a stop or 2 before wall st because i am sure the facist vermin will be looking around and doing surveillance around the area like they always do... See you in the streets

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