Mehmet is insisting on his guilt of loving Baris. (Turkey)

  • Posted on: 23 April 2005
  • By: worker

Mehmet Tarhan known as a gay, anarchist and total objector is taken into custody at an hotel in Izmir, when he went to work for TUYAP book fair and then sent to military bureau. At there he had declared that “You brought me here by force, I am a conscientious objector, I will not sign any document.� Mehmet is insisting on not signing anything. Mehmet continued his resistance at Tokat 48 th Infantry Training Division where he was sent: he refused to wear uniform, didn't permit his hair and beard to be cut, and didn't sign any paper. His resistance for conscientious objection right has impacted soldiers: a group of soldiers with some officers demanded to meet Mehmet Tarhan to get info about conscientious objection and declared that they want this right to be legalised and supporters of this right to work more intensely. Mehmet is insisting on his conscientious objection right.
In spite of his declaration that he is not and will not be a soldier, he was forced to receive and accept orders at Tokat as if he was a soldier and noncomplience minutes are reported. Then he is arrested by the excuse of these minutes and transfered to Sivas for judgment. Mehmet refused to testify for the trial as it happened before when he was called to testify against the charge of ‘alienating people from army.' Mehmet is insisting on not testifying.

Mehmet will be judged of “insisting on noncomplience to get rid of army service� on 28 th April. It is clear from his objection declaration dated 27 th October 2001 that charging him of trying to escape from army service is nonsense:

"I do not believe in the necessity of the state and I do not feel any belonging to any state. I never want to strengthen military forces by actions called as the duties of citizenship. The state claimng I am a citizen of it wants to use me for military service, to turn me into a death machine and to make me a part of the crime that I explained by comprimising me in itself. The aim of the state is to reproduce its power and itself. I will not let it happen and I will protect my beliefs. I perceive the rotten report that is provided for me because I am a gay as the sign of the decadance of the state itself.

As an individual, I will not serve for any kind of military or other apparatuses of any state. I admit that to excuse for this is an insult to myself and I refuse every kind of state permission or deferences of the state."
Mehmet is insisting on something but, the aim of this insistance is not to escape from military service but to encounter with it. Mehmet is insisting on his guilt of loving Barýs.

We are complices of Mehmet. We agree with his declaration that "total objection is natural right of my being, i don't want an authorisation about total objection and i believe that nobody has ao authority to give this right.", share the guilt of supporting peace and insist on this right.

Mehmet is continuing his resistance now at Sivas Military Prison. We will be at Sivas on 28 th April to support this resistance. We are inviting you to come Sivas and those who can't, to support this resistance at their cities, countries.

* which can be translated into English as follows: 1) a name given to men. 2) peace

Last minute updates:

Conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan transferred to military hospital by force

I perceive the ‘rotten’ report given as a ‘right’ because of my homosexuality as rottenness of militarist system itself. Mehmet Tarhan

Mehmet Tarhan was undressed and forced to wear uniform by soldiers when he was sent to Sivas Military Prison by force and was physically attacked by prisoners who were provocated by a news that ‘a terrorist came!’. Mehmet is encountering another torture now.

Mehmet is conveyed to Sivas Military Hospital by the order of attorney generalship in 20th April 2005. In spite of his resistance against this order, he was got into a military automobile by force and sent to hospital. The visiting demand of his relatives and lawyers is refused. Mehmet declared that he won’t accept the ‘rotten’ report given as a right by military to homosexuals and this report is the evidence of rotten character of militarist system itself.

Lawyers after meeting with attorney pointed out that inspection of Mehmet against his will is a form of torture, they were not allowed to see their client and demanded these unlawful practices to be stopped. They recalled to attorney that reason at law is important, it couldn’t be ignored that the reason of disobedience of their client is conscientious objection, ‘inspection’ can only be done when two parts do want it and when it’s done by force, it is a torture. After these statements, the attorney permitted lawyers to see Mehmet. But he still insists on inspection. Mehmet is expected to be inspected by a comission on Tuesday, just before his trial.

Mehmet Tarhan is refusing to sign any document related with army and resisting against the orders to make him sign these papers. He is stil under psychological oppression.

Army that has no right on Mehmet has put him into military hospital by force and still insisting on inspecting him. Army is avoiding to face with conscientious/total objection perpetually, and tracing the same policy at this case as well. Militarist mentality eager to judge a person who is not a soldier because of his disobedience, is now trying to give a ‘rotten’ report in order to close this case by insisting on ‘inspection’ torture.

The one under oppression is not only Mehmet. People supporting Mehmet’s resistance is also subject to this oppression. Last night (19th April) one of our friends from Solidarity with Mehmet Tarhan Iniciative, when she was going to home, was got out of taxi and taken into an automobile by some people and brought to an office. Our friend declares that these guys didn’t tell her who they were and why they took her to that office. She was asked some questions about her relation with Mehmet, the publishment she and Mehmet were working for and people with whom she talked at her mobile phone. Then these guys took our friend back to that place and released.

They make a mistake if they believe that we will give up supporting Mehmet Tarhan by taking us into custody, listening phones. All these oppressive act only serve for testifying to our and Mehmet’s beliefs.

Solidarity Initiative with Mehmet Tarhan

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