Men in black with a violent agenda

  • Posted on: 24 May 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href=" (Tampa Bay)</a>

They're not Al-Qaeda, but they are a type of home-grown terror group. The FBI describes the Black Bloc as individuals intent on using violence to their express their extreme ideological views.

The Black Bloc tactics include street fighting, vandalism and rioting. Private investigator Bill Warner, who researches organized violence, says Black Bloc members are self-proclaimed anarchists.

He says they use the Occupy Movement as a front, but have their own violent agenda. They dress in black from head to toe, carry a black flag, and create chaos when ever they can.</td><td><img title="For workers sake do NOT GO TO TAMPA. That shit is 1) a trap 2) cake 3) a waste of fucking time" src=""></td></tr></...
Members conceal their identity, but they don't hide their disdain for capitalism and law enforcement.

"Tampa RNC is the biggest stage this year. These radicals, that's what they like, that's what they need, they like the publicity. But they are going to do bad things to get the publicity," Warner said.

Just a few weeks ago, five Black Bloc anarchists were arrested for trying to blow up a bridge in Cleveland. The FBI foiled the plot by embedding under cover agents in the group.

Investigators say the men also planned to target the NATO Summit in Chicago and the RNC in Tampa.

On Saturday, during the NATO Summit, Chicago police arrested three more Black Bloc members.

Officers infiltrated the group and say they discovered plans to burn down buildings with Molotov cocktails.

Tampa Assistant Police Chief John Bennett, who was at the NATO Summit said to expect the same covert stings during the RNC.

"That's part of our responsibility, and we will be taking the same measures of prevention on our end," Bennett said.

Now with the RNC just months away, what could we expect from this dangerous, radical group?

Warner says nothing good.

"Tampa RNC is going to be a big problem, you're forewarned. They already did it in Chicago, they already did it in Cleveland. They're coming here for the bigger stage," Warner said.


This reads like an Onion News Network article, does anyone else feel that?

Men In Black 3: Violent Agenda

starring Will Smash and Tommy Lee Guns, soon to an RNC convention near Tampa.

Life would be complete if Will Smith wrote/produced/starred in a music video about the Black Bloc

smashy smashy smashy we'll FSU in Tampy

but, srsly is a trap. don't go!

In that video at 2:28 does Will Smith from, Courage Crew, say "black bloc" over and over for ten seconds..

"party in the city where the heat is on..."

i heard tampa was gonna have a drawbridge and some impossible ways to get to the convention center, etc. how bout just going to every politicians house while they party in miami with will smith, and f'ing shitup seattle mayor styles x 2012.


Men In Black 3: Violent Agenda starring Will Smash and Tommy Lee Guns. taking "riot porn" to the next level.

Yes, very onion like.

But Onion news is what cops read as serous news!

I personally called out many times the bullshit some of the don't go to Chicago people/cops were posting on here constantly. I think Chicago was a good idea and I think it was an overall positive/insightful experience for a lot of folks.

I think we need to be choosing our battles as strategically as possible. I am not sure if Tampa is going to be the best place for people to go. Or maybe, the strength we now have can bring some level of success even if people only travel short distances for these events.

A much more convincing argument can be made for showing up at the DNC.

^come on, everyone is a cop to you bro. ya know? i think you might even be a cop.

p.s. mind blown.

Everyone is a cop, and @news is sponsored by the FBI as an entrapment board.

Does "Dark Market" ring any bells?

Let's hope you used a proxy to connect.

Yeah cuz Alex Jones said so... we've got the documents!

What's the connection between carding and anarchists? I really don't get it.

Carders have a long history of being mostly infiltrators, snitches, or just shitty selfish people who are in it just for the big bucks.

"A much more convincing argument can be made for showing up at the DNC."

Why do you think so?

1. Charlotte isn't Florida
2. Trolling liberals is better than being against the Republicans

That is actually all I got, should have thought it through a bit more.

I feel like the DNC and RNC could turn out horribly, especially DNC: liberals, hippies, hipsters and PC types are unlikely to show up in force, leaving it probably a mix between cops, Nazis, Tea Partiers, libertarians and the anarchists that don't give a fuck. In my gut, I really don't think it's gonna be a victory, but that makes the whole thing almost more tempting, in a potentially trainwreck kinda way. Or maybe I'm just weird.

Charlotte sucks, there are no friends in that city. I stop short of saying a waste of time but it would be a ton of energy for such little (if any) payoff.

hwat iff black bloc accidently lead nazi riot = awkward - 8ballz

Woa... lol, haven't thought about that one, troll. Wonder why...

becos anarchies beat the shit out of nazis i get it i was making a joke - 8 ballz~

as long as you fuckin sign off as 8 ballz i dont see a fuckin problem in contentz.,,.8ball


If the "liberals, hippies, hipsters and PC types" showing up in force is what prevents it from being a train wreck I think we should really question the purpose of going in the first place. Personally I think even things like the confrontational guerrilla gardening action in Phoenix are more worthwhile than channeling time and effort into such symbolic displays. In the end they are mass media spectacles and we should wonder why we often tend to privilege them so much in comparison to smaller more local struggles. I guess this argument is nothing new though.

I agree completely. I went to NATO, and halfway through a weekend of pointless confrontation with cops, wondered what I was doing there. Up the localized resistance!

chi town got it going on, and new york is the city that we know dont sleep,

and we all know that LA and Phlly stay jiggy, but on the street Miami bringin heat for real, yall dont understand...

I'm going to both, Chicago was too much of a let down.


You expected anything else? Summits are our parents party.

Yes, well... i suppose you could have been a mistake

all tru prolez are mistakes, duh

Also going to both RNC and DNC... UP THE BLOC

this is dumb. Have you seen Tampa Bay on the map or anything? Its pretty much an island. YOU WOULD BE TRAPPED ON AN ISLAND YOU DUMB SHITS. Or is it a peninsula? Either way, not the smartest

haters gonna hate, but we still gonna demonstrate.. and fuck shit up.

So we'll do it Miami Vice way... with speedboats 'n' glitter 'n' chicks!

Can't stop the chaos!

actual appropriate time to call someone a manarchist

I've never experienced the Wu Tang Clan chant until Chicago, but if ever there was a time to hear it again it would be now.

Black bloc could benefit greatly from a portal gun in so many ways. Worker clearly knows this.

"The black bloc is an anachronism [sic] relegated to the first decade of this century."

-Applied Non-Existence Mon, 2011-10-03 11:14

But where's the portal gun :(

The fuck is a portal gun?

you can't be serious...

It's what would allow you to create a hole in the ground beneath a cop's feet and then another hole in the top of a 20 story building that he would then fall out of.

And land directly in the original hole, then shoot out of the second hole at a high velocity.

Where the fuck is our R&D department?

Can anarchists just instead picks some city at random to all go to, maybe a strategic one, where we have lots of allies/support base and then just unleash the new Chicago black blockers there? At least it would be less of a trap.

Hey everyone come to the SF Bay Area sometime in the summer and just riot as much as you can. Don't go to Tampa Bay Area, you will get arrested. Only go if you have some plan that doesn't require other people than the ones involved in the plan. make it a brutally horrifying plan (the repulicans deserve it) but don't rely on a black bloc in Tampa, go break shit in the summer in SF and berkeley if you want to have a place to go and other anarchists to break things with. Please for the LOVE OF FREEDOM don't go to Tampa, it's a fucking trap!!

A trap as in "arrests will be made, false charges will be brought" kinda trap?

And how did you come by this intel, perchance, wikileaks?

No, just got that from being an anarchist for years, watching the state operate to suppress demo's and I'm just fed up with attack anarchists getting the attack kicked out of them instead of being able to get some solid window breaking hours in to the point where you go to a demo and there's more media than bloc. IEF said it before, we need actions that gather power, Tampa is not that. There's gonna be other riots, trust me.


For a bunch of people who do not like rules, we sure like to play by theirs. Seriously though, lets go to a fucking militarized fortress with a bunch of treacherous do gooders we hate (well at least me) to see if we can break a couple windows. Meanwhile, others organize with a bunch of @'s they have never met so that everyone can be utterly shocked when they discover they are feds. A discovery only costing a couple well intentioned but over enthusiastic youngins who get entrapped and caught up in some trumped up terrorism charges.

So in my humble but indisputably correct opinion as I am all wise and knowing, give it a break. I mean after all, Seattle was only more than a fucking decade ago. And while I'm pretending to speak on the behalf of everyone, what we need to do is cut ourselves away from hijacking bullshit mainstream protests so that we can write a million fucking essays on why it's still relevant. In Greece from what I can tell, the @'s throw their own and their presence is felt far greater than here in north america.

Also its important to note that when speaking on infiltrators, "we will be taking the same measures of prevention on our end," Bennett the pig said.
this big mouthed, swinging dick let the cat out of the bag about snitches (not that it should be news to anyone)....just saying, expect preemptive arrests and probably lots of them with this gun-ho mother fucker. But hey, if you plan on sticking around to revive the tactics of the spectacular, we might as well kick up the first international a century later while we're at it. After all all its practically the same idea, who know like trying to stomach a fallacious common ground with reformists and commies.

-The discouraging Pig

Sick of it all yet? Don't stomach anything, vomit in the streets, take Ex Lax and have bad cases of explosive diarrhea all over the place and let it sit in the sun. It's not illegal to get sick - yet. Lots of rice and beans and spaghetti and beer, yeah, can't stomach that, it goes onto the ground.

Yes instead of smashy smashy we will have poopy poopy and shit/vomit everywhere. SHIT(on) THE STATE!

I thought a big part of the bloc was to go to those highly militarized zones just to show that anyone can attack the state even when they're expecting it and have ridiculous numbers that outnumber us 5 to 1. Why are people starting to get scared now?

Did we really just paralled with Al-Queda?


Officer Friendly: Look mighty cute in them jeans boy.
Baby Anarchist: What?

Officer Friendly: Nevermind. Hey -- wanna blow stuff up?
Baby Anarchist: Uh...what?

Officer Friendly: Hey -- I gotta molotov...and a bag of fertilizer. We can blow stuff up.
Baby Anarchist: Really?

Officer Friendly: You're under arrest.
Baby Anarchist: What did I do??



I wonder how many cops are posting, 'don't go.'...

i wonder how many cops will be in tampa saying 'hey let's blow something up' and 'joining' the black bloc

Idea: A bunch of anarchist peoples become cops.

Just wait a sec. Think.
1. Get LOTS of free anarcho-radical tail & you can blame it on "keeping yer cover"
2. Smash & Make total destroy without consequences!
3. Opportunity to totally fuck w/the feds. (if you DARE.)
4. ???

I think working for Stratfor would be the way to go, seems like one of those jobs where they just throw free money at you for stupid shit.

And sending people to jail? Very anarchistic indeed!

nah dude, we would be cooool cops

You mean we'd kill ourselves?

that reminds me, when is the next inconsiderate audio coming out?

Hopefully never.

That's just what the folks at inconsiderate would say.

i wonder how many stupid anarchists will say "okay, let's do it" to some random guy in all black they never met before, who asks to blow something up. i'm going, keep your wits about you comrades. that is all.

umm, yeah. i think the lesson of chicago (and the RNC, and a million other summits) is that you don't to need to say "yeah, let's do it" to find yourself the beneficiary of some terrorism charges. the fed can just leave an bunch of incriminating shit in your house, or in your bag, or whatever, and voila, you're going down...

if people want to insist on thinking everyone who discourages summit-going is a cop, fine. suit yourself. you've been warned numerous times, and i'm not going to try and stop somebody who is hell-bent on putting themselves in a dangerous situation.


also, if you're looking to get your smashy in, you either want to go wayyy north of tampa until you cross the border and you're in a city where 10s of 1000s are in the streets every day now, or wayyyy west of tampa until you hit the ocean at one of those spots you see like 10 anews stories about every month... either way, it's much less likely to be a huge fucking trap.

Yes, anarchists, it's a trap!

Don't go to a summit to protest or engage in black bloc tactics!

Even though MULTIPLE TIMES black bloc has wrecked havoc on many summits with multi-million or even billion dollar price tags!

You will fail! The bums lost! The future is already written! Stay home and tend to your own fucking gardens!

1) Define havoc
2) Do you think they give the money back if there is no "disruption"?
3) You give the BB WAY too much credit if you are implying it will write the future


Have you heard of the WTO protests in Seattle?

Also, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Some protest would be lame until the BB shows up, then all the damage done is in the press, everyone denounces it, then some curious misanthrope looks into anarchy & BB and BB gets more members, then it repeats itself.

That's how I found out about anarchism.

"Have you heard of the WTO protests in Seattle?"

This is so good.

Havok: chaos, uncontrollability, property damages, friendship bonds united further

If you're worried about the Feds infiltrating your more wild ideas of action, why not DO IT YOURSELF, without some special connection or aggressive "leader" type to do it for you.

Guess what, it's easy for one person to smash a window, or put flammable materials into a bottle, or yougetthefuckingpicture.

I understand that 1. clandestine attack is not as awesome as open social revolt and 2. you spread revolt by participating with groups of others...but it's obvious that the US government and local agencies have BILLIONS of dollars to spend on squelching militant dissent. They could hire 10,000s of infiltrators if they saw fit.

So consider actually capturing the anarchist spirit of self reliance leading to voluntary association and communal action; consider what it would be like if you showed up to a "trap" of a summit, or to a local anarchist march with 50 anarchos and EVERYONE had molotovs, but NO ONE got caught, because no one said SHIT to a Fed about it, because they did it on their own. HOLY SHIT, RIGHT?

And what if it was just understood, in a local context, that certain actions were for attack and the local A team had a certain code word or sentence or way of conveying this, for spontaneous flash attacks? we could still be a spectacular presence on the street as a political entity AND an actually pertinent guerrilla movement that can attack in all the major industrial areas of the US. No longer clandestine and militaristic, and no longer relegated to spectacle actions.

Just saying.

What if we made it so our normal greeting at these things was "Make a molotov!", and be extremely suspicious of anyone who doesn't use it? That way, if we find out anyone was an undercover, we could get the charges dropped on entrapment. This could even be done in conjunction with doing things by yourself - you probably won't get caught, but if you do, and even one undercover was present who said it to you, you get to say "But it was only because the feds told me to!"

I say this because that's what the Brandon Darby case hinged on - whether he just implied that they should make molotovs or whether he actually told them to, since if he told them to, it was entrapment.

well, the problem is, they would just grab a bunch from the group and tag them with conspiracy charges. The infiltrator wouldn't have to entrap at that point.

i also realize a fallacy in my comment above. the code word, or such, could be figured out by an infiltrator, so the flash mob could be caught in time before they can attack. it would have to be disseminated to the group as fast as fuck, and the development of the code word(s) or images would have to be fluidly changing to keep the authorities in a state of confusion.

this would have to happen with some kind of regular socializing on the parts of anarchos and their friends and radical sympathizers. The codes would have to change weekly and some level of total anonymity would be required of all participants. You know, you could go to these get togethers and be all like "violence sucks!" and next week be amongst a flash attack group smashy smashing. There would need to be a way to be so horizontal that anyone could have send the call out, and anyone could get the message.

We can't use twitter or cell phones, or if we use hardware, it will need to be encrypted. I don't understand anything about this, but every anarchist community should have at least ONE tech savvy dude who could help.

I don't know. what to do for WIN?

hmmm... well then what if we made it "If I'm a police officer, undercover, or snitch, go make a molotov!"
That way, nobody who said it can get pinned on conspiracy charges because they aren't police officers/undercovers/snitches and therefore weren't actually telling anyone to make a molotov, but everyone who is, would be guilty of entrapment!

^ haha yeah, that could work!

"We are a nonviolent movement!"


Paris burns, Henri returns. Code word from back in the day. (Henri)

hahahaha, omg, kudos to the video dude.

nice lulz. i think they were referring to Up Against The Wall Motherfuckers Gang though. and they spelled it Henry.

"Private investigator Bill Warner, who researches organized violence, says Black Bloc members are self-proclaimed anarchists."

I hope Warner is getting paid well for his quality research LOL!

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