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My friend and marvelous podcaster Pearson kindly invited me to join in “coffee” and conversation on the warm, wise, and ever-engaging @coffeewithcomrades, and the result is episode 132: Mending a Broken World. We recorded it just as #SaveJarrahSheikh and now #GazaUnderAttack were heating up, as the Israeli state and its allies sacrilegiously targeted the ancient holy place of Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, and went on to raise the destruction and murder toll over Nakba Day and now beyond.

All to say, while Pearson and I chatted about a range of topics related to Jewish anarchism and my latest edited anthology, There Is Nothing So Whole as a Broken Heart: Mending the World as Jewish Anarchists (AK Press, with interior and pomegranate-themed cover design by @eff_charm), we didn’t touch on solidarity with Palestinians—though we both, and the book too, hold firm in that solidarity. And to speak for myself, though I suspect that Pearson and the anthology’s contributors would agree, I hold firm as a diasporic Jewish anarchist to both anti-Zionism and antistatism, or to put it more prefiguratively, liberation for all peoples via forms of freedom that defy all hierarchies and domination.

Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured since Pearson and I spoke just a couple short weeks ago. The world and our hearts feel far more broken. And at the same time, the solidarity rallies and actions across and beyond borders for a #FreePalestine—by hundreds of thousands of people, including this time around, many more Jews—have been profound indeed and hopefully transformative.

May the memory of those murdered in Palestine spark a blessed, long-overdue revolution.

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