Michael Schmidt, author of Black Flame is a "White Nationalist trying to infiltrate the anarchist movement." AK Press reports

  • Posted on: 25 September 2015
  • By: thecollective

From Facebook:

"We have some ugly and upsetting news...

About six months ago, we started hearing some disturbing rumors that one of our authors, Michael Schmidt, was an undercover fascist. Soon after, another one of our authors, Alexander Reid Ross, provided us with actual evidence. We helped him investigate further for several weeks and then put him in touch with another writer.

Over the past months, we have received and compiled what we consider to be incontrovertible evidence that Michael Schmidt is a white nationalist trying to infiltrate the anarchist movement.

Alexander will soon be publishing an article that presents all the details in a more comprehensive manner, but we are not comfortable sitting on this information any longer. We have always drawn strength from the history of anarchism as an internationalist movement concerned with the destruction of capitalism, the state, and hierarchal social relations. Those social relations clearly include racism and white supremacy. We are committed enemies of fascists and their sympathizers. The anarchist movement won’t tolerate their sick credo and, when they are found hiding in our midst, they must be dragged from the shadows.

We have cancelled Schmidt’s upcoming book and have put the two books of his that we’ve already published out of print. Please stay tuned for the whole story.

In Solidarity,

The AK Press Collective"


one is forced to wonder how all the platformist hyper-organizationalists and fake anarchists are gonna spin this

One is forced to wonder why taking a potshot at platformists would be your first reaction

This is no coincidence. For years, the Black Flame people have done all they could to create sectarian splits and promote reactionary politics. All this time, at least (!) one of them had a double identity, pursuing a nationalist agenda. We have to understand their politics in that light, and it reflects on others who share those politics.

" it reflects on others who share those politics."....riiiight, because MS invented Platformism. Or, maybe you're just being an opportunistic dick.

Bob Black, pig fucker. Hakim Bey, child fucker. 'nuff said. I win.

Has already long since infiltrated its way into anarchism. Especially the anarchism of AK Press.

Of course this commenter, who shares more than he might care to admit with white nationalists, is quick to try to change the subject.

I want to hear how someone against elective positions, proposed solutions, fixed ideas and identity can be a 3rd posistionist, nationalist or fascist? Maybe you will mm conjur up the answer this time.

I actually don't know much of anything about this MS as I keep away from AK. I do agree with him strictly definitionally in that nationalism is a necessary but insufficient ingredient to the big F. If he is what it seems then he is not much different than someone like Ashante 'beyond but not without nationalism' Alston. But let's keep those leftist double standards going.

Because not being a white nationalist implies support for black nationalism? C'mon - I don't like ziggy either but if that binary is really what you think then your thought is garbage.


I am very interested to hear the full story, but if it's true, it certainly explains a lot of troubling things about this article.

And this, found in the wikipedia article on National-Anarchism:

"However, others argue that while National-Anarchism is of the radical right, it is not "fascist" in the proper sense of the word. For example, Michael Schmidt, a founder of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) of South Africa, argued that:

Misdiagnosed by most anarchists as fascist, “national anarchism” fuses radical decentralism, anti-hegemonic anti-statism (and often anti-capitalism), with a strong self-determinist thrust that stresses cultural-ethnic homogeneity with a traditional past justifying a radical future; this is hardly “fascism” or a rebranding of “fascism,” for what is fascism without the state, hierarchy and class, authoritarianism, and the führer-principle?[26]"


Wow, that's intense. I wonder what the accusation of MS being a fascist specifically means in this case? Did he decide on some kind of bizarre wingnut "national-anarchism," or did he just say fuck it and go full-on Afrikaner nationalist?

Yawn... difference between this ideological forgery and right-wing libertarians? I've also known some NA douche who was also White as scum and antisemitic as any neonazi should be.... just more relax and teenage rock-star-ish than the usual bonehead.

By "NA" here I meant "National-Anarchist".

oh, I though you meant north american...

No pun intended.. but yeah that's funny.

How did people not catch this before? Oh, nobody actually reads Anarkismo.

I didn't even know it still existed.

Holy fuck. Typical racist cry-babying over White "victims" of Black and anti-racist people. The kind of stuff you'd find on forums sprawling with KKK and other Third positonnists.

That, from a "anarchist" website with a history of casting a WIDE blind eye over the inherent fascist elements among the several recent "revolutions" that their authors have been promoting, from Ukraine to Lybia to Syria. Downplaying even all the HUGE, militaristic neofascist/Neonazi element in the past and current events in Ukraine, even confusing their racist autonomous unions and organizations as anarchistic organizing.

Bravo, fucktards. Fucking bravo for the effort at checking up your own shit.

So if a movement gets infiltrated by nats or cops then it is something ideological about the movement??? Don't get it.

I'd like to say that, if true, MS transitioning from anarchism to the open pit of hell, has nothing to do with the tradition he may have long associated with. While I do not share that tradition, my own take is it could happen in each of our own traditions as well. Be you organizational or anti-organizational, how individuals drift don't necc. mean it's because their former views lead them to the point of departure.

If it is true that MS is something other then what he started out to be, folks shuld condemn the individual, not necc. their tradition.

I suspect one is much more likely to churn out a nationalist then the other.

"I suspect one is much more likely to churn out a nationalist then the other."


Mike--This may not be public news yet, but MS didn't "transition," rather, he maintained a double identity for many years, engaging in white nationalist dialogue as one identity and anarchist dialogue as another. So this is not a question of his ideology changing; rather, his platformism *coexisted for years* with his white supremacist ideas. That is why we have to interrogate his platformism, if not all platformism. Anyone who found Black Flame persuasive has to reread it in view of the fact that at least one of the two authors was writing from a white nationalist perspective.

I don't say this to slander all platformists, but to strengthen our discourse against future fascist entryism.

Bro, your opportunism is showing

Yeah, you wouldn't (and who has?) said garbage like this when insurrectos and green anarchists turn out to be fash?

Bro, the difference is that whenever some darling of the post left gets outed as a fash, the vast majority of commenters on this site will outright defend them and/or will divert the conversation with red baiting. There is a general aversion on this site (and amongst many within the post left egoist primmie camp) towards anti fascist action. For instance some of.the same folks who fell all iver themselves to defend Exile when he was outed as a nazi are now calling forevery platformists head over MS.

timing is everything. if it can be shown how long this ratfuck has had this allegiance, it will speak volumes to his reasons for co-authoring one of the most sectarian and hostility-inducing books in twenty years (and that will have to include his awful "revolutionary geography"). if he infiltrated the South African platformists with the intention of sowing discord among anarchists, he succeeded. if it turns out he just slid into white supremacy, one might need to examine why the south african platformist milieu was a good incubator.

I for one am mostly concerned about how people are going to get their paper copies of Black Flame and Anarchist Cartography.

The anarchist movement hasn't even got the chance to see the data, and yet they are going to be unilaterally denied two books that are quite amazing on their own right.

By the way, was Lucien Van Der Walt aware of this issue, and if so did he get any say in this?

Yeah, as if a few books is what's holding things back, right?

First off, it's not "a few books." They aren't just any books. They are quality research, and they expand on an extensive array of historical anarchist debates and experiences. It's a book that can give any anarchist a sensible grasp of the history of their movement at an international scale. It's a quality, not quantity issue.

Also, excuse me, but isn't the availability of quality historical, theoretical and practical documents a more important deal for the state of the movement than whatever a single dude may or may not be doing? Bare in mind, whatever it is he may or may not be doing we don't even really know what is.

Some guy is accused of being an undercover fascist with no proof (only the promise of proof), everyone's instant reaction is to throw him under the bus along with his work which, I stress, is not only valuable to the international anarchist movement, but also a collaborative project with a person (Van Der Walt) who has apparently not played any part in any of... whatever this is.

What, did you think that a guy who maybe is doing something nationalist, maybe, is more detrimental to the movement than the lack of work material?

I guess you just value academics much more highly than I do. I look around and all I see are people writing books and spewing abstract, masturbatory theory online. If you like, you can choose to interpret my perspective as an "anti-intellectual" one but I don't think it is. More like, if you look at how a modern military is organized, there's a bit more to it than the PR department and the guys who write and publish the manuals. Not that we should be modelling ourselves on the military but perhaps you see my point?

I believe I do see your point, I don't however see how it is supposed to reply to my position.

If some... "academic" (and I really have never associated Schmidt with the kind of ivory tower wankers that tend to fall under that description) who is really good at writing about the developments of military theory is accused of being a spy for the enemy superpower, then surely the issue at a personal level would be taken seriously, but would the books burn along the traitor? I do not think so.

For what is worth, I also think that a military would handle this accusation with far more care than this comment section (along with a number of online anarchist strongholds) have done so far. We need to do better, boys and gals.

As a closing remark, I very much hope that you aren't trying to suggest that the process of making quality research for education and propaganda purposes is a useless hobby for the military. Those fuckers use it to full force, and many people eat that shit up.

Certainly not a "useless hobby" … just a supportive role to the rest of the people in the organization who do the "real" work.

How is Cartography of Revolutionary Anarchism "quality research" and "not just any book"? 90% of its sources are just whatever dated, English-language "History of Anarchism in [Country Name]" book is out there for each region it discusses, and its argument is just the matter-of-fact "anarchism was widespread". No original research involved, it's Wikipedia-level stuff that barely even bothered to look in history journals, never mind doing "quality research" in primary sources. It also categorizes all anarchist movements across the globe based on how much they adhered to certain American and Spanish organizations. Reads like a list of all the anarchist groups across the world. It's just a waste of a damn fine book title.

Agreed. Given Schmidt's bizarre rewriting of fascist history (which will emerge when the evidence is made public), one has to wonder just how biased the anarchist history unpacked Black Flame and Cartography is.

As a person with an interest in anarchist history, the Black Flame stuff is bunk. It's poorly researched cherry-picking, and I knew that much long before this surfaced. Calling Black Flame essential historical research or whatever only points to how little actually decent material is circulating. No serious historian familiar with the raw material would cite Black Flame as good research.

What would you even recommend as an interesting take on anarchist history?

By the way, bare in mind that social ("class struggle") anarchism is what I am talking about here.

If your problem is that individualism, egoism, lifestylism, etc or any sort of anti-class types got left out, then I feel bad for you, but sorry you are not really the target audience here.

"What would you even recommend as an interesting take on anarchist history?"

For starters, anything by Paul Avrich or Barry Pateman. Those are just the first two names that come to my head who are excellent anarchist historians.

Lucien has been sitting on this longer than anyone, I suspect, so his silence (and the awkward denial of Zabalaza) is unfortunately his undoing.

Yeah... Let's go slow on this one, legion of anonymous commment@rs.

How slow do we need to go? This was known for months, if not years, but kept under wraps, hush hush. Many of us have been impatiently waiting for the people with the relevant information to finally go public. Some of these anonymous commenters are the usual trolls, sure, but they're "unsafe at any speed." The rest of us don't need to drag our feet.

As someone who despised Black Flame and the bullshit genealogy it proposed, this is still hella depressing.

Explains why he never got back to about a q I asked about a uk fascist"s activities in sa

It is irresponsible of AK Press and Anarchist News to distribute allegations of this sort with no explanation or corroboration. I see no reason for this behavior and I hope they can recognize this and not do things like this in the future.

While I see no rush to put this short statement out and don't really get why they couldn't just put it out in one long statement along with the evidence, I also have no reason to doubt the veracity of these claims which I fully expect to be backed up in the near future. But sure, I don't see what the rush is unless MS is on the cusp of doing something significant that they want to thwart in time.

between bob black and this, it's been a hell of a week for anarchist writers best known for saying 90% of oura@s aren't actually @s!

What if it's the other way around? What if he's an anarchist infiltrating nationalists?

...it should be pretty clear which of his identities is the secret one. Don't you think fascists would have googled his name?

Yeah! Or what if he legit has split personalities? Then AK Press is being fucking ableist and fucked up! Or maybe he just is not neuro-normative and they're judging him by the normative standards of what a neuro-normative person would acceptably be expected to do. Makes you wonder who the real "fascists" are, don't it?

The commenters here and on libcom who are referencing a quote from Schmidt in the Wikipedia article on national anarchism are allowing his comments to be taken out of context. Here's the original source on that, as footnoted and linked out to from that Wikipedia article, but with more context:

"So what do we make of Gandhi himself? Speaking plainly, I do not like Gandhi because I am a militant anti-militarist who believes that pacifism enables militarism. I am very suspicious of Gandhi’s central role in midwifing the Indian state. On balance, in his völkisch nationalist decentralism, I would argue for him to be seen as something of a forebearer of “national anarchism,” that strange hybrid of recent years. Misdiagnosed by most anarchists as fascist, “national anarchism” fuses radical decentralism, anti-hegemonic anti-statism (and often anti-capitalism), with a strong self-determinist thrust that stresses cultural-ethnic homogeneity with a traditional past justifying a radical future; this is hardly “fascism” or a rebranding of “fascism,” for what is fascism without the state, hierarchy and class, authoritarianism, and the führer-principle?"


So if you don't quote it out of context, you see it's part of a statement by Schmidt that appears to be anti-national anarchism, and anti-Gandhi, who he sees as similar to national anarchists. You may not agree with any of this analysis, I'm certainly not sure that I do, but it does not seem to be an analysis made in order to increase sympathies with national anarchism.

Sure...that also explains his 200+ posts over a period of almost ten years on Stormfront, right?


*cough* Karelianblue *cough*

How do you know he is karelianblue? I've heard this claim twice, but where are people getting it from?

He has publicly admitted to it. He claims it was set up for 'investigative journalism' but no investigative journalist would make the kinds of posts - over a period of NINE YEARS - he did.

9 years is an awful long time. This is total speculation, but what if he originally set up the Stormfront account to "investigate" but then found himself overly immersed and became somewhat sympathetic?

anti-ghandi, yes. but i sure don't see where that quote sounds anything like anti-national anarchism. it absolutely sounds like a defense of national anarchism, and a refutation of n@ == fascism.

It's days like this that I really miss the roll-overs.

Unfortunately a hallmark of some so-called "anarchists" is expending far more energy on fighting among themselves and demonising one another than focusing on the commonalities that are essential to forging a united front against common enemies.

You will never change the world in this way. It is wasted effort which actually detracts from the struggle for human liberation rather than contributing to it. Fuck your ideological purity.

Brian: "Please, brothers; we must unite against the common enemy!"
All (together): "The People's Front of Judea?!"

Mike provides us with the typical sleight of hand of a person who can't or won't recognize others' principles. Some of us actually do care about the hobbies of other anarchists, especially if they are remarkably anti-anarchist. Even if it turns out, against all evidence to come, that Schmidt is NOT an apologist for "national anarchism" [sic], his co-authoring of "Black Flame" was bad enough.

I understand Mike you're not comprehending the nuances of recuperative endeavour, focus gets blurred in the tangle of ideological motives, which hey, you have to admit, are driven organizational institution bent on denying individual autonomy.
So your hated 'so-called anarchists' are actually individuated anarchs, and your beloved true anarchists are leftists, and your invasive censure and prohibition of anarchs is fueled by their critique of this dichotomy, which you label as fighting amongst themselves over purity to a doctrine which does not exist, and then appealing for a hierarchical organization and confederacy to unify and conquer an enemy. Very binary and leftist hmm? Human liberation!? WTF! Ever heard of gravity, hunger, cold, heat stress, reciprocity? Liberation is a Utopianist Enlightenment fallacy, there has never ever been in the history of homo-sapiens a condition of liberation, and there never will be one. Any internal struggle to find peace and contentedness is not a fight but rather a challenge.

Postbiceps, You act as if collective action has never brought humanity any liberty. I guess that your grandmother was never asked to go sit in the section of a restaurant designated for "Mexicans only" as mine was in New Mexico in the 1940's. Because of the collective action of organized people of color and decent minded white activists such open displays of racial segregation are generally not tolerated anymore. Or I bet that your ancestors never participated in a strike in the copper mines of New Mexico?, where the only thing that allowed them to survive and eventually prevail in their struggle to be treated as human beings rather then mere "units of production" was their collective solidarity and action against white supremacist bosses and cops.

No matter what post-lefty's may think the fact is that individual autonomy and is not only not at odds with, but complimented and made possible only by collective humanity. As Peter Kroptkin noted in his book "Mutual Aid; a factor in evolution" human beings evolved as social species and owe their very existence to collective social relations without which they would never have evolved into homo sapian in the first place.

BTW, I feel a bit like an ass for participating in postbiceps derailment of this topic but I can't help because his individualistic nonsense is just so fucking annoying.

In any case I won't participate in derailing the topic any further.

The above historical moments that you describe(which many an anarch will find inspiring) are better described as human moments of overcoming, not liberation. Liberation is always an abstract final finish line whereas overcoming is a provisional finishing line based on concrete wants and needs as opposed to being a product of Messianic hubris.

I don't entirely down play collectivity(as long as it's not reified) and will acknowledge the likes of Kropotkin to a point. Even Stirner admits that humans are a social species and that individuation is a development in and from society. Bob Black comes up with what he calls Type 3 anarchy(neither individualist or collectivist).

Certainly I am not denying all collectivity(it's fine on a band based level). However, collectivity as an emphasis is not a good idea at least as it relates to anarchy.

Well, as an artist, and NOT a troll, I hearken your compassionate advice. But remember, I have endured tortures derived from ideologically organized collective actions, and,,,huh,,,artists are exempt from having to affiliate themselves with mass convergences, which are sooo,,,dreary,,,boring,,,workerist in comparison to my own vital and glorious lifestyle,,,oh wait, if the possibility of sexual encounters is on the more than 50% probability scale, mass sheepish rallies MAY be worth the effort.

Where can we find your art gallery/exhibit?

Pleeease don't be crass and assume I am a commercial artist! This is an anarchist site of/for which I am the resident artist!

"My editor Brendan Seery allowed me to set up a Stormfront account under which I could pose as a sympathetic fellow-traveller in order to keep an eye on what the white right-wing in South Africa was talking about: in other words, this was professionally vetted by my editor."

"In order to establish my bona fides with him and his circle, I established two false Facebook profiles, one of a woman, another of a man, and a blog purporting to be that of a Southern African “national-anarchist” outfit called Black Battlefront set up by the couple."

" I still wanted to maintain the links to Southgate and his “National-Anarchist Movement” just in case – and the first rule of undercover work is you only tell who you absolutely need to, so I did not even tell my former comrades in the ZACF."

I suspect this is only going to get stranger and shadier.

Although it unfortunately only discredits AK and their indictment of Schmidt to put this out in such a vague and evidence-free initial salvo, it is starting to seem like this may in fact be one of those rare situations where some thing truly untoward is going on, and not simply a bunch of self-proclaimed anarchist children shouting "racist" ( or "rapist" or "snitch")

You kids are funny. Deep down you must know how ridiculous your whole scene looks to outsiders who stumble across it.

Ad hominem, guilt by association and jumping to conclusions. That's one hell of a way to interact with each other.

On one side, there's AK Press who didn't, and might still not present any solid evidence to back up their allegations (which would be a typical pattern among the liberal Left, of setting up ad hominems and turning hearsays and interpretation as FACTS).

ON the other, while most of the guy's arguments are quite good, there's two issues:

- as others have said here, 9 years is a pretty darn long period for simply investigating on the booneheads in the Stormfront boards.

- what's with that weird excuse about not remembering what he may have posted on Stormfront during a time because of his injuries to the nervous system? It sounds like some very childish calling off over some sickness. Or was the guy just absorbed a bit too much by the abyss?

I mean like... that'll all depend on AK Press's evidence. If they got nothing else to present, well that'll just the end of their credibility.

Not necessarily defending M.Schmidt, based on the evidence thus far I can say that I am at the very least critical of his judgement in posting regularly on the horrible Stormfront website, but unless AK Press had come across some pressing information that he was on the cusp of organizing a white Boer led progrom or something one thinks that AK Press could have simply waited until they had amassed all of their evidence against Schmidt, and also given him a chance to present a defense, before going public. I mean if the allegations are indeed correct it's already been such a long period that I don't see how waiting a few more weeks to present the evidence would have made any difference. If AK Press needed to present the allegations in order to cancel their publication of Schmidt's upcoming book it seems that they could have done so by directly contacting M. Schmidt himself without going public, at least not until they had all of their evidence ready for presentation. In any case some really messed up choices on the part of AK Press. But I suppose that when open operates on the basis of call-out culture, as AK Press obviously does, that such fucked up behavior is inevitable

Sorry, I meant, Boer led pogrom, not "progrom". Writing from my tablet is a pain.

Fuck IP Press. Identity politics are the noose around the neck of anarchism. North America (excluding Mexico) should be expelled from the global movement until further notice.

Having some free time on my hands today I've been going through some of the postings by Karelianblue on the fascist stormfront website via a Google search and if M.S. is indeed Stormfront user Karelianblue then he is indeed a fascist fuck who for at least the past nine years has passing himself off as an Anarchist-communist while at the same time surreptitiously promoting a revanchist white-separatist nationalist movement among the South African far-right on Stormfront. In one post on stormfront the user Karelianblue even goes so far as to promote the merchandise of some white Rhodesian fuck glorifying white Rhodesian militarism during the so-called "Bush War" of the 1960s and 70s.

Given that you are an identity politician who is based in North America, please outline how you are qualified to make judgments on issues pertaining to South Africa.

Because it's the internets, stupid.

Despite a general disdain for and rejection of the politics of identity on my part, as a person of Mexican descent I can assure you that the politics of identity is foisted upon me every time some white reactionary gloats on about the superiority of his own racial identity in light of it's 'accomplishments' in the face of what he considers to be us third-world inferiors.

The politics of identity is foisted upon people of color every time some racist who identifies as white tells one of us to "get out of his country", or that things were better when we were kept separate by legal sanctions passed by racists who identified as white in order to keep us non-whites away from white society except perhaps as beggars and subservient domestics.

Don't get me wrong, If indeed we lived in an international Anarchist-Communist world and a bunch of white yahoo's were still keen on the idea of starting up an exclusive commune somewhere out in the veldt of Southern Africa as far as I am concerned be my fucking guest. But the moment that you and your erstwhile white separatist comrades try to prevent others from entering or moving into the region of your commune based up how you identify them is the moment that I call for an anarchist-communist intervention against your reactionary mini-state.

Anyways, be it a Federal Republic in North America or a dreamed of white revanchist Boer Republic in the southern tip of Africa fuck your reactionary ideal of territorial sovereignty hiding behind the superficial veneer of regional autonomy.

^^Do not leave a bottle of tequila and a baseball bat in the same room with this person!

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