Midnight on September 11 / In Praise of the Jumper

  • Posted on: 11 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>from <a href="http://www.crimethinc.com/blog/2012/07/04/new-feature-and-vortext-now-on...

IT'S MIDNIGHT ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2011, ten years after the World Trade Center attack. We’re walking down the train tracks, each carrying a scale model of one of the twin towers. Gravel crunches under our shoes. The cardboard buildings are taller than we are; tiny bodies dangle from the windows, rapping against the hollow walls at each step. The full moon shines down from the top of the sky, making a tremendous stage of the world with our tiny silhouettes in the center: Quixote and Panza, Vladimir and Estragon.

Along with his building, my friend carries a placard inscribed with a manifesto:

<strong>In Praise of the Jumper</strong></td><td><img title="I can relate" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/blackdeath.jpg"></td></tr><...
Whether they hit the ground with a thud or burned up midair choking on dust as the world collapsed around them, we knew immediately these jumpers had joined the experimentation committee. Trapped between flames and clouds, they chose to fly.

In the face of hellish peril, they chose action and defiance even knowing the apocalypse had come. Would that only we could find the same courage, just once, in the crisis that now consumes us. Amidst the everyday wreckage of this society, this emptiness and boredom, futility and meaninglessness—to jump, along with all those who have ever jumped, with just one grain of faith that we shall fly.

I wish I could have joined those jumpers, everything in flames and a beautiful sky and a hundred stories in free fall screaming: <strong>Long Live Death!</strong>

Whether this is what we “really think” is beside the point; there are American flags hanging from every telephone pole from here to the Mexican border. Our task is to interrupt this pat narrative, this <em>kitsch</em>—not only in the geography of our town but also in our own servile acceptance of it. It would be extremely inconvenient for us to get stopped in the course of erecting our little monument; I have a suspended sentence from felony riot charges, while my comrade’s felony riot case has yet to go to court. But that’s what we’re here for: the risk is the payoff. For this brief moment, we are paragons of transgression, heedless of risk or rule, filling our pockets with firecrackers to jump into the fire. We have joined the <em>Experimentation Committee</em>.


Happy 9/11! For some, their joy burst forth in deed:

Masked youth in Egypt waving black flags scale wall of US Embassy, tear down US flag, replace US flag with a "plain, black flag," attempt and fail to burn US flag, and then tear US flag apart. "A - C - A - b" is spray painted on embassy wall. At least one youth is wearing a Guy Fawks mask. Youths record the situation with their camera phones. Road flairs cast an eery red glow. The Western media described these rioters as "ultra-conservative".


"there is no god but god"/"ACAB", yeah, who can tell the difference anyway?

The Hate, The Hate, The hate inside of me. No God But God! NGBG?!?

-the trltrt?

I've known some down as fuck Christian @s
I can't complain about all the down as fuck Islamists making shit tough for the U$

viva terror

"I can't complain about all the down as fuck Islamists making shit tough for the U$"

the 70s called, they want their shitty anti-imperialist politics back

you're still boring on this thread, too

Greedy oil rich murderers disguised as religious zealots masking class war as religious war to manipulate innocent lives to kill or die for their ego, are just as despicable in Yemen as in D.C. Plus, where do we fit into this paradigm. On top of which how many innocent lives were and are taken out by the United States to win this war, which it looks like it very well might. Fuck it, they pretty much already did,while the Arab Spring put things back into focus for all of seven minutes. Hamas? Al Queda? Hezbolla? That's so last decade dude. Terror is terror whether practiced by a government or a wannabe despot. Look up the definition of the word.

"The way is not to free the earth from Roman and Persian tyranny in order to
replace it with Arab tyranny. All tyranny is wicked! The earth belongs to God and should be purified for God, and it cannot be purified for Him unless the banner, "No deity except God", is unfurled across the earth. Man is servant to God alone, and he can remain so only if he unfurls the banner, "No deity except God,-"la ilaha illa allah" -as an Arab with the knowledge of his language understood it: no sovereignty except God's, no law except from God, and no authority of one man over another, as the authority in all respects belong to God."

-Sayyid Qutb

islamism owns sometimes (til it turns into a bourgeois theocracy like iran did)


Keep your disinformation where it belongs, down the toilet!

Sayyid Qutb was an islamic fascist who left America to Egypt because of '50s America being too liberal for him. He formed the Muslim Brotherhood with other fascist macho religious fanatics, who are the source of the current Mujaheedin in North Africa and Afghanistan.

Iran is not a theocracy, like Saudi Arabia an Qatar are, where a single ruler or oligarchy control the entire State in the name of Allah.

"Islamism owns sometimes (til it turns into a bourgeois theocracy like iran did)"

You are shit for saying crap like this. Islamism is fucking religion and there's no place for religious propaganda on this website. Fuck off, anarcho-hizbullah!

Put that religious tone to it. Always gets the general audience. people start thinking these arab people are just over sensitive religious wacks. They're people fighting for survival. Oppression is a motherfucker. Gotta go go.
First we need to help out these activist here, achieve there mission. Gotta get out in these streets. Help organize organized workers to help keep occupy zones clean and safe. Obviously cops are going to be dicks. But, until then, we need to be helping the people that just want the issues to be known to the the public. Demonstrating? Help create discussion meetings in park picnic areas. Im sure these things have already been done, but efforts must always be put to improving what we already have. noise


Forget that comment, the guy (AI bot?) who wrote this is just a shill.

No anarchy or any real insurrection is funded and backed by the CIA and United Nations, fuckers!

That's the flag of Al Qaeda, dimwit!!!



More precisely the Islamic black standard, the "Jihadist black flag", with Al Qaeda's logo and slogan on it.


A.C.A.B. here reads more like: "All Christians Are Bastards". As those macho men seem to not have a problem with religious cops enforcing Shariah Law in the streets with ruthless violence.

I've seen white supremacists scumbags in Calgary, doing protests dressed as Black Bloc with white Celtic crosses on their scarves and flags, damnit! Does it mean that they were Celtic anarchists, or whatever?

Ignorant douche. Don't try your CIA propaganda shit here, it's not going to work... anarchists are more intelligent than you think.

If you like this then you will love: www.crimethinc.com/occupytactics


Post viewing parties as reply

Viewing party in Atlanta:

Please add to list on crimethinc.com/occupytactics

Anybody planning on recording this for download/later streaming?

viewing party at Internationalist Books in CHapel Thrill @ 630......

Alright where we at? I'm here now. lets start discussing. Ahhh!!!!! I escaped. I just got shit out by the Matrix. Whose in command here?

"Long live death!" We have to assume that this whole article is a farce. "Viva la muerta" is the word of the Spanish fascists. Or if this article pretends to pass itself off as nihilism then do you believe that the source of your emboldened quote is of no matter?

"Millán-Astray is perhaps best remembered for a heated argument with Miguel de Unamuno, the Basque writer and philosopher, on October 12, 1936. The celebration of the Dia de la Raza had brought together a politically diverse crowd at the University of Salamanca, including Enrique Pla y Deniel, the Archbishop of Salamanca, and Carmen Polo Martínez-Valdés, the wife of Franco, and Millán-Astray himself. According to the British historian Hugh Thomas in his magnum opus The Spanish Civil War (1961), the affair began with an impassioned speech by the Falangist writer José María Pemán. After this, Professor Francisco Maldonado decried Catalonia and the Basque Country as "cancers on the body of the nation," adding that "Fascism, the healer of Spain, will know how to exterminate them, cutting into the live flesh, like a determined surgeon free from false sentimentalism."

From somewhere in the auditorium, someone cried out the motto "¡Viva la Muerte!" As was his habit, Millán-Astray responded with "¡España!"; the crowd replied with "¡Una!" He repeated "¡España!"; the crowd then replied "¡Grande!" A third time, Millán-Astray shouted "¡España!"; the crowd responded "¡Libre!" This was a common Falangist cheer. Later, a group of uniformed Falangists entered, saluting the portrait of Franco that hung on the wall.

Unamuno, who was presiding over the meeting, rose up slowly and addressed the crowd: "You are waiting for my words. You know me well, and know I cannot remain silent for long. Sometimes, to remain silent is to lie, since silence can be interpreted as assent. I want to comment on the so-called speech of Professor Maldonado, who is with us here. I will ignore the personal offence to the Basques and Catalonians. I myself, as you know, was born in Bilbao. The Bishop," Unamuno gestured to the Archbishop of Salamanca, "Whether you like it or not, is Catalan, born in Barcelona. But now I have heard this insensible and necrophilous oath, "¡Viva la Muerte!", and I, having spent my life writing paradoxes that have provoked the ire of those who do not understand what I have written, and being an expert in this matter, find this ridiculous paradox repellent. General Millán-Astray is an invalid. There is no need for us to say this with whispered tones. He is an invalid of war. So was Cervantes. But unfortunately, Spain today has too many invalids. And, if God does not help us, soon it will have very many more. It torments me to think that General Millán-Astray might dictate the norms of the psychology of the masses. It should be expected from a mutilated who lacks the spiritual greatness of Cervantes to find horrible solace in seeing how the number of mutilated ones multiplies around him."

Millán-Astray reportedly responded: "¡Muera la inteligencia! ¡Viva la Muerte!" ("Death to intelligence! Long live death!"), provoking applause from the Falangists (although some versions suggest he actually said "Death to traitor intellectuality" but in the commotion in the auditorium this was not perceived). Pemán, in an effort to calm the crowd, exclaimed "¡No! ¡Viva la inteligencia! ¡Mueran los malos intelectuales!" ("No! Long live intelligence! Death to the bad intellectuals!")

Unamuno continued: "This is the temple of intelligence, and I am its high priest. You are profaning its sacred domain. You will succeed, because you have enough brute force. But you will not convince. In order to convince it is necessary to persuade, and to persuade you will need something that you lack: reason and right in the struggle. I see it is useless to ask you to think of Spain."

It's already been established that "Long Live Death" is much older than its use by the Spanish Fascists. Carry on now.

Same with might makes right really, these things we're coined by counter christian intellectual nihilists who were the very apposite of fascists, fascists needed counter enlightenment rhetoric because they themselves were a counter power force, so they appropriated accordingly from various individualist men of action(something all homogenous powers in waiting have to do).

Anyway I get tired of idiot leftists and others tying these things to fascism.

...said the obvious fascist..the first nihilists were complete idiots, i wouldn't be so proud; it's something to transcend, if you're a serious nihilist struggling for consciousness in the world today

"said the obvious fascist"? Really? I'm not who you're replying to, but I question your logic.

they are making an argument which doesn't adequately acknowledge why fascism and nihilist anarchy are so often confused, by both those who practice and observe - and then blaming this on 'leftist' stupidity, when the previous commenter (who they are seemingly pointing to) is offering a lot more historical information about why this is/ how this is/ confused...seems as though they want this information blocked and discredited...

as for the rest of the comment, nihilism is interesting because it is both anti-intellectual and uber-intellectual, anti-progess, and the most progressive - so I'm being a bit itonic there, oh well..


Why is this sick stupid shit on Anews?

Cuz a couple of penalty-boxed rioters wrote something I liked (and I hate almost everything) and I posted it to celebrate 11 September.

u mad bro?

I am a god unto myself, flying is falling in slow motion.

"in praise of the shock-value story to astound all 15 year olds" which is the only kind the mods ever approve around here, more like it.

hey mods, grow the fuck up a little eh? no one is shocked by this shit, it is juvenile and pathetic.

Occupy Wall St with planes > Occupy Wall St with tents

Islamists 1
Anarchists 0

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