Mission residents, merchants fed up with anarchist violence

  • Posted on: 25 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/2012/09/mission-residents-merchants-fed-... Examiner</a>

Mission district residents and business owners continue to question the Police Department’s handling of recent anarchist-fueled vandalism in the neighborhood.

After Thursday’s officer-involved shooting at 14th and Minna streets, the Mission endured two nights of rowdy demonstrations, with vandals attacking banks, smashing windows and spray-painting “killers” on the Mission Police Station at Valencia and 17th streets.

Last month, an anarchist group apparently protesting gentrification in the Mission claimed responsibility for vandalizing cars and businesses. “Die yuppie scum” and other obscenities were etched around the neighborhood.</td><td><img title="I agree. Yuppies are obscene." src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2012/jaguar.jpg"></td></tr></table>
Then on April 30, a group of more than 100 anarchists broke off from what was supposed to be a peaceful Occupy San Francisco demonstration, again smashing windows and paint-bombing cars and businesses.

During a community meeting Monday, some residents and businesses questioned why vandals haven’t been arrested.

Milton O’Brien, owner of Live Fit Wellness Club, said the same person responsible for vandalism during past Mission demonstrations had attacked his business Friday night.

“How is this going to escalate the next time around?” he said. “What is the police response to stop this?”

Police Chief Greg Suhr countered that his department had properly handled last week’s demonstrations, intervening immediately. He said the police response has improved since the April 30 demonstration.

“It’s very difficult with these masked guys … to try to grab one out of the crowd without furthering and exacerbating the event,” Suhr said, adding that police are still looking to arrest the vandals.


The Mission exists within a strange fold of the space-time continuum where last April 30 comes *after* last month, Kevin Keating continues to say the same things he has been saying since 2002, and the cops stand dumbly in front of their station taking bottles to the head.


Keating gonna keat.


oh, you must be the expert.

2002? more like 1992.

The Mission will rise to destroy the fucking Valencia street yuppie scum

I know the Bay is a magical utopia and stuff, but I worry about some reckless kids out there. Same route two nights in a row, and one that's been hit already? Be awesome, but don't get cocky.

Love you, miss you, don't get caught.


You know it. <3

inb4 people complaining about what yuppies think about anarchists

Yes, but at least we've got Station 40, which can't contribute even slightly to opposing the gentrification of the neighborhood, but our subcutural scenester space does allow scenesters a safe space in which to accrue subcultural capital while reproducing the existence of an inwardly-focused subcultural identity scene. We have to keep our priorities straight.

have you been in station 40? its like a time warp wherein the mission is still filled with homeless people and ex prisoners and homeless people.

so many time warps

nice try, Keating

yeah, you know its a Keating original when you get the words Subcultural and Scenester used more times than there are sentences.

you dont know shit, numbnutz

What boy? Bro, BRO, I'm like the professor of literary theory at Oxford University. If I took you on with a quiz about who knew the most about political philosophy I'd whip yo' ass so hard you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between counter-communism and neoconservative capitalism. So mind who you talkin' to, snitch. Sheeee


Man, FUCK KEVIN KEATING! Stupid bald ass fucker

Eat a bag of dicks Keating

this comment gave me gay-bies.

This comment gave me AIDS. Then I cured myself with Marxism.

Serious question; is *eat a bag of dicks* a homophobic statement?

I had to argue this in front of an advancing line of riot pigs one time. True story.

Fuck those fools that want to turn them into the Police for what the did, WHO CARES!!! Wake up and rise up with them you morons, and stop sitting you're lazy fat asses on the couch watching FOX News with a Coke and Big Mac in the other, just rediculous...they are a bunch of Middle Class yuppie scum as they said...perfect wording comrades. Fuck them and the Police!!!

This is the mostest rediculous comment evers on the hole internuggets!

Baba booeee bababooee Kevin Keating.

IGTT 0/1000000000.



can someone please make a zine explaining the relationship between white anarchists and hip hop music in the bay area which makes reference to foucault, agamben, and mac dre all in the same sentence. I would also appreciate a three part diagram of giorgio agamben performing the thizzle dance, thank you

Do you want us to throw in some PBR, NPR, John Stewart, art, thick rimmed glasses, gardening tips and smiling people in there also.

above comment misses the ball... those all clearly signify the young, professional, social justice, progressive, bay aryan, not the anarchy peoples. Anarchy subculture drinks Tecate, hates art, has some nice clean hats and is made up primarily of hoes and friends of hoes. very different...

primarily hoes and friends of hoes


hoses and hose monsters, sweet Jeezus!

Yes, I love mah hoe very much, especially when I have to do some gardening.

haaaa. i love me some hoes <3

Up the holetariat!

Yeah because that's so rare amongst the Anarchist community. And who would have thought that if you personalize class contention someone would be dead enough inside to take offense. Don't know who I'm criticizing with that comment.

"After Thursday’s officer-involved shooting at 14th and Minna streets..."
"Mission residents, merchants fed up with anarchist violence"

What is cognitive dissonance? Yuppie scum for $1000, Alex.

More first class analysis from Keating. Keep on flying the friendly skies, Kevin!


Not only that, he said, but the five glasses of wine he drank were not suited for a refined palate. "It was some kind of red. It wasn't even a good red."

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Man-Arrested-on-Flight-Denies-Harm...


Wasn't it fucking Natoma Street anyway?

Resistance is great. Someone has to show how it's done. It's about creating a culture of resistance...confrontation is inevitable under this system. Get trained and don't get caught.

Keating is great. Keating has to show how it's done. Keating is about creating a culture of resistance...Keating is inevitable under this system. Get Keating and don't get any of the red wine on a transatlantic flight.

"Keating"? Is this a new word? Is there a dictionary or reference for this or is this some sort of new urban click language? :))HAHAHAHA

Finally! An article on this site that gets my attention
Ahh the triggers of insurrection.

Closing comment-

while anarchy may be always happening in parallel with the social order, the destructive aspect-social war/insurrection is not, only when blatant state/financial acts of violence end up with a quick tragedy that affects 1 -thousands if not millions. No. There's a big difference between anarchy and social war. We only get flare ups year on average in the bay that actually make headlines that are very short lived (flash mobs) to be more precisely accurate. The numbers are always 30-100 vandals and exceeds that number it seems. Oh but there's nothing more glorifying than your over glorified well orchestrated Athens flavored riots around the world or better yet ATHENS by it self. It makes hope for change in the U.S. look futile when sizing your self up to others around the world. Judging by the damage, I'd say that Americas level of anger and frustration barely skims the surface when put up against other people emotions else where. America is the last place in line waiting to be insurrected. Since I'm only person who can't make a difference to change it, I've decided to kick back and laugh at it because it is what is, a big fuckin joke after all.

There I'm done.

Kevin Keating 2012 !!

well then, welcome to ANews. you'll fit right in with all the other historical materialists waiting around for material conditions to create an insurrection, since that logic worked so well in so many other places that were more fascists and less wealthy than america.
oh wait it didn't.

but if you need to RATIONALIZE your intent to sit around trolling ANews with all the rest of us lazy asshole manarchists, you go ahead and do it, you moraldandy.

I hereby propose in the next election Keating/Avakian, sound good?

cops don't care. they don't give a fuck.

we're winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the mission is good place to demonstrate.

cops only care when the kids get to keating

Thanks a lot Manarchists. Way to lose all of the support the 99% gets from small businesses. How counterrevolutionary.

I recommend all you idiots read this and then join the real fight.

also, if anyone's interested in building the above ground ecological mass movement, here's a text that's very important: http://deepgreenresistance.org/action/aboveground/


Contact us if you have any questions:

Phone: (262) 208-5347

E-mail: membership@deepgreenresistancewisconsin.org

Choice between Aboveground and Underground:

---To be successful in saving the planet, resistance will need both aboveground and underground components. Broadly speaking, aboveground groups do not carry out risky illegal actions, and are organized in ways that maximize their ability to use public institutions and communication structures. Underground groups exist primarily to carry out illegal or repressed activities and are organized in ways that maximize their own security and effectiveness. Every budding activist must choose between working aboveground or underground, as a strict firewall must exist between the two. The Deep Green Resistance movement, including DGR Wisconsin, is an aboveground movement.

Volunteer Membership:

---taking on projects suited to their gifts and capacity. Individuals need not meet unique expectations of the local group, including frequency of participation and attendance of group meetings, but must abide by the policies of the broader DGR movement.

Active Support:

---involves agreeing to be called upon when the group needs help in any given area. Individuals do not become members of DGR, so they needn’t abide by any policies set by the movement, nor unique expectations of the local group.

So do I have to fuck salmon every day to be part of DGR? Or just every week? Because I have a very busy work schedule and I can't be fucking salmon every minute of my life you know. I still want to be part of the fucking revolution, but I got other commitments...

Idea: I donate 10k of my hard earned cash to help support young, sniveling salmon fucking youth! Problem solved! Now, who do I make the check out to?

Well, personally speaking, I need to fuck a pig every goddamned day. Keeps me young!

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and Jehovah's Witness)

personally speaking i aint never heard of anything this DGR "network" has ever done, other than talk and produce some youtube lectures (which i liked).

well hello there, and thank you for the positive feedback on the videos!

you may be interested to know about a revolutionary conflict in defense of the earth we recently engaged in: blocking access to a liquor store. you can read more about it here:

if you are interested in becoming further involved in THE premiere resistance movement of North America, please use the contact information above.

PS we left out the last sentences of the informational paragraph about Volunteer Membership: **All participants must be amenable to working with plain clothes law enforcement personnel. They make be up to 4 out of the 5 members of the cell you participating in, and we require all DGR members to be able to work with whoever is willing to help in the fight to completely end industrial civilization.**

This is the best troll comment on here in weeks. More, please!

Make the check out to FBI Headquarters 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001. Department of Salmon Fucking

In my case, make all checks payable to the Albany Police Department, 165 Henry Johnson Boulevard
Albany, NY 12210. *Department of Pig Fucking.*

-- Bob Black (pig ffffucker and ear nose and throat specialists)

Wait... did I just see that?

"Hey kids! Come to the FBI, and we'll organize an aboveground resistance... against the underground!

And if we fail, follow your leader Jensen when he tells you to take cyanide for stopping civilization from continuing."

Sectarians fuck off!

Fuuuuck this transphobic, statist bullshit. Fuck Derrick Jensen, especially fuck Lierre Keith.

Sounds more passive aggressive feminine to me.

Your a fucking dipshit. What in the fuck is the 99% anyway, anyone with half a brain and a somewhat class analysis understands the 99% thing is bullshit.

YHBT butty.

Almost $4?!?! fuck that noise. Think we're made of money?
All I have to eat is this bag of dicks that Keating was supposed to choke on.

Which small businesses? The SFPD?

bettah get used 2 it

i love how there is zero articles on ANews about the police shooting, about the anarchist marches, etc... but only a trolling article about business people complaining about the vandalism. wow. just wow.

troll on, worker, troll on.

Guess it's time for a new website...

or maybe a new ideology?

I agree. It is a shame that no anarchists wrote anything about the shooting or march (other than on FB). My strong preference is always to post anarchist authored news. Every story up till this one made no mention of the anarchist composition of the activity of this event.

post stuff from people's FB, and include a link to the post/author's profile.

that would make ANews the best fucking anarchist website of all times. srsly, those of us not on FB never see that shit.

Oh my fucking god, watch this video of today in Spain, this cop gets his ass beat!

yeah watching S&M videos is kewl even though sometimes I feel even more lonely than ever when its over.



Kick cops! Trip cops! Push cops!

Holy Shit!!!! That cop just got jumpkicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did that spectacle make you cum?


Get help. You need it.

As a former resident of the Mission Hotel, all I have to say is "Die Yuppie Scum"

cool story, Keating.

Cock & Ball Torture :p


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