this moment

what is happening in this moment? for shame:

this is exactly the kind of simplistic flattened analysis that people have been complaining about with antifa. the idea that b was in an interview with igd and both were talking about how focusing on fascism is not strategically sound, and then this comes out of crimethinc makes you fucking wonder... apparently the process of group analysis of crimethinc production is failing in a huge way...?
like, wtf?

wonder indeed. it's one thing to open yourselves to collective process and group anaylsis, allowing for an interesting lack of coherence. it's another to avoid vulnerability and self reflection, engaging in disingenuous propagandizing. :
'Between the return of Kurdish nationalism and the embrace of the new united front, is there a single anarchist left who refuses the state? Have all the old lessons about the left been forgotten?'

have all the old lessons about armed struggle been forgotten?

Need help setting up a Revolutionary Abolitionist political group? You can request an organizer to help you get started. They'll confer with you and give ideas on ways to get started, and if useful come stay with you for a week and go through all the logistics such as communicating political positions, to setting up social media campaigns and getting projects off the ground. Most importantly, we will build face to face and begin to construct the networks and infrastructure necessary for our goals.

Tightly-knit groups and their groupthink tend to be mentally reductive. Which ain't the same to free collectives doing whatever together on the base of their shared sensitivities. S

but it's obviously more pep talk than analysis. It doesn't really pep me up at all, but I don't really feel like any part of the "we" that defeated Nazi Germany, which feels like the Allies or whatever. But others, y'know, have different emotional responses to those words than I might.

If you think this provides an insight on what CrimethInc. is thinks about fascism, you're wrong. Maybe it provides some insight on what their read of their potential audience is, or what might get people motivated to participate in antifa actions - so, y'know, their tactical understanding for what they are doing, not their strategic-ethical understanding for why they are doing it.

Tons of more or less relevant shit (but nostly less) is happening at the moment... so much I can't keep up with. Also plenty of shit happening I may not have even heard about! Like this homeboy among the neighbors who went after his fleeing chick who wouldn't look back at him, under the rain in a deserted sunday night street that felt like some Levis commercial or something. I also visited an abandoned building on my own, then later went to a really shitty suburb with by alzheimer-afflicted dad today.

Anyone would be interested if I start a blog titled: "My Pathetic Irrelevant Life as An Anarcho-Nihilist Loner on Welfare"?

Chin up, chest out, join the victorious forces of the Anarcho-Nihilo-Hoboists and rejoice oh comrade,,,,,,

actually yes please do. this is what i want more than raddit: just to talk about where our pointless adventures have ended us up.

I used to judge writing that wasn’t a report-back, theory, or some other “direct lesson” as.... zinie-wheeny(?) I heard that term once.

Not so much now. I hope that you write this, especially emphasizing if or when you “think you think you think things” during your day because of anarcho-nihilism.

Crap. Reply to 10.

Wait I’m so confused.

I wanted to respond to 8.

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