Montreal’s 15th Annual International Anarchist Theatre Festival Seeks Plays!

From Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival

Application deadline: November 7, 2019

The Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival (MIATF), the only festival in the world dedicated to anarchist theatre, is currently seeking plays, texts, monologues, dance-theatre, puppet shows, mime, in English and French, on the theme of anarchism or any subject pertaining to anarchism, i.e. against all forms of oppression including the State, capitalism, war, patriarchy, etc. We will also consider pieces exploring ecological, social and economic justice, racism, feminism, poverty, class and gender oppression from an anarchist perspective. We welcome work from anarchist and non-anarchist writers.

Application form & guidelines:

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This type of festival is the future of anarch expression and public exposure, as an alternative to the futile aggressive gesturing of the activist riot.

LeWank backing this shit up further consolidates my perception of this project as bullshit feel-good anarcho-liberalism this aspect of the Mtl milieu has become infamous for, ever since the antiglobalization era. What's even shittier is how appelistas have had an entry into mainstream theater in that city, going as bold as having the titles of their plays directly inspired by writings of the IC ("Lignes de fuite" and "Jeune fille"). Elite Plateau professional revolutionaries are gentrifying scum, too, but shhht!

i smile at imagining you walking around your town all grumpy muttering under your breath about appelistas.
such a unique nuisance to be bothered by. a privilege, almost.

i’d hi five an appelista.
what’s the worst that could happen?
they’re gonna destroy my zad?
wait, i don’t live in one.
they’re gonna paint a red triangle in my black flag?
wait, i don’t carry one.
are they gonna snitch on me to the cops?
how’s that different from any normie, from my closest friends and family?

i don’t like their book club, but i also don’t like jehova’s witnesses handing out pamphlets in every corner, and they don’t ruin my day. so many churches on every corner, so many gov buildings, etc.

appelistas aren’t even a blotch on my shitty landscape.
hell, their shitty activism and politics may even brighten my day, contrasting to the conservative geezer politics of all ages.

and LeWank's little helper.

you're missing out my argument on the uncritical social entry gimmicks of the anarcho-left (but also less anarcho Left) and how well it intersects with, just, upward social mobility and patterns of integration to the State.

Socialites are my enemies, not "appelistas". Not because I'm envious of their privilege but something else... Think deeeepeeer. Of course appelistas are not that important, it was to tell you how easily what we perceived as rad ideas and politics are so easily recuperated and capitalized for better social edge by the yuppie scum... which most of the anarcho-left really are, unadmittedly.

Especially but not limited to these comfy fake-ass clowns behind this festival. But of course, don't worry about all this silly crit coming from another of dem doomers, and let's just have fun with frens yady yada occasional smashy-smashy look edgy in tight black clothes rah rah rah. :-/ I'm heading at the beach for personal enjoying of life.

you know you’re right.
and going to the beach is a great idea.

I don't know this particular regional crew who set this up, I'm just putting my hand up to the concept of informally expressing ones feelings and thoughts at a venue. I remember going to a club once years ago where anyone from the audience just got up and did their thing, whatever, venting rants, song, dance, magic tricks, reminiscent of the medieval troubadours and gypsy shows. I don't give a fuck if the Mafia or CIA are providing the venue, its like " death of the author" , just there to enjoy the moment, and then smile as I make my exit.

What about slam poetry? Is that a subcategory of theatre? … anyway, I hear ya.

Noreply comment ;) Interesting that you brought that up, because it resembles a soliloquy in a play, so yes, I guess one could call it a subcategory. That's what I like about the way "art" is being deconstructed more and more to lose its stiff pompous and exclusive bullshit status into these informal forms. So informal that my everyday conversation with people is a slam poem.

Convention maybe, or its manner of delivery. I just did a google on it and its competitive format is a big factor. Maybe that might exclude it from an anarchist event, judges and stuff.

unless it’s song, i’ve always preferred poetry in written form, i don’t enjoy or appreciate declamation as much.

i love music.

i enjoy listening to stories as well.

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