Montreal: Attack on drone research facility

  • Posted on: 4 December 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

On the night of November 29, we snuck into the engineering department of McGill University and jammed the locks of the Aerospace Mechatronics Lab using superglue as a minimum gesture of solidarity with the survivors of the Israeli state's summer attack on Gaza, in which 800 drone strikes took place over the course of a 50 day period.

Official documents obtained by campus group Demilitarize McGill through an access-to-information request reveal that the Aerospace Mechatronics Lab has received upwards of 262,000$ from the Canadian military to develop software for miniature drones or "strikebots" designed for surveillance and urban warfare.

The advent of drone technology originally offered an oblivious public the "feel-good" fantasy of surgical-precision in the exercise of deadly force, whereas today we now know very well that there exists a significant body of data documenting the fact that Us & Israeli drone campaigns have killed, injured, and displaced thousands of non-combatants in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and the occupied territories.

Drone strikes are also known to cause considerable and under-accounted-for suffering in the daily lives of ordinary people, beyond death and physical injury. For instance, drones hover 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over communities in the federally administered tribal areas (FATA) of North Western Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles and public spaces without warning. Their ubiquitous presence terrorizes entire populations, producing a social climate of unremitting psychological pain and horror. Womyn, men and little children whose only "terrorist activity" is to have been born on the wrong side of white supremacy and capitalist imperialism, are forced to live under the shadow of flying killer robots, attempting to live normal lives amid the permanent buzz of a distant propeller: a constant reminder of round-the-clock surveillance and imminent, violent death.

We took this action, in part, to send a message. Not to the Administration (to whom we have NOTHING to say other than, perhaps: "fuck you.") but rather to our fellow subversives -- we know you're out there -- in the general student body. Our goal is to create an increasingly unpleasant situation for the Administration through a sustained series of anonymous acts of sabotage, from which their only escape is to terminate their current, ongoing project of for-profit weapons-development at McGill University -- and we're inviting you to join us! To join AIA, all you need to do is simply come up with your own plan and put it into effect.

Believe it or not, it's alot easier than you think, and fun too!

Learn and practice strong security culture. In organizing actions, be conscious of security cameras, fingerprints and your electronic trail. Work with people you trust and know very well or work alone. Think about and try to be prepared for possible consequences, and if you're working with others; keep in mind that people come from different places and may not be able to assume the same level of risk -- and that's okay! After that, there's virtually no limit to what we can get away with. Cover security cameras with plastic bags, tape or paint, damage security vehicles, vandalize on-campus ATMs, pull a fire alarm just as an exam starts, let hundreds of insects loose in a research facility, put glue in door locks, use zip-ties strategically, or set off a stink bomb in the James Admin. building, etc.

Finally, consider using spraypaint or a permanent marker to tag any given surface at the scene of your action with the acronym AIA. Of course, this may not always be possible or tactically expedient and it's up the groups and individuals to make that call for themselves. At any rate, we hold the acronym to be of particular importance because, in this way, our actions are linked to one another, stepping up their momentum by placing them within an overall context.

Actions gain meaning when they happen in relation to each other, when they cannot become isolated as "individual incidents". Relatively innocuous actions can become politicized, and potentially threatening as a result of the context in which they occur and the discourse through which they communicate.

So let's get going! We have nothing to wait for, so let's organize ourselves today into a fluid and mobile antagonism the likes of which the Administration's security forces will be powerless to contain and control. As of this moment, the smooth and uninterrupted flow of knowledge, capital and technology will no longer be taken for granted around here, and the military establishment will rue the day it ever decided to set foot in any way, shape or form onto our campus.

The University is at war; so are we.

AIA (Anti-Imperialist Action)



Okaaaayyyyy.... now we'll have to once again reopen the debate on the meaning of "attack". But good job though. ;)

Just next time, translate more words into effective attack power. I've got a Transmutation Engine if you're interested. It's a 2010 model but still works fine.

And please, open up spaces. Anarchy in this city has gone way too silent with all the Leftist domination.

Everyday I look at the sky and see tons of shit flying around. A lot of what I see is little low flyers that you buy at the star-mart(1). I see a lot of stuff that looks like more military type drones. But I live in the US and luckily they don't bomb us.

The meaning of attack is interesting. I got attacked by what I believe to be some jewish hacking group but they were so sloppy and disorganized, I'm the one that really learned and gained from it. (.5)

But they were aiming for highly sophisticated as a show of force in technological development. After that, I never used a webkit browser again and probably never will (1). Just being honest.

Why did you think they were Jewish, as opposed to Chinese, reptilian, or Freemason?

This did happen. Relations of production, holmes.

I honestly think you're missing the point. They could have been blue, green or red for all that matters. The point is that it happened or maybe something mundane happened that I thought was a big deal whatever...

I vote for reptilians or Satanists, who are, as is well known, bankrolled by the Jewes (deliberately so spelled to see if anyone catches the reference).

I feel you. (Not the op.) I was wondering myself why they mentioned Israel first when the US has done way more with drones, probably even supplied the Israeli ones. Anarchists' failure to critique the sort of current that makes Zionism the #1 global enemy (or even uses the pejorative redefinition of the z-word) is the worst of leftist knee jerk identity politics meeting up with the worst of classic right wing horseshit. Op is an alex jones - listening death in June fan if you ask me.

Just a lot of space that can be filled. Meanwhile, check this video, it is the next big hop!

I like the part about hand lascerations and the whole optimist vibe about the video. Really sharp contrast with the show and wtf! where's mulder. Oh and the thing about the drones is really really bad too :(

Lacerations, please.

"Actions gain meaning when they happen in relation to each other, when they cannot become isolated as "individual incidents". Relatively innocuous actions can become politicized, and potentially threatening as a result of the context in which they occur and the discourse through which they communicate."

This is only true when your actions are meaningless on their own remain symbolic, as is the overwhelming majority of anarchist actions. Individual actions can become highly threatening depending on what action is taken... see Ted Kazcinsky for example, or if someone bombed critical infrastructure, etc.
Unfortunately though, in the current generalized culture of the anarchist "milieu", "attacking" is mainly concentrated towards a representation, a symbol, an ideology, in other words something abstract, and thus, the results are symbolic.

Your comment is symbolic.

Trolling aside, there is no hierarchy of tactics, unless for authoritarian insurgents who're restituing hierarchies de facto. The only thing that should be above a tactic is the strategy, the larger plan, the bigger spectrum, that we should always keep an eye upon.

Compare two attacks on "critical infrastructure"...

- the very recent Calgary power outage, that COULD have been an insurgent attack, just by one well-informed person, by setting a fire to cables at the right place.

- the sophisticated Rambo attack against the power substation powering Silicon Valley last year.

Which had the biggest power? The one that anyone can do without possibly blowing themselves to bits, or going through the complicated process (for most non-US countries) to get their hands on a high-caliber sniper rifle. Sometimes the tactic is part of the strategy, and the means part of the ends.

But to be fair, in non-non-US countries, er, the US, You can buy that shit in a Wal-Mart parking lot from a guy you met on craigslist or, in my part of the country, armslist, which is craigslist for nothing but guns. Any idiot can get one, and what do you mean "blowing themselves to bits"? How? Are you from a fucking city in the north or something? I'm not advocating shit, but for most non-urbanites, driving out and shooting at shit isn't called complicated, it's called sunday afternoon at the range, and folks do it with their friends.

Wut... You can get a Barrett .50 super-sniper rifle from a guy in a Wal Mart parking lot? Pfew... It's the '80s all over again.

Huhn?...Yould have to be ubermarksman to pull off a shot at a moving drone at 500 yards which is what the extra caliber is about. The idiot proof way is a hang-glider and a pump action shot gun! Take the battle with to the air!

"blowing themselves to bits" is what casually happen when people play with explosives, not being cautious enough and not paying attention to all the chemistry intricacies and proper fusing/initiating techniques. Remember Tortuga and Mauricio Morales...

Loosely related, but anobody knows wtf happened with Sabotagemedia!? A outlets from this region have went shockingly silent this year... I wonder if that's due to pig or undercover bullying anarchists.

The zionists invented crazy. They're not worried about your glue.

The United States needs to cut all financial ties to that stupid, fascistic, Flintstones-thinking country. The hugest (AND stupidest, AND ugliest, AND most poorly planned, but sadly, also most destructive) illegal anarchist action in US history didn't get that point across. Israel just used it as one more excuse to go on a rampage.

They'll only be brought down WITHIN the system. Sorry, kids, but they know how to play you like so many fiddles.


You're the fascist. Go spout your ignorant, pseudo-leftist anti-Semitic nonsense at a death in June show where it belongs.

Fine with me if the Jewish people in Israel all came to live here. Why they want to stay in that ratchety, dangerous little sandbox is a mystery anyway. Nothing against Jewish people, just Jewish governments. Or Islamic governments. Or any governments based on religion. They're nothing but trouble.

So do you think other ethnic groups should have the right to their traditional lands and beliefs? That's nothing to do with governments. Anarchists and leftists usually support the idea that indigenous tribal groups should have such rights, except for Jews in which case it's labeled as "colonialist religious nationalism." Antisemitism is very much a real thing in the western left (not just you), and it ALWAYS comes in the guise of a critique of the Israeli government, but eventually blends into conspiracy theories and outright bigotry. So fuck off, nazi scum

People should be able to live wherever they want, so long as they don't displace anyone else in the process and they can get along with their neighbors. Anything beyond that, including appeals to historical injustice, is ethnic nationalism.

Most of the worst freaking troublemakers over there were born in Brooklyn.

I suppose next you'll say that the holocaust never happened and that the Stalinists quickly erected the chimneys at Auschwitz and that the density of cyanide at the site only corresponded forensically to the usual diluted anti-lice concentrations and that how come the doors and windows weren't air-locked and sealed to prevent anyone outside the chambers and downwind for a distance of 200 yards from dieing. Also bigots like you would probably create a conspiracy theory about the capitalist/communist collaboration from that incredibly telling photo of Churchill, Eisenhower and Stalin all smiling together like at a reunion? Race has nothing to do with genocide although it appears to be so, it is to do with ideology and cultural lifestyle. It just happens that certain races congregate after inheriting the values and languages of a certain regional or religious tradition. Sammy Davis Jnr was a Jew for chrissakes!

Sammy Davis Jr. lived in Beverly Hills, not the Hebron Hills, and he didn't roam the streets at night beating up his neighbors or setting their houses on fire. He was too chummy with Nixon, not with Kahane.

I agree that the most activist Zionists in Israel are former US citizens, doesn't that tell you something? There are many Israelis Jews or Muslims, its not like 100% of Israelis are Jews, do your research, a majority of Israelis are pacifists and do not agree with the politics they have been born into. BORN IN ISRAEL describes the intuitive indigenous quality, not the imperialistic immigrants from US represent.

then how in the world do such thuggos as Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon (!!) keep winding up with the keys to the kingdom over there? Somebody sure keeps empowering the nutters. And of course, to be fair, our country is just as bad, propping them up financially year after year after year.

Oh wow! You're at THAT stage of political enlightenment! Ever heard about state-sanctioned criminal force AKA WAR?! Now listen here child, binary mentality produces attraction and repulsion. Religion is a binary comprehension of reality and leaves in its wake a tortured society and a guilt ridden human masse of malcontents! Gandhi was a thug to virgins, or what?!

How's this, though. Everybody's entitled to their own personal superstitions. But when a country bases its freaking GOVERNMENT on one or another superstition, life is going to suck for a lot of the people stuck living there.

And when my country's government, which was intentionally established NOT to be influenced by superstition, is forking over buttloads of OUR bucks to some other country whose whole existence is based on superstition, I'm entitled to complain.

That's a collective mindset paradox! Just as you previously misinterpreted the concept of the compromise of methodology and its ethics during the transitional stage of a social revolution! You are Seriously Idealistically complaining, good on you!!

Oh yeah "And when my country's government,".

I psychically puked when I read that sentence!

Fair enough. I psychically puked when I wrote it.

That is awesomely honest! You are Seriously? Ironic?

I actually meant in the sense that Judaism is a tribal way that includes the idea of a sacred connection to ancestral land. But I also think you don't actually know what that word means. In my part of the country for instance, I don't think anarchists would question that the Navajo have a respectable, multifaceted and deeply rooted interest in living in their ancient tribal homeland. Is a Navajo person born in Phoenix not indigenous because they're not technically from Dinetah?

What you are advocating is genocidal displacement of people based on their religion. It's not ok for Israelis to do it to Palestinians but you would like someone to do it to Israeli Jews. By your logic (if you werent so blatantly anti-Jewish that is), one could just as easily say that the Palestinians should just disperse into the Muslim world.

Why would you think it's reasonable to take sides in a nationalist conflict anyway? Whatever happened to "no war between nations, no peace between classes"?

That's a good concise version of events, nice!

And the reactionary scum wants to talk about displacing jews. How do you feel about the displacement of 5 million Mexicans, people who, by all accounts, would have lived in the southern parts of the US for generations had they not been displaced and subjugated to imperialism. Yes, Obama did grant them a sort of amnesty but the republicans are up in arms. And though I do not normally take an interest in liberal politics, I think you have to concede that by your logic, all Mexicans in the US legal or not should have the right to remain since there is absolutely no way in hell the state of Israel could be considered to have been founded by legal means.

And in any case, destroying the state of Israel does necessarily entail mean displacing anyone, so...

You sound like a liberal Israel apologists hypocrite the typical liberal scum that every so often finds its way to revolutionary politics. Go away (both of you).

it's called yuda, it's a play on the german pronunciation of Jew and the Spanish word for help. It implies the liberal logic of help that is not really help at all but more subjugation and slavery.

It also has, eh, connotations...

There's also parody, or my own version of détournement hah, got you you Philistine!

Anti-anarcho equates to auhtoritarian... Wtf are you thinking expecting any credibility on this site? Your childish retarded arguments haven't got ANY.

You obviously never get bored! How fucking privileged is THAT condition? One has to test ones own friends sometimes,,,I'm old school, we entice anger and redirect it towards those most deserving of the consequences. This is called anarchist social justice, why are you here?

terrorizing their neighbors, destroying their property, or kidnapping a child, pouring gasoline down his throat, and setting him on fire?

I haven't advocated displacement of anyone; what's done is done. Some day when you're bored, though, you might want to check out the United Nations archives and check out the varied testimony from back in the 1940s, preceding the establishment of Israel. Spokesman after spokesman, from one country after another, pled with the newly formed UN not to plop a Jewish country on top of a country where other people ALREADY LIVED.

There's plenty of room for the Jewish refugees in America, or Australia, or Africa, they said. It's a horrific injustice to the Palestinians, they said. If you do this thing, you'll set off a fire keg that will burn for generations, they said. But in the end, big money won out, and countless Palestinians were driven from their houses, businesses, and orchards. And the whole place has been a hell of pointless tribal violence ever since.

Believe me, I'd love to have no opinion whatsoever about the whole depressing situation. Would be great to just close my eyes and ears, or to make popcorn and laugh every time a bunch of backward boobs show up on TV, battling over their silly superstitions. But in the eyes of much of the world, every American, myself included, DOES bear some responsibility for all the blood money our government keeps wasting over there. I don't think it's reasonable to take sides; the hatred in that country is never going to heal, and the US should have washed its hands of the whole stupid mess decades ago.

You're sounding good Seriously? You've seen the essential flaw in the colonialist methodology.

Can you imagine native ingigenous people flying "apache" helicopters. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are so ignorant, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

no. There's no comparison. You are so ignorant...

BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH etc, etc ad infinitum! Can you imagine a red-neck inbred hillbilly understanding the concept of moiety groups and thus reduce the occurrence of inbreeding?

Israel is their homeland, and they got the right to return to it whenever they want (even than your Javel bleach White Christian priviledged ass in a conquered land like Turtle Island) no matter how this Nation-State went fucked up over the last 3 decades or so... Or how the whole Nation-State conception has ruined this project.

What have I, stumbled into some anarchist bible study group? I don't care who lives where, really, as long as they don't behave like a lot of entitled assholes. And no, I absolutely don't care about anybody's religious fairy tales, particularly when they're used to "justify" violence and piggery.

History. And there are Israeli Jews who are okay with going beyond the current Statist impasse to share land and landmarks with Muslims and other non-Jewish people. Just that they are at odds with the White supremacists in power these days.

Also, nobody said that anarchists should all be atheists or reject old-school spirituality. Spirituality and religion are two things.

Fighting with one's neighbors over who owns the sandbox is idiotic.

And come on. If there were really so many people in Israel at odds with the white supremacists in power over there, then white supremacists would not always BE in power over there.

I confer, yes, its a case of occupation is 95% of the law.

Fuck off and learn to write, dimwit.

SERIOUSLY... wtf this has to do with attack drones!? Why are you trolls derailing the subject towards Israel... the "Jewish Problem", right? It's all becoz of dem JOOOZ, superior White Christian Aryans do no drones, so you thought it's a good idea trolling Anarchistnews in the hopemof spreading your antisemitic hate as you did on 4chan... Right.

There's dozens of States already having operational drones, and Israel wasn't the first. That's about the fucking robotization of imperialist wars, people being bombed and killed by real-life dystopian reifications (Terminators, basically).

Fight the future or shut the fuck up, retards!

Author says the action was a "minimum gesture of solidarity with the survivors of the Israeli state's summer attack on Gaza."

Can't speak for anyone else, but I've never been to the 4chan site, much less spread anything there. Did think the attacks on Gaza were heinous, though. If that's what you consider "antisemitism," it says more about your attitudes than mine.

No, but people coming here telling us about Israel is the center of all evil on this planet are obviously antisemites.

Again, this communique wasn't just about the Gaza drone strikes, there almost a paragraph on the earlier systematic drone attacks in Pakistan, as well as there are in many other places in NATO-targeted areas.

jeez the link to the «judaists not jews» post doesnt works ;~;

Good, because it's racist nonsense that shouldn't be hosted here, you ignorant fuck. Go run along back to stormfront and your evola books now.

No nooo racists are them Jooooz and Blacks! Me no racist except when they attack Our Race and loot for fun, those savages!!

Many pages are down..

native ingigenous people :))

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