Moscow anarchist philosopher to spend 6 days in Belarus jail for ‘swearing’

  • Posted on: 12 October 2017
  • By: thecollective

From Belsat

On October 10, Pyotr Ryabov was taken off the train after he had delivered a lecture in the Belarusian city of Baranavichy.

A day later, a Baranovichi court found Ryabov guilty of hooliganism and sentenced him to 6 days in prison.

Ryabov and one of his associates were charged with hooliganism. “He was accused of swearing and refusal to obey to the police requirements,” his friend says.

On October, the Hrodna riot policemen broke in the building of the Urban Life Center where Pyotr Ryabov was doing lecturing.

The police detained the philosopher and over 20 listeners and kept them in Leninsky district police department Grodno for 5 hours. The detainees were fingerprinted, each had to give their reasons for attending the lecture. According to the police officers, an administrative case might be open against them for alleged participation in an unauthorized mass event, but it is unclear whether the listeners would serve as participants or witnesses.

Dozens of meetings and lectures on history and culture have been already held in the Urban Life Center. It is not until the arrival of the anarchism scholar that some problem has arisen.

The Hrodna seized some books from Pyotr Ryabov. The philosopher links such a nervous reaction to his anarchist views. Both Belarusiand and Russian authorities are wary of anarchists and fight against them.

Another wave of persecution started in late September. The police raided at least three apartments where anarchists live and confiscated computer equipment. In one of the houses, riot policemen beat residents and took their money. Anarchists Kiril Alyakseyeu and Dzmitry Paliyenka are still behind bars.



They should have arrested philosophy itself.

Yeah... Too bad Emile wasn't around when that happened. Imagine the crowd of anarchists applauding State repression, for once.

Not how I roll! I'm thinking more like, the stockade in the public square and we see which density of rotten vegetables finally learns him about the necessity of duality in conflict?

The scale starts with rotten cabbage and goes up to uncooked potato. Potatoes are pretty nasty though! He only deserves rotten tomatoes.

i feel like its gonna take the raw potatoes for me to actually get it, personally. or maybe i just really need to get punched?

Who the fuck are you..? Some random other person who leaps willingly in to the stockade? Some sort of martyr complex or bondage thing?

Potato jelly with a 2 weeks fermentation cycle is the best deterrent! Or rotten fish juice in your supersoaker, or...

good fucking question!

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