On the Murder of Trayvon Martin

  • Posted on: 23 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>The story is by now a familiar one. A young black male has been gunned down in cold blood by a person in a position of authority. It seems like a fresh outrage like this happens almost every week. And yet nothing changes, despite the numbers that swell the sidewalks at rallies denouncing the murders. Cries for justice ring out from every corner of the city, the state, the country, even the world. And yet the murders continue unabated. Each time the tragedy rips at our hearts, opening old wounds over the lives of those lost before, while carving new ones as details of the killing come out.

Except this time it was a little different. The shooter was not a cop in a uniform. He was an unlicensed neighborhood watch captain, a self-appointed cop in civilian clothes. Make no mistake, although Zimmerman was not a badged member of the local police department, he was nonetheless a police. He clearly wanted to imitate the murdering racists he saw around him, playing out a fantasy in his own neighborhood.</td><td><img title="Isn't it enough to call him a murderer & racist?" src="http://anarchistnews.org/files/pictures/2008/hoodedgang.jpg"></td></tr><...
A dark-skinned boy is seen walking along the streets of a mostly white neighborhood. Zimmerman sees the boy as an outsider, and pursues the youth through his neighborhood. The boy speaks to his girlfriend on the phone about a strange man following him. Zimmerman speaks on the phone with the police, using a racial slur as he tells the cops he is trailing a “suspicious person.”

Screams ring out through the neighborhood. A gunshot goes off. The screams stop. A kid lies dead, shot once through the chest. Cops arrive on the scene and Zimmerman reveals to them he was the murderer. The uniformed police immediately accept Zimmerman’s false claim of self-defense, and begin to cover up the murder. The police choose to shield the murderer from persecution because he acts in accordance with their own interests, showing, as always, the police never “serve and protect” the true interests of a community. They treat Zimmerman as if he was a brother in arms. The cops act as a state-backed gang, beating back those who do not fit the plans for their master’s greed driven world, and aiding those who do.


Another unprovoked lynching in the south. This time it’s setting off a panic. It’s supposed to be a new era; did we not get rid of lynching? Many believed we were in a sort of post-race America. Trayvon Martin’s murder has smashed apart this myth. Outrage over the killing has spread rapidly through various social networks, and is beginning to spread into the streets across the country. We can no longer pretend that we have erased the old lines of color that divide our society.

Anger is mostly being focused on George Zimmerman at the moment, but only punishing the murderer will not bring justice. The murder of Trayvon was not just a result of one “bad apple” want-to-be cop acting out on his prejudiced and stereotyping beliefs. It was rather the result of a doomed institution, which grants power to murdering, racist thugs with badges, and to those who chose to act like them, even if they don’t have a badge and a government issued weapon. Attacks should not just be made on an individual, but on the system which perpetuates murders like Trayvon’s, Ariston Waiter’s, Joe Stafford’s, and many, many others.

This is not the first the first time there has been race-driven killing by an “authority figure” in Sanford, Florida. Nor will it be the last if the protests are limited to staged rallies, with a set list of speakers who speak vaguely of the need for “justice” and “accountability.” A focus on just punishing the committer of a murder fails to look at the overall conditions which lead to the murder. We cannot expect the murders of young black males by police to stop while the institution of policing remains. While Zimmerman himself is not sworn in as a police officer, he has served in the same “role” as one in this case. The Sanford Police Department has also helped to cover up the murder, treating Zimmerman as if he did have a badge. The police have released conflicting witness statements to create a murkier picture of the killing. They also failed to conduct any immediate investigation of Zimmerman, allowing facts to disappear before they became public.

While the system is horribly and fatally fucked, we also cannot ignore the actions of the individual. Clearly Zimmerman’s act was terrible, and has damaged all those involved. This deed must elicit a response, but to what degree is tough to decide. Judging the community dynamics and appropriate conflict response from so far away is difficult. Most across the country are demanding the legal prosecution of the Zimmerman, as the proper way to attain justice. Already a police commissioner has resigned, under community pressure for failing to arrest Zimmerman. We cannot ignore the appalling killing Zimmerman has committed. But to send someone into the prison-industrial complex is never justice. This may seem an extreme stance for some, but it is clear to others that while what Zimmerman did was despicable, sentencing him to serve time in prison only places him under the rule of those who commit racist acts of violence every day. Punishing one individual through prison only perpetuates the terrible system.

Some may attempt to defend Zimmerman’s intentions, even as his actions are universally accepted as deplorable. “He was just trying to protect his neighborhood, without relying on the police, isn’t that commendable?” they’ll say. Certainly communities that do not rely on the police to resolve conflicts are desirable. But this was not what Zimmerman was after. He was still heavily dependent on the police, as evidenced by the forty-six calls he made to police in just over a year. Zimmerman instead was attempting to emulate police behavior, giving himself a false position of authority by anointing himself the head of the neighborhood watch. He was not interested in creating a welcoming community, but rather a space free of “outsiders”. To Zimmerman all black men were automatically suspicious outsiders. Racism like this cannot be accepted, and Zimmerman should not escape without consequences. The consequences provided by the state are not adequate; they do nothing to prevent atrocities like these from happening once again.

Protesters have begun to take to the streets in many communities in outrage over Trayvon Martin’s murder. So far much of the rage has been focused on just this specific case, but we should encourage an expansion of the anger to include the entire racist policing institution. Trayvon’s murder is a result of the same apparatus that has given Atlanta the killings of Ariston Waiters and Joetavius Stafford in just the last six months. Their names, and the countless others who are victims of police violence, should not be forgotten as Trayvon is mourned. The collective anger everyone has felt over Trayvon’s death should not just be directed towards the legal punishment of one person, nor should it be limited to desperate pleas to authority figures to stop the violence. A victory in this battle is not a prison sentence for George Zimmerman, or a new piece of legislation. Rise up and strike back against the pigs who attempt to control our lives.

Against (A)LL Police
Fire to the Prisons


And just last night, someone shot a cop in Atlanta from the top of a Cafe.

There is a "Hoodie March" this Monday at 5pm at the Capitol in Atlanta. Hundreds expected to show.

Another piece out of Atlanta on Trayvon's murder: The Hoodie Did It: Thoughts on Trayvon Martin's Murder

On a recent segment of Fox & Friends, one remarkably stupid pundit quipped, “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin's death as George Zimmerman was.” Another co-host followed with a piercing observation: “Perception is reality.” Nothing could be more true for Fox News and its viewers. If the many barbarisms that spill out of Fox News tell us anything, it is that fantasy reigns supreme, god-like, over observable reality. For Fox News, facts are not simply expendable: their constant erasure is a precondition for the reproduction of normative fantasy. This is why it is so misguided to try persuading the far right (or even most liberals). Even if an unarmed black child is gunned down by a neighborhood watch fanatic, who apparently called the teenager a “coon” during his 911 call, there will still be room for victim-blaming and exactly the kind of spin that lets people walk away from the “news” segment feeling validated in their postmodern racism: “Ah, what a relief! After all, it is natural and inevitable that this child was killed. Ultimately, it was his fault and his parents' fault as much as it was Zimmerman's.”

As in the circulation of commodities, the law of capitalist fantasy is general equivalence. Establish a binary (at minimum), and with that come two sides that are represented as equal opposites. This is the formula for the Orwellian slogan, “fair and balanced.” The end result is that no firm position is viable: Zimmerman cannot be outright condemned without some kind of qualification. Capitalist fantasy is insulated from all rebuttals because it turns inward on itself; it rejects history past and present, repressing brutality, injustice, and inequality. Capitalism will never recognize inequality precisely because it thrives on equivalence. (This is the secret of liberal capitalism.) Thus, if Trayvon Martin was just as guilty as his murderer, then it follows that Martin's death is a consequence of two equals meeting on the street. As Marx said, “When rights are equal, force prevails.” The problem is that, in Martin's case, the two sides here were never equal. (Are they ever?) Zimmerman, regardless of his heritage, is a white supremacist in some form; he wears the clothing of normative (white supremacist) ideology, and with that comes the xenophobic paranoia that led to Martin's death. Somehow, Martin was perceived to be a threat. Threats must not be negotiated but eliminated; this is another capitalist law.

Is perception reality? No, of course not, but perception certainly mediates our contact with reality—at least under the kind of minimally rational circumstances that seldom apply to Fox News. However, under the rubric of normative, capitalist ideology (which applies to liberals as much as to conservatives), perception does not mediate contact with reality but instead precludes any and all contact with an objective basis in real facts. Reality is not the foundation of capitalist thinking; it is instead ejected into orbit around the fantasy—a satellite, an alibi, but not (as in revolutionary or critical thinking) a foundation. This is why, no matter how potent the cause for peace and justice seems in our eyes, it will never be sufficient to simply persuade the opponents of freedom and democracy. When they gun us down, they will invent fantasies to justify the act postmortem. In order to create change, like Samson, we will have to tear down the prison around us.

Last fall, as community members and political organizers stood together in Union City to speak against the cold-blooded murder of Ariston Waiters, Edward Dubose, President of the Georgia chapter of the NAACP, cried out, “Never again!” Black radicals took the stage, urging the crowd to stop the murder of black youths “by any means necessary.” Certainly, the state sustains its monopoly on violence and power by any means necessary, and of course Fox News maintains its grip on fantasy by any means necessary, but there is no hope that liberalism or reformism could ever match the steadfast commitment that this simple phrase implies. When Malcolm X began using the phrase decades ago, he spoke about the ultimatum that had been forced on black people at the time—obey, or else. Submit to the status quo, or else. Segregation. Disenfranchisement. Malcolm offered up another solution: “the ballot or the bullet.” Black America would represent itself or else.

In those days, such a binary made obvious sense. Black America wasn't getting its fair shake in the electoral system, and yet black youth were being sent to Vietnam in order to die in droves—and for what? Nothing more than the masturbatory exercise of capitalist state power. The most unforgivable murder is the one that serves no purpose other than the pursuit of an insatiable lust for violence and power. Today, things are less clear, but this is only because America has deluded itself for all these years. Now that black politicians have joined the ruling class elite, are things much better? Black children are still shot and killed with impunity, whether by police themselves or by fascists who have internalized the police state so completely that they can't be distinguished from the real thing. Likewise, black America is still astonishingly poor: black wealth is a full twenty times lower on average than that of whites; another way of putting this is that black America is 5% as wealthy as white America. Here in Atlanta, a majority black city, the wealth gap between rich and poor is the greatest in the country. Nationally, the wealth gap has tripled over the last thirty years, even as education and healthcare costs have multiplied in the last decade alone. Capitalism pushes forward. Another unarmed black youth shot dead. So many Americans have forgotten what “by any means necessary” means: no election, regulation, or legal decree will ever defeat poverty or systemic racism.

Americans love to demand democracy, but they all too often promote hypocrisy. Activated by the ventriloquist power of ideology, they preach of freedom in a marketplace where the vast majority of all wealth is owned by a minuscule ruling class, where workers are so impoverished by the wage system that they have nothing to sell or trade but their own labor, and where, when one community member has been murdered by another, there is absolutely nothing that the community can do about it except look to those who hold power over that community, to those who are themselves responsible for so much death and suffering. Thus, even after all of the hot words offered over the lukewarm body of Ariston Waiters, his murderer—nicknamed “Machine Gun” Lewis—has long been back on his beat. Nothing has changed except the loss of another innocent black life. The level of absurdity here is so profound that a deranged pack of pundits stepped onto a national television platform in order to blame the dead and the living with equal distinction.

What will it take for a mass movement that rejects traditional sources of state power, mocks the fantasies of normative ideology, and empowers the people to create change for themselves? Another dead black youth? How about 1.5 million dead Iraqis? 4.9 million dead Afghanis? Perhaps a third major war in the Middle East? Maybe a sharp decline in property values or yet another solid market crash? The fact is that capitalism—including all of its apparatuses, normative religion, schools, the state, and the marketplace—has already shown itself to be an unstable, genocidal, inefficient, remarkably brutal system. The conditions that demand revolution, the conditions that liberals and even many so-called revolutionaries claim lie in some distant, unspecified future, are already here. Still, nothing changes except talk, and at the heart of it all is a system that runs on centuries-old racism.

White supremacy is the lubricant by which capitalism operates in America. A permanently poor underclass of largely black and brown workers, many of them immigrants. If the side-effect of white supremacy is, like a calculable statistic, a certain amount of dead black children, then, for the sake of sustaining capitalism, so be it! If there are still people deluded enough to preach about the wonders of capitalism, or their own relative comfort, then it is only fantasy that sustains them, insulating them from the world around them. How fitting, then, that so many millions of Americans undergo the daily ritual of wrapping themselves in sealed machines, hurtling through the concrete spaces of our drab downtown corridors. Car culture! Atomized, physically isolated, emotionally disconnected, intellectually starved, socially segregated, politically disenfranchised, economically enslaved, what else could sustain or explain the status quo, the cold-blooded murder of an unarmed black child, except the overwhelming power of fantasy?

Trayvon Martin is dead. Bullets tore through his body. He perished screaming for help. As we add his name to a growing list of the dead, we should think strategically and realistically about what we can do here in Atlanta to elevate the interwoven struggles against racism, capitalism, and the state. A rally will not do. A campaign will not do. If a sinister web of delusional fantasies is the driving force behind the status quo, behind the very forces that are still protecting Trayvon Martin's murderer, then we must also raise consciousness. We must create actions that are inventive and extraordinary, for ourselves and in tribute to the dead.

How do you know Zimmerman's claim of self-defense was false? It was Zimmerman screaming. He had a bloody nose, a gash in the back of his head, the there were grass stains all over the back of his shirt.

The neighborhood watch is vastly preferable to having police provide security for the neighborhood.

It seems like the author of this piece is leaping to stereotypical and racist conclusions agains Zimmerman just because he is a Latino.

yeah, cause you know that an unarmed 17 year old kid who only had Skittles and an iced tea is such a threat to a 28 year old man with a gun.

also the Neighborhood watch = police

It sounds like what you're saying is when this kid was more than a match for the older man in a hand-to-hand engagement, zimmerman had every right to shoot him.

That IS how most paramilitary training manuals would dictate escalation of force, but it assumes that there should be assholes with guns wandering around and harassing people for being "suspicious looking" in their own damn neighbourhood. HUGE assumption friend.

I've only read that the Police are the ones saying that he had a bloody nose and the gash in the back of his head, but it was been mentioned that there were no medical evaluation of Zimmerman at all, so really the only people claiming such are him and the police. Obviously anything the police say is not trustworthy in any way and even if it were true that he had a bloody nose and a gash on the back of the head there is nothing to suggest that he didn't do it to himself to make it look like self defense (this is obviously speculation, but things like this do happen). Also why did Zimmerman find this kid suspicious and out following him kid to begin with, the evidence suggests that it was because the kid was black, there cab be no other explanation as all he was doing was walking down the street.

This has to be a joke post. And if it is, it's not funny.

I don't think so, its either straight trolling or someone with a vested interest for Zimmerman. This exact comment has appeared in all kinds of different stories about this today.

why would he be screaming 'help help oh my god' if he had a gun and was aiming it at the kid?

also he weighs about 100 lbs more than martin did.

beyond all that he was chasing the kid through the neighborhood with a gun so even if martin did attack him, he was within in his rights to do so because he was being threatened.

oh and the girl who was talking to him on the phone testimony makes this all bs.

decent troll tho

worthless troll is not worth it.

Ha ha, who the fuck writes this? If I was high i couldn't make this shit up.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is not preferable. What is with liberals like yourself? You liberals make the same case with politics too! "Well I know he isn't doing much, but i'd much rather have a democrat in the house than a republican. NO! A democrat is a republican is a nazi is moron is our enemy. FUCK THEM. Same goes here. Neighborhood watch groups work with the police and they only give a fuck about property. They want to rid their neighborhood of the "unclean". They are no better than the police. They are the same.

In response to "NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is not".....What makes you jump to the conclusion that this OP is a liberal? He sounds like not a single liberal I know. It's only conservative types that are defending Zimmerman, from what I've seen.

I agree with this person, except I don't know if it was a conservative either.
To me it seemed like a clumsy attempt to appeal to anarchist sensibilities by arguing that since neighborhood watch supposedly isn't police that we should therefore defend Zimmerman because otherwise prefigurative neighbourhood watching might get ruined by the state.
To which the only reasonable answer is 'Die in a fire.'

So how do you keep people accountable? Politics of cool-ass-dude-bros? What if I murdered all egoists based on the fact they tend to hate black people? Would the cool-ass-dude-bros come out and seek revenge? Wouldn't that be neighborhood watch?

You don't. Because accountability is a sad standard to shoot for. It isn't liberation and it does next to nothing to attack white supremacy and patriarchy. The point is to block the power structures that reproduce raced and gendered violence on a mass scale. Best way to do that is through egoistic struggle.

>tend to hate black people
Relevance, and what the fuck?

>Would the cool-ass-dude-bros come out and seek revenge?
Don't know what group this actually refers to, but assuming you mean egoists, well, it would depend on how much of a fuck they gave. And it wouldn't be the neighbourhood watch because they wouldn't be trying to instill an order into the whole of social relations within a territory.

"What if I murdered all egoists based on the fact they tend to hate black people?"

or based on your delusional assumption that egoists tend hate black people? I've never seen anything in any egoist writings that I have read to suggest that there is any tendency for egoists to hate black people.

If you're trolling, I've been trolled.
If not, kill yourself with fire. I would fully support Trayvon if he'd given Zimmerman a vicious beating for tailing and calling the cops on him due to his horrendous crime of being black in the wrong place. But in all likelihood that isn't what happened. Zimmerman wanted to be a hero and get a notch on his spear for cop-cred, so he dispatched someone he thought no one would care about and who he knew police would protect him for.
Some niger. Cops shoot em all the time. Most never see court. Even if they do, they get paid leave and a couple of years at most.
Only this time, thanks a huge amount of external pressure, he fucked up. And now no one knows how this is going to end. I personally hope immense race riots and that afterwards he just disappears.
We're anarchists, btw, so neighbourhood watches don't impress us much. We understand that they're just an extension of the police, and we hate them just as much. Please do kill yourself though. It'd be doing a lot of people a favour, including you.

There is NOTHING in this article that suggests that the author is "leaping to stereotypical and racist conclusions"... are you fucking CRAZY?! Zimmerman was obviously racially profiling Trayvon... If Taryvon punched Zimmerman when Zimmerman got out of the car to confront him [for the terrible crime of Walking While Black], he deserved to get a fucking bloody nose!!! He deserves much worse, for fuck's sake. This kid is DEAD.

Trayvon's mom heard the tape and identified the screams as being from Trayvon. So fuck troll.

I wouldnt be surprised if this was George Zimmerman himself or the ex chief that wrote this..If Zimmerman would have followed orders of the 911 dispatch in the first place, non of this would have happened...but instead a man who desperately wanted to be a cop shot and killed an unarmed teenager...

Zimmerman was trailing an unarmed African American whom he assumed to be a neighborhood burglar. Its not racism as in master over owned so much as a devree of separation in Zimmermans emulation of law enforcement. But he had no business following Martin to begin with, or being armed for that murder. Where as I dont believe race was the determinate characteristic of the murder, it certainly played enough of a role in the events leading up to it, that it has to b emphasised. In dealing, ith racism, and this is a cliche, a liberal one at that but a legitimate one, youre, were fighting a culture war. Of course race and entitlement played a part in the fqct that Zimmerman still hasnt been arrested.

I just think the whole thing is tragic and that it's just as feasible that Zimmerman did act in self-defense against Trayvan attacking him. We just don't know the whole story yet. What is amazing is seeing all the people jump on the "Trayvan was the victim" bandwagon without knowing the truth. Rallies, people resigning their positions, protests. Crazy. Even our President making assumptions without knowing the facts. Impressive, yeah, I am really gonna vote for someone who makes decisions without having all the facts, just because the "victim" happened to be black. Sad state of affairs in this country. I just hope the true facts come out. Perhaps the voice heard yelling for help can be tracked to belong to one or the other, then we might find out what really happened.

Zimmerman is not Latino, he has 1/4 Peruvian blood, his mother is white and Peruvian and his father is WHITE! The police video has been released there is NOT A MARK ON ZIMMERMAN, NO BLOOD, NO WET SHIRT, NO HEAD ABRASION! The person heard screaming clearly is Trayvon, witnesses even stated this and then police corrected those statements! This is a farce! George Zimmerman can be heard saying fucking coons, and these assholes always get away, he is a racist PIG. Trayvon is DEAD what more do you want????

you racist idiots want zimmerman to be white so bad it's pathetic. he is not white, just deal with it.

There's police footage out showing Zimmerman perfectly healthy and fine.

The conflicting witness reports refers to the testimony of Mary Cutcher. The police claim her statement went along with the self-defense claim made by Zimmerman. In other interviews Cutcher has stated she heard the cries of a boy, followed by a gunshot and an end to the cries. She also mentions repeated the police repeated ignored her attempts to provide them with more information.

This is not the first time Zimmerman has been accused of excessive violence. He has also stated his desire to become a cop. He has also suffered violence. He has been robbed at gun point, and had his jaw broken, after involvement in a fight.

The killing committed by Zimmerman was no doubt the result of a violent system. But most of the public attention on the case is solely on Zimmerman's actions. Debating "just how racist" the killing was does little to help abolish the broken system. The public debate must focus on how people are allowed the positions of power from which they can commit atrocious acts, such as Zimmerman's.

the system isn't broken
it was built this way

all the more reason to kill it with fire.

Precisely, which is why almost no one in the public debate will look at from that angle.


Midwestern Songs of the Americas

Situationist Comedy


So much is hidden from this story. I believe it is so in order to sell news and secure a race riot for the media to have a circus to report on. Check out the info I have investigated on below:

The Miami Herald reports:

The liberal media appears to be circling like sharks around a neighborhood watch captain, who claims to have shot a 17 year old Black in self-defense. The liberal media is describing the Black as a “boy” and claiming that he only weighs “140 lbs”. Pictures of him when he was several years younger are being circulated as if they’re recent.

An article in the UK Daily Mail reports “Zimmerman told police officers that he had shot Martin and officers found a semiautomatic handgun on him (MARTIN).

The report said that Zimmerman’s back was wet and he was covered in grass as if he had been on the ground. He was bleeding from his nose and the back of the head, the report said. A police officer said he overheard Zimmerman say, ‘I was yelling for someone to help me but no one would help me’ while he was being treated by paramedics.”

Why aren’t the liberal news sites mentioning that Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and the back of the head? Could it be that they’re trying to stir up a mob of ill-informed liberals to lynch what they thought was a White person?

Another news article reports on the 911 call:

“’This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something,’ Zimmerman tells the 911 operator. ‘He’s just staring, looking at all the houses. Now he’s coming toward me. He’s got his hand in his waistband. Something’s wrong with him.’”

“Zimmerman described Martin as wearing a hoodie and sweatpants or jeans. He continues: ‘He’s coming to check me out. He’s got something in his hands. I don’t know what his deal is. Can we get an officer over here?’”

Virtually all the news media articles leave out the above portion of the 911 call. Add to that, the fact that it was raining, and the Black 17 year old was taking the time to case the houses in the neighborhood. Could it be that liberals don’t want White people envisioning a suspicious Black wearing a hoodie in a gated community staring at their homes?

The 911 call continues:

“‘These a–holes always get away,’ he says to the operator. Zimmerman is then heard giving directions to the dispatcher.”

“’Sh-t, he’s running,’( toward me) Zimmerman says.”

During the scuffle, Zimmerman called out for help ( the real person crying for help, not Martin), but no one responded. Zimmerman suffered a bloody nose and a blow to the back of his head. It was at this point, that Zimmerman -in fear for his life- pulled out his 9mm pistol and shot Trayvon.

The police talked with Zimmerman and observed that he had suffered injuries and was covered with grass after being knocked to the ground.

The liberals don’t have an excuse for why Trayvon ran from and then physically assaulted a Neighborhood Watch volunteer. I guess in the minds of the liberals it’s OK for young Blacks to violently assault White people in our own neighborhoods, and we’re not supposed to respond.

Thankfully Florida has a Concealed Carry law and a “stand your ground” law so White people can legally defend themselves from a violent assault. As much as the liberals want to lynch George Zimmerman, they don’t have a legal leg to stand on considering that Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman.

wow that's racist.

zimmerman should be killed. and not by the government. if trayvon's parents had any dignity, they'd fucking blow his brains out on live TV.

and i like this commenter to know i hope someone does the same to him for being an apologist for this white supremacist system and the murderers it protects.


>>So much is hidden from this story. I believe it is so in order to sell news and secure a race riot for the media to have a circus to report on. Check out the info I have investigated on below:
While it is true that media often drums up reports in order to sell their products more effectively, the media rarely encourages any form of strong psychical resistance, as suggested here. Your entire argument focuses around this flawed idea that media wants a race riot to report upon.

>>The liberal media appears to be circling like sharks around a neighborhood watch captain, who claims to have shot a 17 year old Black in self-defense. The liberal media is describing the Black as a “boy” and claiming that he only weighs “140 lbs”.

Trayvon Martin was a boy. He was 17 years old, not old enough “legally” to carry a gun, vote, or get married. He was in high school. He was a YOUTH and that is a fact. He was shot after walking to the store to get candy and a drink. How the fuck can his race affect whether or not he was a “boy”? Being black is not a crime as you seem to think that it is.

>>Why aren’t the liberal news sites mentioning that Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and the back of the head? Could it be that they’re trying to stir up a mob of ill-informed liberals to lynch what they thought was a White person?

Almost every article I’ve read has included that Zimmerman was found with a cut on his head. The police have been the only ones to mention Zimmerman’s cut in their official reports, and all subsequent reports mentioning Zimmerman’s cuts have used the police as their source. Your rhetorical questions attempt to shift the focus of the conversation towards media manipulation of the case and away from other important aspects. But again this is fundamentally not true. The media is not trying to stir a crazy mob to go hang Zimmerman. You appear to be following a form of white supremacist logic. You are embracing and repeating the racial profiling and stereotyping of Zimmerman in your attempted argument in defense of him. You assume that Trayvon deserved suspicion just for being black. And instead of realizing this, you make up mass media attacks on your ideologies.

>>Virtually all the news media articles leave out the above portion of the 911 call. Add to that, the fact that it was raining, and the Black 17 year old was taking the time to case the houses in the neighborhood. Could it be that liberals don’t want White people envisioning a suspicious Black wearing a hoodie in a gated community staring at their homes?

This is sickening. Martin was staying at a house in the neighborhood. He was walking back from buying candy at the store. He was not “taking the time to case the houses in the neighborhood.” Let me state again that being black is not a crime as you assume over and over again in your comment. Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend, he admitted to being worried about a “dude” that was following him. It’s logical now to imagine that Trayvon was feeling immensely threatened and scared by the much older man who was tailing him.

>>The 911 call continues:
“‘These a–holes always get away,’ he says to the operator. Zimmerman is then heard giving directions to the dispatcher.”

Zimmerman again shows his the ridiculous assumptions he has already made about Martin, based solely on his appearance. Martin was not an “asshole” attempting to “get away” with anything. He was a kid going to get candy from a store. Again you need reminding being black is not a crime.

>>The liberals don’t have an excuse for why Trayvon ran from and then physically assaulted a Neighborhood Watch volunteer. I guess in the minds of the liberals it’s OK for young Blacks to violently assault White people in our own neighborhoods, and we’re not supposed to respond.

Your white supremacist views are very apparent in this paragraph. You argue that it is ok for Neighborhood watch, a close affiliate with white supremacist police, to hunt down and kill any perceived outsiders to the neighborhood, which in your mind is any black male. But according to you it is not ok for a scared young kid to fight back against the older man who tailed him home as Trayvon was walking in his OWN neighborhood.

>>Thankfully Florida has a Concealed Carry law and a “stand your ground” law so White people can legally defend themselves from a violent assault. As much as the liberals want to lynch George Zimmerman, they don’t have a legal leg to stand on considering that Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman.

The legal system is designed and run by the same white supremacist system that Zimmerman had internalized when he hunted down and shot Trayvon Martin. That they have managed to create a legal loophole through which Zimmerman may escape prosecution does nothing to excuse the murder he committed. For that foul system to be destroyed racist views like yours must be abolished.

Yeah, we're anarchists. That kind of analysis isn't not gonna fly around here.
You're being openly racist on a site full of people who want to abolish white supremacy.

"Check out the info I have investigated ...

An article in the UK Daily Mail"

Eat shit and die.

Zimmerman isnt whate, A), and B) black folk hqve just as much reason to defend themselves. I dont think racism is what pulled the trigger, but its definitely what prompted mentally incompitent, half caucasion (jewish, like me) to follow Martin as if he were a criminal. If I were Trayvon Martin, black or not I cant say I wouldnt have acted the same. On top of which nobody thought Zimmerman to have enough sense to be in the position he was in.

But you dont care about rational arguements, because you're a neo-fascist.

I'm more liberal than anyone I know (hell, I believe everyone should own a gun), and I think the black community (not as a whole) is demanding a race driven crucifixion.

The media has only responded to one side of the story and I imagine the pro-black groups are banking on it like they did with the Duke lacrosse team debacle a few years back.

Pounced based on assumptions only for the allegations to bite them in the ass.

Until we know the facts -- allegations based on assumptions are more dangerous than any one person with a pistol.

Also -- racial profiling might be similar to racism, but they are distinctly different.

Racial profiling is the same as marketing. Know your customer and develop your product around them.

Based on Sanford, Florida's crime statistics, I see that it has a crime index which is substantially higher than the national average for its population.

Also, reviewing the crime statistics for Florida based on race shows an overwhelmingly higher percentage of blacks committing dramatically more crime per capita.

If this is the case, Mr. Zimmerman knows his "customer" and has the insight to investigate.

you can't gather accurate statistics on what populations are committing more crime.

you can gather accurate statistics on which populations are being arrested for and charged with more crime, but these reflect racial profiling by police as much or more than they reflect actual rates of committing crime.

oh also, dumbass, anarchists are against the existence of laws and don't have any particular problem with people breaking them.

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