My boys, The Cleveland 5

  • Posted on: 24 June 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>This rant I hope you’re about to read is an amalgamation of strong emotions and revelations regarding my comrades, the Cleveland 5, since this nightmare started. I would like to start by dispelling any misunderstandings folks may have of the boys. I call them boys because I’m quite a bit older than most of them. Except for Tony, most feel like sons to me. I never had the pleasure of meeting Tony but my entire family knows him well and vouches for him. Tony was going to fix my roof this summer. Tony, I’m going to just keep jamming old shirts in that hole in the roof. It will be waiting for you when you get out. Hurry.

These boys are not the college educated anti-authoritarian types I’m guessing make up the fantastic groups like ALF, ELF, or what have you. They are not the highly organized ones who have carried out actions that have dumb founded the authorities for years. These boys aren’t editing any zines. The boys were raised by working class folks with all the hardship that entails. Many came to meet through Occupy, being exposed to new people, ideas, and sharing their own beliefs. They are the gritty Anarchists. They are my comrades. I’m with them until the end. Period. No exceptions.</td><td><img title="There is no emoticon for tears!" src=""></td></tr></t...

My son met Doug at Occupy. Both volunteered and had their responsibilities. Doug would many times stay up late and help my son. They became friends. Doug told my wife he thought of Gus as a younger brother and that he had his back. And he did. In my letters to you, Doug, I refer to you as son. And I mean it.

Skelly, you came to my house once to help my son with his bike. I know you mostly through photos and stories. Stories of your reputation to drop everything and help someone in need. My favorite story is the one where you were walking to an event and were jumped by two men. You single handedly fought off your attackers and continued on to your event. Black eye and all. Word is Skelly that you are not doing well in jail. I have no idea what you are going through. We need to get you help.

Connor, the poem writing, giggling young man who is apparently giving beards a bad name. You are an extremely talented young writer. Thank you for agreeing to attempt to write an ABC of Anarcho Primitivism with me. Though it now looks like it will be more of a Letters from Prison with a little Black and Green swirled in for good measure. It will be an entertaining read if nothing else. I will always be amazed about the time you giggled through an entire plate of salad greens. I can see giggling through a carrot or a radish. But an entire salad!? Love.

Brandon, I’ve known you the longest. I remember the first time I met you. Walking into my kitchen and seeing this giant, shirtless young man sweating all over my counter top. You immediately shook my hand and engaged me thoughtful and enlightened conversation. Brandon, you always ate my experimental casseroles without complaint. And even had seconds. You’re wonderfully extraverted, energetic, and it’s an honor to call you comrade.

Brandon, I also want to take a moment to apologize to you. I have a lot of guilt. I’m not sure of the dates but there was that period of time where I was mad at you for a reason that seems quite silly now. I pushed you away and had nothing to do with you. I know now the FBI was pulling that Security Culture in reverse shit on you, but I feel that if I would have stayed in contact with you instead of pushing you away, I could have maybe picked up on something not being right. I’m so incredibly sad and angry all the time now. Please forgive me, Brandon. You’re a good boy. You don’t deserve this shit. Leftovers in the fridge.

I strongly advise folks reading this to think hard if they know of anyone who has recently drifted away. Anyone they have lost contact with who falls into the same category of these boys. If so, touch base with them. See how they’re doing. How are they financially? See if they have made any new friends. And without being too intrusive, maybe just inform them of the thousands of provocateurs out there. That if someone pushy comes along promising them something that is too good to be true, advise them to just walk away.

The FBI and other agencies are actively entrapping the gritty ones (for now). And they are good at it. The FBI has to legitimize an 8 billion dollar a year budget. When Occupy was in full swing it was reported that the FBI sent out roughly 15,000 agents to infiltrate. There will be more Cleveland 5’s .

The State is pushing hard and fast. They will not stop. The world is quickly running out of resources and we are witnessing the final feeding frenzy of what’s left of it. Anyone or any group that is perceived as a threat to profit and or privilege will be prosecuted as a terrorist. Guaranteed.

My boys were entrapped to send a message. They were entrapped to further an agenda. That agenda includes the Final Empire’s last desperate grab of what is left of planet earth.

What do we do now? What do I do now? All I want to do is scream. Scream for my boys. Scream for vengeance.


This is beautiful! Fuck the feds; FREE THE 5!!!

Sold me...solidarity, reservations about the action aside...

This really touched my heart. Solidarity through and through.

Strong men also cry...strong men also...cry.

THIS is what it means to have solidarity, THIS is what it means to EMBRACE a diversity of tactics. To the writer--you are an inspiration, your honesty is swelling and overpowering to this crass and jaded anarchist asshole.

thanks, you made me cry.

this is very touching. but. i have to say i've been around the block a few times on A street and have been hit up for cash innumerable times whenever anyone does something stupid like hanging out with an infiltrator and planning pointless crimes. i'm supposed to 'show solidarity' because they did it 'for anarchy' or what have you. i'm sorry but i've long ago stopped feeling guilty for not anteing up. people make terrible mistakes and i feel bad for them. this doesn't mean they deserve a share of what little i live on. and the repetition of such incidents is perhaps the most troubling. what has 'the community' learned? how come people we know have snitched on anarchists are running around while others insist 'snitches get stitches'? there is something so dysfunctional about how 'security culture' (or the lack thereof), clandestine action and militancy (or the fetishization thereof), and the 'movement banner' of 'solidarity' intersect in such instances, that seems to demonstrate something really troubling about how this so-called 'community' or 'movement' coheres as such. why do these things happen again and again? do people really care about what they claim to, or is it all one big make-work project?

*a make-work project, it need not be repeated, which leads to small numbers of people losing large chunks of their lives to the hell of prison, while others praise and are 'inspired by' them... blowing up a bridge? srsly? I'm sorry but i thought most of us were past the sort of 'social rupture' viewpoint ...

Always with the passe' bullshit.

Just remember all of the information you know about this situation is coming from the FBI and the corporate media. What if it wasn't their plan at all? Wait till you have all of the facts before you start judging

these kids are going to PRISON for a long time. Fuck you and your self-righteous indignation.

You have to be selective about the things you financially support? Sure, so do the rest of us.
Thats no reason to hate on those who are very much in need of support right now.
Of course the planned action was stupid. Everyone fucking knows that.
The point is that these kids are fucked due to government entrapment, which is very likely part of the same process framing the narrative to crack down on the rest of us and resistance in general.

No one said you have to feel guilty. Just understand that this isn't about dumb people trying to blow up some stupid fucking bridge. This is asymmetrical warfare against anarchists.

Seconded. This shit should be obvious.

Do we not want the war?

It's not about guiltily ante-ing up to resolve someone's mistakes.
It's not about what the community gained from or owes to these guys.


I appreciate your critique but maybe this isn't the place for it. This piece is incredibly vulnerable and honestly touching, and they do it without making an appeal toward money. It comes off as the author processing their emotional-rage before an audience who would receive that. Don't take that away with snark, even if you are "right".

some people will be inspired by this, and want to do more on their own. I know I do, and it's not an experience of guilt, but compersion and resonance with another's desire-rage.

Looking back on my own youth, we pulled some "stupid" shit. People went down - sometimes for things they did, sometimes not. What we did wasn't always popular, and on occasion our 'elders' called us on our shit, in ways which we've since had to do with young'uns. At the end of it all, though, a far larger community had our backs. That made all the difference, and it's why many of us are still fighting (or breathing) today.

Solidarity with political prisoners. Period.

"When Occupy was in full swing it was reported that the FBI sent out roughly 15,000 agents to infiltrate"

I'm assuming this isn't reliable, but if anyone has a source please link it. It's probably more like 150 at most. Still terrifying...

Yea, I would be really interested in learning where this came from.

Although it seems straight out of a spy novel, it is commonplace within domestic intelligence agencies. An exposé put together last year by Mother Jones and the Investigative Reporting Program at the University of California-Berkley reveals that the FBI currently has as many as 15,000 undercover agents working within their ranks, with some making as much as $100,000 per assignment from Uncle Sam

I've heard anywhere from 1/5 to 1/8 is a snitch/cop. A friend of mine who got busted told me about half the people in her group were snitches.

ok cointelpro. nice try

>no emoticon for tears
pick one. And those are without even busting out the emoji.

Please don't reward dumb behavior because its like paying Danegeld. Those who break security culture ranks don't get solidarity from moi. Sorry.
Professor rat

Riiigghht... punish people who fuck up and get caught by not verbally supporting them on @news. I don't think there's anyone out there who, knowing that you believe that, would trust you with their back. Solidarity is not a reward, and you think like a statist to suggest that it is. Disgusting.

Pro2Rat aka professor rat is a known piece of shit with anarcho-capitalist tendencies. *A real scumbag for sure.* I am un-surprised by his statement and feel better by knowing that he extends his solidarity to no one because he has no people in his life to care about.

**You are the worst kind of thing, rat. Seriously**

P.S. Worker, your markdown implementation is fucked.

Wait, your name is RAT and you're lecturing us on security practices and solidarity? I smell a...

Please Help the Cleveland 5 now. We need to have a strong legal defense for these guys. Their families don't have money or houses to put on the line. 4 of the guys are being represented by public defenders. We have hired one attorney and we need to pay for investigators, specialists etc. Cleveland is not like New York or other big cities--we do not have an NLG and the feds are pushing this case through too quickly for a pro-bono lawyer to get the work done that needs to be. Please help us by donating. Thank you so much. In Solidarity

"When Occupy was in full swing it was reported that the FBI sent out roughly 15,000 agents to infiltrate."

Scum. of. the. Earth.

worse than cops.
worse than snitches.
these fucks ACTIVELY keep this world a suffocating shithole.

Good friend of mine recently killed herself recently. I blame these fucks.

omg I didn't actually expect to cry before reading this

Serious question:

How can I write to them?

Person with serious question you can go to the official support site called: Cleveland 5 Justice! and I believe there is a tab explaining how to write to them. Thankyou so much for showing an interest. I'm sure those boys are getting tired of my letters and corny rated G jokes.

I would agree with this greed = all evil

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