My Own #2 is now available

  • Posted on: 13 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>The second issue of My Own: Self-Ownership and Self-Creation Against All Authority is now available. My Own is a bulletin of anarchist ideas, literature, analysis and reviews from an anti-capitalist, non-market egoist and individualist perspective.
This issue includes: "AMOR FATI: In Love With Fate", "Questioning: Mental Illness", George Schumm on Max Stirner, Renzo Novatore on individualism and rebellion, etc.

A single issue is $1 postpaid in the US. Subscriptions are $5 for 6 issues, $10 for 12 issues postpaid in the US (outside the US just add something more to help with postage).

I do not have paypal. For ordering information email Apio Ludd at or go to <a href="">LBC</a></td><td><img title="What is a newspaper?" src=""></td></tr></tab...


Does it come in boxes? I've been meaning to throw something in the street.


There is an egoist iPad.


i lol every time i see the title of this.

apio has to feel pretty fucking disempowered and insecure to be driven to write some thing titled MY OWN.

christ, get over your self (lololol) already.

this is not my own

well hell it must be uncomfortable having some swanky looking newspaper coming from some young buck egoists

the ego is not my own

Amor fati means to love ones own fate, not to be in love with fate. These are fundamentally divergent concepts, the former being true in the Nietzschean existential sense (that i presume this article is trying to invoke, and the later being entrenched in mysticism.

I've seen it translated both ways.


And the unintentionally hilarious title of the year award goes to...

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