New Arrest for General Strike Riots in Barcelona

  • Posted on: 6 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>On 29 August, the Mossos d'Escuadra, Catalan police, arrested a 21-year-old they had been investigating for several months, in connection with the burning of a Starbucks during heavy rioting on the day of the Spain-wide general strike on 29 March, 2012.

Carolina G.C. was featured on the public snitching website set up by the Catalan Interior Ministry, which was taken down on 24 May a month after its inauguration in response to protest and public outrage.

The prosecutors were demanding that Carolina be held in preventive detention until trial and accused her of using an explosive device for throwing some burning papers into the Starbucks, which had already had its windows smashed open and gasoline poured in by other rioters. The judge decided to release Carolina two days after her arrest, citing the fact that she was not masked as evidence that she was not a part of the organized rioters. She was released into the embrace of a large crowd of solidaires. </td><td><img title="society..." src=""></td></t...

At least 4 other people have been arrested for the destruction of the Starbucks, one of many banks and shops that were burned during the riot in Barcelona. The others were masked and arrested on the basis of biometric evidence, and most of them are anarchists. However, thousands of other people participated in rioting, most of them were masked and took other precautions, and have not been arrested.

Carolina is either the 113th or the 114th person arrested, depending on the source. There are also 47 other people charged.


What is on that dude's head?


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