New Blog: Prison Island UK

  • Posted on: 20 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Prison Island UK</a>

New anarchist webpage selecting all the UK news and reports for bad citizens everywhere. Plus all the anti-system, riotous and anti-social news you never hear about and more: Jesus gets his arm sawn off in Wakefield; Bins on fire in Bolton; Blackpool estate agent done over. From the boring cities to all the crappiest parts of England, Scotland and Wales, people are fighting back – “in this grey prison society the flame of revolt still burns”:

… revolt against the control system continues despite the best efforts of the cop/screw/managers and the loyal sheep-citizens. here we republish news stories of anonymous sabotage & attack, urban disturbances, prison rebellions, uncontrollable wildcat strikes, subversion of school. we believe that communication between those in revolt is important and publish action claims and communiques from autonomous anti-state, anti-system groups.

NO ACT OF REVOLT IS POINTLESS!! THIS SOCIETY IS A PRISON AND TO BE FREE WE MUST DESTROY ALL PRISON STRUCTURES!!</td><td><img title="fucking sheeple ruin everything!" src=""></td></tr></tab...

Every subversion, every act of violence against the oppressors, every strike against the machine, strengthen FREEDOM and weakens DOMINATION.

No Government
No Police no Prisons
No Leaders no Led
No Gods No Masters!


New blog? Fuck yeah! We R winning!!!

If there's no such thing as a pointless act of revolt, how do you explain half the stupid shit I've done?

Hey, consider making a poster listing notable events (on a map, perhaps, like they did in... St. Louis, Missouri, I think it was) every few months to distribute in the shitty small cities around the island, so it's not only other anarchists reading about this stuff.

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