New Book: The Russian Counterrevolution

  • Posted on: 12 May 2018
  • By: thecollective

From CrimethInc.

When the Bolsheviks usurped the Russian Revolution, it was a disaster for anti-capitalist movements everywhere. This book traces a timeline of the Bolshevik crackdown on revolutionary currents in Russia and elsewhere around the world, starting before the October Revolution and running up to the treaty between Stalin and Hitler. It includes a treasury of quotations from some of the anarchists who helped make the revolution only to perish under the heel of authoritarians.

Click the image above to download the PDF.

This is a revised and expanded version of the texts we published on the anniversary of the Russian Revolution—”One Hundred Years after the Bolshevik Counterrevolution” and “Restless Specters of the Anarchist Dead“—complete with a new introduction and additional archival material. You can download the book free of charge.

Our friends from Active Distribution have printed copies of this book, in both paperback and hardback editions. If you live in the US, you’ll soon be able to buy it from AK Press.



Stupid Crimethinc, once again. History is not understood as a dynamic process, in which the Bolsheviks played a necessary positive role in events in 1917, before becoming counter-revolutionary soon after; there are simple monochrome good guys and bad guys here.

This is consistent with a perspective that can't grasp that a broken window here or there isn't going to lead to the magic downfall of the most formidable mode of production of all time.

Lenin's faction were a bunch of Red capitalists who integrated the old reactionary bureaucracy into a privileged Nomeklatura, welcomed Western investments and negociating with an already-crumbling German State. He wanted peace with the capitalists, just as he and Trotsky waged a dirty war on the Revolutionary Socialists and the anarchists.

Stalin is the one who brought the collectivization and industrialization starting in 1928.

I thought we were the counter revolutionaries and that it was a good thing, but I wouldn't expect much from Active Distro.

The old Thermidorian complex.,.

It's the Tholian web. (Look it up.) Makes a world of difference.

There are 3 things a counterrevolutionary should fear, a storm at sea, a moonless night, and the wrath of a pointy eared bastard!.,.

My mother was a human being. She didn't have no pointy ears, I got that from my Daddy.

The Collective deleted my post, but not yours -- the one in which you responded to me -- and so HILARITY ENSUES.

hey moderator(s)!

um, instead of making such a comic mess, whydontcha just lay back and enjoy the gaffs? Oh yes, that's right, you have no sense of humor, I forgetted.

Correction, there are 3 things a counterrevolutionary fears, a storm at sea, a moonless night, and a humorless moderator ;) .,.

First it was there. Or rather here. And everyone was happy. Then it was deleted. And everyone was unhappy. And now it is back again? Wow! Happiness has returned. But holy fucking Christ! Who knew things changed so fast around here? Like the weather, right? If you don't like it, just wait five minutes.

That was just thecollective demonstrating the counterrevolving nature of a Thermidorian deleting phenomena. To be happy with this is to be a Vulcan reactionary.,.

the anarchists back then would have been counter-revolutionary too because they weren't questioning the logics of productivity and industrialism.

Thanks but no thanks for repeating this, Crimethinc. You're publishing this as today's Bolcheviks are participating in the State repression against zadists, and more precisely as there is an unprecendented military intervention in the ZAD against whoever challenges the treacherous agreement between the French government and the Reds. Stop being hypocrites, hiding behind History to avoid dealing with your current problematic political ties.

Alright, now you can pass this as more "ego-nihilist" trolling so yoiu can get away with a good conscience. Dogs.

What "current problematic political ties" are you talking about?

The great everything-I-don't-like-is-red-fascism and/or LEFTISM conspiracy!

(Different commenter, I'm just playing the odds)

Crimethinc have been cosy with Lundi Matin from the start. Event tho they're maybe not the same crowd, or the ppl behind Crimethinc may have changed staff it since then, or not, they're still within the same online collaboration with IGD and Lundi Matin. So I assume they're still sympathetic towards the same authoritarian crowd.

But beyond these assumptions on their connections from behind (literally!? lollollol), my point was that this condemning of the organized behavior of Bolcheviks 100 years back is not being applied to the same inherently anti-anarchist behavior coming today from Maoist or Appelistas cyborgs.

cuz the crypto-maoists and appelists are actively seizing state power, right? Crimethinc’s constant uncritical solidarity with the activist earnestness of IDG and the strident poststructuralist euro-idiocy of the appelist crowd is certainly repugnant, but invoking leninism as a scare tactic is wholly unconvincing

They don't have to "seize" State power... neither is State power is something you "seize", you leftard. The State is not some control board with buttons and cool wall screens. It is hierarchic relations organized around reified institutions.

Like, you know, phoney big "common project" of legal occupation, contracted with the government, that perpetuate relations of property and judicial violence. Like so-called commies enforcing their communal "autonomy" on the back of a military offensive (i.e. what is happening this week on the ZAD). This is Red-faced reification of State power.

Yes the old binary siege mentality, the 2 opposing sides to the same currency of power, a tug of war over the contract to organize authority.,.

Can you provide some context for people who have no idea wtf you're talking about? For starters, who is Lundi Matin, why are they bad, what are Crimethinc's connections to them, what is Crimethinc doing in France? None of this is clear.

There is no context. theres a lot of folx whove been involved with crimethinc at various levels. maybe one of them had a appelista friend?

the accusations seem out of charecter for the people i know who are involved with crimethinc. im guessing from the "behind" comment someone hooked up with a tiqquinist? idk sounds like weird rumors the commenter heard secondhand and decided to get mad about on the internet.

@ 10:46

Scroll down to the section titled Comments on “ZAD: Second Round” @

Do you still think CWC is cozying up to the authoritarians?

Okay, I find these comments in the linked article to be pretty convincing. I just didn't read those before, and was referring to the more "pep talk" style that Crimethinc tends to have, that relies far too heavily on the externalization logic. I'm content to have come across someone (you) who's throwing solid material instead of the usual dumb getaway of conspiracy theory allegation.

So you were just talking shit about crimethinc's relationship to the ZAD stuff without...actually reading their material on the subject?

A whole bunch of claims. Not one citation because that would be counter-revolutionary. At least they provided a bibliography of info that may have or not have been included in that turd.

Your comment contains claims without citations.

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