New Book 'Setting Sights: Histories and Reflections on Community Armed Self Defense'

  • Posted on: 1 December 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Promo video for book:

Anthology collected and edited by scott crow
Foreword by Ward Churchill

This wide-ranging anthology uncovers the hidden histories and ideas of community armed self-defense, exploring how it has been used by marginalized and oppressed communities as well as anarchists and radicals within significant social movements of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Far from a call to arms, or a “how-to” manual for warfare, this volume offers histories, reflections, and questions about the role of firearms in small collective defense efforts and its place in larger efforts toward the creation of autonomy and liberation.

Featuring diverse perspectives from movements across the globe, Setting Sights includes vivid histories and personal reflections from both researchers and those who participated in community armed self-defense.

Contributors include:
Dennis Banks (former leader of the American Indian Movement), Kathleen Cleaver (former leader Black Panther Party), Ward Churchill (author), Subcomandante Marcos (Spokesperson for the Zapatistas), Mable Williams (former Civil Rights NAACP leader), Ashanti Alston (former member Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army), Antifascist Action UK, Paul Avrich, Kalika Baruti, Lamont Carter, David Cecelski, Nikki Craft, J. Clark, Helge Döhring, Laura Gallery, Gord Hill, Mo Karnage, Chad Kautzer, Erick Khafre, Gabriel Kuhn, Ian Lavelle, Peter Little, George Ciccariello-Maher, North Carolina Piece Corp, Leslie James Pickering, Gustavo Rodriguez, Alexander Reid Ross, Simón Sedillo, Suncere Shakur, Neal Shirley, Shawn Stevenson, Redneck Revolt, Dr. Akineyele Omowale Umoja, Michele Rene Weston, Western Unit Tactical Defense Caucus, Kristian Williams



looks like a bunch of Maoist bullshit.

Its only not maoism if no one in the group has anything in common.

Sadly, there will probably be a preponderance if Maoist bullshit in this collection. But there will also be some non-Maoist bullshit too. Just because there’s a desire for armed struggle doesn’t automatically place that struggle within the confines of Maoist bullshit; there’s plenty of anarchist armed struggle bullshit too. the editor and publisher no doubt wanted to move away from the Maoism by placing “community” and “self-defense” front and center, but I doubt that will take away the stench of a self-selected vanguard cadre of specialized militants. I want to be wrong, really I do, but the level of the discourse concerning armed anything within a radical or anarchist context has been (up till now anyway), self-justifying and almost completely bereft if anything beyond ideological platitudes. But I really want to be wrong...

Because you're just not living in a country with masses of WP or neonazi pigs parading in the streets or guarding dollar stores with assault rifles?

The funny part is, I've encountered "maoist bullshit" in the real world so I used to assume this was a serious criticism but now I see it's just keyboard-warrior-code for anything that might barely qualify as leftism and might actually accomplish anything.

Maosism is what the reactionary 20 something white boys of the A news comment section use to describe militancy among groups of people who are targeted by the state and capitalism. Its "idpol" but angrier.

Also, bears no meaningful critique of the actual content.

Just who is NOT targeted by capitalism and the State, outside of capitalists and State agents? Which is the biggest issue with ID pols... in how they are emboldening the divides between socially-fabricated categories of oppressed people, i.e ghettoization, while at the same time sucking out any considerations of class relations and privilege.

Uppie middle-class women who came from top universities, or Black women from wealthy treacherous families in developping countries are oppressed? Good to know! But what about the hordes of derelict drug addict males living in the streets or at the prison-like homeless shelter, or at the trailer park? Or about the slavic people still being treated like thugs and inferiors in West Europe? You don't give a flying fuck, hipster, because they're often White cis males, which still makes them "Oppressors", you nutcase.

Its not that those people are not targeted. I hate the way "cis white males" are often excluded by bright eyed college kids when some I know are facing over 60 years. Its just that people are targeted differently and with greater frequencies.

Being someone in one of those identities that isnt cis white man, working with people who arent my identity often involves the same painful dynamics on repeat. And thats exhausting and has caused me to feel burnt out. I wish it wasnt that way and I dont know how to address it. That isnt to say that I dont work with people outside my identity box, but its not my regular thing. Plus, the particulars of how a state targets various groups makes a huge difference on how people feel they should respond.

Still no word about class privilege, within those social castegories.

Also nobody is "your" identity, and this identity -which helps very little in identifying you, unless perhaps some racist or sexist mindset makes you believe it identifies you- is not you. What racial and gender bullshit is doing upon people is to negate their unicity (or individuality) and enforce instead upon them a bunch fabricated social identities. These identities are useful in socio-demographic studies, but have not been designed so that individuals used them as identitary referents to relate to others. This. Is. Fucked.

This means that in some bullshit call center job where you got workers of different ethnic background, workers can't work together against the behavior of their managers, without at least going through processes of intersectionality... or else people can only organize in divided gangs so eventually the gang with the biggest resources/skills/numbers wins over the bosses, then become the supervisers. So not only the class relations are reinforced, butbutbut the racial divides are exacerbated, and further used against people.

Sounds a lot like fucking Nazi Germany or plantation politics, applied to the workplace.

my racial and gender identity isnt something i choose.
its a word to describe how the state and capitalism relate to me specifically and people who resemble me.

Ignoring it, choosing not to use those descriptors will not change the way state and capitalism effect me.

Its idealism to say people need to stop using racial and gender descriptors to overthrow those things. If you want to to destroy gender, race, class, or anybother aspect of identity that denotes a specific relationship with state and capital, you need to attack the state and capitalism. just not using that language does nothung.

it is the social relations that make me my race, my gender, my class. ignoring them symbolically nothing to change that.

Dont think it’s ignoring them but acknowledging that we can’t reinforce them and must dream and create a world where we resist these oppressive boxes that define us in neat racial or nationalistic identities that serve the interests of power. People are much more than these identities. Obviously people believe these descriptors and then enforce them through policing and other things, and that’s the struggle but it doesn’t mean we take them on or take pride in racial or gender identity categories that are historically are ultimately the product of states and religions—both of which exist and function partly because allow for easy placation. they actively confine ya to certain abilities or whatever, the left and the right do this in their own ways. Any struggle based solely on these things will forgo acknowledging so many other dynamics and I guarentee to you they will implode with purges

an excerpt from the book,

Liberatory Community Armed Self-Defense: Approaches Toward a Theory
by scott crowe

nothing new! Books. Books. Books. Anarchists read while Rome burns.

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