New collection on the current crisis.

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New collection on the current crisis.

Lockdown, The New State Fascism: Scattered Fragments and Ramblings
by Archeron the Glitchling
April 5, 2020

New collection on the current crisis.

anon (not verified)
Just read it

Really interesting, thanks for the read

anon (not verified)
Did you read it in its

Did you read it in its entirety? It’s excessively long, it took me a while after I got tired of reading it just to scroll it as fast as I could to get to the bottom.

It seems a lot of things are restated using different clippings from the barrage of media coverage.

It’s a good reminder of all the ways one could aim critical thinking at all this, and how badnotgood government has been and currently is. Fearmongering and alarmism against fascism has its critique as well, I can’t articulate it. Panic! doesn’t seem helpful. But what is helpful? Probably calmly yolo strapping the boom boom blap. Or not.

Nevertheless, I appreciate the thought and effort put into it by the writer. I hope they’re finding a way to live well, hopefully some soothing and comforting company, and took a break from coverage of covid.

anon (not verified)
the way i'd put it

is that yes the COVID-19 pandemic has authoritarian elements to it that we need to watch, but the change of business as usual will not be that dramatic in the long run. We also need to keep a watch on the scared anti-authoritarian rhetoric.

There are people in the UK going without food because of this, so being alarmist about the state response is not completely crazy. There's also people in the U.S. getting physically attacked and threatened for coughing, and people calling the police which is potentially worse.

anon (not verified)
Ooookay, spread all the

Ooookay, spread all the conspiracy theory and Orwellian police-state analogies you like, don't have any lockdowns, and maybe some of the fatalities will include your mom and dad, uncles and granma and granpa, good I say, let them all DIE DIE DIE !!!

anon (not verified)
fuck off bootlicker

This is exactly the kind of bootlicking emotion-driven mindless drivel which is making it impossible to have a meaningful discussion about the current situation.

You make political choices based on how they affect your granny, not on your whole analysis of the situation? I sure hope your granny isn't rich, or racist. I heard the same during the refugee crisis. "You're choosing people you don't even know over your relatives who might get murdered". It was bullshit then and it's bullshit now. You're being led by the nose by having your heartstrings pulled and then abusing other people because their brains are still working even when yours isn't.

You have any evidence lockdowns work? No? Then fuck off.

If police arresting people just for going for a walk together isn't Orwellian, dystopian and fascistic, I don't know what is. Where would YOU draw the line? Nuking Liberia because your granny might get ebola? Putting all the Muslims in camps because they might blow up your granny? It's the same logic, and if you fall for it once, you'll fall for it again.

You'd rather live in a police-state than die? Then fuck off even harder. By all means live in a cage but don't try to force the rest of us into it too.

Bet you didn't get as far as the health-as-rights bit or the bits about masking etc. You've already decided the only alternatives are "do lockdowns" or "don't do lockdowns". Because you're a sheep and that's all the media's offering.

Now learn to think, or stop shitposting. Cunt.

anon (not verified)

that escalated quickly

anon (not verified)
i wonder if it is even

i wonder if it is even possible anymore for people to think critically, assess their own "evidence", have their own perspective on this and any other situation.... WITHOUT BEING BINARY ABOUT IT.

if you don't see it MY way, your are (fill in the blank).

anon (not verified)
yeah it is important not to look at things

through scared binaries especially when it doesn't fit the situation, but i also don't think there's necessarily a problem with a lizard brain analysis either, ie, thinking in terms of as they say "a life or death situation", we have that tendency to be prejudiced for a reason. If i had this voice in my head telling me to never be afraid or vulnerable then it would make the current crisis even stranger to deal with.

anon (not verified)
of course, fear is very

of course, fear is very useful, and necessary for survival. understanding your fear, where it comes from and how to react to it in any given situation is the challenge. and the further humans get from a life that allows them to know, nurture and depend on their wild instincts, the more difficult that is. because now there is far more to fear from other humans than from any other possible danger.

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