New translation of Sanguinetti's "On Terrorism and the State"

  • Posted on: 30 September 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Infoshop News</a>

<p>It is our great pleasure to announce that, one month after producing a good translation of Gianfranco Sanguinetti&rsquo;s masterpiece, <i>Truthful Report on the Last Chances to Save Capitalism in Italy,</i> we have produced a good translation of his second book, <i>On Terrorism and the State.</i></p>
<p>Originally entitled <i>Terrorismo di Stato, e stato di terrorismo</i> (&ldquo;State Terrorism and the State of Terrorism&rdquo;) and intended to be the tenth chapter in <i>Rimedio A Tutto: Discorsi sulle Prossime Opportunita&rsquo; di Rovinare Il Capitalismo in Italia</i> (&ldquo;Remedy for Everything: Discourse on the Next Opportunities to Ruin Capitalism in Italy&rdquo;), Sanguinetti&rsquo;s essay &ldquo;On Terrorism and the State&rdquo; was first published in April 1979, accompanied by the various introductions to the book as a whole (a &ldquo;Notice from the Author,&rdquo; a &ldquo;Dedication to the Bad Workers of Italy and All the Other Countries,&rdquo; and a &ldquo;Preface&rdquo;). It appears that Sanguinetti, perhaps stung by Guy Debord&rsquo;s criticism that he did not go public with the truth about Prime Minister Aldo Moro &ndash; allegedly kidnapped by the Red Brigades, but actually kidnapped by Italy&rsquo;s intelligence agencies &ndash; while Moro was still alive, wanted to get &ldquo;On Terrorism and the State&rdquo; out as fast as possible. Unable to find a publisher, despite (or perhaps even because of) the tremendous success of the&nbsp;<i>Truthful Report on the Last Chances to Save Capitalism in Italy,</i> Sanguinetti published &ldquo;On Terrorism and the State&rdquo; himself. It appeared with the subtitle &ldquo;The Theory and Practice of Terrorism Divulged for the First Time.&rdquo;</p></td><td><img title="Micheal V been doing that shit for centuries..." src=""></td></tr></t...
<p>In 1980, &ldquo;On Terrorism and the State&rdquo; was translated into French as <i>Du Terrorisme et de l&rsquo;Etat</i> by Jean-Francois Martos, a friend of Guy Debord. Because of its subtitle, which Martos preserved, Editions Champ Libre &ndash; which had published Debord&rsquo;s own statement about Italian terrorism, his <i>Preface to the Fourth Italian Edition of &ldquo;The Society of the Spectacle,</i> in February 1979 (two months before Sanguinetti came out with the original edition of his book) &ndash; this publishing house refused to print Martos&rsquo; translation. And so Martos had no choice but to publish it himself, under the imprint of <i>Le fin mot de l&rsquo;Histoire.</i> Sanguinetti wrote a new preface for this edition, which recounted the silence with which the book was greeted in Italy and the legal persecution to which its author was subjected.</p>
<p>In September 1982, &ldquo;On Terrorism and the State&rdquo; &ndash; that is to say, all the materials that were in the original Italian volume, plus Sanguinetti&rsquo;s preface to the French edition of the book &ndash; was translated from the French edition by Michel Prigent and Lucy Forsythe, who added a &ldquo;Foreword to the English Edition.&rdquo; Published by B.M. Chronos, it was never reprinted.</p>
<p>In 2004, finding the English edition to be nearly unreadable &ndash; the translation is overly literal and at times doesn&rsquo;t make any sense at all &ndash; we proofread and copyedited it thoroughly. Finding that a great many of Sanguinetti&rsquo;s references were unfamiliar to American readers, we also added a large number of explanatory footnotes. In the interests of having the text read by as many people as possible, we placed our &ldquo;polished&rdquo; version on-line, where it was indeed found, copied-and-pasted to other websites and, as matter of fact, translated into Spanish.</p>
<p>In 2012, finding that a turd that has been polished is still a turd, we set about (and have now finished) translating <i>Du Terrorisme et de l&rsquo;Etat</i> from scratch. To distinguish this new and vastly improved translation from both the B.M. Chronos &ldquo;original&rdquo; and the polished-turd version, we have returned to Sanguinetti&rsquo;s original title, &ldquo;State Terrorism and the State of Terrorism,&rdquo; and deleted all of our prior footnotes and replaced them with new ones. In the interests of continuity, this new version appears at the same URL where the polished turd used to reside.</p>
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come on bill you already posted this

cool here is another article from sanguinetti from
"welcome to the freest city in the world"

I wish I could get that pic on a t-shirt.. maybe with a witty slogan or the URL to a legit anarchist website.

Maybe I'll DIY and make one for or


Nerds are great.

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