New Zine-Disgust-The Anti-Politics of Despair

  • Posted on: 4 October 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Zine Library</a>

New zine about melancholic nihilism now available on zine library. An exploration of the emptiness of current postivist anarchism laid out in fragments and poetry.

an excerpt...

In silence we destroy ourselves, and thus bring the whole
world to ruin. Or at least that is what we want. I am
eternally pessimistic about the impact of any of our
thrashing. But the sound of rattling chains gives color to
my blood.</td><td><img title="Your blood is clang clang?" src=""></td...
Coming to life means a coming together. Forming crews
is paramount. There is no outside to capital, but a collective
refusal of bourgouise laws and mores can allow us to vent
our negativity on a larger scale while giving us room to
breathe .


postivist? Is this a zine exploring the emptiness of a-news commenters?

Nihilism? Should have been subtitled the anti-relevance of boredom.

praise jesus, this is so clever.

Reads like a mall goths diary

IGGT 11/10

Been there done that!! Get some armour!

"the sound of rattling chains gives color to
my blood."

you are a fascist. eat shit and die.

But, like, we're all in chains, man.

You mean 'Get some amour' darling!

"These moments of intoxication when we defy everything, when, the anchor raised, we go merrily toward the abyss, with no more thought for the inevitable fall than for the limits given in the beginning, are the only ones when we are completely free of the ground (of laws) . . ." -g.b.

Whoa George Bush jr or sr? had no idea....

There is no "Sr." or "Jr.," only GW and GWB.

Though I think in this case we may be talking about GAMVB.

Only George Washington and George W. Bush? What happened to bush sr then?

Fuck, you got me.

There never was a Jr. George Herbert Walker Bush, is the feather and George Walker Bush was the idiot.
No senior, no junior. Just two rich guys.

celebrate sad passions and disempowerment!

This is like bad emo graffiti

oh, don't worry, everything is going to be just fine. :)

That's what she said.

No, actually she didn't say anything, because you are a loser and your standards are too high for a loser like you. No, something else.

this was written by a bot, right? there's no way a person or persons actually wrote this...right? please?

Robot or not, the question remains: how many kleenex boxes will be thrown into the street?


best joke <3

positivist nihilism. look into it. its as old as- nihilism...

AGEIST! - clandestine collectivity of unborn nihilists

Actually the earliest recorded nihilist was a Jew who existed in Israel circa 1,854 BC by the name of Benjamin (The Camel Wrecker) Bergson who composed and directed the trumpet chorus at Jericho when the walls came down. Quite interesting.

Nope, not interesting.

So ummm, I assume if one uses botox in a nihilistic world it is a death sentence?

Melancholic nihilism? Sounds more like the slave morality of a self-pitying 12 year old.

"In silence we destroy ourselves"

I wish you would destroy yourself more effectively, rapidly, quietly, and privately.

I'm pretty sure Billy Corgan is behind this...

nah, early 80's Robert Smith and late 70's Ian Curtis are behind this zine.

none of our grievances are connected!

I farted.

well i for one actually really liked this. i am pretty nihilistic myself though. agitprop of the imaginary party - !

Where can I get my anti-political fix these days? With nihilism not being cool and all.

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