News from NYC @ Book Fair

  • Posted on: 16 April 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td><a href=" Times on 3 Arrests</a>

A group of people who had attended an <a href="">anarchist book fair</a> in Manhattan later marched to a nearby Starbucks on Saturday night and began swinging at the windows with metal pipes, as frightened customers hid under tables, the police said. </p>

The confrontation ended with three arrests and minor injuries to two police officers, the authorities said. </p><p>
The police said the episode began near Washington Square Park, as a number of people who had attended the nearby book fair began to march in the street, against traffic, chanting anti-police slogans like &ldquo;cops are murderers&rdquo; and &ldquo;all pigs must die,&rdquo; according to the police. A witness, Obenjii Johnson, 19, who was riding a skateboard as the group passed, said he heard them shouting the names of Sean Bell, who died in a hail of 50 police bullets in Queens in 2006, and Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a neighborhood watch coordinator in Florida this year. </p></td><td><img title="I guess on the plus side we are costing the city some workmans comp claims." src=""></td></tr></...
The ranks of the demonstrators swelled to 150, with many wearing masks and black clothing, the police and witnesses said. </p><p>
When they arrived at the Starbucks, about five blocks east at Astor Place and Lafayette Street, about 8:45 p.m., some in the group began to swing at the windows with long metal pipes, the police said, although on Sunday there was no evident damage to the windows. In a statement, the police said that patrons hid under tables afraid &ldquo;that they would be hit by flying glass.&rdquo; Two witnesses said that the group had tried to enter the coffeehouse, but were locked out by those inside. </p><p>
When a police sergeant and several officers tried to arrest those who were swinging the pipes, about 25 of the demonstrators fought back with the pipes and bottles, the police said; a sergeant and a lieutenant were hurt. </p><p>
The group continued farther east, &ldquo;like a gust of wind,&rdquo; according to one witness. At a 7-Eleven storefront on St. Marks Place, &ldquo;one guy swung a pole&rdquo; and cracked a window in two places, said Mohammed Habibur Rahman, who works across the street. Farther east, the police shut down Tompkins Square Park, as well East Sixth Street between Avenues B and C, citing the march. </p><p>
Three people were arrested, two of whom, Alexander Penley, 41, and Nicholas Thommen, 30, were charged with &ldquo;inciting to riot,&rdquo; in addition to other charges, including assault and menacing. Eric Marchese, 24, was charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. </p><p>
&ldquo;We periodically encounter relatively small groups of antagonists trying to turn otherwise peaceful gatherings violent, and urging others to violently confront the police,&rdquo; the Police Department&rsquo;s chief spokesman, Paul J. Browne, said in an e-mail. </p><p>
The demonstration, which, according to the police and witnesses, left in its path a trail of graffiti and tipped garbage cans, had more in common with anarchist actions at events like the <a href="">Group of 20 meeting</a> in Pittsburgh in 2009 than with the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York, which have been largely devoid of property damage. </p><p>
&ldquo;In the context of protests here in New York City, it&rsquo;s extraordinarily rare for there to be riotous conduct,&rdquo; said Christopher T. Dunn, the associate legal director of the <a href="">New York Civil Liberties Union</a>. </p>

From <a href="">Gawker</a>

Time was, anarchists could simply look askance at a Starbucks' big greedy oppression-symbolizing window and it'd <a href=\"http:\/\/\/5270015\/mad-bomber-tries-to-make-it-as-clear-as-possible-die-yuppie-scum\">shatter<\/a> out of <a href=\"http:\/\/\/openlearn\/society\/politics-policy-people\/sociology\/the-discovery-capitalism\">sheer terror<\/a>. But in the age-old battle between anarchists and Starbucks, the coffeemaker appears to have gained the upper hand.<\/p>\n<p>Saturday night, a group of a few dozen anarchists who'd been attending a nearby anarchist book fair <a href=\"http:\/\/\/new-york\/pipe-wielding-anarchists-attempt-shatter-floor-to-ceiling-plexiglas-windows-east-village-starbucks-article-1.1062125?localLinksEnabled=false\">marched on an East Village Starbucks<\/a>, all hopped up on mate, shitty zines and Deleuze. It was time for a classic Starbucks smashing!<\/p>\n<p>But they were foiled by Starbucks' advanced anarchist-repelling window technology. The <em>New York Daily News<\/em> <a href=\"http:\/\/\/new-york\/pipe-wielding-anarchists-attempt-shatter-floor-to-ceiling-plexiglas-windows-east-village-starbucks-article-1.1062125?localLinksEnabled=false\">reports<\/a>:<\/p>\n<blockquote>\n<p>Patrons at Astor Place coffee shop dashed underneath tables as metal pipe-wielding protesters attempted to shatter its floor-to-ceiling Plexiglas windows during a Saturday night riot, police and workers said.<\/p>\n<p>Luckily, the unbreakable panes prevented injuries, one barista said.<\/p>\n<\/blockquote>\n<p>Three protesters were <a href=\"http:\/\/\/2012\/04\/16\/nyregion\/3-arrested-in-manhattan-as-march-becomes-a-melee.html\">arrested<\/a> and charged with assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct and being <em>so<\/em> <a href=\"http:\/\/\/5270015\/mad-bomber-tries-to-make-it-as-clear-as-possible-die-yuppie-scum\">2009<\/a>. Haven't you been reading <a href=\"http:\/\/\/2011\/02\/13\/magazine\/13Food-t-000.html?_r=1&src=me&ref=homepage\"><em>The New York Times<\/em><\/a>, anarchists? The only people who drink at Starbucks in New York City anymore are construction workers, college students and tourists. Any respectable coffee shop-smashing snob would demolish a <a href=\"http:\/\/\/archives\/2012\/03\/blue_bottle_1.php\">Blue Bottle Coffee<\/a>.


See, NYC is the center of global capital, therefore the pigs are more brutal and harsh, the rich all have condos there, and when anarchists disrupt the smooth social space in even the tiniest ways, the ripples spread way farther than if the same actions were taken in other places:

Wow, you're right. One New Yorker is apparently worth like 50 people from where I live. Kind of depressing tbh, but hey let's hear it for LONG METAL PIPES!

now that's what i call a PEACE PIPE!

stop being a manarchist and getting excited about phallic symbols!

IGTT 1/10. go back to 2003/2009.

i was being serious.

Then it sounds like you have some serious pipe envy.

Whatchoo talkin bout NYC is basically the ultimate striated space there ain't nothing smooth in SIGHT

except the the flows of money

oh okay yeah that's true

Seth tobocman says this is the only article that doesn't sound like an NYPD press release:

Gothamist has a pretty decent one actually and someone posted a video in the comments of the cop attack on the party.

i wish there was a video of a cop getting his head bashed in with a pole.

too bad i'm sure the pigs were lying and it didn't actually happen.

link the vidya yr talkin about.

Much love to our friends; hatred for our enemies.

This title of this article should be "Manarchists Enacting Male Power Fantasies". You boys need to check yourselves, there could have been single mothers or black children in that Starbucks!!!

s.t.o.p. i.t.
someone explain to me how this brings us closer to the day when we hang the last capitalist with the guts of the last priest
anyone who says it doesn't but that it was still good, stop calling yourself an anarchist please

someone brought jks lol.

nothing brings you closer to that day. it just happens. like a fart.

now now, im not sure your analogy is so good. certain things CAN bring you closer to a fart. half cooked beans, food not bombs, and practicing brazilian ju jitsu too soon after eating, for example.

that being said, hrmmm fuck the troll, yes this brings us closer. arguably NYC developing a more militant street culture again would be a damn good thing....

Without a social and economic base, the 'militants' will be nothing but a subculture forever.

OK. Thats a nice sounding tautology. What does that have to do with this story, in any way shape or form? Is 150 people marching and attacking cops exclusive from having a "base?" This left from an anarchist bookfair; so it probably involved people already situated in the milieu, by default. Other acts like this might engage a broader population or preexisting social tensions or whatever more directly (re: oscar grant riots, cincinatti riots in 2003, oaklands strike and port blockades, whatever other million examples...).

I can imagine, also, a lovely situation where we all sit around trying to engage an "economic or social base" but never attacking until we achieve it. Do you know what that looks like? Its called the ISO, and its real fun.

Maybe i could put it another way: i became an anarchist on one specific night almost thirteen years ago. A march to get nader let into the presidential debates happened in my town, with a bunch of dumb marxist sects leading a protest (sects that btw commonly made the exact argument youre making). And in the middle of it, out of no where, a posse of 30 or 40 anarchists, in black and carrying hockey sticks and golf clubs, showed up chanting revolutionary shit and attacking a limousine. I saw them and that was it.

Now, maybe they were being "adventurist" without a proper "base" - but it made IMMEDIATE sense to me, and i would argue such things make sense also to the millions of other folks out there who are fucking pissed. Do we need a base? Sure, probably several of them! BUt we get such things by acting, and in part having the courage to act on our own anger and rage even if and when it seems like we re mostly alone. We can always act in smarter and more critical ways, but if we wait to have a "base" before going on the attack at all, WE NEVER WILL. THere's a back and forth relationship between the ways we attack and the ways we engage populations - to remove one half of that equation causes the process to remain static. It also can, practically speaking, rob us of the skills and courage and know-how to be able to act even when we DO have a potential base, if we dont develop our own culture(s) of militance and attack. Its this trend that im invested in, and why i think even random marches after a bookfair, like this one, are fucking great.

Building a parallel economic base IS a form of attack, just a less sexy one. When you rely less on capitalism, its power over you is weakened, allowing you to help propagate the anarcancer. If you're fighting police in the street but NOT to defend your home or the economic system/infrastructure you depend on, what the fuck are you doing? Having a party? If the idea is to show that the State is not invincible, smashing some windows and running away is a shitty argument! Even the London rioting last year was ultimately pointless (at best!).

So you dont think fighting the police has any merit of its own, if its not to "defend an (alternative) economic system you depend on?" Thats fucking bizarre kid. I was mistakenly under the impression that anarchists didnt like cops on principle, as well as for utilitarian, economistic reasons...But you know, if you dont want to fight them thats cool...

And i think most of us are gonna have to take your "building an economic base as a form of 'attack'" line with a huge grain of salt....The vast majority of "alternative economies" that get cobbled together under capitalism get recuperated and reintegrated into capitalism. One among many reasons why this happens is because such efforts tend to be divorced from offensive and revolutionary approaches (the dumb workers co op cafe rents the space, or buys it from a bank, instead of squatting a building and then fighting to defend it, etc.) Which, i have to guess from your comments, is probably the same mistake you would make, considering the same types of folks of us who believe in going on the attack also have been the ones in @ trying to take and hold property, etc.

And as for your haughty attitude saying running away after smashing something is stupid, what are you with Swords for Plowshares or the Catholic Workers or something? You just sound arrogant and extremely dumb.

So it sounds like you've fought with cops one on one? In the end did it work, have you dropped out into a non-parallel existence because of your previous action, or are you merely an aggressive propagandist who pushes for confrontation and equates adrenaline and chaos with pleasure?
Your argument fell flat and your last sentence> "You just sound arrogant and extremely dumb." at least brought a laugh out of me! LOL

what are you talking about? it's impossible to drop out, period. there is no outside to capitalism

this exchange is kind of unfair. one person is actually engaging and talking about strategy. the other is just repeating trite phrase questions and not responding. that's called trolling bro.

That's what I was questioning, there was a lack of definition about what 'fight' means and achieves in the context of anarchist goals. Activism has its own rhetoric.

well there was one person who was doing mad thorough history explanations and one person who was being obnoxious and boring all with the building a parallel economy bullshit and I was just interjecting with hella trite one liners. I was right though!

good work

thank you

There were actually 4 people! I interjected after a long pause between the first 2 with a paragraph length logical attack on the activist advocate at which point an overly righteous smartass interjected with inane hella trite one-liners about themselves and accusing the 2nd parallel prefigurist of being a troll

"So you dont think fighting the police has any merit of its own... I was mistakenly under the impression that anarchists didnt like cops on principle"

Maybe! But that's not the same as attacking windows!

"The vast majority of "alternative economies" that get cobbled together under capitalism get recuperated and reintegrated into capitalism"

Name some that used the most modern ideas and have been recuperated. yes, they usually still have to make money, but like someone else said, there is no outside of capitalism. But with that caveat of having to set aside a portion of our labor-time as a quasi-feudal obligation, internally our systems can be prefigurative.
"Revolutionary approaches" can mean more than direct confrontation!

"And as for your haughty attitude saying running away after smashing something is stupid"

I'm not saying smash some windows and then wait around to get arrested, I'm saying no one is impressed by our ability to damage fragile inanimate objects, especially when there is NO effort to explain WHY (propaganda? trot!!1). Did you see videos of the Oakland General Strike black bloc getting its ass kicked by Peace Police? Getting tackled, getting sticks taken away and attacked with them by people WHO ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO FIGHT- it was fucking pathetic. Go big or go home, and "go home" means building economic strength, because The Rupture isn't coming.

you have got to be kidding.

"but thats not the same as attacking windows"

so now its clear youre just fucking trolling, cus its apparent you didnt actually read the article. the people in this march fought with cops with FUCKING PIPES, and apparently won some of the exchanges. So, yeah, im inspired by that. if youre not just out and fucking say it and we can be done with this pointless exchange.

The bloc did tons of badass shit that day in oakland. it looks pretty trite for you to say they shouldnt until they know they can "win" every physical exchange with every wannabe cop. Shit, i do mma training for anarchists and non anarchists alike, and i still want my friends to bloc up and roll deep whenever they can - they need to pass a fucking belt test to earn the right to be out in the streets.

And what the hell are you talking about pathetic? The actions on nov 2nd got respect from ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD....when was the last time this mythical american dual economy youre working so hard on got that? And what the fuck are you talking about build economic strength? What are you 1921 soviet russia? Is it time for the first NEP to take effect? Find somewhere else to troll or at least crack some funny jokes or something, youre boring us.

*"they need to" should read "they dont need to"

don't defend anything, just attack! come on dawg. da hell kind of anarchist are you


That's stupid. Is this really what people believe? It doesn't "just happen". What the fucking fuck?

The only thing that brings revolt closer to happening is it happening.
Otherwise politics and social war remain trapped in the realm of representational alienation and negotiation.

Who said anything about representation or negotiation? We need to build a fucking social-economic base. THEN we can sweep away the last vestiges of capitalism and the State, when it's already been rendered mostly obsolete by decades of organization. Oh, but that requires EFFORT, my bad. Keep on rioting! I'm sure The Rupture will come soon! Yep, any day now!

or... wait... you don't mean that these little flash-in-the-pan 'revolts' ARE "revolt," do you? You can't possibly. No one could be that insane.

No I mean things like the Paris commune and the watts riots.
I mean the moments of revolt that explode into existence DESPITE the work of people like you who divert the destructive energies that could free us into projects that only serve to prolong our slavery.
Everything that is not the revolt and defense of it is recuperated.
Everything you do within this society will be OF this society.

We cannot build anything new until we are free from the chains of the present.

So don't build anything new within this society! Build a PARALLEL society.

No, destroy this society, then build.

Destroy this society BY building.

doesn't work. are you fucking trolling? capitalism is a machine of recuperation and adaptation.
that's why it still exists.
you can't build ANYTHING that it can't figure out a way to control and use for it's own benefit.

For mass movements, that's true; but obviously we're against mass movements. Picture the "anarchist milieu" as an "invisible commune" with a shell that capitalism can't crack... to say that capitalism is totalized even within anarchist culture swiftly leads down the path of navel-gazing, i.e. if we can't even keep capitalism out of our own kinds of organizing then what hope have we of excising it from the universe? Is this willful anti-revolution thinking? If so that's extremely disturbing.

you are insane



First of all, check the snarky tude. You re not the only who puts out effort for this shit. If you wanna actually flex a leftist martyrdom complex, youre prolly on the wrong website.

Second, im not aware of ANY instances where state and capital has been overthrown, even in the short term, by a "social and economic base" that was built up over decades WITHOUT also seemingly random outbursts of riot, protest, attack, assasinations, expropriations large and small, failed experiments etc. The flavor of people who generally turn up their noses at such things in the moment are wannabe managers, party hacks, and union bureaucrats who fear the adventurism might risk all their "hard work." Shit, abel paz' history of durruti and the spanish rev was so full of these kinds of things that it had to be 900 pages long and it took 600 pages just to get through all the crazy shit, not unlike even this tiny little march, that led up to the insurrection that sparked that revolution.

3rd, states arent "rendered obsolete" any more than they whither away. Thats just dumb. Once again, try a different website. If your "base" is even remotely a threat, it ll be attacked. So counter attack, revolt, riots, armed struggle, bombings, sabotage and all the rest, immediately enter into the picture, not that they ever left. "Building a base" cannot in actuality be separate from the forms of revolt, however small they might be; this whole thing isnt some clean and simple process you can read about in the wikipedia definiion of syndicalism or whatever. States dont wither away and they re not "made obsolete" , they re either over thrown or destroyed, or not. It is an active process.

Fourth, to the person who s kinda on the "it just happens" kick....Yeah, kinda, but the smaller acts of revolt, not to mention the relationships we form through our projects and organizing, also play a role. We dont just sit around and wait for the big one - we engage critically in ways and places that we think ruptures can occur. We struggle.

The risk i see, ironically, in both these posters is actually the same, namely they have us waiting with our thumbs our asses. They re both an absolutist paradigm that has us either a) martyrifically building the base (somehow?) until we got enough signups or whatever to "render the state obsolete - or b) wait and hope for the big REV, which will effectively "just happen," cus any acting inside this society is of this society and therefore dooomed (which is strange, cus insurrections are also a sociological phenomenon characterized by the society they happen in)

In other words, though i suspect id probably end up being tighter and acting with the second poster more, they still seem to basically caution a kind of millenarian waiting game. No thanks.

2) So mistakes are good?
Are you comparing bank robberies and assassinations to petty vandalism?
3) War is primarily a clash of economic systems. Without productivity, you just lose. "Economic" can mean a hell of a lot of different things, and definitely not just money. Social organization can be considered an economic asset in a sense, for example.
5) "building the base (somehow?)"- by actually PRODUCING SHIT. Build a grey market economy that meets people's needs and helps peel them away from dependence on capitalism. No one gives a fuck about anti-politics or insurrection or whatever. They DO give a fuck about being able to feed their kids and get health care, and not having armed thugs kick them out of their home because they didn't pay the bank or taxes or whatever. If we're not engaging people on these terms, we're just sucking our own collective dick.

Yes, mistakes sometimes are good. And yes, i WAS comparing small scale sabotage to robberies and assassinations, because in the context of the rising spanish proles in the 20s and early 30s, the exact arguments you re making about strictly focusing on economic development were made by the reformist wing of the CNT against things like expropriations, assassinations, spontaneous riots against cops in the streets, and also a specific instance of peasants taking over their town hall (which, even as a glorious failure that was repressed, remarkably set the tone for the style of libertarian communism that peasants enacted just several years later).

The economistic argument youre making was made by the Group of 30, 30 non-anarchist syndicalists in the CNT, who argued for the CNT setting up economic development departments to run the economy post rev, rather than focus on the rev itself. They were massively outvoted by the base, and actually kicked out. When they later rejoined just before july 36, they took the following positions:

1 - supported joining the government
2 - opposed permanently destroying government infrastructure (including taking key gold reserves), instead courting republicans etc. as "necessary" allies
3 - supported forcefully integrating voluntary fighting units like prisoners iron column into the popular army, run by bolsheviks
4 - opposed "reckless" and "counter productive" adventurism like that done by the friends of durruti, and fights with the ocmmunist party.
5 - the same tendency, once in exile, opposed efforts by folks like sabate at trying to assassinate key members of the francoist party machine. they preferred to sit in french cafes hiding out talking about what might have been.

In other words, they took EVERY SINGLE bad stance they possibly could, much of has our collective anarchist body face-palming every time we read these histories....

In summary, aside from the completely practical reality that without insurrectionary activity a "parallel" economy would find itself completely devoid of any infrastructure or resources to FUCKING START WITH, i cant really trust someone saying "just build the economy" when its so fucking clear where that argument is headed, i.e. down the fruitless shit hole of overpriced workers co ops and self managed misery that is this completely outdated mode of dual economism.

lol on the productivity. what are you, an economist???

probably a college student.

I think the L.A. riots in '92 were a great example of how quickly we could "sweep away the last vestiges of capitalism & the state". Just need that practice to spread.

It's a great example of how cathartic insurrection with no larger strategy or economic base will just get crushed by the State.

better to live free and be crushed, then to be too chicken-shit to admit that it is the only possible path to freedom and sit around playing sandbox games of co-ops and infoshops and pretending your getting closer to some glorious proletarian revolution, if only we can educate and organize more!

your faulty thinking about what will create autonomous territories of freedom is the reason most US anarchists are fucking useless and why it's so hard to create those spaces here. you totally mis-understand how social revolts occur.

look at Romania under Nicolae Ceausescu. It doesn't fit your narrative because your narrative is progressivist, linear, liberal logic.

But Romania was a seething pool of bitter discontent with a largely Marxist population driven by starvation. Your narrative is fanatic, utopian and totalitarian.

That's what people always say about places AFTER they revolt. That is a reality everywhere all the time.
And where were the mass organizations to carry out the revolution? Oh they weren't needed? Exactly.

You misinterpreted me, I'm saying that things aren't as desperate in the USA yet, and it lacks any mass ideological solidarity as was existent with Romanian Marxism. Capitalism is not just a free choice, it is a deeply ingrained and indoctrinated belief system with a self-perpetuating recuperate mental trigger, probably more so than Marxism in former USSR states. People in mass numbers just don't go snap in affluent countries.
Maybe time for you to stop denying and joining the gentle revolution.

now i know you're trolling.
good show comrade.
see you in the shadows.

What fucking revolution? They threw out a dictator. Fine. Lots of places have. Are they any closer to what we actually fucking want?

your narrative is the revolution, my friend

"No Economic Base?" Are you fucking crazy? What, do thousands upon thousands of black men and women in LA not count as an economic base to you? CUs thats who took part in that cop-hating insurrection btw...Sorry they werent white and wearing cute little overalls in socialist realist color tones....Sure, it was a fairly spontaneous insurrection, but it did have roots in long term strategic activity, namely a gnag truce courageously brokered by a weird but broad ad hoc crew of bloods, crips, hip hop musicians, and even nation of islam folks.

If you could just stretch your weird left mentality to open up a little bit, i think youll find that even the LA riots of 92 DO often have strategic characteristics, and in any case certainly have an economic base. =In the case of LA this was an increasingly economically redundant black "under" class, who se "bosses" could most closely be understood to be police. We re not living in fucking 1905 - those who took part in those riots arent going to take over their workplaces cus they didnt fucking have workplaces. This is true for a lot of us too: our bosses are the cops on the block, our "factories" the streets and plazas and parks we live around. That doesnt mean we cant rebel where we work too, but you need to broaden your horizons a little bit: its 2012, and your "theory" of revolution, which was already considered conservative by anarchist forefathers and foremothers in the early 20th century, is now down right ANCIENT.

Agreed its a shambles down there, abandoned by the state.

lol jk

And all that shit you eat and wear just comes from nowhere, huh? You just find it in the park? Do guns just fall from the sky in your neighborhood?

what? shut up you loser. go back to 1895.

da hell bro

“like a gust of wind”

Lol! (but seriously, what about newspaper boxes?)

there were many many many newspaper boxes dragged into the street. they were trying to build a new economy based on newspapers.


Badly chosen target. Totally. There's a precinct house nearby the 6th Street Community Center. Instead of going there, where the cops are, these fools walked several blocks in the other direction and attacked a Starbucks, which sells no donuts. As if the owners of Starbucks had that guy arrested for drinking a beer in public! Weak.

1. You lack reading comprehension. The Starbucks march did not start at the 6th Street Community Center.

2. You're an idiot to denounce Starbucks as a "badly chosen target."

No I'm reading from a different and better source of information than you, you snarky asshole.

To wit:

But members of the anarchist book collective, the group that sponsored the book fair, said it was the police who targeted them.

“It was all just a very fast, bum rush type of aspect,” said Elias Naser, who was working the door at a benefit concert for the book fair held that night at the Sixth Street Community Center in the East Village, several blocks east of where the Starbucks incident occurred.

Naser said he stood in the doorway of 638 East 6th Street and witnessed police aggressively arrest two men, who he says were just standing outside “drinking a beverage” and smoking.

He said the police activity put an end to the concert.

The march left from Washington Square Park and didn't go anywhere near the 6th Street Commnity Center. Much later, undercover pigs saw 2 people they allege to have been at the march at the Community Center (where the bookfair afterparty was being held) and attacked them. Then the rest of the po-po showed up to the center and arrested 2 people.

The march never left! It lives on! I'm still walking around manhattan in black with a pole!
The NYPD cannot stop the chaos!!!!!

It's a badly chosen target for anarchists. Leftists like the Rev Bill are hung up on Starbucks.

Gawker suggested the blue bottle coffee house.

If you are going to chant "Fuck the police," and don't end up attacking a police station, then you are a joke.

How do you know it wasn't?
"the Desire to play has returned to destroy the hierarchical society which banished it."

Because it wasn't.

then why didn't you help?

"Help" convince a crowd of testosterone-addled boneheads to stop being testosterone-addled boneheads? Hahahaha you funny.

What if you chant "fight the police," but don't attack...

Then you're probably an American anarchist.

Or one those "lifestyle" anarchists who like to pretend they are badass revolutionaries.

If you are seriously posting critiques of smashy smash on @news and thinking anyone takes you seriously then you are the joke. What are you, the 'black bloc coach?' What's the last shit you did that made headlines anywhere?

I"m not a critic, I'm just asking a question. And last week actually, when I was standing as a human shield for protestors in occupied Palestine and local villiagers managed to dismantle the seperation wall. I came closer to arrest/bodily harm than ANYONE on this website has in the last 72 hours, so you can kiss my ass. And I don't get the gratification of throwing stones at soldiers. When we do that, we're asked to stop because that makes what do less effective. I know, I've been asked to stop.

My next question would be...what if you chanted "fight the police" and did attack a police precinct?

Jesus, get snotty because you dress up in you p.j.'s three times a year and break a bunch of windows. God...

let's all leave roses at the feet of the great savior, everyone!
hail great savior!
hail great savior!

Asking pertinent questions of these testosterone-addled fools is a waste of time. They just ignore the question and attack you personally. Allows them to KEEP BELLOWING at the top of their lungs.

And another thing, because this is a reply to the black bloc coach, don't tell people where they do or don't belong, at least over the internet. Have some balls and come over to out house and say it my face. You want to be a bully, we can treat you like a bully.

And to slam an action because they didn't break a window, that's garbage. As someone who would have RATHER they had broken the window, if you're going to act like that you're going to reduce Anarchism to some kind of lame ass white boy fundamendalism. It's crap. It's absolute crap. Grow up.

Oh noes! Poor people drink at Starbucks, so DON'T ATTACK STARBUCKS!

Also, Wal-Mart is off limits now guys, cause POOR PEOPLE SHOP THERE - OMGZ!!!

Who gives a fuck if the starbucks sells donuts? All starbucks are perfect soft targets. Why don't you go charging the precinct house yourself keyboard Rambo? And who gives a fuck what the owners of starbucks do/think either? Go buy a Frappuccino already bud, caring about starbucks and its owners is weaker than any action ever. Empathizing with corporate franchise owners = -1 000 0000 Anarchy points.

No I don't empathize with corporate franchise owners (your accusation was obviously made in bad faith). But I also don't emphasize with lifestyle anarchists who are content to attack soft targets and then claim they are badass revolutionaries.

stop thinking in political terms. you still operate on the terrain of capitalism when you do.

Maybe we're tired of people thinking the only 'worthy targets' are "big corporations".
-As if Starbucks isn't one of those? WTF?!!!

Maybe by doing this, we are saying that the 'targets are everywhere'.

Fuck small businesses, fuck prius's. I'm out.

Another argument from bad faith.
Only you are saying that "people [are] thinking the only 'worthy targets' are "big corporations".
What I'm saying is that the real targets are the State, the cops, the army, etc. Remember them?
At least those are real targets if you are an anarchist, that is, and not some kind of lifestylist testosterone-addled bonehead calling yourself an anarchist because it sounds so cool.

the consent of the slaves is as much my enemy as the oppression of the masters.

Lifestyle Anarchists? Well hello ghost of Murray Bookchin, I thought you died with Leftism.

Please! Somebody quickly call Bob Black to rid us of this ghost!

Yeah because lifestyle anarchists aren't real, they are just creatures of someone's imagination!

I think it's a spit in the face, to have three of our comrades go to jail, and have people arguing over whether or not a window was broken. If that's the only thing that struck you, maybe you need to work on your sense of solidarity, instead of reducing Anarchism, to some sort of vapid fundamentalist, the only time a statement is made is when they do what I do which really is usually seen more as a desperate act of impotence. I like broken windows too, but that's bullshit.


Dear NYC lifestyle anarchists: this is how it's done when you are serious and not just dicking around.

revolt is easier in the periphery.

fuck you. Did it ever occur to you and any of the other idiot trolls on this article that maybe anything that was attacked was a target because it happened to be on a route, not that the march was planned based on these points? It's NYC, there are targets every 15 feet. The media likes to focus on specific things. Fuck all of you self-righteous pieces of shit.

hell yes. most of these commenters are probably legit targets! see y'all in the streets, trust fund liberals with salaried jobs!

y'all gonna die!

Love your hostility. You must be a real pleasure to be around.

Is that cute? You and one of your testosterone-addled boneheaded gave my comment a negative "vote." Feel better now? Special!

how do you vote on comments?

Ask someone who believes in representative democracy -- they will tell you.


Calling bullshit on you. People who complain about vandalism and say it's because it's not "serious" enough never support the more "serious" shit when it happens in their own backyard (much less do "serious" actions themselves). If New York anarchists attacked government offices you'd be whining like a liberal just like you are now, about the adventurists, the colonizers, the hipsters etc. Anarcho-liberals have a whole string of insults for people who actually take action.

If you think the Montreal actions are so awesome that smaller actions are worthless, you'll get some friends together and do something similar yourself. Otherwise shut the fuck up.

Another bellowing testosterone-addled bonehead. Someone needs a hug!

Hey, I know that cat! That cat rules!

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