Nine Points on Why it is Neccessary to Block Everything

  • Posted on: 25 November 2014
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Cops shoot kids and the show goes on.
The housing market collapses and the show goes on.
Ecosystems are being destroyed and the show goes on.
Markets set the price of our lives
And submit schools to their needs.
Let's block this mechanism.
Let's block everything.
Let's start from square one.


1. In a city whose life is based on commerce and exchange of goods, to
block all commercial channels means to interrupt normality. You might
say: “This will cause discomfort.”

We answer that we feel much more discomfort in pretending that this is all
normal, that cops murder black teenagers and that banks and multinationals
are deciding our future. When insecurity about life is turning into fear. When
the final limits of social and environmental devastation are about to be reached.

2. A spontaneous march of 200 people every day creates more disruption
than a big planned event of 20,000 people once in a blue moon. This is
the difference between efficiency and empty participation.

3. The multiplicity of forms of struggle and of moments of conflicts from
below makes us less controllable. In this way, we cannot be placed in
prearranged channels nor can we be labelled as supporters of political
parties or unions. On the contrary, we become more agile and less
predictable. We acquire a richness of thought and action.

4. We live in a frenetic society where the logic of the economy determines the
rhythm of life. Production-profit-rapidity at school, at work, in the
supermarket. Human beings are debris abandoned to the flow of commercial
exchange, isolated bodies in virtual networks, unable to understand where we
are going. Engulfed by the comforting waves of spectacle, busy with running
after false needs and the mirage of career promotion, we are by now unable
to grasp the possibility of real change. Therefore it is urgent that we stop.
We must stop this show that is wrecking us.

5. Let's block everything (from the schools to the streets) in order to
take a breath and stop this rush for profit and death, in order to look at things
from a different perspective, a perspective of surprise and pleasure in
experiencing with others some unexpected freedom. Let's create
self-organization and widespread conflict so that we can take back our
strength and minds before starting to reverse course.

6. An unexpected and joyful blockade is an instrument of provocation. It
is an instrument for sabotaging the mechanisms of a social machinery that
wants us to be indifferent to the world surrounding us and insensitive to
our passions.

7. To go out in the streets also means to take back all urban space that
has been denied to us, to move through the city and meet other realities
without creating new dogmas.

8. If the economy blocks the free circulation of people and knowledge, we
want to block the economy through free and wild circulation of people and
knowledge. That is to say: if their economy is aimed at looting and
destroying our lives, our aim be to destroy their economy and loot back what is ours.

9. Blockage is only one of the means. There is no path to victory; on the
contrary there are many possible paths to be explored. We leave the
drainpipes to those who will soon flow back into struggles that are compatible with
Power. We leave the sewers to those who will try to ride the wave of
protest only with the aim of putting water into their political basin.

We prefer the open sea.

Let's spread the blockades and occupations, for Mike Brown and for all of us.



This independent value system cracker doesn't tell people he's from a context or a habitat. So fucking Western.

what kind of context are you talking about? they specify that cops are killing black teenagers. you want mike brown's full biography in there? and do you think what's going on is just about mike brown?

"Independent value system cracker"... wow. Alright bro let’s start another word salad competition:

"Arrested-abuse species"...

"Collapsing inherent domestic prefiguration patterns"...

"Bamboo-panic subset"...

"Exploitation domain tautology reification (in reverse ontological order, garnered with vegan Béchamel cream)"...

"Hipster idiots." No wait...

Emile? Your turn.

surrounded a public transit bus and chased it until the driver steered into a telephone pole. Then they surrounded another bus, rocked it back and forth, and covered the windows with graffiti.

Privileged Stormtroopers from out of town, terrorizing low-income black and brown people who were just trying to get home. There were children, too, on at least one of the buses.

They tore up a beloved, family-owned Italian deli and a family-owned bicycle shop known for offering free repair classes to the local riders and contributing lots of money to local children's organizations. Because, you know, free food and bikes from a poor community.

Then they went back home to their suburbs and laughed about what heroes they are.

Keating? Nice job at completely ignoring the content of the article. Go cry to someone who cares.

Your constant repeating of the refrain that folks are from out of town/suburbs is fucking boring. Did you know Martin Luther King Jr. was an outside agitator?

He wasn't in town to steal bicycles, scarf up raided food and liquor, play pyro, scare children, or make an Urban Outfitter fashion statement.

You've got a lot of nerve comparing yourself to Martin Luther King.

King's change was a concession that tried to stifle an insurrection and a movement that fought for autonomy from the US gov't.


Fuck Dr. King.

Oh and PS... before you go hang yourself back on that cross. I aint white... so again... fuck Dr. King.

Long live Malcolm X and Fred Hampton! Screw all the Gandhi cult liberals no matter the skin tone.

Damn. White privilege knows no limit. Yeah, I know he was an outside agitator, and I also know what happened to him. Word to the wise.

go back to 2007 and actually read the coming insurrection not just the chapter titles.

banks and multinationals run our lives? damn, wish there was some kind of benevolent socialist state to protect us.

being few and isolated in activist gestures is 'efficient'.

'richness of thought'

seriously, this is so 2007 i@ style, you could be accused of sexual assault just for writing it.

i'm done.

wait, what are the merits of originality and fashionability? is it that you have been writing so much and so originally that you are aware of some of the joys of creative expression that the rest of us are excluded from? or are you a fanboy / aficionado of insurrectionary literature, who knows enough to offer snide commentary but isn't necessarily opening new pathways (either in action or analysis) themself?

what are the "new pathways" here? this piece is so superficial in its analysis and so redolent of occupy-type rhetoric, it wouldn't be out of place in adbusters. so, the superficiality of my response was more a satire of that than an attempt to engage it on its own silly terms.

The state does not exist to protect anybody but the elite. Socialism does not work. Nothing works. Even anarchism as an idea has its flaws as humans have theirs. There are things that work better than capitalism and government but nothing that actually works. There will never be peace and revolution will always be happening to maintain the better world if that better world ever comes. We would have to be in a constant state of war against tyrants just as the tyrants are in a constant state of war to protect their establishment. There is no end to war so long as there are humans.

Doomsaying won't work either

Interesting verbiage about blockage. Cities only exist by a tremendous amount of cooperation under a centralized organization. Careful not not cause so much blockage that the food you depend on does not get from the country to the city, the water does not flow in by the pipes, and your own crap does not flow out by the sewers.

There is a faction of anarchy that prefers that the world population is diminished by 13/14ths and that the population that does not die lives subservient to nature. The supporting essays are available on this website. If you are of that ilk, there is nothing I can offer I debate.

The criticisms offered by anarchists are pretty much widely shared by all, and the corrupt nature of humans is something to constantly be fought. Generally, however, history has and will belong to those who find problems and potentials and fix or fulfill them. Too much of anarchist rhetoric is devoted to tearing down the system and individuals in the system without defining how something better is offered to those individuals.

YOU be careful 'bout nature, pretentious foo’.

Now I'm up for the Genocidal Anarchist Faction (as if anyone else than capitalist oligarchs have caused genocides over the last few centuries, still counting), for the sole reason there’s subservient tools like YOU, fighting for whatever the powers-that-be, as if there’s no other way than their highway. Hence, I want you to DIE out of this very same servitude to the system, so I can come around to collect your possessions when they suddenly become void out of the same magic that created their property (death).

(...oh fuck the wait, we’ll just loot you at anytime from now on!)

It’s actually lucky that the poor and minorities have been cast out to suburbs, being closer to rural areas, while mostly-White yuppies have been fighting amongst each other all these years for living in nicer boxes in city centers so they can have better jobs for the Spectacle.

How even. How perfectly even...

All we need now is that your global puppet masters keep playing insane war games at NATO’s fringes so that Putin finally launches at least a third of Russia’s glorious ICBM arsenal against their entire establishment and its countless military bases, as well as the EMP superweapons, activate that Russian computer worm found lurking in the US power infrastructure, and -why not- unleash Yellowstone’s gigantic caldera in the process, so that fully-programmed yuppies like you will turn batfuck insane after just a few hours and next thing you know you’ll be killing and eating each other (like in that old memorable South Park episode with the icestorm), while all the highways out of the cities are jammed by miles upon miles of «BLOCKAGES» made of your very own stupid cars and pickups. No need for rioters, who’ll be already gone in what’s left of the wild.

M455-PWNED, lol...

As usual, us anarchists are the enthropic whispers of the coming civilizational downfall, the trembling leaves announcing the storm, the handmade fires prefigurating the global purification by fire, the rupture tearing society apart towards the coming rapture. These are the crazy times we live in, right fucking now, and anything you do toward those who revolt against such violent oppression will reveal who you really are.

And it’s «blockade», by the way... not «blockage».

grow our own food, take care of our shit (compost fertilizer), live where the water is. otherwise, we all die anyways so, what difference as to when... And what do you mean by corrupt human nature?

We all know perfection exists and we all strive for it; which I think is the goal of anarchists. We recognize that what we have is not perfect and want to make it better. We also find ourselves knowing that some of the things we do are wrong, yet we do them anyway.

As far as growing our own and composting, I do some of that already. But my 2.5 acres cannot support my family without trade with the city. If the whole world operated on subsistence farming, it would support only as small fraction of the current population. I know this is fine with some anarchists.

The change achieved, sooner or later our desire to be near other humans and our desire to make things better will induce me to offer my neighbor some of the food I have grown if he will build me a better shelter. Then we have started commerce all over again. Eventually his corrupt nature will induce him to put his compost heap farther from his shelter and closer to mine. After arguing, we will agree to let a third wise friend decide which of us is right, and we will have a justice system all over again.

Now at peace, the three families will sit around the campfire and look at the moon, remembering legends of when men actually walked on it. We will make a pact to get back there before the guys in the camp across the creek do. And a new space race will be on.

The process is described in Dire Staights "Telegraph Road".

Land property is void in an anarchist context, you dolt. There would be a lot more goodies to feed your family from the forest and the plains if agriculture and industrial consumerism wouldn't have polluted, impoverished and formatted these lands for decades.

Furthermore, there's permaculture techniques (like the famous one from that Austrian mountain guy) that allow you to grow crops in unlikely places.

Hunted/foraged land has limits - kill too many deer or pick too many berries and there will be none next year. With permaculture this is even more delicate because over-harvesting of one or two plants could throw whole gardens out of balance.

Foraging and permaculture are great solutions, but they're not limitless magical food stores, and they certainly don't function well on an everybody-doing-whatever-the-fuck-they-want-and-taking-whatever model. The question of which people get to eat from which land would still be very relevant, as would how people agreed to split up the bounty.

Permaculture is not monoculture. They are opposed by design. Kinda like confusing Partisans for Nazis.

It is a prerequisite for permaculture gardening to go accordingly with plant associations, their relationship with the soil and the wider environment, and their long-term effect of their culture over fertility and life sustainability.

Of course foraging and hunting/fishing aren't solutions for mass-consumption. It's appropriate only for individual/group survival or for adding extra goodie nutriments/aroma to your sauce, sandwich or salad.

you seem to be attached to the idea of single family dwellings and property boundaries, as well as the concept of competition as inherent to nature. I see these as false premises , propulgated by those who seek power over natural relations by the civilization process. civilization begins when we move from co-operation to competition, or from collectivism to individualism.

you say "my 2.5 acres cannot support my family without trade with the city. If the whole world operated on subsistence farming, it would support only as small fraction of the current population" . How have you come to this position? Cite a scientific reference?

perfection exists? I would say that perfection is that which is, was, and will become. everything is always perfect(and nothing, too)
I believe that is where the circle A comes from-alpha omega- . In order to realize perfection, one only needs to know that perfection exists always. there is a strong current within anarchist philosophy that is nihilism which rejects any conception of right/wrong morality. After all, isn't such a system of evaluation based in hierarchy?

there are needs and desires, and consequence to every action. how does this translate to "corrupt nature"

I think the mountain lion and her cub that has been frequenting our neighborhood of late believes that competition is inherent to nature.

A right/wrong morality comes from the belief that we are created and that there is a personal creator. Yes I would say that the system of evaluation is definitely based in hierarchy. I may agree with you that perfection comes where circle A comes from alpha omega; we may disagree on definitions. It seems hard to reconcile the concept of perfection with nihilism, although I am not educated on the concept.

I can not cite a scientific reference for my population claims, but history shows a rise in population from hunter/gatherer societies to agrarian societies to true cityhood where population is concentrated and the means of survival are brought from the countryside and from around the world.

My particular town had a de-population generations ago when to local water supply ran down. That is less of a problem since the California Water Project went through town. (That could change in 12 months). Now the debate is whether or not we have the infrastructure to allow a single developer to more than double the size of the town.

There is a type of competition in which two or more providers of a good or service strive to do the most good for their potential customers. There is another type of competition where adversaries try to destroy each other. It seems to me anarchists tend to fall into the latter category.

Yes I am into single family homes and property lines. For now I will have to settle for a double-wide. However, I am tearing my hair out with my wife constantly telling me to check the locks on the gates. She's afraid the anarchists are right outside!

how bout advent and jubilee and made in the image of creator and appropriate reciprocity to god and caesar(big caesar)

,,Yikes ! Emile??

"A right/wrong morality comes from the belief that we are created and that there is a personal creator."

No, it doesn't you fucking idiot. Morality is the rational consideration of actions in regards to well-being. It has nothing to do with appeals to dieties or a higher power. Seriously do you even think about these concepts before you form opinions on them? The amount of sophistry that passes as "theory" in anarchists circles these days is fucking embarrassing.

They ain't rational and certainly ain't moral. Morality is the imposition of abstract categories on reality plain and simple.

Its not such a big deal. One can block out Western values and morality, or whatever causes friction within your social relationships, material or mythical, its no hindrance to a dedicated anarchist. Conscientious objection, general strike, silence, tae kwon-do, cheeky repartee etc etc.

I read a wikipedia entry on anarchism and I agree that a dedicated anarchist can deal with all of my objections.

But even an extreme anarchist looks both ways before crossing the street.

Which brings up another old joke. A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a whiskey. He drinks it down. "Would you like another" asks the bartender. "I think not!" replies the man, and woosh!, he ceases to exist. Who was he?

At least we can agree that for a while, we can not get cheap, barely edible pizza in Fergusson.

Wikidouche exposed. Go read some books instead of inflating your head with flat moral-political convictions and hot air... that are very hard to distinguish actually.

welcome to anarchism!

i would invite you to please explore further the similarities between alpha-omega perfection and anti-hierarchical, cooperative, dynamic relational nihilism. and put in a good word to your wife for us.

Together! we make our own pizza

maybe he realized the purity of his natural vibration and so couldn't be contained by a fleeting existence

Your entire agenda was cooked up by the Situation movement's leaders way back in France, 1957. Please give them a moment of thanks, since they're dead and could use some recognition.

sits didn't cook up the idea of general strike, blockades, barricades, riots, revolution, or insurrection. Not at all, unless by 'cook up' you mean appropriate ideas that had been around for (at least) centuries.

Someone sent Nine Points on Why it is Neccessary to Block Everything to Sean Swain. Here's his response:

This is an awesome and practical idea when we consider that the flows of product and labor create sprawling and indefensible systems, both in the physical and cyber worlds. Every blockage creates a chokepoint that prevents a flow to other places, thereby shutting down production in all of those secondary areas. That is, when you leave stolen cars blocking both sides of a major highway in and out of an urban area at rush hour, and you puncture the tires on those stolen cars and yank out the parking brake and light the interior on fire, and walk away, you don't just block that traffic into work-- the absence of those workers halts production of widgets... Which later impacts all the products requiring those widgets.
So, each time you leave dozens of bowling balls in the highway, or steal department of transportation cones and signs, and randomly block off major thoroughfares, or pull fire alarms at the point of production, there are primary, secondary, and tertiary impacts on an already unraveling system.
Related, in a story on 60 Minutes recently [ there are thousands of bridges and roads on the verge of collapse. Pennsylvania has the most. Imagine if those bridges began failing... The impact on transport of goods in the U.S. and the impact on the global system of trade... And, then, the impact when the U.S. must immediately divert billions from wars to rebuild bridges.
Not that I would suggest locating those essential bridges and roads for purposes of helping along their collapse. That would be illegal.
What kind of security is there, anyway, at department of transportation depots where they have drills and trucks and heavy machinery for chunking up concrete?... Just asking.
Don't know if it's true or not, but someone once told me you could buy a preloaded phone at WalMart and, using a recording to disguise the voice, someone could call in fake bomb threats to every single bank holding company and every insurance holding company, in one day, and if you watched C-Span, you could watch the stock market flutter and begin dropping... Just mentioning in order to provide an example to prove anonymous' assertion is correct. One WalMart phone and a phone list and a scrambled voice message could bottom out the economy.
The system is very vulnerable to blockages. Not that I would advocate that, especially with my communication heavily monitored. Doing stuff like that would probably be illegal.
--Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain
OSP, Ohio's supermax facility
(The next revolution will not be televised but it's already online at with weekly bombthreats at If you're listening, you ARE the resistance...)
* * *

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