NLRB Rules Union Canvasser Fired Illegally By Sisters’ Camelot, Orders Back Pay, Reinstatement

  • Posted on: 17 October 2015
  • By: ShugE Mississippi
IWW Sisters' Camelot Canvass Union

NLRB Rules Union Canvasser Fired Illegally By Sisters’ Camelot,
Orders Back Pay, Reinstatement

This past Friday, September 25, the National Labor Relations Board issued a new ruling regarding the struggle between the IWW Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union and their former bosses at Sisters’ Camelot.

This new ruling reverses the 2013 ruling by an administrative law judge which stated the workers at Sisters’ Camelot were not protected under the National labor Relations Act because they were independent contractors. With this decision being reversed, Sisters’ Camelot is ruled to have violated labor law when they fired Canvass Union member shugE Mississippi while on strike in 2013 as part of their union-busting campaign.

This new ruling also uses the same argument to clarify that Sisters’ Camelot violated labor law when they refused to negotiate with their worker’s union, and again when they offered concessions to workers if they were to abandon bargaining collectively as a union.

The ruling orders that Sisters’ Camelot formally apologize, offer Mississippi his job back, pay him back pay, and remove all language in their records and workplace trying to justify the illegal firing.

“This is fantastic news! After over two years on strike, it’s great to get the recognition that our union deserves and see Sisters’ Camelot finally held accountable for union-busting,” stated Canvass Union member Maria Wesserle.

“Now no one can argue that the bosses at Sisters’ Camelot are anything more than union-busters. It’s great to hear that their lawyer’s argument to get them off on technicalities ultimately failed,” said Canvass Union member Bridget Laurenson.

When asked his thoughts about the ruling shugE Mississippi stated: “This ruling upholds the validity of our strike against corrupt bosses. Remember: Hippy scabs are still scabs.”

The Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union has been on strike since March 1st 2013 and a complete boycott of Sisters’ Camelot called by the Twin Cities IWW has been in effect since May 6th, 2014 after enduring a violent attack during a picket of Sisters’ Camelot. The Sisters’ Camelot Canvass Union is a campaign of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a revolutionary labor union founded over a century ago for all working people.



Boring drama is still news i guess. I know you got real issues mpls, as in real shit to do. Hope you can move beyond this entrenched bullshit.

Does anyone else find it odd that the person who posted this article is also the person whom this article is about?

This is also probably the author of the article as well as the one who is keeping the flame of this conflict alive.

I think it's funny that Mr. Mississippi put drama as one of the tags.

it's stories like this that make me miss the roll-overs

Oh not that shit again... (sighs) IWW has become the biggest purveyors of FULL BORE in North America.

This has nothing to do with anarchism.

What do you mean? Anarchists are *always* talking about what the National Labor Relations Board is doing!

This begs the question: if it is a horrible thing for Brandon Darby to work with the feds in the form of the FBI in an effort to get anarchists in trouble with the government, wouldn't it be equally as bad for Shuge Mississippi to work with the feds in the form of the NLRB in an effort to get anarchists in trouble with the government?

Ya know what, you're right. And since snitches must get stitches, I propose the assembly of a black bloc strike force. From now on, any tenant who dares try and fight an eviction by an "anarchist" landlord can feel our wrath, just like any other employees who dare try to exercise basic workplace protections against "anarchist" bosses....

Not to mention all those traitors on food stamps

And all those "criminulls" in prison!

Shuge, you a fuck. Congrats on getting the government's backing.

It's comments like these that demonstrate why anarchists deserve the gulag

So, the people who fired shugE but we're "definitely not his boss" and who also decided to seek out a right-wing union busting lawyer are upset because he went to the NLRB to get his job back. Huh.

I guess that's ok since they're not bosses.

Perhaps the IWW should've just shut down Sisters' entirely and then helped the workers form their own organization to distribute food

Why do anarchists even still bother with this union nonsense.

So union workers went back to work. What's new?

This was a much bigger victory for all workers than most understand. Thanks

It is a sad state of affairs when so-called "anarchists" need to rely on the federal government to settle their disputes for them.

True... except the IWW is not anarchist, neither are those liberal socialist drama queens.

Anarchism is a sad state of affairs.

- signed, a maoist scumbag who looks forward turning your lover against you.

The empty organizational shell of the best social movement ever produced by the wage-earning class in the United States now relies on the federal government to guarantee its ability to pantomime actual labor brokerages of the AFL-CIO and SEIU stripe.

What's needed is something in the spirit of what the real IWW was at its very best -- an anti-wage labor movement of the wage laboring class. This no longer has anything to do with the old IWW's organizational form.

can the IWW just fuck off and die already?

Everyone hating here is a hypocritical keyboard warrior. The Sisters Camelot Canvass Union actually accomplished something in this world. What the fuck have you done? My guess: lots of talking, lots of hot air, maybe even a little light vandalism. Have you fed anyone? Have you worked to undermine capitalist frameworks? Have you built solidarity movements, stood up for what you believed and initiated protests and pickets? Or have you just been posting anonymous comments on the internet hating on things you don't know anything about? Yeah I thought so.

What the fuck have you done?

I started my own sweatshop franchise in Latin America that currently employs over 15,000 people. It only pays 25 cents an hour but, hey, you gotta start somewhere. Yup... I'm a real humanitarian, alright. Viva la revolución!

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