No Masters, No Slaves: First Meeting of the Student Anarchist Federation

  • Posted on: 24 February 2012
  • By: worker

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On Saturday February 18, students from across Massachusetts gathered at Encuentro 5 in Chinatown for the inaugural meeting of the Student Anarchist Federation (SAF). The SAF hopes to build on the upsurge in anarchism’s popularity in the wake of the Occupy movement. They plan to do so by helping students organize in a non-hierarchical manner to challenge capitalism, the state, and all forms of oppression – a vision that departs markedly from anarchism’s nihilistic portrayal by the political left and right alike.

Nearly 50 students were present at Saturday’s meeting. Colleges represented included Boston University, Tufts, Northeastern, Emerson, Bunker Hill, Burlington, Wentworth, Emmanuel, Simmons, and Salem State University. Many were reluctant to disclose their full names due to the possibility of state or employer reprisal. Some, such as “Malatesta” of Boston University, had been active on their campuses for a long time, but now see anarchism “spreading like wildfire,” energized in part by Occupy protests.</td><td><img title="Let us talk of ends & means and the possibility of the day of days" src=""></td></tr></table>...

The SAF takes its inspiration from the Libertarian Student Front (Frente de Estudiantes Libertarios/FEL) in Chile. The FEL has roots in the struggles of Chilean students against the neoliberal reforms of (US-backed) dictator Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet’s regime, most famous for ordering the murder of thousands of leftists in the 1970s, also altered the country’s education system, introducing enormous inequalities between regions. The FEL was formally constituted in 2003, following initial actions in the late 1990s. It continues to provide a political space for anarchist students to promote horizontialism and the socialization of the education system. The FEL has been active in 2011-2012 Chilean student uprisings, which have seen student occupations of more than 100 universities.

Participants at the first meeting of the SAF expressed belief that their federation’s establishment would allow for more large-scale actions in Massachusetts, including outreach to students, teach-ins on anarchism, and coordinated protests. One proposal was for the development of new materials for outreach, such as magazines and pamphlets. Breakout groups discussed how to fight student T fare hikes. A motion was passed for the SAF to march together on March 1, the National Day of Action for Education.

Many of the participants reported anarchistic ideas flourishing on their campuses in the face of increasingly delegitimized college authorities. These authorities are trying to push through unpopular tuition hikes and place restrictions on student groups. As a result, students find it increasingly desirable to imagine a world without such authorities and to work toward building such a world.

SAF members also discussed how exactly their values should be put into practice through the federation. Many participants believed that an anarchist organization should not focus just on anti-capitalist or anti-state actions, but needed to address all forms of oppression, in new and creative ways. One woman spoke of the need “to create affinity groups and safe spaces for oppressed people.” Emily from Burlington described the appeal of anarchism as that of “building a society without systems of oppression, sustained by radical compassion and direct democracy, where people are taken care of.”

The meeting ended with the organizers deciding to devote most of the next meeting to a discussion of what constitutes anarchist values and strategy. The next meeting will be Sunday, Feb 26, at E5 (33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor, Boston) starting at 7 pm.

To learn more, find the Student Anarchist Federation on Facebook.


did somebody say nihilism?


I don't believe they did, actually.

>organize in a non-hierarchical manner to challenge capitalism, the state, and all forms of oppression – a vision that departs markedly from anarchism’s nihilistic portrayal
^"Hi. I have no idea what nihilism means, but it sounds bad and scary :( But these are the good anarchists that only challenge capitalism, not destroy society, so they're okay :D"

jacob frank is scawy. i think he farted on the torah or something :(

nihilism is meaningless

This is a message from Void Network (
We express solidarity to the creation of this assembly as we believe that the creation of open public anarchist assemblies in each university is very important. The role of this assembly inside the university is to bring the students closer to the anarchist ideas, to break the isolation of students and bring the social movements from the streets inside the university, to analyse and critisize the role of the university to the reproduction of social exploitation and to fight back the apathy and the authority of the academic elite inside the university
Bring the War Back in The University!

if this is supposed to be irony then it's of the russian doll variety. the final doll says: false.

i was always an anarchist, and said "what do you replace cancer with?" and then i found out, this not offering a utopian vision to replace the destruction of oppressive systems is called "nihilism"?

nah, i think y'all are anarchists but just fetishize the word nihilist as the new shock-term flavor of the week.

i'm a nihilist about nihilists.

For me, anarchism is political nihilism, which itself contains every other kind of nihilism once you understand how ideology (morality, religion, identity, utopias, hope, idealism generally) is produced by power-relations.

(Same person.)
I guess what I mean to say is that nihilism and insurrectionary anarchism are the same thing to me. The only difference is that insurrectionary anarchism fleshes out more specifics in terms of how it is to be done.

looks dope! best of luck! remember fight the system not each other!

the first major action will be followed by purges.

...To learn more, find the Student Anarchist Federation on Facebook...

This is totally ridiculous. Instead of building and maintaining revolutionary infrastructure to endure networking and create bridges of solidarity, some choose to follow fucking Facebook.

Yes, we should build all web presence from scratch.

Most anarchists I've ever met have just been college students, anyway, so this should be a great big popular nothing.

And -- ohhh! -- a "federation!" The perfect way to pretend to be an organization and reserve the right to bail on each other at the first and slightest sign of trouble.

you are thinking of network

almost all of the schools mentioned are private btw. are none of the UMB occupiers @s?

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