No One is Coming to Save Us: An Anarchist Response to the Election of Donald Trump

  • Posted on: 11 November 2016
  • By: Parenthesis Eye

From the First of May Anarchist Alliance

The surprise victory of Donald Trump this past Tuesday has quickly presented people in this country (and around the world) with a vastly different political landscape than we had expected. We are seeing a rise in right-wing attacks as the far right is emboldened by the victory, much like what happened earlier this year after the success of the Brexit referendum in the UK. The incompetence and capitulation of the Democratic Party has forced many of its former supporters to recognize that the fight against the far right cannot be won by liberal electoral politics. This new reality forces anti-authoritarians of all stripes to rise to the challenge of building strong movements for working class self-defense in this new atmosphere.

Much writing in the coming weeks will be dedicated to figuring out, from the Democratic perspective, “what went wrong.” Already many authors have argued that Trump’s success is solely the result of white nationalism and misogyny. Part of Trump’s appeal is that his ideas are a racist response to there currently being a black president. Trump’s open embrace of white supremacy and patriarchy was crucial to his victory, but we do not believe it can tell the whole story. It cannot, for example, explain why Trump received more votes than other recent Republicans from latinos, women, and black voters.

Another narrative states that in the rust belt as in Europe, the devastating effects of decades of austerity, neoliberal trade agreements, and an orientation towards multinational corporations have been challenged. That challenge in the U.S. and elsewhere has come in the form of xenophobic nationalism. There is a significant amount of truth to this as well, but it can’t explain much of Trump’s success without acknowledging the serious appeal that open white nationalism and misogyny has gained in this election.

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of this moment is that after spending months describing Trump as a grave threat to the lives of women, people of color, queer and trans people and the disabled, the entire Democratic Party has immediately capitulated to him. They have made clear that they always held preserving their broken system to be far more important than our lives. Many among their base are for the first time seeing the party’s true colors, and are reaching out to radical organizations in the interest of carrying on the fight that the Democrats so quickly abandoned. Already we are seeing attacks on muslims, immigrants, people of every color besides white, queer and trans people. This is not abstract, it is already happening. We should expect more of this and must make organizing to oppose it a top priority.

For anti-authoritarians, this presents a fundamental challenge that we must rise to. Many on the left will continue to advocate for independent candidates, third parties, or “progressive” Democrats like Bernie Sanders. In response, we must not only articulate that this is a dead-end strategy but offer serious alternatives for people to engage in and understand what we mean by our watchword of Community Self-Defense.

Across the US, from cities to rural areas, it is imperative that anarchists and anti-authoritarians strive to build organizations to battle the emboldened far right, to advocate through militant action the needs of working-class communities, and to combat state repression. We must encourage broad participation from those who are now looking for an alternative to the failed strategy which has got us to this moment. Moving forward, we must be sure to resist the pull of nonprofits and electoralism which will surely return to stymie any radical activity once the Democratic Party recovers.

Trump is an opportunist who understood the frustration of mostly struggling white people and tapped into that anger. He is not currently a fascist but has fascist tendencies that emboldens fascists and authoritarians of many stripes. Calling him one can limit our understanding of fascism, which we need to develop in order to better oppose it.

We are encouraged that so many have taken to the streets across the country. We hope more will do the same. Trump’s attacks in the form of policy and his supporters physical attacks and intimidation, must be opposed from day one.

Our organizations must be effective. The sense of despair many are feeling is grounded in the reality of an ascendant far right. Right now, they face little resistance. The sense of urgency many of us have felt is a recognition of the need to build that resistance. It is time for us to take up that task, to find new comrades ready to fight, and to fight. No one is coming to save us–we cannot use the electoral system to fight the far right effectively. It’s time to stop waiting and defend each other in the streets!

What Needs to Be Done:
1. No to National “healing”, working with, or a grace period for the Trump Regime
2. Take to the streets – build a militant resistance
3. Build working-class defense organizations that resist racist attacks, sexual assault, immigration and homeland security raids and deportations, police brutality and state repression
4. Agitate and organize for workers actions – including a general strike against Trump
5. No to containment of the struggle back into the Democratic Party, electoralism and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex



No Bernie will!!! Let's be patient comrades and push your local representative in 4 years so that Bernie gets elected.

I'd like to hear more about the struggle in number 5. above.
At least it opens the door to effective action.

The working class is now retail workers, waiters, cooks,
hotel workers, bartenders & nurse aids that don"t have the surplus
to initiate effective action against both their own bosses and
the two party state at the same time. Someone's going to
have to give them some room to work.

We need a strong underground avant-garde to open some space for contestation.
This is what hackers and Jeremy Hammond were supposed to do and did, to a small degree.
But the class war isn't information anymore. Everything's on wikileaks, the intercept
and lefty press: we all know we're being surveilled. All the gaming hasn't paid off.

Everyone already knows workers are exploited and the earth is dying.
Everyone already knows we're headed to a Planet of Slums with
gated neighborhoods for the super-rich.
Workers can't do anything about it except in extremely long time frames,
because everyone has families to feed, clothe, house etc. Number 4.
above needs an underground stream for support. The streets
in Number 2. is where u get yr ass kicked and then have to pay a fine,
and possibly face charges. No. The system must get rocked first, so we're going
to have to get smarter and quieter. We must remove the brain of the monster.
At the same time as 1-5 above, there must be an avant-garde below which cuts
off the tentacles and pokes out the eyes of the military industrial monster.

by engaging in a variety of methods, collaborations, variable zones of opportunity,
in a timely and un-timely manner, in a number of ways with a plethora of styles
expressed with interesting manners. Many movements, many intensities , creating innovative
concepts on lines of flight and planes of consistency that indicate many authentic counter- intuitive-actualizations, i.e.
occupy-like temporary> but relentless zones of autonomy. Let's get to work to gather, together.
p.s.? po-mo poetic rant? You Betcha!

Which means... entryism? Secret societies of anarchists infiltrating the most crucial levels of State/corporate power and holding regular agenda meetings once a year to fuck things up? Anti-Bilderberg Conference?

Would be interesting though ain't sure I'd have enough time left in my life to even come close to set up or get into such a conspiracy.

This is such crap it should be on some Marxist shithole site. One kulak is worth a million 'working-class' turds. If there is a class to be defended its the peasantry.

What the fuck is a kulak?

Maybe he's drunk again and typoed meaning to write - Kojak - U O J K and L are all together on the keyboard, its reminiscent of some of 8-Balls comments, remember him?

So many of the comments lately are completely in agreement with the president-elect's line that opposing him is supporting the dems. Talk about binary thinking. I'll take IGD-style strugglismo over that nearly any day.

Break shit.

I deviate in several places from this, but the general idea is sound. It's baffling to me that so many people are on the same page so quickly when usually we'd be at each other's throats (I am not a fan of this group at all).

Long Live the Anarchist Front!

6. Form death squads in the thousands, and start killing rednecks, radio talk show hosts, the Oathkeepers, the KKK, neo-Nazis, anyone wearing a Trump hat, Wall Street brokers, defense industry lobbyists, Ted Nugent, and Justin Bieber.

takes a whole society to raise those people.

as the individual is a reflection of the otherness you'd be killing people without shifting the underlying values that prop such easy targets up.

Also, oath keepers ARE the death squads. Note their presence in Ferguson as a harbinger of the trumpist whitelash. Scary shit.

So then kill the whole fucking society. On to the nuke silos!!!

I have a feeling that is the thinking of at least 5% of trump voters.

"Giant Meteor '16 didn't make it on the ballot, so I voted Trump instead. Close enough!"

Nope. When the government killed so many leftist leaders in the 1960s and 1970s it effectively crushed the left, and the left were no longer a social force of consequence.

A political position that could unite the anger of the anti-elite trump bloc with left radicals:
-kill every billionaire
-DC is so corrupt it has made itself the richest place in America: loot it and burn it to the ground. (Shorten to: "Burn DC")

Arrr matey! We should study the war of 1812 and plunder and burn them dogs like the British did!

epigenetic influence inductively actualizes genetic expression, ... genetic expression is secondary 'appearance'. in other words, the times make the man, the man does not make the times.

there is a shift from reason-based liberalism to intuition-based populism. people are no longer buying into the generalized 'reasoning' that governments have been using as their justification for top-down coercion.

the election of a politician who caters to people who don't give a damn for the carefully concocted reasoning of liberals on climate change and using foodcrops for ethanol to reduce fossil fuel consumption is the secondary 'genetic expression'. the epigenetic influence that is inductively actualizing it is the deeper, physically grounded phenomenon; i.e. the groundswell shift away from carefully reasoned explanations affirmed by experts and towards cultivating responses to actual situationally experienced phenomena [too many dicks on the dance-floor etc.].

if the commander in chief promises to cater to a diverse multiplicity of populist factions, the sovereign state governance structure is not built to do it. it is like moving towards tribalism within a rigid law-based governance structure; i.e. it will put enormous stress on a top-down coercive regulatory governance structure because of the physical reality known as Mach's principle

"The dynamics of the inhabitants (e.g. multiple tribes or populist factions) are conditioning the dynamics of the habitat (common living space) at the same time as the dynamics of the habitat are conditioning the dynamics of the inhabitants"

this works in nature because the diversity of participants in an ecosystem have an effective ethic of cultivating and sustaining balance and harmony without employing top-down coercive regulation. Western users of top-down coercive regulation employ moral judgement based on allowed and prohibited behaviours. those who get caught between a rock and a hard place get crushed to death, or, if they push back, feel the brunt of Western moral judgement based retributive justice.

the inappropriateness of top-down coercive regulation as an organizing architecture is going to make itself apparent as multiple populist/tribal needs are catered to within an inappropriate organizing structure and ethic.

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