• Posted on: 11 November 2016
  • By: thecollective

From CrimethInc. by B. Traven

#DisruptJ20: Call for a bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20, 2017

On Friday, January 20, 2017, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as President of the United States. We call on all people of good conscience to join in disrupting the ceremonies. If Trump is to be inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the true face of the security state Trump will preside over. It must be made clear to the whole world that the vast majority of people in the United States do not support his presidency or consent to his rule.

Trump stands for tyranny, greed, and misogyny. He is the champion of neo-nazis and white Nationalists, of the police who kill the Black, Brown and poor on a daily basis, of racist border agents and sadistic prison guards, of the FBI and NSA who tap your phone and read your email. He is the harbinger of even more climate catastrophe, deportation, discrimination, and endless war. He continues to deny the existence of climate change, in spite of all the evidence, putting the future of the whole human race at stake. The KKK, Vladimir Putin, Golden Dawn, and the Islamic State all cheered his victory. If we let his inauguration go unchallenged, we are opening the door to the future they envision.

Trump’s success confirms the bankruptcy of representative democracy. Rather than using the democratic process as an alibi for inaction, we must show that no election could legitimize his agenda. Neither the Democrats nor any other political party or politician will save us—they just offer a weaker version of the same thing. If there is going to be positive change in this society, we have to make it ourselves, together, through direct action.

From day one, the Trump presidency will be a disaster. #DisruptJ20 will be the start of the resistance. We must take to the streets and protest, blockade, disrupt, intervene, sit in, walk out, rise up, and make more noise and good trouble than the establishment can bear. The parade must be stopped. We must delegitimize Trump and all he represents. It’s time to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and the world that sustains us as if our lives depend on it—because they do.

In Washington, DC

DC will not be hospitable to the Trump administration. Every corporation must openly declare whether they side with him or with the people who will suffer at his hands. Thousands will converge and demonstrate resistance to the Trump regime. Save the date. A website will appear shortly with more details. #DisruptJ20

Around the US

If you can’t make it to Washington, DC on January 20, take to the streets wherever you are. We call on our comrades to organize demonstrations and other actions for the night of January 20. There is also a call for a general strike to take place. Organize a walkout at your school now. Workers: call out sick and take the day off. No work, no school, no shopping, no housework. #DisruptJ20

Around the World

If you are living outside the US, you can take action at US embassies, borders, or other symbols of neocolonial power. Our allegiance is not to “making America great again,” but to all of humanity and the planet. #DisruptJ20

Spread the word. Join the fight. #DisruptJ20


CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective
It’s Going Down
New York Anarchist Action
The Base
NYC Anarchist Black Cross
Pittsburgh Autonomous Student Network
Pittsburgh Student Solidarity Coalition
NightShade Pittsburgh
Pitt Against Debt
Pitt Students for a Democratic Society
Steel City (A) Team
Antifa Seven Hills
WNC Antifa
Asheville Anti-Racism
Black Rose Book Distro St. Louis
Resonance: An anarchist audio distro

If you endorse this call, sign your name at the bottom of this list and circulate it. Email to be included in the above list.



Why didn't "thecollective" add their signature to this distribution? Oh that's right, they're just about "telling stories".

Major cities are the economic engines of the US. They are also the most anti-Trump places in the US. Organizing general strikes for J20 would set a precedent for using that as a tactic for the next 4 years every time Trump does something fucked up or just to buikd pressure every 6 months or at other time based milestones. It is also an easily expandable tactic--from the mostly symbolic 1 day J20 strike to multi-day strikes that really cripple the functioning of capital. The general strikes should include blockades of nodes of commerce--ports, railway hubs, hughways, pipelines, etc...
General strikes in the 10 biggest cities in the US would hit Wall street and the capitalists hard. Recurring, expanding general strikes would make governing inpossible. An umbrella organization to raise strike funds, coordinate legal help for strikers, and allow people to pledge participation should be created...
Make them pay!!

First, to not go over the same thing:

Next, this call falls within the "false urgency" problem that all anarchists face. Obama wasn't bad enough to combat the system. His trivia as a black man president allowed for weakness in the face of domination. This call merely reaffirms these problems and doesn't attempt to grapple with the reality of our situation and how to make a prolonged struggle possible.

Maybe you will pick up all the liberals and progressives that didn't swing over to Trumpism, the Reagan Democrats of our time. Your good/evil narrative fails to take on the system and relies on the fears of others to promote. What should be happening...nay, what is happening among those not in an urgent fury, that see Trump as just another face among all the many faces the system has, and each face is the face, the image, of the enemy.

For those not clicking their heels to jump on the 'we must organize now!" bandwagon, there is time to consider other methodologies which breaks with mass society and attempts to impose its own particular expressions of power, from its own subjectivity, where Trump is the climate and not the target, we must deal with. It is time for the anarchs, the autonomists, the subsistence insurrectionaries, the communizers, the utopia socialists, the egoists, the nihilists, the primitivists and so on to break from this activist cycle of reacting and losing, hoping for maybe a big protest at most, something to brag about with the kids when we are 40, but nothing else. The new face of rebellion is resilience, is breaking with mass society, is establishing a more circular division of labor where we can handle our own problems as well and as deeply as we can.

Civil society, social welfare, these are but drugs of dependence to keep us locked into the system. We fear removing these things because we worry so much about the safety net of the most desperate and who will save them. By breaking with mass society, they can save themselves with us or with themselves, but our path is one of pioneering a new strength, a new power that targets patriarchy through the radical reformation of the base social unit, by making it not one of hereditary passing of property and marriages to consolidate property. While these archaic institutions has been made invisible in this era of capitalism, they never disappeared and still serve the basis for the rest of society and its organization.

Civil society is the result of the patriarchs disempowerment in capitalism...or more like the recognition that the patriarch matters less than more important institutions in this era, those institutions that further the power of business, capital and economy. To overcome these problems is to dodge this spectacular reaction and begin a new kind of struggle. The struggle of friends.

Friends that don't leave to other cities to get a new job. Friends that don't leave to form a family. Friends that cross age and gender boundaries. Friends that share and share alike, that rig our own game to where the communal spirit is the selfish spirit, where they intertwine. Where friends are family and family are friends, where children are not property of parents, but members of a commune.

These communes we form, as mentioned in the Coming Insurrection, something Crimethinc should be well aware of, should be our target and our strategy. We want to change everything. You say start everywhere Crimethinc, so how about we talk more about the non-urgent wings of anarchy that want to participate, but not on these same tired, leftist terms. You willing to provide resources, to help with networking, to build multi-generational bands that share the burdens of labor and break with the binaries offered by this, poisoned, psychotic, narcissistic, society.

Fuck it in the pussy.

I like this and agree with it--except the offensive fuck it in the pussy part--and would like to take it out of the ephermeral and into the realm of the concrete.
We need autonomous spaces. Territory to defend and expand. From squats to tent encampments to land occupations etc.... we can only build the commune in liberated space.

You can call it the non-Trump anerica if that reels in the less radical people, and the time within that liberated zone, building a network of friends like family who have each other backs and survive together, will radicalize people.

Take your critique out of the realm of the esoteric and include the necessity of liberated spaces within which to grow the commune of friends you imagine.

I agree the demos are useless.

Yuck Urgh, the last few words were an ugly sexist reminder of Bill Clinton's attitude to White House staff and his wife's real indifference to feminine dignity.

Yuck, typical moral b.s. false outrage like they've never heard it before. I chose not to leave my neighborhood and create a little echo chamber. My context does not matter to you. What matters to you is conformity to milieu morality and that I communicate with you and others in ways only you find acceptable. Your approach is to silence and censor, to assume only the enemy dare speak as I do. You assume that leftist morality is a given and that I would yield expressions of common parlance to the policing of a small group of people I don't talk to anywhere else except on the internet?

I make some concessions to get along. This is, after all, a way I choose to enjoy my time. But it must be recognized that this climate is no longer one that is fought in the field of semantics. Donald Trump did destroy the power of this failing moral line. Grab them by the pussy, he says, you can tell them, to go fuck themselves, he says. If he is your enemy for saying these things, you are a fool. The outrage of the establishment to these very same things, which anarchists mirror, should be noted. Making where we pick and choose our battles should not be on the fields of irrelevance.

So what, I'm sexist, I say. Is that going to get anti-fascists to like or hate me more, you to like or hate me more, for accepting your pejoratives to be applied to me? So be it, I say. Your attack words are losing strength more and more everyday. This postmodern fascination with the power of words and micro-fascisms has blinded its adherents to a reality that is far more flexible and far less effected by these minor displays of power through communication. It isn't that the Marxists are right about stuff being about class, but the old left has become more correct in its approach to these things because the complaints you offer, that the new left offers, in regards to language, is irrelevant, petty and divisive for no other reason that to correctspeak people.

It has already been shown that those that master the language of the language police, that learn the ins and outs of anti-oppression analysis, that are up to date with leftist political thinkers and contemporary activist expressions, are very often just as likely to perpetrate against others, using their mastery of this language to take advantage of others that allow this spell of correctspeak to take hold. Break the spell. Fuck it in the asshole, since you like your pussies without dicks. Any good Catholic would agree. At least, until there's a ring on that finger. Or fuck it in the dick. I don't care. Just fuck it.

I'm Anon 23.09 returning and realizing I have hit a nerve in your somewhat neuron deficient upper hemisphere, and that semantics and linguistics is in fact the battlefield on which history is continually unfolding, and that a parody and satire of political correctivism always draws out the crudest tirades from the most hysterical macho types in the hyper-activist milieu.

You hit a nerve? Naw dawg. I used your dumb bullshit to talk to people that aren't you, since you are an obvious troll. I do find it funny that the moderation wants to threaten me with bans, yet the climate is ripe for some fun flame wars here. It is like, I can't enjoy myself because some dweeb on the other end is playing big brother to everything I fucking write. I'm sick of it.

said it better than I could. This is a garbage comment thread following a garbage first comment trying to be critical while posting stuff folks who are organizing probably know and to some degree agree with.

Eh, nope. Not a priority. You've already heard the rhetoric. They know of communization, even a podcast on it, yet their version of "to change everything" focused on boring anti-fascism. This is the wrong direction and you will continue to be the anti-authoritarian mirror to the establishment by holding to values that are mediocre and easy to recuperate into the system. The left has no illusions and that is their aim. Don't trick yourself into drinking the fruit punch.

But it was Bill Clinton who grabbed them by the "pussy" as you so accurately translate and proletariatize the sexist act, Trump would never say that word, catholic or otherwise. You identify the binary spectacle because you are unfortunately still within its influence to let yourself become so manic concerning anal sex on a discussion panel on an international forum. Activist or not, you have serious personal problems unless you are a nihilist?

lol manarchist. your comments aren't worth reading. can we kick the misogynysts(all men) out of anarchism already

I was with you until you said "Fuck it in the pussy."

Its very interesting to point out that the majority of the white working class voters who voted Trump also voted Obama.
They are just voting for CHANGE in the system, and for whoever promises that the most. They are not all racist sexist nazis.
And when Trump doesn't deliver, perhaps their anger can be directed at the system itself since they tried both parties and are still being screwed by capitalism either way.

They've been trying both parties since, well, the parties started. What makes you think it will be different next time? Democrats will change a few things and more independent minded voters will just switch back to the democrats. Again.

In response to other comments, it doesn't have to (and shouldn't) be a choice between reactive demonstrations and proactive communes/projects/whatevers. They're not mutually exclusive as far as I can tell, and it doesn't seem like crimethinc et al are suggesting that they are.

It isn't about mutual exclusivity, but rather that this reactive urgent approach is going to go no where, because it has already been done enough, it is fairly reasonable to see that this "be scared of Trump and fight the enemy" approach is already starting off like another leftist campaign and has no mention of experimental social formations or attempting find ways of building our dreams together. This is all nightmares and the end result will just be protests, which seem important, until a new democrat is in power, then everyone will invest time into that or give up on being a rebel. I mean, after all, can't you vote and be into direct action also. History seems to be saying "no". Are the wars over? Did Obama end any wars? If we are getting technical, the occupations that Bush left did reduce in size, but also several new arena of conflict was created through the Arab Spring and Obama has done nothing but play a destabilizing force by manipulating forces within them. Why is it so hard to see the same problems here are being done, just aren't being reported? Anyways, the main thing is that making our world happen through our own particularities takes time and if we want to give a little time to these protests, we can, but most likely its level of urgency and priority will defer all efforts otherwise and free time will shrink as people get jobs, get marriages, move to fulfil their careers, have kids and get absorbed into the very things we are attempting to combat against with this suggested commune approach. I can applaud people that can do both, some Bo Jackson type of person, some Michael Jordan of their time, that can multi-task, but if you have time restraints at all in your life and have to choose, the urgent path is the false one that will lead to the same mistakes while less urgent one, the one where we are building our lives together, is the one that will last longer and provide the very base that can say "no" to the system and never need any of their concessions. The cycle of recuperation must end and to do this is to break our dependence on as many avenues as we can consider. The protest cycle offers none of this, but in fact reinforces the same strategies that will find the numbers, with liberals, minus perhaps a few efforts at extra militancy by anarchists, until the Zeitgeist swings elsewhere and all our efforts must be absorbed by the state, again.

thanx for sober remarks.

Thanks for a a thoughtful reply. What I'm was trying to get at was that at least since Occupy, every attempt at pretty much anything on anews has been met with more of a "this is useless. stop trying" instead of trying to actually engage in any way. A "let's move this beyond just protest" approach, where individuals and affinity groups go to protests and come with ideas of how to do that. This WILL NOT happen spontaneously. Deriding every suggestion and attempt at organizing something beyond a simple protest or let's break more windows more often both don't seem to be getting us anywhere. I happen to believe that protests are NOT completely useless, but just repeating the same thing isn't going to move anything forward. But constantly repeating something akin to "you're an idiot" is completely demoralizing and even less useful.

Why not try to make what crimethinc et al are trying to do into something more instead of simply saying it will fail as soon as there's a callout? Come up with ideas and actually try to organize them in conjunction rather than opposition to.

Actually the problem is as stated. Deferring challenges to the system so an anti-Trump front can exist is the major problem with this approach. Combine the two? Tell me what that looks like for you because for me, protesting takes a lot of energy and I reject milieus, so the rest goes into keeping my everyday life going. I don't see examples of what I'd like to see and breaking through a patriarchal mindset to encourage a communal spirit is a battle in itself. Ask yourself if the liberals really need your help to resist Trump, because protesting is encouraged in democracy, as Crimethinc is well aware of.

If you see this as an avenue to reach people and try to actually practice anarchists experiments towards commune, let me know how that goes. To me, the methodology suggests being ones own particular subjectivity rather than getting stuck in a binary struggle with the current face of domination.

Different poster … you do realize that mass "protests" of the liberal variety open the door to much more interesting types of action if you've already prepared with your friends?

Did they? When? Is there a hope to convince these liberals to take occupations? Is anyone, other me, talking about social transformation, the very thing that defines radicalism? I'm well aware of history and I'm aware that this is another dead end liberal protest. The causality you propose is speculative and the evidence for that speculation is lacking. Rather, it appears to be nothing more than liberal outrage, a little temper tantrum at losing the election, like with Bush, like with Bush, like with Reagan, like with Nixon. You want to see some interesting shit, then actually make interesting shit happen. Throw that interesting shit into your little call outs...make the struggle about anarchy and how we want anarchy. Make it about how we can finally free ourselves from the yoke of domination if we break from this binary nonsense. Naw, what's going to happen is the same crap like with the "to change everything" tour. They had all the input to make it about autonomous zones, communes, bands, seizing the means of subsistence, destroying the institutions of old. No, this is not that. This is liberalism.

I fully back Anon 12:24. This anti-Trump thing feels to me like a deflated balloon from the start. Millenials behind this should better remembering all the campaigning against Bush that was done for years, which mobilized so many people from all walks of life, including the artist upper class. Were there riots? Sure fucking yeah. There were also the biggest anti-war demos that ever happened in history... One important power line blown up in Quebec just because of Bush's visit Canada... Some war-like protests against a major naval base on the East Coast... Two riotous counter-summits headed by Bush... Yet State politics kept being "business as usual", with an administration proven to have lied about the WMDs to wage a war that has cost over a million lives was never impeached or prosecuted.

Srsly what the fuck are you fighting for? For Clinton and the Democrats to take back power? You realize this liberal opposition is a political dead end. You're protesting against someone who just helped the TPP to be trashed by just being elected, and probably to stop the wars in the Middle East, and postponed the nuclear holocaust.

White boy issues.
Trump will be worse in other ways. Sounds like you are defending him as much as the liberals are defending the democrats. Not very anarchist you reactionary bootlicker.

That doesn't answer my question. There's totally a worthy cause in continuing to build upon what was done with BLM and other anti-racist protesting, but to focus so much on Trump, that is the liberalism. Radicals understand that the system of oppression must be shaken at its roots. BLM has been going in that direction. But the anti-Trump thing is completely in reaction to the election, because this candidate won and not Hillary, so "Not our President!". Anarchists have no President, so to wait after a lost election to shout that slogan in the streets means a completely different perspective.

Would YOU be joining calls for protesting in response to a Clinton victory, assuming they may be coming from right-wingers?

"Anarchists have no President"

Actually I do consider the dead Kennedys as my eternal Presidents!

How did you read my comment and not understand that I was not defending Trump or the liberals, and that I was criticizing your defense of Trump as a better option??
You are so stuck in the electoral left/right binary you can't even comprehend when someone criticizes both.

"postponed the nuclear holocaust"

Oh ffs. We get it. Your understanding of geopolitics came out of a box of cracker-jack. No need to advertise the fact.

opposing the incoming authority is attacking symptoms rather than source.

1. source level: --imbalance in power leads to relational social tensions which engender eruptions of violence. imbalance in power is inherent in authoritarian systems of governance. the solution at the source level is to eliminate imbalances [restore balance]

2. symptom level: -- imbalances in power open the door to abuse of power by despots who attain the seat of disproportionate power/authority. targeting the despot fails to address the source level.

as Poincare has pointed out, level 2 is secondary to level 1 in the sense that a polynomial of degree one [linear euclidian space] is simpler than a polynomial of degree two [nonlinear non-euclidian space]. level 1 relational space is the physical source of dynamics. level 2 absolute space seen as a container for things that do stuff is the secondary symptom.

relations are physically real. independent beings notionally equipped with power of their own is 'appearances'. it is 'semantic reality' [all talk], not the physical reality of our experience. neither trump nor obama could demonstrate the power we attribute to them, if we caught them without their bully-gang support. relations that form bully gangs derive from [stand or fall on the basis of] secularized theological beliefs in the notion of a Supreme Central Authority and the bully gangs [relational matrices] of believers [or paid mercenaries such as soldiers and police] are the physically real source of the power imbalance in authoritarian systems.

attacking symptoms is like using anti-biotics to attack germs that associate with a deficiency/imbalance in the body [e.g. scurvy]. it may briefly moderate the symptoms without touching the physically real source level.

Agreed. Protesting has become entirely useless. It's mocked and ridiculed by everyone not protesting. Even extremely large protests are useless, like the anti-Iraq war protests in 2003. Despite tens of millions of people around the world demonstrating, the war went ahead as planned. Millions of protestors dindu nuffin.

The only encouraging trend is the voter turnout keeps going down. We need to harness this refusal. There needs to be a vast refusal at all levels of society: refusal to vote, to work, to shop, to use money, to pay for things, and to obey laws. Refuse to turn undocumented immigrants over to authority, refuse to participate in the system at all levels. Organize and harness this refusal.

"There needs to be a vast refusal at all levels of society: refusal to vote, to work, to shop, to use money, to pay for things, and to obey laws."

Yes, let's all do that. You start!

Also, what exactly do you think a general strike is if not this?

Its a known fact that after 3 days without food and water and a warm bed 95% of folks will revert to whaterever is required to regain these essentials, especially folk with children, so its easy to spout about praxis until you've actually experienced life's extremes. I've witnessed it in prison strikes, these were meant to be staunch tough men and they freakin folded. Only 5% of us have the stoicism of the Spartan!!

So you're still stuck in the 'you start' mode, as if collective action was out of the question.

Where did I say general strikes were not a refusal?

Vote for revolution!
General strike on J20 and beyond!
Destroy DC!

I'll believe it when I see it.


...right before the pigs pound your ass into the dirt because you're too caught up in the thrill of it all to notice that they're converging on you from all sides. Nothing wrong with a little catharsis but, if you can't keep a cool enough head to respond effectively to your surroundings, then you may as well stay home.

Thanks Debbie Downer. What exactly are you doing? Hiding and doing dope, now that it's legal?

Doing stuff is over-rated. Lao Tzu says that non-doing is the basis from which all genuine action springs, so I figure I'll defer to the assumption that doing nothing means doing something

No if only your version of "doing nothing" didn't mean spamming us with your stupid stream-of-consciousness blather to make yourself feel clever

My genius is indisputable. You just fail to recognize it.

Yes, you're just a misunderstood genius. Where have I heard that line before?

Maybe if you hold your breath, I'll recognize it eventually?

Like the primitivists I meet hiking in the mountains, all there for the thrill before they get torn to pieces and eaten by a wild bear or get lost.

Do it for Bernie if you have to, not Hillary!

This isn't the worst call-to-action, but I think it's a bit of a late start in pushing the "elections can't solve the problems of capitalism and the State" stuff. A shit load of people just voted for blatant authoritarianism to try and solve the problems that they can not solve on their own. Anarchists have an opportunity to push hard for anti-electoral solutions; hopefully, this can be done with the least amount of pie-in-the-sky wanking as possible. I have my doubts. It's been quite the challenge to craft alternatives to market economics when it comes to meeting our needs/wants. Squatting, rent strikes, collectivizing whatever and whenever possible, rural communes, coops that benefit resistance in some way beyond a paycheck for those that work at them, expropriations... there are a lot of ideas. But, who wants to bother? My impression is that there is too much antipathy towards sacrificing any standard of living that can be won in the rat-race in an attempt to do something substantially different. In so many ways, anarchistic alternatives immediately translate to "voluntarily have a shittier standard of living". And if that isn't a set-back, then the high risks involved with attacks are a set-back from another angle.

Late start? Seriously? I assume you missed the several part series of critiques of democracy that came out earlier this year? Or the, oh, 20 years or so of anarchist propaganda that CrimethInc. has produced?

what? I meant late start of anarchists in the street related to the elections this year.

I see how that was confusing. It wasn't a criticism of Crimethinc. More a reference to when anarchists were doing more summit stuff and pre-election/anti-election street demos in general.


Would Crimethinc have issued the same call for mass protest at the inauguration of Hillary Clinton? God knows, she would have been just as big a disaster as Trump is going to be.

I assume you missed the last 8 years of CrimethInc. criticizing Obama?

Not Makhno, but this criticism somewhat rings true. You realize you wouldn't have seen actions like these with Clinton taking power right?

My professional opinion is that if Clinton had won, Crimethinc would have posted a statement about how important it is to fight against her brand of neoliberalism, but wouldn't have been able to get so many other groups to sign on to an action. But seriously, Crimethinc was practically the only group publicly advocating anti-inaugural events during Obama's terms, so your critique is pointed in the wrong direction.

"(Wo)man up! WTF just say " Toughen up! " or " No one take any shit ya hear! " . How would you shout that out, with emphasis on the Wo part, or on both Wo! Man! Up!? " Feelings getting hurt " WTF, there's nothing wrong getting ones feelings hurt you moronic sociopathic automaton!

Sure it's nimby, but Trump poses a unique threat domestically to many marginalized groups. Not because he's going to set up concentration camps or whatever (although it's not that far fetched), it's the tacit support his administration will give to nazi shock troops. If you're not scared, it's probably because you're not a visible target. But it's only a matter of time before Trump aims his bluster and ire at anarchists. And then you can expect reactionary vigilante attacks against anarchists. This is no joke. It's fundamentally a defensive fight, although if pushed in the right direction, it could take on an offensive nature. Best defense is sometimes a good offense, ie strikes, blockades, mass disruption of economic centers. This is a transformative experience for a generation, and has the potential to create further, possibly more interesting ruptures. But not if anarchists sit on the sidelines because their feelings get hurt by angry liberals. (Wo)man up!

Are Agency going to help local media marginalize people interested in this even like they did for Seattle May Day?


A huge number of people are shocked, appalled and disoriented by the system. Maybe for the first time in their lives. And 2016 isn't 2008 or 2000 or whatever else you feel like lumping it in with. This is an opportunity. Protests could be an opening stage in the establishment of communes, networks and liberated spaces (that some of you want to conjure out of the thin air of ideology). It isn't one or the other. This is an important moment for reasons beyond your blindered viewpoints. Say what you will about the youth in the streets, they're at least not as entranced as y'all by the illusion of their own powerlessness. I don't know about you but I'd like to go meet them and see what's unfolding. Maybe they're realizing they need radical ideas and techniques if there's going to be a future at all.

The goal of every insurrection is to become irreversible.

It's a binary driven protest by liberals and leftists. Nothing to see here. Also, insurrection is not revolution. It's not some general spreading virus. It's individual and contextual transcendence of power.

Well this election is setting a precedent for the overthrow of the political order. It's a good evil. Beyond that, I dunno what to say of the recent calls for insurrection, beyond the problem that some of these have been coming from people connected to the establishment. Maybe it's the golden opportunity to pick, I guess.

Was a reply to 23:41... not to that SE who's got a long track record of gatekeeping attempts that makes him sound like a pig.

"Protests could be an opening stage in the establishment of communes, "

yeah, so could an arbitrary meeting in the forest. what makes protests preferable to serve that purpose?

More preferable to the professional activists profiteering from these. And the fact is... that I see very little instances, spare none, of protests that have turned into a commune the next day, at least in any place and time of the post-war Western world.

There's way more indications that all what people will be doing after any successful protest (those that weren't broken by the cops) is to go back home or to some restaurant at the end of the day. Sad but true,

The morons arguing about trump and bill clinton's sexual histories should all be deleted. Fuck that spectacular electoral politics trash.

Its as relevant as any of the call outs, especially since Trump had to run the gauntlet of biased media denunciations concerning his alleged sexism, and H Clinton brushed Bill's sexism under the carpet during and ever since, much in the way you are saying that electoral politics as spectacular trash should not be discussed, as if you are a censure or authority on ethics. Fuck that.

Do you not get how sexist it is to blame Hillary for the actions of her husband and equate Trump--who has alleged assaulted people and bragged about it-- with Hillary, who is not accused of having done anything besides be married to someone who is alleged to also be a sexual assaulter?
Do you not understand how sexist that is??? You fucking moron.

The patriarchy is in their relationship together, which enabled the destruction of many women's lives. It is Hillary, that is the sexist, with her husband, who is a fuck up that can't help but keep his dick wet. Or at least, used to. I doubt it works now that he has become a gaping moron. You see his dumb face open all the time. I'm just hoping a fly finds a home in his open maw. But the examination of them, and their relationship, is to examine the ultimate ladder climbers in history and all the many people they have fucked along the way to get to where they are at now. They are the chosen ones by the elites, to be their voicebox, to take the heat of the zeitgeist and defend themselves a commodity. Yes, that's right, the Clinton defense team is a job creator, all these attacks have created an entire institution dedicated to defending these two half wits and their legacy.

With Trump, you get the unmanipulated, ugly face of one of the elites, right there, in front of you. You want to see relationships of power, pay attention to his relationship with the Federal Reserve. His use of the presidency isn't for fascism, but for creating a lasting legacy for his family, to be like the Bushies, the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Tafts, the Cuomos. They want in and will dance with the Federal Reserve and other banking interests to ensure they get a piece of the pie which is entering the American ruling class elite on every level.

This power move is one of ascension. Trump isn't just bringing himself up. Others that rise with him are the older, disenfranchised ruling classes of previous eras: The crushed Italian mafia families, the old South KKK friendly elite families, the Western landowners and many more that were made subordinate to the East Coast establishment since World War One.

It's always power moves of ascension in this collectivist capitalist system. Trump is only a political opportunist into this... that's why I got a hard time believing in the claim he'll be the new Hitler. Hitler was an insane maniacal man used by racist high-capitalist caste of the Central Powers, where Trump is surfing the wave of neoliberal corporate world gone completely insane. He's really been just into making shitloads of money.. he's for the Cult of Capital, nothing else. Just being a continuation of the capitalist politician, only with more cheese and retrograde crappy antics this time around.

That's a bit conspiratorial. There's a big difference between the individual egotistical and psychopathical greed for money/power and what you call creating a lasting legacy for family dynastic influence in US politics. Although when one thinks of it, dynasties are a fucked up obsessive psychopathic evolution of the family institution.

Not conspiratorial, but speculative, sure. Because now it is a reality, what I'm saying is more hindsight and projecting from there, as the Trumps *are* ruling elite and won the fight for entrance into the highest halls of American society.

Guy sees conspiracy theories everywhere... Duuuude, the very capitalist system is founded on centuries of this same hereditary capital accumulation, consolidation and upwards ascension. Trump is yet another shiny example of it... pushing his daddy's fortune way further, climbing to presidency at the end of his career as a robber baron, then making his election victory speech with his young son standing clueless at the forefront of the stage. This is even more blunt family capital than the Bushes, Kennedys, Clintons, Roosevelts, Dulles, Ford, etc.

America's the biggest soap opera of establishment bourgeois families.

The whole of the global political structure is driven by patriarchal sexual drives reified in a diverse multi-faceted arrangements of culturally appropriate nodes of influence to manipulate executive mechanisms and processes to the point of it resembling a mass global schizophrenic hallucination/nightmare.

I agree with this post 100 per cent.

Bill wasn't the person running you sexist shitbag.

Bill is a RAPIST and she defended him and abused his accusers. You sexist shitbag!!! Not very presidential of her

Equating her defense of a sexual abuser with BEING a sexual abuser like Trump is, is the sexist false equivalence you fucking idiot.

Nah. You don't get it. You are defending a scumfuck that destroys people. She knew what her husband is and she still screwed them other women over.

I'm not defending anyone. I am calling your "critique" fucking sexist, which it is.


This is the fourth day of protests in various cities across the country. It is easy to dismiss these demonstrations as an expression of left/liberal frustation.The people holding signs with the familiar "Love Trumps Hate" slogan or "Not My President" are obviously not radicals.They will call for electoral college reform and for moving the Democratic party to the left. We can ignore them.We cannot ignore the fears of Latino immigrants,of Muslims,of gays,of blacks,or of any other group that feels threatened or down and out.I believe the approach suggested by Crimethinc is in the right direction.I also agree with the comments regarding refuasl: refuse to vote; refuse to keep the economic treadmill going. We can call it New Elements of Refusal. The one positive thing that I saw in these protests was the unexpected appearance of anarchists in Portland a few nights ago.They did not accept the quietism of the marchers.They destroyed some property,lit fires in the streets, and threw objects at the police,forcing the Portland police to declare the protest a Riot.Even some of the talking heads on Cable News commented about the"anarchy" in Portland,a subject about which they know nothing.

Also I'm wary of instinctual reflexive responses, especially in large mobs of binary immersed people, not achieving anything. Has it ever been observed how a domesticated dog paces in a circle when it is about to lie down? And do they realize this defunct action is a remnant of their old behavior in the different context of having to stamp down the grass and leaves into a nest before lying down? I think a critique of activism and defunction is needed urgently within the anarchist milieu, there are too many binary meatheads acting on reflexes marching in the streets turning over newsboxes and imagining that they are still in a battle against rampaging Vikings or charging herds of Hannibal's war elephants.

I know to ignore comments from people who toss around the word binary. It's short hand for reactionary 'anarch' douchebags.

But breaking with the binary is the new resilience! We need to become our own particularities and your path to the new freedom is in actualizing your own life now! The physical creation of everyday life by you, is your rebellion. Destroy mass society! Fuck patriarchy! This FBI induced nightmare, spies are everywhere, but to fight a social rebellion that changes how we handle the mundane, the system isn't prepared for this struggle! We are winning! They are losing! Toss the binary and jump on board the freedom zone!

embrace your own cosmic fetalization and don't let yourself be reduced to a fucking category.

Have you ever been observed shutting the fuck up?

Thank you to all those others who toss the binary and do not walk around in unnecessary recuperating circles resurrecting the historicity of ideological categories.

as many political pundits agree, global politics is witnessing a restoring of populist politics to its natural precedence over liberal politics. Trump is a pawn in this epi-political transformation who is nevertheless surfing its breaking crest.


"Some political philosophers and theorists place a requirement of public justification on the permissible use of state coercion or political power. According to these theorists the recognition of citizens as free and equal moral persons deserving of respect requires that coercion be justified for or to others by their own lights, or with reasons that they could recognize as valid. On this view, a public justification is achieved when members of the relevant public have adequate or sufficient reason to endorse a particular coercive proposal, law or policy. Those who endorse this requirement are often called public reason liberals as they hold that the coercive power of the state must be justified for or to all members of the public on the basis of good reasons.

reasoning [science, binary thinking] is inherently subjective and incomplete. as Nietzsche forecast, the unnatural elevation of reason over intuition [since Plato, Socrates and Aristotle] is headed for collapse. people are 'seeing through it'. the rebelling slave who is hauled up before the morally judging courts of the slave-master class is attacked with logical, binary provably true or false propositions such as 'did the slave strike the slave-master or not?'. if the allegation can be proven 'true', then the rebelling slave merits punishment under reason based laws that orient to 'what independent beings do' as if they reside, operate and interact within a non-participating habitat; i.e. a habitat that is mutually exclusive of the 'independent inhabitants' that reside, operate and interact within it.

this way of 'reasoning' obscures the physical reality of the relational space of our actual experience wherein relational social dynamics can be used to oppress people selectively by gating their access to essential resources, and using this gating to extort subservient behaviours from the people.

is it 'true' that the rebellious slave struck the slave-master?

why would we even both to consider such a question? i.e. a better question is; 'why hasn't the slave struck the slave-master harder and more often or blown his brains out?''

wait a minute, questions like that are not allowed in our Western moral judgement based justice system because they are 'intuitive' and in Western culture, generally, 'reason' is put into precedence over 'intuition' [i.e. in liberalism though not in populism].

why is intuition 'not allowed'?

intuition acknowledges that [epigenetic] 'inductive influence actualizes 'genetic expression'. in other words, 'what people do' is 'appearances', 'schaumkommen'. the relational social dynamic embodies inductive influence that actualizes 'what people do'. the social dynamics that include both slave -masters and slaves is the source of the slave's 'subservient behaviours'; i.e. it is only racist propaganda that asserts that slaves are genetically inferior.

the subservient behaviour of slaves [which is typical apart from the behaviours of a rebel minority of slaves] is 'a true fact' and 'true facts' are the basis of 'reason'.

'intuition', on the other hand, goes beyond binary thinking, and acknowledges that epigenetic inductive influence is actualizing genetic expression'. in other words, the material facts in terms of 'independent beings' and 'what these beings are doing', as if they are full and sole authors of their own actions, which is the view of 'reason', is 'appearances'. intuition 'knows' that what slaves do is inductively actualized by the relational dynamics they are included in. many people are effectively 'slaves' to a 'master class' in today's global social political dynamics.

reason assumes that everyone is born free and equal, therefore, those who are not 'performing' as well as others are inferior performers because of their internal attributes. intuition informs us that such reasoning is bullshit and that the relational social dynamic is the source of [epigenetic] inductive influence that actualizes individual and collective actions.

the rise of intuition-based populism to its natural precedence over reason-based liberalism is a global trend; i.e. see, for example, 'Populists around the world are gaining ground and its not looking good for the liberals"

if Nietzsche were still around he would be saying;

"intuitives around the world are gaining ground and its not looking good for the rationalists"

and if Einstein were still around, he would be reminding us that;

"“Intuition is a sacred gift, the rational mind its faithful servant. We, however, have created a society that worships the servant and has forgotten the gift." -- Einstein

in light of BREXIT and the election of trump, Einstein would be concluding that the gift of intuition was once more on the rise, ... e.g. no more reason-based climate fascism, no more diversion of, and price-inflation of food-crops for brewing ethanol as an additive to combustion engine fuels in a reasoned effort to reduce fossil fuel burning [putting an increasing squeeze on the poor and starving].

"Some political philosophers and theorists place a requirement of public justification on the permissible use of state coercion or political power. According to these theorists the recognition of citizens as free and equal moral persons deserving of respect requires that coercion be justified for or to others by their own lights, or with reasons that they could recognize as valid."

liberalism has been justifying the use of state coercion with reason. reason is binary thinking.

the global trend to the rejection of the unnatural primacy of reason over intuition is not only evident in BREXIT and in the election of TRUMP, it is evident in this forum wherein a growing minority are rejecting binary thinking aka 'reason' in favour of intuition.

Agreed, though cash in the hip pocket is usually the dominant reason for voting in Western cultures, as simplistic as that may sound. Some intuits are slaves to their desires, or make good entrepreneurs.

almost everyone would like more cash in their pocket, among other stuff such as 'peace in our time', and a healthy environment for our great grandchildren.

" Demonstrators across the US are planning to hold more than 200 rallies against the Dakota Access Pipeline on Tuesday. The ‘Day of Action’ is expected to be the largest protest against the pipeline since the government halted the project in September.
The ‘Day of Action’ was called for by indigenous leaders in support of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Its goal is to stop the US government and the Army Corps of Engineers from building the pipeline, Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) spokesperson Dallas Goldtooth said, as cited by Reuters.

people want more cash, but more cash often means a reduction in other desired things, and more and more people are looking at the tradeoffs.

who can say which, in a cocktail of influences, is the influence that triggers a voting decision? people's multiple needs do not 'add up' in linear combination. the inherent non-linearity in relational social dynamics is what undermines the predictability of elections.

e.g. almost every decision in favour of military conflict means more cash in one's pocket. war turbocharges an economy, particularly if one is not directly involved in the war and/or if it is fought in someone else's front yard and destroys their infrastructure while ours is getting built up at the expense of theirs being destroyed.

people who are desperate will pay whatever for weaponry to buy them out of the prospects of a military defeat. that was Eisenhower's warning in 1962; i.e. why worry about the military industrial complex, if not because we can all get fat by cashing in on disagreements by fueling/equipping them?

watch Adam Curtis' BBC documentaries on how thatcher peddled british weaponry to pull the UK out of an economic depression.

"America's response to World War II was the most extraordinary mobilization of an idle economy in the history of the world. During the war 17 million new civilian jobs were created, industrial productivity increased by 96 percent, and corporate profits after taxes doubled. The government expenditures helped bring about the business recovery that ;had eluded the New Deal. War needs directly consumed over one-third of the output of industry, but the expanded productivity ensured a remarkable supply of consumer goods to the people as well. America was the only nation that saw an expansion of consumer goods despite wartime rationing. By 1944, as a result of wage increases and overtime pay, real weekly wages before taxes in manufacturing were 50 percent higher than in 1939. The war also created entire new technologies, industries, and associated human skills."

wars are clearly good for business and they put 'more cash in the hip pocket' but many people are slowly seeing through the linear visions to the nonlinear. voting to make more bombing runs in iraq and syria fattens the paychecks of those residing in France and the UK, ...initially, ... but the refugees this generates who are willing to work for pittance, undermines wages and job opportunities.

it is intuition that makes these sort of connections as arise in nonlinear dynamics. 'reason' operates on first order (simplistic) logical propositions such as; ... 'this candidate', if elected, will put more cash in my hip pocket; i.e. he will push the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Its the existentialist nihilist perspective, I'm on the outside of the binary arena looking in, I'm on a higher yet non hierarchical level, the players I observe are my dearest friends, who am I to judge their choices for whatever reason, I harbor no toxic moral hatred, I see in everyone a potential existentialist, but in the meantime, their journey is one of discovery, I can see through the layers of cultural indoctrination at the infant beauty which still hides within the corrupted capitalist president or the sheep or the crusading leftist warriors in Rojava who love democracy, I can still love them and keep walking, I don't have to forgive Azano for voting for HC, there is nothing wrong that needs forgiveness, it is not my business, it has no influence upon my amoral compassionate perception of the human condition.
My mission, which I have accepted most of my life, is to ensure that every person within my radius of influence shall have one good meal a day, a warm bed and a good laugh. This is my politics solely

If you're interested in the real motivations for voters choices, look up Allan Lichtman instead of just making guesses Emile.

by choosing a sufficient number of 'independent variables', 13 in the case of the keys systems, it is possible to calibrate the weighting factors so that the simulator will make predictions that match prior results. there is absolutely no guarantee that the simulator will predict the next result. it is like the fitted curve that does good at interpolating between values but cannot be relied on to extrapolate beyond the values that have been used to come up with the fitted curve.

it is, in a sense, a method of prediction based on inside-outward asserting actions [genetic expression].

my point is that 'epigenetic influence inductively actualizes genetic expression'. in climate simulation, if one makes use of 13 local independent variables including changing percentages of greenhouse gases etc. one can calibrate the simulator to match the dependent variable (e.g. 'temperature'). in order to use the simulator as a predictive tool, one has to move beyond interpolation to extrapolation. this is like building a predictive model of how a person is going to behave, based on a set of past circumstances and how his behaviour has related to such a set and their relative intensities/weights.

the understanding that 'epigenetic influence inductively actualizes genetic expression' means that outside-inward inductive influence takes precedence over inside-outward causal influence. in paleo-climatological modeling, this would correspond to saying that 'variation in celestial influences are in precedence over terrestrial influences'; i.e. an unnaccounted for increase in solar irradiance changes all the local terrestrial physical circumstances that have been used to parameterize the predictive simulator.

the 'keys' in the 'keys system' are 13 recurring circumstances or values (signs and weights) of 'independent variables' that purport to predict the behaviour of the 'dependent variable' [election result]. change in ambient conditions will over-ride any predictions made with such a simulator. the flip from trust in reason to trust in intuition is an over-riding influence that is not 'addressed' within the predictive simulator since the simulator is based on 'what things do' as if the space in which the dynamic transpires has no influence [as if epigenetic inductive influence plays no role in actualizing genetic expression].

tl;dr the keys system is an over-simplistic all-hitting-influence, no-fielding-influence pragmatic idealization that is not grounded in physical reality.

Also entry level classical anarchism. It might be a good time to refurbish that as a preferential 3rd option to the globalist/nationalist dichotomies. Tuckerite/Proudhonian starting points are no longer radical, but coupled with a bioregional message you have something to sell on a geopolitical-economic level(Not that I am selling or buying as much as lightly suggesting).

The reason for the phrase neo-classical libertarian is to differentiate from all that post WW2 Rand-Rothbard retardation that makes up modern libertarian ideology.

What seems to be suggested is that anarchists should oppose some forms of state management, some strategies for state power, over others? The consequences of Trump's election is spurring on a white-working-class-as-dominant-class behavior, thus the vandalisms, the threats, the violence, the property destruction, in non-mass groups.

I find it funny at how anarchists and the established order tend to favor each other, especially in times of crisis. Why is that? Why are anarchists always on the side of the establishment, using logic to justify a lack of militancy to a status quo we could take an offensive against, instead waiting until the status quo shifts to where the established order is threatened, which threatens everyday life, and then anarchists, that is when they are suddenly militant again, willing to act in their role as stupid goon.

Over and over we see this, how the established order has morphed to absorb enough of the values of the left that a rebellion against it can always be quelled through simple mismanagement, allowing another regime to take hold and its anti-authoritarian base will come out of the woodwork. I say this not against groups like Crimethinc, which have just re-positioned themselves to take advantage of the latest phenomenon as to spreads from Europe to America. But rather the audience that Crimethinc is appealing to with such a re-positioning. Why are they so soft on the established order, but very militant on challenges that don't share their values, but actually might cause less death and destruction in the world than the established choice.

Think of the years of wars that have occurred in Syria, in Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, all to destabilize the region and make it manageable by the Western powers. Trump plans to overturn all this while still emboldening Israel as a satellite of U.S. interests in the area, probably give them more nuclear weapons and more advanced arms while pulling other U.S. forces out at the same time, is my speculation. The decentralization of the global military machine to subordinate U.S. friendly states (or ceding to less friendly states, like Russia) will mean the end of several wars and possible stabilization in many arenas of conflict. Clinton's plan was to heighten the conflict in the region.

This is why we need to not pick and choose which enemy to hate, though I must admit the new climate is indeed something that need some way of engaging. Typical anti-fascism, space spaces, protesting, these things will play easily into the narratives of the liberals and anarchists can't offer anything other than a more militant variety of this in this climate. Praxis today, to me, needs to move away from this. I have my own ideas and I am not afraid of promoting them, but that is my ideas still. Ideology is defined as left/right because it is two wings of control that back the king. At least, that is the basis, the revolt of the bourgeois at one time being the left wing.

Historically, anarchists have been more interactive with peasants and understood their reactionary nature, often preferring kings over the coming industrialism, but also historically, anarchists didn't see industrialism as an enemy, but rather part of the project of progress they felt they were the most radical extension of. However, anarchist values have traveled with the bourgeois, only seeking to remain this ever further radical version of the bourgeois. To break from this would be to break from sharing values with the established order and being more ambivalent to left moralism. But to be considered a full break, would be to be a particular pole in real time-space that challenges all poles of power and attempts to impose its own kind of power.

"attempts to impose" should be "attempts to radiate" its own kind of power. This would be more in line with how I see anarchist power expressed.

The danger with high-minded attempts to shed every logic fallacy in established political discourse is total isolation from everyone. You'll still need a bunch of people who can actually understand each other in order to get anywhere with resistance to the power structures or your own expressions of autonomy.

Many of the folks here on this site who constantly posit their pet theories about "better" language tools are simply a distraction. Their sum-total impact is a few hundred other isolated individuals scattered harmlessly across continents. I'm not interested in playing semantic games until the stars burn out, there's too much work to do.

The breakdown is spatial rather than mass. This is how to overcome ideology, yet you still have to yield to any variety of values that can be shared, but they aren't ones defined by relationships with the centers of mass society, but rather ones defined by relationships in our particular areas. As to your "too much work to do" crap, that is false urgency. Everyone had too much work to do during Bush Sr., Bush Jr. and now Trump, but they don't seem to have that work to do when an Obama or a Clinton is around. Perhaps your values are shared too much by the established order and they have made you a drone to their power, a defender of a weak establishment that plays and played you?

Nope … I'm just somebody who can see the spell of paralysis cast by social media and the internet in general. Simple questions like: how much time do I spend arguing with the electronic void or throwing my opinions in to it instead of actually doing something substantive in the physical world?

Perhaps you have no idea who I am or what my values are? Obviously?!

I also have to wonder what your threshold for legitimate urgency would be … if it exists at all

That's a great question. And I have a feeling the answer is when he and the other cishet white dudes who post here all day are threatened more directly by power. But by then it will be much too late, and he'll be like 'Fuck I should've been organizing with folks and fighting back way sooner. Oops!'
I don't like the idea of protesting alongside liberals either, but if we don't defend those who deserve to keep and expand the freedoms they have that are threatened, it will be more ptivileged people who are under threat next. How do we do that without helping the neoliberal global order?? I don't know, and i don't think the other poster does either.

Ah, the power of nightmares. So many scary ones to be afraid of. You already live in a white supremacist country and you think change is coming? You probably voted Obama. Not much changed from Bush versus Obama.

Don't get me wrong, Trump is going to suck, but mass deportations isn't even a realistic fear. He backed down his position already. What else has he threatened that goes beyond the pale that he hasn't already walked back on.

More like you have no idea of who I am nor my values. How much time *should* you do anything is always a question since it is based on your own life when you *should* do something else other than this commenting on the internet. If you feel the pull to do something, then do something. Perhaps you have something holding you back, but it isn't me. Joining in on this zeitgeist against Trump, tho, I can't back it strongly. I like the idea that people want to protest, its nice and all. But as stated, how is what is being practiced going to offer anything other than the past two decades that I can recall where anarchists have repeated the same stupid approach, over and over again, each time failing to do anything other than riot a little harder than the liberals, but leaving with little else.

Occupy was a nice change, as was the Student occupations before that. The lessons from these two instances haven't been passed through by Crimethinc, which has opted for a traditional European anti-fascism and all others on this anti-fascist front keep to this same line. It might as well be ARA and not Crimethinc, organizing this and this might as well be 1998 all over again.

The urgency is in taking advantage of a zeitgeist, but are you taking advantage of it properly? By properly, I mean, attempting to find some way to overcome the mistakes of the past, or are you/they just attempting to protest and see where it goes, which still is more of the same. These protests look like America flags and Obama to me, not like anarchy. I'll take my chances with you when riots form assemblies, when communes grow to the point where I know they exist in my area. Otherwise I'll hope off the zeitgeist bus and do my own thing. Best of luck defending Obama's legacy with your protests.

It sounds like you would have stayed in line right up and through the doors into the gas chambers to me.

Yeah...if I was a gatherer hunter then I wouldn't be in Nazi Germany. I'd also have magic powers and other imaginary shit, just to make it interesting. Gas chambers ain't got shit on me cuz I'm a dolphin.

Just do it then! Get your ass up out of the armchair, walk outside the freakin door and do it, NOW! If you can't save the world, become a vegan and make some muesli, just do it, stop the whining and,,,,,,you know the drill,,,,DO IT!

IMPORTANT: We need to find out the locations and plans of Trump supporters, neo-nazis, oath keepers, and other far right groups that are planning to come to Washington during the inauguration and give that information to black bloc participants (Crimethinc) so the black bloc doesn’t run into them by accident while turning a corner.

why is that? I assumed this was trying to get past the fence.

Not fence. So that the black block don't get their asses wooped by a superior maniacal aggressive counter-force. They should wear bike helmets under kevlar hoodies is my suggestion.

Easy, just infiltrate their online forums, including, posing as a rabid racist right-wing sack of shit or a Christian fanatic. But be careful, as some of them, like the site above, are FBI honeypots.

So anyway … some of us view these explosions of populist energy as opportunities because they're the opposite of the deafening silence that usually defines the social peace.

If you're like me, you've watched a lot of waves crash on to the beach over the years and you also noticed how quickly the energy fades. The theory is that with some hard work being done behind the scenes: developing networks, shifting methods away from pathetic little appeals to power and most importantly, normalizing more autonomous and effective/disruptive forms of resistance, there's a longterm gain. As an analogy, how about we're trying to build a Tidal powered hydro-electric dam? Something like that …

I've seen waves where very little work was done and I've seen some noticeable differences when people bothered to support and channel the energy. It's one of the more interesting and complex pieces of the anarchist project IMHO.

For those of you who say "Why bother?" or "Can you prove it matters?"

Answers: "Because resignation is death" and no, honestly I can't prove shit because this is social theory, neither can you. But feel free to continue jerking off and ignoring it or whatever else you do? I won't see you in the streets, going to keep rolling that rock up that hill because I'm compelled to and certainly not seeking the approval of the online peanut gallery while I do it.

I would say resignation is relaxation from the continuum of work and politics that you propose. Anarchists have been agitproping liberals and leftists for over a century, no TAZs or PAZs have come from it. Time to take a hint. Good luck on your continued Sisyphusian rock roll.

Also, one of the things that can come out of resignation is contextual prioritization of ones existence, something professional protesters have no handle on. Resignation can mean fleeing to the forest and finding friends there. Making the hinterland(overly populated by christians and western ideologue frontierists) more interesting. Protesting is a Babylon born phenomena with no anarchic punchline at the end.

As I said, not really interested in the peanut gallery's approval and there's few better example of endless, irrelevant, online blather than yourself ziggy. There's been plenty of examples of the TAZ in fact, though I'm not a huge Hakim Bey fan, I don't know how you fail so utterly to perceive simple reality?

I consider protest as the SDDS, or my own term for the 'spinning domestic dog syndrome', a reflexive behavioral phenomenon common within affluent Western countries, whereby the patient lashes out at a presumed 'enemy', who is seen as 'the other' in an ideological binary system, and vice versa. Although a welfare net is in place to feed, cloth and accommodate the less privileged victims of the syndrome, they ignore this and begin to regard protest into a partying event and social networking opportunity to meet and have intercourse with other similarly infected folk. This isn't theoretical peanuts, SDDS is a well documented event, so common over millennia that it has become tokenized and institutionalized on both sides as a harmless natural venting of grievances which predictably rolls over without changing anything and producing some small concessions. In underdeveloped nations under dictatorships there is no luxury to allow for SDDS, only the struggle to survive.

Yet another example of the anarchist news goofball squad that hardly looks outside of their own white dude American bubble.
Protests happen all the time in poor countries you moron. Mostly over labor conditions, as industrialization, resource extraction, and manufacturing in those places are all a larger part of the economy. In fact those large, militant protests happen often, and many poor countries have communist guerilla groups as well.
What bubble do you live in? Seriously?

Anon 17.29. I sure don't live in the Che Guevara militant 60's revolutionary Marxist bubble you inhabit. Communist guerilla groups are almost extinct, haven't you heard of cyber war, stuxnet?

Ahh yes the arab spring sure proved there are no protests under poor dictatorships.

"Although a welfare net is in place to feed, cloth and accommodate the less privileged victims of the syndrome..."
Now I know you are a middle class/rich shitbag! There is no safety net that provides food clothes and shelter you idiot. That's why people end up homeless. Fucking privileged shitbag.

I was expecting these myriad rejections, its common amongst SDDS patients to be in denial and lack any self-reliance and initiative in altering their miserable conditions, and to exaggerate the extent and intensity of hardship. Privilege is an ambiguous and vague descriptive when used by class war fixated patients, the Arab Spring was more a neo-liberal bourgeois uprising in wealthier countries instigated by provocateurs sponsored by neo-liberal capitalists in comparison to the truly underdeveloped and plundered equatorial and northern Congo, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mali, and Central American countries where the strong arm of dictatorship executes any protesters in the street pronto.

Very paternalistic of you. You will make a great neocon someday. You and all the other ANews goons, you're all well on your way from left wingers to hawks. Its a well worn and predicatable path.

Benign dictatorship by an existentialist nihilist is a completely different methodology outside of the binary political processes and values paternalists and neocons inhabit and execute. I'm aware that many anarchists have neglected to study the post-modern and post-leftist quantum and linguistic revelations and how they can inspire an autonomous insurgence.

Like what and where? The last one I can think of that comes to mind was occupy and that was not based on the usual leftist liberal suspects following a predictable protest pattern. It simply grew emergently. These protests have no interest in autonomous existence what so ever.

I'm the OP and I've told you many times now that you don't get any serious engagement from me.

Maybe reread your Hakim Bey or look up the definition of the words temporary and autonomous if you're struggling. I also never said anti-trump protests lead to the formations of a TAZ although stranger things have happened….


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