NO TAV against fascism! (Italy)

  • Posted on: 15 March 2012
  • By: worker

<table><tr><td>From <a href="">Italy Calling</a>

Last Friday 9th March, a small number of militants from the neofascist group Forza Nuova (“New Force”) protested outside the offices of the newspaper Il Giornale in Milan. The protest was held in solidarity with the NO TAV movement, and Il Giornale was targeted in particular for its bitter criminalisation of the movement. The protesters distributed leaflets and hung a banner saying “Your progress has killed the sky” (Pretentious, banal and empty: way to go, guys!). According to the group, what’s at stake in the Susa Valley is “an entire social model”:

“The high-speed railway line is not a modernisation project, but, on the contrary, is an illogical destruction of our lands. A united and cohesive people, a strong community, cannot be subdued by any political or economic interest. It’s in the interest of all strong powers to divide, isolate and disjoint in order to exert a better control and favour particular interests” (…mmh, interesting…”strong powers”…like…maybe…you know, fascism??!!).</td><td><img title="Stop everything, fuck reason or logic, stop it all." src=""></td></tr></tabl...

They also stated the protest was a first step towards a collaboration with the NO TAV movement, after they had been in touch with one of the historical leaders, Alberto Perino, to discuss it. All of this was promptly denied by the NO TAV who first tweeted a short message “No TAV rejects fascism! New Force, Old Shit!” (straightforward and simple sarcasm: this is more the style I love), and then issued a statement on their website

(…) We who fought against the nazifascist occupation in this valley, and who feel as ours the history of all those who fought against it for our future, can not but see a provocation in this action by Forza Nuova. We therefore invite these sly characters to desist from organising anything else in the name of the NO TAV movement.

Perino himself recorded a short video to respond to Forza Nuova and the accusations, made by the media, of fascist sympathies within the NO TAV movement (Bit rich coming from the media…!!).

Original article:


So to get this straight, they want to deny people the right to the freedom of movement? I don't know much what is happening in Europe as would like to, but I understand the TAV is a high speed rail way. I have no understanding why they would be oppose to this, it is just a simple rail line that crosses through the country side, it isn't going to split up communities, it isn't the Berlin Wall. The people on either side of the rail line can till see each other, so this split up of community they are claim which will happen, won't happen. And destruction of land? it is just like maybe 10 m wide the whole space need for the railway, so it isn't going to destroy land. They are the illogical ones. idiots.

it's fascinating how this set of stories (about val susa and tav) consistently get comments like this - admittedly ignorant ("I don't know much about what's happening in Europe"), and yet judgmental about the actions.
wth wouldn't people do some research before thinking they should say any fucking thing about... well, about anything, honestly, but certainly something half way around the world.
is this a particularly inane thread of anarchists? or is it a group of people who search out tav stories in order to say dumb shit?

never mind, just me pondering dumb stuff when i should be doing other things.

Successful troll was successful. Try not to let it get you down.

thank you for the reminder.

Hey dot thank you! There is indeed a weird concentration of trolls around my posts about the TAV...not only on this site. Someone somewhere must be very lonely and bored...!

I'd like to point out that I, who asked a "-2 votes" question in a previous TAV article, was not being judgmental about the actions. Admittedly the above was, but when I merely asked how the movement had managed to get so much support, it was somehow interpreted as an attack on the movement itself. Really? Questions about the actions of others are off limits or something? No, just because I don't understand something doesn't mean I hate it. So while I agree that one should reserve judgment until a greater understanding of something is reached, I'd also like to say that when I am trying to learn about something through asking questions to those who clearly know more about it than I do, being hostile is not necessary, since as far as I'm aware, this sort of thing falls under the category of this "research" I'm supposed to be fucking doing before I form an opinion. Fortunately, someone was kind enough to link me to some relevant information to answer my question, but I'm still waiting for a response to my question of hostility towards simple, factual questions about what was going on.

But hey, you shouldn't bother yourself with this dumb stuff, you've got other things to do than inform the lesser plebes incapable of keeping up with your total comprehension of everything.


My previous comment was not meant for you, but for other people who seem to be writing EXACTLY the same comment every time I post something about the NO TAV, here and on other sites.

I didn't vote your reply on my previous post, and it was actually me who added a link to an article where I explain more about the history and the background of the movement in reply to your comment:

I didn't have any problem with your comment and questions at all, I'm actually happy to have a discussion! But when I see that every time I post something about the NO TAV some idiot posts the same comment about them being a bunch of NIMBY cunts, well, that does piss me off enormously! It's to people like that I was referring when I said I'm not gonna waste my time on them anymore.



dear self-righteous ignorant anon...
i don't consider "doing research" to be getting other people to link things for you.
and when you're anon, you get things attributed to you that you might not like.
all anons are the same...

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