NoCanada - Looking for Contributors and Co-Conspirators!

  • Posted on: 13 May 2017
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

Celebrations of the canadian state's 150th anniversary are well underway and are looking to heat up as we approach July 1st. Over the past couple of months a few of us have been attempting to put together a website/multimedia project against the canada 150 project as well as to put forward ideas that are against the state, colonization, capitalism, and all the misery that "canada" has meant for so many people.
We're now looking for your help to pull this project off!

The Idea
NoCanada is a collaborative project between anarchists and radicals across turtle island to counter celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the canadian state taking place in 2017. Through a bilingual website, zine, mixtape, and country-wide print and social media promotional campaign, the project aims to disrupt the papering-over of canada's history and current practices.
Beyond critical articles, the website will direct users to things actually worth celebrating and taking part in: indigenous-led land defence, resistance to canadian mining corporations, as well as current struggles against borders, war, and prisons. The website will go live a week before "canada day", July 1st.

Here's what we could use from you, if you're down:

• Send us original content!
We're looking for articles, essays, videos, comics, artwork, songs and music.
Here is some particular writing that we'd like to see:
-essays on canada's history and current practices of colonization, war and imperialism, pipelines, borders and migration, prisons and police, and global environmental destruction
-it would be great to have at least a few solid, bilingual articles for the website's launch on just before July 1st
-histories of rebellion against the canadian state-building project, and other anticapitalist and anticolonial resistance to be celebrated
-all content should be grounded in non-reformist, non-compromising anticapitalist, anticolonial, antistate analysis, but also accessible and not trying to guilt trip people who may at some point have identified with canada

• Send us stuff that has already been published!
If there are pieces that have already been created that fit the bill, let us know about them!

• Help us promote the site!
Once the site launches, it'd be great if people could share the site around (stay tuned), but beforehand we're looking for people who would be able to do on-the-ground promotion in their towns (minimal responsibility).
We're especially looking for people in the following towns:
London, ON
Windsor, ON
Ottawa, ON
Oshawa, ON
Sudbury, ON
Sault St Marie, ON
Brandon, MB
Winnipeg, MB
Saskatoon, SK
Regina, SK
Edmonton, AB
Calgary, AB
Red Deer, AB
Lethbridge, AB
Medicine Hat, AB
Victoria, BC Kelowna, BC
Kamloops, BC
Prince George, BC
Abbotsford, BC
Quebec City, QC
Sherbrooke, QC
Saguenay, QC
Trois-Rivières, QC
Iqaluit, NU
Yellowknife, NWT
Whitehorse, YT
Charlottetown, PEI
St John's, NL
Moncton, NB
Saint John, NB
Fredericton, NB

• Give us your feedback/ideas!
If there are ways this project could be interesting or relevant that we've overlooked, let us know!




but there's free camping at park sites all summer! Canada 1501 YAY FREE CAMPING

Do you mean celebrations like the anti-trans Zoe Blunt (DGR huckster) camp up at unistoten? As long as its not apparent state-craft, amirite?

So you were waiting for Canada Parks Agency to give you tje greenlight to camp for free!? Or were you holding back from camping in some forest or prairie or beach just because it might not have been legal or respectful of the landlord's rule on "their" property? And here goes the last question... you dense?

Sometimes, when i camp, I camp with my parents; and when I'm with them, we try to avoid such behaviours--you know, cos we don't share political points of view.

You should try it this year. Its free. You can take your mom and your sister and go camp. Maybe take a break from anarchism, militance and especially symbolic gestures such as this ridiculous one.

But do you have a real critique? Or is building a specific analysis of the canadian state just not something you care about, especially when it's prepared to offer you authentically canadian experiences like camping?


Critique of what?

Its not clear what a specifically canadian analysis will accomplish beyond symbolic gesture, as this lame idea indicates. The idea then is to use the state as much as possible for your own ends, without becoming complicit in its operations. Just because we accept free stuff doesn't mean we go out and vote and love cops.

So its not that camping makes me want to ignore its existence; its that its existence is evidently permanent and you might as well get the free shit while you can. Will you take your pension after years of hard labour? What about ei, food stamps, free healthcare, and welfare? These are things we use; but that doesn't mean we love the state. Come on!


You don't think there are specific things to say about the canadian state that we can use while strugging against it? In the same way that getting out on the land is important if you want to do land defence or environmentaly stuff that actually makes sense, looking at the specific political and social context you find yourself in is key if you want to go beyond a vague resentment for "the state".

I don't live just anywhere and I'm not under the heel of just any authority. Let's take the 150th of the canadian state as an opportunity to have something specific to say, instead of just continuing to rehash whatever we see happening south of the border.

And look, I fucking love sleeping outside and exploring forests, so if you mean #freecamping as in free like freedom, I can agree with you.

I think vague resentment is all that we have when we take into consideration all the benefits that we get. Obviously these are bargaining chips to get us to love the state--which is optional in the economy of use--but sometimes I wonder why we hate it. I mean I know the rhetoric, so don't parrot that.

In medieval political theology sedition was proper (from a theological angle [cf. St. Thomas]) if the sovereign failed to follow the good, to defend the good, that is to say. In our world it seems that what is up for grabs is precisely a sense of what the good means; and the anarchist question puts the notion, front and center.

You're right that the fuzziness of certain states like Canada makes them harder to hate than say, china, or even France. You said you didn't want ideology, so I'll be concrete - i hate the Canadian state because of drives me and my friends from our home when a rich guy says so (true story, in my sw ON town evictions are constant), because it puts us on an assembly line from birth to be good citizen-colonists (learn math and French! Get a job in the north!), because it destroys almost everything while wrapping what's left in parks to put the picture on a postcard (and occasionally give back for free like money what should be free like freedom, access to healthy land)

My resentment isn't vague, but to get specific we need to get out of the ways Canada bribes us into passivity

You beg the question though. You presume hate, despite the good. How can you say free shit is bad? You can't because it's not. Whether or not one is passive. on the whole, or even in every part, won't be explained by social conditions and universal privileges. Those gifts provide needed benefits, perhaps to get on with shit you want to do, which is all that activity can really mean in an anti-authoritarian register. SO, It's not that handouts lead to passivity; stupidity of the activity, insufficiency with respect to manifesting individual desire, etc., is what leads to indifference, which then possibly grows into passivity. The idea that we must do something presumes that there is something worth doing; and that always stems from ones' capacity to value what is being done. Strip the ideological blinders and its a joke form the individuals point of view.

rent situations are general everywhere there aren't squatting possibilities.
becoming citizen (necessarily colonialism because necessarily domestication) is general.

So far you aren't describing anything pertinent to canada.

"there aren't squatting possibilities"

In your world, it is also an impossibility to steal... hitchhike... train-hop... defy a municipal law forbidding protests... dress transgender in a conservative yuppie coffee shop... having unmediated relations with others... make a living without welfare or wage slavery... In other words, anarchy is impossible.

Good to know!

in every world those are possibilities, but of course, possibilities with consequences in most worlds. What i meant was that in some places there are possibilities that preclude punitive measures, a gray area, if you will. in SW ON the fact of the matter is that fighting shitty landlords usually ends in finding a new place, like nearly everywhere else. Talking about what anarchy implies is neither here nor there concerning the topic under discussion, which is just that the matter is a universal experience, not specific to Canada. Good chat!

In France or Italy when it becomes known that a squat is evictable, this tends to be attracting people to a squat, not making entire anarchist milieus scared of squatting. So your talk about "possibility" is stupidly deterministic.

The Law is not the laws of physics; it's just a bunch of made-up crap that may or may not be used by cops, relatively depending on the ease or rational of enforcement. If you'd be anarchist that should be a no-brainer for you. Like the cops aren't going after anyone crossing a Stop sign by feet or bicycle. Yet in a trendy, looked-after neighborhood you may not even be able to lay down in a park while being crusty, barely even able to stay there.

There's countless spaces that can be squatted in or at least around most if not all North American cities. It's just that often the socio-cultural dynamics of the very anarchist milieus is not making it take a more serious shape. It's very hard (not impossible) to meet up people who're decisive about it, who won't be just there for a one night visit, but are crazy enough to go all the way.

And that ain't about being so hardcore about violently resisting evictions... some squat milieus in Europe have developed out of the "re-occupations" happening as non-violent response to evictions.

The only reason why I'd use a State campground would be for the toilets, maybe showers, and for stealing food and beer from Goood Canadian yuppies (unless it's Molson Canadian... yikes) and also hiding pieces of meat in the middle of the camp to attract the bears in the middle of the night, using this temporary diversion to set their cars on fire n such.

You will be torn to shreds and eaten by a bear carrying neo-colonialist meat around at night. Ancient indigenous karma works like that. The Great Spirit doesn't like criminal anti-state political vibes polluting the pristine natural ethers of his/her/its biospheric existent.

Yeah... Great Spirit has signed a deal with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. What a cop.

I heard he went Las Vegas with his chain of casinos...

Whats this gonna entail? Canada just as bad year 149 and 151. Trying to rail off the states energy to try and convert more ppl to anarchy?

Troll much? Trying to use a fake-ass state occasion to debunk the state and counter its nationalism isn't some cynical act of recruitment, it's looking for opportunities to push back against your enemy's strategies and spread an anarchist reading of the phenomenon the state would celebrate

I think I hate Canada slightly more than other states because it's so smug, without even seeming smug, hidden behind all this damn optimistic friendliness, like "yes, we have the highest standard of living the world has ever seen, but you know, come on over, we'll just watch hockey and not talk about power." Fuck Canada.

Best country in the world... Cum ooon!

the state is a logical entity that exists only in the imagination of 'believers' in the 'existence' of the state. the influence of belief on believers does not prove the 'existence' of the state,

declarations of independent existence of states are semantic psycho-babble that give some people a sense of security/family even though such statist family relations are decreed and policed. The 'truths' about a nation state and its history are like all truths; i.e. entirely subjective in spite of being based on 'factual information' since the selection of facts used to depict the imaginary 'independent entity' is entirely subjective.

“What, then, is truth? A mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, and anthropomorphisms—in short, a sum of human relations which have been enhanced, transposed, and embellished poetically and rhetorically, and which after long use seem firm, canonical, and obligatory to a people: truths are illusions about which one has forgotten that this is what they are; metaphors which are worn out and without sensuous power; coins which have lost their pictures and now matter only as metal, no longer as coins.
We still do not know where the urge for truth comes from; for as yet we have heard only of the obligation imposed by society that it should exist: to be truthful means using the customary metaphors—in moral terms: the obligation to lie according to a fixed convention, to lie herd-like in a style obligatory for all. Now man of course forgets that this is the way things stand for him. Thus he lies in the manner indicated, unconsciously and in accordance with habits which are centuries’ old; and precisely by means of this unconsciousness and forgetfulness he arrives at his sense of truth.” — Nietzsche, ‘On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense’

relations are all there is. there are no 'things-in-themselves' that are 'born' and 'develop' and 'mature' 'over time' such that we can describe their things-in-themselves histories. the history of states is an anthropomorphism based on the human ego-archetype where humans see themselves as independently existing 'beings' with internal process driven and directed development and behaviours. this ego-archetype, although transparent bullshit, is used in the personifying of animals, plants and cells; i.e. it is an idealizing tool that comes bundled into noun-and-verb Indo-European/scientific language and grammar architectures.

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