Noirceur Parfaite #1 — Friday, September 8, 2017

  • Posted on: 8 September 2017
  • By: shadowsmoke

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Anarchist News has a bad reputation, which is not undeserved.

It is not a safe space from transphobia, homophobia, racism, or sexism, for one thing.

It is not a particularly user-friendly site. It’s hard to hold coherent conversations with people.

A lot of content posted is boring as fuck (every genre of anarchy is responsible: the ones I rep, the ones you rep, and the ones getting repped by that loser commenter – you know the one!).

If you read it long enough, you will encounter everyone’s favourite thing, the perennial discussion about children and consent.

I have been reading Anarchist News (or @news for short) since 2007. Around 2014, after years of sporadic and anonymous commenting, I started commenting more regularly. Most people encountering this column on @news will already know something about me, my opinions, and my bad habits, but those encountering this column via local counterinformation projects in Montréal hopefully will not (unless those counterinformation projects fail completely, in which case… no shade directed at anyone, but it’s happened before, lol).

I still like @news and its associated projects (LBC,, etc.), and that might be in part because my point of comparison is not with any of the slick English-language anarchist internet projects from North America that principally concern themselves with the Disaster, revolt, solidarity, and security (examples: It’s Going Down,,, Gods & Radicals, etc.), but instead to a very different breed of websites: Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter. For everything that is terrible about @news, these sites are worse.

I do not intend to talk much about myself in this column, but one thing you should know is, I’m internet-addicted. It’s not cool and edgy like certain cyberpunk fantasias taught us it might be. I am not TWEEKING on a drug called tek! that I administer by supersonic w/aaa/aaa/aaa/ve. It’s just me typing in my bedroom after midnight. What I’m doing isn’t even criminal, for at least two reasons: it provides for better state control by a number of metrics, and certain people are making a lot of money.

The people behind @news are not making a lot of money, and even if you don’t consider them trustworthy (who do you consider trustworthy?), they aren’t buddy-buddy with law enforcement, managers, and prison guards. You don’t have to like them (or any particular one of them), but they’re not Mark Zuckerberg. There will be idiocy, ignorance, oversharing, criminally prosecutable speech, and more on the internet. There will also be an audience for it. This will be true in anarchyland just as much as outside of it, because although we are different from the rest, we are not separate. @news sucks plenty, in the same way that I am sure a state-sanctioned safe injection site sucks. I would rather have it than not.

I’m not interested in ending my internet addiction right now, although perhaps when I am, this column will abruptly end. More likely it will abruptly end sooner, and for stupider reasons. No matter. Onwards.

There was some nonsense at an anarchist bookfair in Seattle. Someone ripped a copy of Atassa in half – and didn’t even pay seven bucks for it first! The LBC tablers proceeded to attack this person, in a pretty brutal way for a bookfair I guess.

This column will not be a place for backstory. Needless to say, if you don’t know what the fuck this is about, ask someone who knows their shit about ITS, eco-extremism, or Atassa.

A lot of readers to know the story, and might be a bit upset right now, because I have just encouraged people to read up on these subjects. There are a lot of folks, perhaps less likely to try to rip a book in half using only hand strength, who nevertheless think Atassa should be pulped and who want eco-extremism "no-platformed". I have a lot of sympathies for this demographic, because reasons, but I do not want to get Counter-Reformational on this shit. It is a dangerous book, but I do not want to respond to that danger by suppressing it or destroying it. People should read and write what they fucking want. Possibly some psychos will latch onto some fucked-up stuff, rather than just taking it in and moving on, but that’s already the case with Daesh eschatology and North American rahowa. It’s a psycho problem, not a dangerous book problem, and the solution looks a bit to me like counterterrorism, i.e. the regime of physical, psychological, and cultural control that will always be worse than the odd fucked-up loser.

I suspect that this Seattle incident will not be the first incident of its kind. No one tabled Atassa at the Montréal anarchist bookfair in 2017, but it may very well happen next year. Personally speaking, I think Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’ biography being on display is a lot more objectionable than some copies ofAtassa, but I don’t really want to ban those from bookfairs either, nor anything else I would prefer to see printed on toilet paper. I am also in favour of an anarchist approach to information – that is, as little governance as we can get away with. So I will not raise a single finger, of my own volition at least, to no-platform Atassa in anarchist spaces.

Tabling Atassa is provocative, though, even if not always intentionally. I’m not sure if his cheerleading is "postmodern" or not, but the last line of the Indybay reportback otherwise describes very well the general vibe of Abe Cabrera, main spokesperson for the Atassa project. Abe Cabrera is not exactly isometric to Atassa, is not exactly LBC, is not exactly the people tabling LBC in Seattle, Montréal, or anywhere else… It doesn’t matter once people are emotional, and people are definitely emotional since eco-extremists have taken on both trolling and threatening behaviour. This will not be the last bookfair skirmish over this not-worth-the-trouble journal.

All this will be very irritating for anyone involved in making anarchist bookfairs happen, especially if they have some principled opposition to banning this book, or friendships with people dumb enough to table it.

I am stoked that there is a regular CrimethInc. podcast again. The Ex-Worker was certainly the best work in its particular genre, and I expect The Hotwire, now weekly and a bit shorter, to fulfill the same role. That said, I am going to be critical.

I do not disagree with the sentiment behind the following statement from>the September 6 episode, but I definitely disagree with the wording: "Every border is a crime against humanity." I also take some issue with how the word "crimes" is deployed later, too, in reference to Argentina during its most recent military dictatorship. What would have made subversion a supposed crime, rather than a crime plain and simple?

Crime is the opposite of law, and law is a function of the state. Nonsense like international law, natural law, and higher law shouldn’t be taken seriously. There is, in the real world, only whatever state you are forced to deal with in whatever territory you find yourself in – or perhaps you have to deal with warlordism, but that’s a whole tangent and not really applicable to most readers I’d bet. If you are an anarchist, and very likely if you are not, you will come soon come into conflict with the law of that territory, and you will be in the camp of what the state deems crime.

I really appreciate the efforts that some have made to push back against the normalization of « terrorism » as a category in, for lack of a better term, social justice movements; CrimethInc. itself recently took such a stance in its excellent contribution "Not Your Grandfather’s Antifascism". Although the word "terrorism" has some historical and institutional use as a clinical term, with technical specifications, its use in wide society does not meet this description; it is not a descriptive word but a constructive one, being used to build narratives of legitimacy and illegitimacy. This is not a battle that anarchists can ever hope to win, so better for us to attack relentlessly against these very concepts. Destabilization is the name of the game, not participation.

Crime is a much older, much plainer word than terrorism, and it is more baked into our langage, our culture, everything. It should not be surprising at all that we deploy it for metaphor, even to communicate thoughts that are solid – but it still has a negative effect. The association of darker colours with evil has had real effects on real people, as has the association of femininity with weakness and foreignness with untrustworthiness. The association of crime with ethical wrong may perhaps have negative effects for any outfit called CrimethInc.

On an entirely different note, I was also irritated with the "against communism" bit in the podcast. You couldn’t even put a word like "state" in front of that shit? Anarchists love communism in about the same measure as they love fighting with cops, veganism, naked time spent with friends, and hardcore – perhaps a lot more in this increasingly sexless, surveilled, and stressed-out era! Soviet kitsch fandom and ostalgia (more broadly than for just the old East Germany, obviously) are expanding as good memory of Actually Existing Socialism fades in the CrimethInc. target audience of young college age students, and while the sex appeal of figures like Rosa Luxemberg simultaneously expands. I was so stoked about this IWW-GWOC committee statement, reported on in the episode, aimed at realizing a material solidarity between juggalos and other groups targetd for state repression. It feels like this approach to things-that-seem-kinda-stupid-but-okay-sure has yet to be generally applied.

People are too hard on prescriptivism. To be sure, as a linguistic philosophy, it is absolutely bankrupt, and imposed upon society by any institution vested with state authority – like, for instance, the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF) – it is irritating as fuck. But without a bit of prescriptivism here and there, people are going to embarrass themselves. Correcting a person, in a respectful way, can be an act of mutual aid.

There has been a lot of discussion in @news comments recently about how Aragorn! relates to other people in his life. I take a lot of these theories with a grain of salt, but then, there is one strange example. In at least two audio recordings, I heard what I was a ludicrous but not entirely impossible incorrect pronunciation of the name of a particular country. I laughed about, but did not think much of it. But this week, I came into a copy of Black Seed #5 and read Aragorn!’s article, "An Old Green Anarchy", and I determined that Aragorn! actually thinks there is a country that can reasonably be identified as Catalan.

The established name for this place in English is "Catalonia", famously part of the title of George Orwell’s book about his experience fighting with the POUM during the Spanish Civil War, Homage to Catalonia. There is also, in some well-polished anarchist publishing (for example, with CrimethInc.), some precedent for using the orthography "Catalunya", isometric to what the country is called in the Catalan langage itself. I have seen references to "the Catalan lands" in books about much older history than what Aragorn! is talking about, and "the Catalan countries" in reference to a larger geographic space in which Catalan or related dialects are spoken. But I have never seen this country, or any place, referred to as "Catalan" before.

This is not a callout, and hopefully it’s not interpreted as mocking either. I am trying to do some good-natured ribbing. Aragorn! said something equivalent to "Africa is a beautiful country" or "The religion of Islams is Muslim" – both of which I’ve heard real people say. It happens, and in fact, I have said similarly stupid things myself, which I do not care to share (or remember, for that matter). A lot of people dislike Aragorn! and think he’s wrong about everything (or: everything that matters). In such circumstances, it is unfortunate that people will take an obvious example of wrongness and run with it. It is unnecessary to the case that Aragorn! is an idiot, probably even distracting from it, and that is unfortunate. But one also gets that it’s Aragorn!’s own damn fault in this case, because if he’s lazy in this respect, is it not reasonable to expect that he will be lazy in other respects? Laziness is not a characteristic I want to see in anyone whose opinion I’m thinking about taking seriously, and here, the repeated mistake about the "fields of Catalan" (does Catalonia have fields? is that where the critical battles were fought?) makes me wonder if he even has a first-paragraph-of-the-Wikipedia-page level of knowledge of this topic.

I am also left wondering about how much it matters.

There is a certain sense that Aragorn! is trying to forge a "new" language, to make a break with something else. In other words, separatism. It is definitely wrong to align this separatism along a narrowly geographic axis, but a certain theme I associate with the guy, rightly or wrongly, is "North American anarchism" (which should perhaps be rendered "Turtle Islander anarchism" instead). I feel about as passionate for this as I do about Québec independence. I accept it may happen, or I might even argue that it already happened, in a way that was incomplete or not quite as dramatic as some romantics might have wanted. There doesn’t seem anything much about, though, that is in anyway superior to the globalized alternative. Perhaps learning about the Spanish Civil War is passé, but that hardly means weird post-left newspapers from the ‘80s and ‘90s are interesting.

But that’s me, and others think differently than me, speak differently than me. I think it might be worthwhile to learn their language, understand their worldview and values, and whatever else if I intend to share space with them. To that end, I will be reading the rest of "An Old Green Anarchy" before long.

It is stupid to get hung up on a stupid error, and dismiss a text that might have value to you or your projects because of it. But it is also stupid to have made it difficult for others to correct you, even when you could benefit from some correcting.

Expect more corrections in future columns. I will close this section on something different. In recent weeks, there has been some cool shit going on in Gaspésie, a region whose indigenous name I do not know, but which exists at the periphery of the territory called Québec, and also comprises part of the much older territory of Mi’kmaqi. In this context, I have seen numerous spellings of "Mi’kmaq", and heard numerous pronunciations of the same. I will share what I know, from having spent a lot of my life in the broad region of Mi’kmaqi, and some of that trying to realize a solidarity with indigenous nationalists on this continent. Basically, the pronounciation mick-MACK (IPA: /mɪk-mæk/) is considered a touch racist in the Maritimes, so folks should try to avoid that. My impression is that mig-MAW (IPA: /mɪɡ-mɔ/) is far preferable. The best thing to do, though, would be to ask any Mi’kmaq folks you know about it or study the language yourself – not a project I have ever taken on.

I imagine future columns will be shorter than this one. There was a lot to talk about in the last week, and I guess I wanted to set a good first example.

I don’t really know what the scope of this column will be yet. I am interested in language, communications infrastructure, information and how the human brain handles it, and how all this relates to structures of power and possibilities for escape, revolt, and healing. I "believe in revolution" but I’m way too cynical to write that without quotation marks. I will probably talk about architecture, geopolitics, and sex sometimes.

I considered writing at least this paragraph in French, but thought better of it. I have nothing to prove. English is my first language, and increasingly relevant both to the human world at large to the smaller space of "global anarchism", which certainly includes Montréal anarchism. I have seen "radical spaces and events" in the Netherlands and Slovenia, and seen that Dutch, Slovene, and other local languages elsewhere are in decline in such spaces. This is not something I wish to see for Québécois and other forms of Canadian French, which are to some extent fading in the local anarchyland, but also facing pressure from the left flank in the form of a European French that itself serves as an agent of homogenization (tiqqunization?! lol j/k) and encourages the delusion that Montréal is somewhere that it’s not.

For these reasons and some others, I would be happy to see others translate this column into French. I will not be doing so myself. It is not my project, at least not in writing.

Leave some comments, tell me where I’m wrong, get in touch, or submit something worthwhile to somewhere that I’ll see it. I would prefer if you screamed into a pillow or, I don’t know, found love instead of writing some hateful bullshit, but you do you. I don’t use Facebook, thanks, so don’t chat about me there and don’t expect me to read your shit if that’s where you posted it.

Track Recommendation: "Today the Scene, Tomorrow the World" by Good Clean Fun



So... It should be "Noirceur Parfaite #1 — Friday, September 8, 2017".

Open to suggests for better titles.

Also: I forgot to hyperlink to the Atassa blog, probably the most hyperlink in the text. Cuz, y'know, it makes me accountable or something.

looking forward to more of these

that loser commenter – you know the one!
I would prefer if you screamed into a pillow or, I don’t know, found love instead of writing some hateful bullshit, but you do you. I have nothing to prove

Are you anti-smoke or anti-someone else or... anti-yourself?

We reject your essay because you used the word ITS and are therefore giving ITS a platform. I'm ripping up my computer as we speak. Don't choke me, bro.


That's a wreck!

(too much sauce, tho)

thecollective deep-sixed my comment to you regarding how 'language' shapes our 'operative reality', re your comments on the value and influence of different languages.

you say that

"I will share what I know, from having spent a lot of my life in the broad region of Mi’kmaqi"

as you may know, the language of the Mi’kmaq is devoid of the concept of 'being' and thus devoid of the concept of 'cause-and-effect', 'doer-of-deeds', therefore conflict can only be relational in the Mi’kmaq worldview; i.e. there are no 'beings' who are 'fully and solely responsible for their own behaviours' in the Mi’kmaq's {semantically constructed) worldview, hence the indigenous anarchist ethic of restorative justice which does not, like western justice, hold individuals fully and solely causally responsible for the results of violence, even it if comes from rage that 'vents through particular individuals'.

in this Mi’kmaq relational reality based perspective, it makes no sense to 'smoke out' and 'eliminate' 'evil beings' deemed the source of violence, because people are not 'beings', they are relational forms in an interdependent relational web-of-life. the ethic is instead one of dealing with violent people on the basis that their venting actions are surfacing-symptoms of underlying relational tensions [it takes a whole community to raise a terrorist] and orienting instead to the restoring, cultivating and sustaining of relational balance and harmony.

meanwhile, both english and french fall into such traps as declaring 'harvey' to be the causal source of destruction in Houston, when harvey is not at all a 'being' or 'thing-in-itself doer-of-deeds', but a relational form in the transforming relational continuum, and besides, the abstract terms; 'creation and destruction' are, in the physical reality of our actual experience, not two separate processes but a single nonduality known as 'transformation'.

would you care to comment on how the reality of Mi’kmaq anarchists is shaped by Mi’kmaq language and how their reality compares to the more familiar being-based, doer-deed reality that we construct using english and french?

I don't necessarily like how everyone makes fun of you, but well, your concerns are not my concerns. I am more or less okay with English and French, at least for myself personally, and I can accept the... validity?... of what you're saying, how you see the world, etc., but I don't consider it particularly appealing. And I think "intellectualizing the world" is valid in its own way.

I accept that English and French direct the imagination in some ways, as a more or less "architectural" feature, and so I am into learning other languages. I think it would be cool, if I had the time, to learn at least one language indigenous to any of the places I have spent my life, Mi'kmaq being one such possibility. My experience with Mandarin, which I do not speak fluently at all, was pretty mind-expanding. But I am skeptical that learning other languages will change what I fundamentally think, which is probably something pretty damn "European" in the sense that some of y'all talking about indigeneity mean.

So that's me. Having heard that, do you expect me to have anything relevant to say about the reality you have supposed "Mi’kmaq anarchists" share? I am not trying to be dick, just saying... You're looking in the wrong place.

I grew up in the Maritimes. I know how to pronounce the word in a way that will generally avoid offending people. Beyond that, you should consider me to know as much about Mi'kmaq culture as just about any other outsider would.

That's neo-colonialist occupy talk, brah!

I'm not convinced. But if it is, I'll own it.

With 22 personal pronouns by the way!

Whoop whoop whoop, nyuk nyuk nyuk,,,,

i will copy herewith the key points;

thanks for your honest, open answer. evidently you are a rare item and i mean that as a compliment.

with regard to the worldview coming from the Mi'kmaq or any other relational language, it needs to be learned as a first language because a second language is 'mediated' by one's first language. e.g. if english has a couple of words for snow (powder, sleet, flake) and inuit has many, mediating through the former will only give the corresponding three words in inuit and the many nuanced others will 'lie fallow'.

meanwhile, intuition as the nature of the physical world will take you to the Mi'kmaq [indigenous] worldview as it did for david bohm and others. science and rationality won't get you there because of its 'constrained mediating' [as just discussed] due to its over-simplistic 'things-in-themselves' bottom-up constructivist assumptions.

the indigenous worldview and relational languages are taking on new value as the global toppling of statues gets into gear, signalling the collapse of belief in a common objective truth/reality. it does not represent the uncovering of the 'real truth' and thus exposing the 'phony truth' that mis-attributed all kinds of wonderful things to iconic figures sitting on bronze ponies. it is exposing the fact that there is no common objective truth. this collapse in belief of objective truth is as predicted by nietzsche (perspectivism) and by robert alton wilson (reality tunnels), and by commenters in this forum who talk about 'internet bubbles' and 'echo-chamber realities'.

you know that quebecois accounts of quebec's history and anglo accounts of quebec's history are two different 'groupthink reality tunnels'.

The Mi'kmaq worldview is holding up fine. indigenous aboriginal worldview has always accepted 'perspectivism', that each of us has a unique and particular experiencing of the world and that is 'reality'; i.e. there is no objective world out there as DUALIST Western science and rationality has alleged there was and come up with a plethora of versions of 'reality', each with their own group of supporters and iconic founders of the movement.

Whoop whoop whoop, nyuk nyuk nyuk,,,,

Hi shadowsmoke,

You start off by saying that @news has "a bad reputation, which is not undeserved." You go on to imply that the website is not "a safe space from transphobia, homophobia, racism, or sexism". A bold opening statement that seems to be waged against the caretakers of the website; as one such caretaker I wholeheartedly disagree to the point where not publishing your text is a no-brainer. Although, you don't seem like such a bad actor and it's intriguing to see other parts of your ideas hashed out. In the end, it was pushed out of the queue even without a title yet.

I'm curious and may even agree in parts perhaps of your next statement that "it is not a particularly user-friendly site." You mention conversations and perhaps instead of just a critique, you may have some ideas of what you'd prefer or like to see instead. We are in the process of a slow redesign of some things and maybe some larger ones over time, so I'd be open for suggestions.

Next up, you seem to find boring the fact that the site aims to be a non-sectarian source of anarchist news from around the world. "You're boring" etc, all - said like a true repper of the most reppest anarchy alive (yours)! Followed up by an even more bullshit sly comment about Hakim Bey, which who knows maybe it's you always commentating about.

Skipping down a little, you write "people behind @news are not making a lot of money". This assumes that you know the people behind thecollective (of which you don't, at least me) and/or that the website makes money. Do you see ads or a way of making money here? There is no profit in @news, it is a project out of the love for the anarchist idea. You go on to the idea of "trustworthiness" online and seem to hint at something - as has been mentioned as a policy since OG site, we don't keep logs - this information is not available.

I've also tabled for LBC in NYC pre-occupy days at the anarchist book fair (not bookfair btw, although there seems to be some alternative uses of the words together). If people start attacking the people associated with anarchist news and related projects, which your comment seems to imply, shits not going to go well. I can only imagine if that was me. Unfortunately, your comment is not unique and something I have experienced face-to-face with other anarchists in passing, saying it aloud unknowing that it's me who is target of their comment. It's not the Bay, certainly far from it, but we're a group of anarchists trying to do a counter-information project. It's something that hurts for sure, especially coming from other anarchists to hear, but it only makes one think deeper on these relationships and the over-the-top knee-jerk reaction of so-called friends to burn down everything ever associated with your projects and ideas. Disturbingly sad, but that's life sometimes. I'm going to stop here for now with the critique of your essay, but perhaps more later.

- thecollective 1.8

You may not believe it, but I didn't intend any kind of attack on thecollective. Yet interestingly, my intentions seem not to have mattered in this case, because what was communicated was (from what I'm gathering) aggression and hostility.

A lot of the problems of this website are problems related to folks who use this website, as opposed to thecollective. Maybe y'all also contribute to what is often, for instance, a racist/sexist/blahblahblah commenting culture, but I am not making accusations to that effect. I do not know with certainty what you do in the shadows, haha, but from what I've heard on the @news podcast, y'all mostly seem more reasonable than that. I was not thinking in particular of Hakim Bey when I mentioned the pedophilia discussion, but perennial commentator Sir Einzige, whose behaviour you (at most) enable. In the past, I have argued with angry ban-demanding anons that, as much as I agree with them that this shit is vile, certain moderation policies would be worse, so that's that on that.

@news is a cesspool, a septic tank, etc. Almost everyone in my life that reads it, or used to read it, agrees. And that's okay. Please note that, as maintainers of the site, I am saying you are maintainters of this septic - but following the same metaphor, I am saying that I am swimming in it.

Anyway, I think the money thing should have been reworded, so that is a serious flaw on my part. I did not intend to identify @news as a money-making project, but instead pay attention to your incomes - which I happen to know nothing concrete about, by the way. I assume, like lots of anarchist projects, people put a lot of their own fucking money, earned at fucking terrible wage labour, into money-losing endeavours that they feel are important. I've done that a few times, as have most of my friends. Perhaps you have seen anons alleging that Aragorn! (identified as @news big boss leader by all the outsiders who don't know what they're talking about or don't give a fuck about good faith) has a gigantic fucking income and pays for everything. Let's imagine that's true. He's still not Mark fucking Zuckerberg. Anyone paying attention - who listens to The Brilliant say - would know that when his motorbike's tires got slashed, it was a financial burden. Unless of course that was a psy op!

And then the trust thing. I am not trying to insinuate that y'all are shit; in fact, I asserted the opposite, sans proof, by saying you are not buddy-buddy with actual shitsticks. Personally speaking, I believe you are not logging things. I consider it unlikely that a deep state microdrone snuck into your server room and installed an invisible liquid metal phantom transmitter. But umm, people worry about these things, and might not believe you, and that's chill. Many people have argued to me that it is not safe to engage with @news because of all the "known unknowns" about y'all; similar arguments are sometimes made for other things, such as Riseup. My argument is that, well, either learn your shit and build your own systems, or don't use the internet, or adopt an attitude that is realistic about what you're doing, what you want out of what you're doing, where you are ignorant about things, and what you're risking by engagement - which is more or less what I do.

I suppose that's it for me right now too. Not quite the footing vis-à-vis y'all I wanted to start on, but it's like that sometimes I guess.

Did a calm and sincere reply really just happen on anews?? What is my beloved, toxic milieu coming to?

Counted 32 -- I--. me--, my personal pronouns in comment 15.57,,, This is borderline narcissism and obviously missed the lessons to be learned regarding identity and language usage in the broader region of Mi’kmaq

Good catch

Thanks ;)

i didnt' think you were trying ot be hostile, but the bulk of your comments seemed negative, despite the caveats and asides. an issue with reading/writing, and i don't hold that against you.
i am somewhat irritated that you make a big thing out of someone (a! in this case, but whatever) miswording something that (to me) is not a big thing--you say it is indicative of bigger problems. perhaps you overvaluing it is, instead? or, also...
could be.
but you have months of mostly interesting and not jerky comments on your side, and i actually appreciate folks who have issues with the site being clear about what they are to our face (so to speak), so... come see come saw. ( see what i did there? ;) )
ps: we get sick of people saying that anews is a sty, especially *on anews.* after years of people talking shit and making no/little effort to actually *have* the conversations that they claim to want to have, my patience has become quite drained. so that is another part of the the context you dropped your column in to. fwtw.

"It is not a safe space from transphobia, homophobia, racism, or sexism, for one thing."

no @ space is. Some pretend to be and pay way too much lip service to the idea that they are or can be.

I agree.

Safe spaces have become a big whatever used as arguments by insecure liberal youngsters to sever relationships and exclude people not of their caste, age group or even ethnicity. Yeah, there's such a thing as closet racism and ageism.

The internet is an unreal world, where people are held captive reacting to fragments of reality amplified and often personally tailored to the bubble that is their individual interests.

The language of the internet is one of engineering which means endless feedback loops.

The language of finance is one of risk avoidance/risk management.

It's no evil plan or grand conspiracy that that's what makes for efficiently managed people in a culture that has trained them to believe they're atomised individuals at best.

Asking the unreal world to be more of one's operative reality is very strange, yet all too hypernormalizing.

Humans aren't very interesting or an exceptional species at this point in time. Predictably fearfull, superstitious, reationary, fanatic, held captive by mania stemming from their nervous systems constantly externalized by mediation.

What could really be said here is that the unreal world of the internet offers an over-stimulation that deadens one's curiosity. Instead of being curious about the real world we so often spend our time feeding the machine, which is undertaking a great campaign of weaponizing and monetizing data (futher privatizing our inner lives).

On a positive note, the internet bears no loyalty to geography, to nation states. So, if the language of the internet could shift from engineering it might yet be useful to actualizing anarchist/anarchic activity.

I broadly agree with you, but I think it is true not so much of the internet as a whole, but instead the feudal-corporate internet of Facebook, Amazon, Google, the Chinese giants we talk about less in these parts, and many other players that may be smaller but no less antagonistic to anarchist interests.

But there is still other parts, like this little corner, some stuff run out of Italian or German squats or something, and that whole big thing called "the dark net".

Anarchy has never really taken off in the dark net. More like the old metaphor of the Linux Airliner, that got almost completed but at some point I think people went for small budget airlines coz they just wanna get there and also be sure it's gonna fly (in some way). There's also the fact that the airport where it's now gathering dust, somewhere in a derelict hangar, has been taken over by the super-trendy and glittery Air Drugs planes and to some lower extent those scary PedobAir flights.

I think the few attempts at radical resources like Autistici have worked quite well for what they intended. But it seems like they are almost the equivalent of just going around town and spreading anarchist media. They're unlikely to even get you the attention of a successful Reddit post, and are rather serving an international, mostly Western echo chamber of anarchos. Sometimes the echos got a chance to resonate outside, but it ain't due to the nature or structure of these media. It's because of the actions or practices themselves, and how they connect with the social context.

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